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Today We learn that Battlefield 5 is going to have Battle Royale Mode.

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hey guys want amusement Cimino and today we learned that battle of a five is going to have a battle royale mode now I realize not everyone is going to be ecstatic about this news because I think a lot of people are getting BR fatigue lately with all the games that are coming out with this mode but one thing that intrigues me about this short little announcement is that they stated that this is going to feature the pillars of what makes battlefield battlefield there's going to be destruction in BR there's going to be team play and there's also going to be vehicles from the sounds of it dice is essentially going to be using the bat of a formula which everyone has grown to love over the years plopping everyone down on a really large map or I'm assuming it's gonna be quite large there's going to be vehicles and weapons scattered around everywhere and then it's gonna be the job of you and your squad to survive until the very end like every year every other BR mode out there if they're able to pull it off with the graphical fidelity that we've grown to expect from the Battle of franchise the amazing graphics with destruction and teamwork that honestly could be a lot of fun now I know some people will just say well wanna go play fortnight or player known battlegrounds and while I enjoy fortnight it's a lot of fun it does what it does very well the thing that takes me away from it is the building mechanics pub G was enjoyable when it first came out because it was really the only competitive BR mode out there over the years they haven't really done a whole lot to fix the glaring issues with optimisation and the bugs and glitches and so if dice is able to create a well polished experience that has a good netcode this could be the BR mode that people have been waiting for ever since this craze started now one thing I'm really curious to learn more about though is how they're gonna be handling of vehicles in this mode tanks and normal battlefield are meant to be overpowered that's how they're designed they're a tool and an asset so that you can push the objective hopefully break the stalemate and then win the game for your team that's what they're designed for you're not meant to go 1v1 versus a tank it's possible in previous battle games but you're gonna have a hard time doing so you need teamwork to take it down and so if tanks are gonna be included in the BR mode if that's what they mean by vehicles how is all of that going to work the worries that I have is that if everyone starts off with nothing and you need to scavenge for weapons like every BR mode out there does that mean you're pretty much out of luck if you come across a tank and you don't have the necessary gadgets to be able to take care of it if it's a 1v tank situation or if it's your squad versus a tank but you just don't have the necessary weapons to deal with it is that an automatic loss that is something I'm really curious to learn more about another thing I want to learn more about is are there going to be classes in Battle Royale if that is true that could add in a different dynamic that we don't have in any other game out there you need to choose do I want to play as the medic do I want to play as the supports if that is the case that might actually mean that when you spawn on in you're not just a basic character with absolutely nothing you're gonna have at least a couple of tools to handle the situations when they arise if you're playing as the medic and your teammate takes a little bit of damage just like every other battlefield game will heal him on up if a tank rolls on in and you have an engineer maybe they actually start off with something to deal with that that could be the way that they work around that where you don't actually have to find all or every single resource on the map to deal with every single threat now that could come with its own problems because everyone might just spawn as the engineer to begin with because if everyone just has base weapons to start off with like most be ours but you have a rocket at your disposal that could be one way you could take people out at the beginning and in a cheesy way that is one thing they would have to consider if that was a possibility of course this is all speculation and so all in all I'm really excited to learn more about this mode once again I realize not everyone is going to be excited about this news because some people think that this might take away from the core experience and that is something that I fear as well personally I would have much rather this been a standalone game you could even call it battlefield or a battlefield Royale maybe cost $30 or something like that to compete with player unknown battlegrounds and been its own separate experience when I play battlefield I want that core gameplay experience and I don't want something to take away from that and I wouldn't want it to be where the only reason why you play that game is for the BR mode I don't think that's gonna be the case but I know that is something that people are a little bit of worried about now we also got a short little gameplay trailer with this reveal as well which shows off some really cool details the first one that sticks out immediately is the crazy amount of destruction when the tank rolls through a building and it crumbles dynamically based off of the tank is located rubble is falling on to the tanks shell you actually see snow on the roof fall down dynamic lacing creates incredible like the Battle of franchise has always been known for its crazy graphics and it's awesome destruction but this really is taking it to the next level we also got a good look at how tanks are gonna be able to move stationary turrets around the map you want to move that a a turret into a more fortified position maybe you actually use the fortification system to build up a really large base on your side of the map move that turd on in there so that it can defend that location now I don't really know how all this is gonna play out in the grand scheme of things how many people are gonna take the time to move turrets with their tank but it could be a really cool feature one thing I've always realized in battlefield games is that they have these turrets scattered around the map but a lot of times they're in really awkward positions that don't give you a great line of sight of a road well now you can literally move it nearer to the road to get that line of sight on the tank or whoever is pushing from that angle this could really be a nice feature overall though I thought this trailer was great it would have been nice to actually see some live gameplay or any live gameplay but at least it was a lot better than the trailer that they revealed a couple of weeks ago um yo guys that is about it for today's video I hope you enjoyed let me know what you guys thought about this reveal are you excited about battlefield 5 battle royale are you kind of disappointed about that let me know down below in the comments guys until tomorrow have a good one and take it easy

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  1. In my opinion I think if anyone could pull off a modern shooter or ww2 BR MODE it would be DICE. But I agree with everyone it would take away from other game mode but if it they sale it by itself that would be great

  2. Hello Matimi0. You're playing Rainbow Six Siege for the last months and you're very familiar with the game mechanics. I think Rainbow Six Siege leaning system should be a great addiction to BFV.

  3. I think because pubg, and fortnite got so popular people forgot battle royale is just like capture the flag, search and destroy, any game mode. If they add it to bfv it'll just be another game mode. Pubg and fortnite just such bad company's the only thing they can accomplish is one basic BR

  4. you can’t even compare war pigeons to battle royale though, battle royale is what is hot in the market right now and that is going to lead the development team to focus on that rather than the gameplay we know and love. war pigeons was a new gamemode that isn’t nearly as popular as battle royale is so you making the argument that the development team didn’t do it to war pigeons and won’t do it to battle royale is entirely incorrect

  5. Shit on my opinion if u want but I feel that if they execute this efficiently it can be up there with fortnite and pubg and maybe even better. I have BR fatigue too but BF Battle Royal sounds fresh and exciting. If they just have simple vehicles like motor bikes and cars too, that will be awesome.

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