AL SUNDAN + MARITA MAPS: 20+ Minutes of Battlefield V Gameplay

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Video is presented by EA Gamechangers. Map content is not final, and this is an unreleased build of the game.

Battlefield V’s Marita and Al Sundan maps are on the horizon, but I got hands on them at EA PLAY. Here’s a few minutes of gameplay without commentary to help you get a feel for the new maps. Al Sundan is huge, while Marita is a great infantry map. Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

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15 thoughts on “AL SUNDAN + MARITA MAPS: 20+ Minutes of Battlefield V Gameplay”

  1. @Flackfire i love watching your vids becuz of u informing, and telling the proper history about it. Makes me love the game, so much more. And the secret fortifications vid has helped a lot. U show details i noticed before and some i haven't and 1 or 2 i didn't know a lot about. Your narration born voice makes the videos even more interesting. What are you exited for the most this content wise. And looking forward the most. And what u think we will get starting early next year with the rest of the Pacific?

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