Battlefield V Firestorm 1st Victory Ever With Sqaud

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On this episode of battlefield 5 We go in for the very first time On firestorm Come check us out and see how we did Well at least our squad did!
you you we have that chump in my way all right I'm down let me quit up here it's up posi welcome to the stream I'm streaming and call me gamer dude episodes it won't let me hey success Wow I do all right there's a duo fuck it let's try dude he in the wind how do I invite you there's got to be four right Oh sounded sorry so dude so concern but banana bad at work onion I would need one morning create a pose something fun already did YouTube shenanigans so my audio when this or what oh yeah I'd be the last three that I played solo not a win and I finished fucking second with my buddy twice though that's pretty fun easy as fuck I think and the money up up G on my cellphone I never what I never won before so maybe we can like super dope so we can show everyone on YouTube how dope our skills are I'm gonna need your YouTube buff especially my voices and this shit except he won't open it real and gamer dude see what this is right new wonderful don't leave germs it's hard to find people to play this because I'm going to fucking Apex cuz it's a free game yeah but it's a sucker for everybody that just fuckin spent $80 or $60 or fucking 120 for the fucking special pack of his game and don't even fucking play it anymore yeah there's some more to come like firestorm discovery so definitely doesn't wash it's good I thought there was like modern but they they would do they didn't I was hoping because I was going on a field one and then thought that it would be like like more modern this can be the super dope maximum should be super dope model the next one's gonna be like fucking ARS RPGs fucking real ash a fucking some Humvees ah it should be like it should be on some Robocop stuff like futuristically technology type like crazy battlefield type cyborg crazy SH like but they should like move with it like their storyline like move it into like there's a storm area era like buff it out and get like the m16 run it okay given the millennia maybe that I write the right back in the Middle Eastern war during the Bush administration okay every nice maybe a trap I'm down the starting get a fucking random to be honest I really don't give a fuck we can invite the random to our fucking party someone's interested in my pose told oh he says he's 16 though bros together like watch the language then he said hey I'm 16 is that fine he's so he's like hey what's up no I got someone that I got someone that's interested okay so you play this before you liked it all right all right cool those my phone sorry guys I'm I'm like not pedophile status or like 16 you're kind of can't like and D what's up GUI it's a little bit better I'm like that dude that was just in here he was like 16 so like but then you were interested at the same time so I was like perfect it meant to be so so we all can be throwing so yeah right I'm so with 21 man that's what I look for goodbye own beer see ya how do I start this shit won't let me why I'm not sure someone else's fucking I don't understand their goats hate even oh now everyone left when it started oh there you go yes someone else posted shit fuck where does let me start it says place squad mode but it doesn't say yeah goody five sir don't we have one yeah Jeremy that's for solid if that's falling apart you get about there we go so what class you guys went it doesn't matter on it Oh on that paint shit so where do you guys want to jump out the plane for him I have no fucking idea bro see what the fuck the circle goes dudu then said that I look for party trying to find a match with one person it said 5 minutes be nice to get a spotter fuck 32 people on this morning I haven't played this in a while so I might I may be rusty brought this game today now I'm just gonna bought it yesterday but I played a lot of my homies host and they always fucking tell me to buy it so you gave in yeah so I bought it and bought it well cuz the motherfuckers told me to get a pack show so I fucking downloaded apex hit max level got borders fuck with that shit real quick and then fucking they dipped out and started playing battlefield again and then I got battle better ground no-one's even play yeah but now they don't even fucking place like why the fuck I spent 60 bucks cuz you're playing what they fizz you cuz you're playing it what that's not this will fucking tires but I just wanna play bye bye alright thanks keep smoking my fuckin wax so I can get it's be outside about hand what's up bitch from the 1800's I could slot it's not to take laughs for the guy and then be on YouTube in your audios include yo check this out we've definitely up high yo we're super-high no that's for the party you guys already jumping I'm jumping whoa today everyone I'm Melana this middle fucking thing in the water shotty yeah I'm always gonna like better fucker even if they do weird stuff to it or an embassy ask some dude over here by me dang y'all look at this ar-15 yo there's some over here where's over here bro he's over here okay cuz I do down here across the bridge yeah there's so much guns up in here how's it gonna say that there's a revolver fucking pistol right here and I go to pick it up and it's not fucking there yo fine storms coming better get out of here but give me one the circle and everybody that vehicle I'm going where you guys down right here bro he's I don't know he's in a mini chain welcome be gone I'm at yeah yeah a supply point available y'all hello far what's that someone in the sky he's pushed me I am I got tons of em oh who needs them I need some so much England know if I'm recording yeah I got so which one is it dad you tell I'm nya okay SMG in and got that mg bit right yeah dog in this sniper variety how do you toss it you say X on all right there no that's my gun I got a gunner I got a gun check it out I saw this thing there yeah hey here's an mp40 right here's purple I hit an mp40 right here come on guys need that [Applause] I think I've had a lot of analyte still not a toilet you hit it down and then you hit X on it yeah you got to move it to your left state there is a shame on that is that it that's right oh it's right there give up this one all right this one I should you gotta get me come back [Applause] that's not what you need yeah maybe this one I got frag grenade rifle fuck yeah let that work though anybody need med pack oh yeah