Battlefield V Dev Diary: Behind The Scenes of War Stories

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See how DICE created the Battlefield V single-player War Stories, as Senior Producer Lars Gustavsson and Design Director Eric Holmes bring you behind the scenes.

Battlefield V is out worldwide November 20.

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with our war stories we've chosen to move away from the continuous campaign and going into separate war stories you tackle an objective the way you want to do it with the tools and the character classes and maybe the vehicles that you want to do so there is that agency and that open endedness in the gameplay the narrative whoever gives you or why as to how you're going to do that this one you're a failed bank robber who get a option to get out of jail and join a new force SPS the special boat service these people found a home in these special units which needed people who were brigands who were cutthroats and rogues here you play as a young Norwegian resistance fighter she's a ski commando so she's access to skis so she can move very quickly across the landscape it's about saving your country it's about paying the unthinkable price everyone knows about d-day they don't much know her operation Dragoon where a large number of US troops and a free french army landed there it's about being French colonial soldier who is volunteered from Senegal they were basically asked to fight for a country they had never seen you do get a feeling of what it's like to be in the military we chose meaningful stories that hopefully have something to say about the war down told dancing down played you

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0 thoughts on “Battlefield V Dev Diary: Behind The Scenes of War Stories”

  1. You guys ever gonna fix the campaign?? I have all 6 letters amd challenges done for the last tiger but says I'm missing a letter… I sent a picture on Instagram but no one ever even viewed the message to say the least

  2. I was hoping new Battlefield vesion with a modern story and new realistic weapons like the war on terrorism in Syria so you can fight against Isis and the other terrorist groups or something else like defending your country in world war 3. There is already old war version like Battlefield 1 wich i didn't buy i prefer to play the 4 and Hardline and now Battlefield V what made me very disappointed.

  3. Where’s Juno beach eh? “Everyone’s heard of D Day…” “…the untold, the unplayed…” What a joke.

    Edit: Oh, and you missed out on Vimy Ridge in Bf1 as well. Where’s the respect for a country that was barely recognized as its own?

  4. I do like it however I really want a d day single player war story. Not hating on the game but people served, and fought, and died, there too.
    I will be buying this game as the team has worked very hard but still. Maybe we can see a d day dlc in the future?

  5. “They were basically asked to fight for a country they have never seen.” Yeah kinda like how the allied forces fought and lost over 200,000 for a country they’d never seen.

  6. Separeted War Stories?

    So basically it doesnt matter play the campaign, just one time playing with a single protagonist and the another one who doesnt have any connection.

    It was about your a private soldier along your squad to complete the objetives you had, being you a man or woman. I dont think they had time to sky on the snow or celebrate lol.

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