I got tons here I heard I hear the Middle's so let me see oh shit find it by him I hit I'm bleeding out yeah I gotta live that look I left the backpack ammo crate I left all sorts of stuff yeah they had the jackpot [Applause] oh wow you get to hit all the loop good stuff yeah they got me he said behind us I turned around and I saw him down there and the dude on the very bottom that killed me the one that I think though we ended up taking out as he went around this shit's an MGM over here that was fighting me I had a whole bunch about this car I'm like aah dude my car had a machine gun on me I don't mind you smiling that's it both in heads to died and I says I'll there's something parachuting down is that just me supply shop hey there's a few of them down there careful I was almost out most in his eye oh that was hella postponed Lalo's I know any fucking chills what the fuck is this medical strands do by the house Levi v5 management here yourself oh oh Jung's I hate bow you can get a rebound though get in the house now good we turn around go get them Navin get him he's to the right what you're right everything's you wasn't in bed we're straight straight younger 12 by the bush thank you – a lot yeah I'm looking he's up there Jesus turn up victory that was amazing and they've got one one of those let's go back to back yeah it's pretty good I think I think I think I'm still there oh yeah it was pretty dope see if I have anyone online so that we have for it jump German last man how nice is connecting I mean she turned it off yeah I got something that's okay over joints first about to get out of order why does ideal kind of look like old Tom Cruise who storyline now teamwork trial by fire week six Forza horizon 8.40 you playing about little buddy Portia I'm not second off but business YouTube somebody is interested in post the names water dragon soap water dragon yeah that's right yes I I couldn't understand them so welcome water dragon anyone he's already loaded in this list magic um office sucking 13 kills and following what no no what is that you like your fifth line I'm warrior thirty thirty is getting kind of honestly this fire so that's it the way that people react like with the reaction time do like versus playing time like conquest in team deathmatch this is I kind of like reminds me of Pope G on the mobile phone well thought of at least 60 box of at least fucking hit me a few times then recoup yourself women I always got some talk about what what made you come up with the name water dragon how's that Dan so you can still fucking play or fucking change your name for free so what would you come up with we got a fight oh not a clue that's that's a good name Oh Morty motherfucking McFly that's my next gamertag after 2024 Trump is that office one hundred dollars oh yeah definitely Xbox exile fuck yeah dude why don't you think Trump wears glasses he's got 20/20 bro he's going up against Bernie Sanders Joe Biden and openly gay dude from fucking Indiana get the fuck out of here sounds like a recipe for success we need zoom all right we need fucking something that's gonna fucking give America a backbone bro not a fucking vagina fucking Bruce Jenner people don't even realize how many fucking Muslim people are fuckin like honor of Congress now and it's because they got voted in because the illegal votes like they don't understand mm-hmm makes no fucking sense and they're doing it to themself that's all I got the end of the day I don't care try to take my guns motherfucker y'all gonna get shot I got fuckin bunkers underneath my house have you seen the movie uh black sheep but Chris Farley David Spade of course dead votes it's fucking party but yet ran by one person funded by one fucking person have been in the fucking day divide and conquer and conquer unless there's something to conquer and abiding you can control each side galux pretty cool how the fuck you standing up at oh yeah did not like thinking 100 miles an hour and your outlook like that I I was a damn again let's get it I'd use this bein a notice I go oh no I get it oh thanks for telling me a little bit did he die or something yeah okay no ass yeah I'm here I just I was just munching on some chips in my life munching and that's really definitely make me hungry are you guys swimming right now it's nah I see you guys bro you guys are out the other side of the river by the dam take those knives six off you can't see me left I'm all the way over here no uh you know I'm about to swim this whole thing check this out I'm going philip rivers on here what's his name Michael Phillips Brett this is the gate let it go as long as I don't get it by a shark bro I'm straight yo these waves are dope bro damn look at this big ol hill whoa Broad's deep down here bro look how deep this thing is but we'll go up god I think I'm drowning I literally just swam all that row what an accomplishment Wester yeah you guys ain't that far from me are you auto run avid siRNA so you can't fucking ass you fucking said double press some and you can all over inside to mess it up I got to get it up let's see Boyd's fine Russians over here but somebody fuckin it poses how do you use it dude would you guys hit here you guys hit like a jackpot where is he shooting from oh shit but it says I'm coming from your six and I'm losing that one oh shit she's back up there careful all right sniper fire all right yeah I've got to why how and what I press all left on my d-pad oh no I could do that how those guys I'm seeing here knows everything yo listen what's that about oh I remember trying just looking at all this loot bro I'm just trying to get on my own all right I'm trying to figure this what's for what storms coming somebody's pissed though that some of these just got laid out like this boy – Sheila I'm saying you got you your bottom might be like blue I think I used them already the color just matters about like what kind of site and sits on I and this I mean damaged Arizona fights over here can you okay whoa what I do that for it tells me Emma I was so stupid boy that looks somebody up always tag I hate oh my god oh she signed me in the face third let this bag won the black man Wow someone's interested in the post let me see rim dynasty that wasn't that bad considering third place down to two anyway do you have anyone online bro I like Windu the line he's in the party though chonus and then this one guy is interested but missing invited them to the party yeah yeah listen all right then you you

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