Bodies Falling From the Sky??? Battlefield V Firestorm

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Battlefield™ V Firestorm! Bodies falling from the sky?? LOL
ladies and gentlemen aboard this flight I hate to apologize to you but it seems like we are gonna have some engine trouble and it's connect you're just gonna have to jump out the Bears chute there you go you see like the rest of them will follow the instructions they are all jumping out underneath your seat you will find a parachute you if you take that parachute you wrap it around your shoulders buckle the harness in the front and then just make your way to the back exit once you get to the back exit just hit that button and jump right out just like that hey what's up guys I don't have no idea why I did any of any of that but I hope you enjoyed it yes I do last time I tried to do this I almost died – we're already round on the ground for nothing why do I bro that's the coolest thing I've ever seen I will I'm uploading this video no matter if I get waxed right here in just a second you know that was awesome that was the coolest thing I've seen in a while so yeah there's three people here how he almost killed me I have no idea so stupid I might get fourth party here stupidest thing I've ever seen I got purposely came in here like a boss because I knew he would be hurt and healing let's go boys all right come on come on let's think every bro somebody's been capping that thing over there since the game started shotguns are so unreliable I really don't like shotguns just saying still not full help but we're doing a little bit better assuming no one ran in here cuz I got health this was the health house bro can you do this while climbing you can that's cool dope I don't like this thing shotgun it's kind of suck if you ask me least least they suck for me killing people I did have one other knucklehead over here remember that was a good box and I'm gonna place this shoot somebody gonna run to this door so well and I probably come through here so maybe like right right inside the door sure cool it might get somebody you never know are you kidding me take this gun bro oh he's down the other side waste my armor bro that's tell fight I liked it that's fine take that just in like it better than this thing what you have for me almost almost out of ammo you try to shoot me with a bazooka which is kind of lame ah oh yeah take is this medium armor I'll pick his up will it help me no it was completely broken crap that sucks huh well I think everything else got looted except for this bunker over here I'll go check that for sure hello that was good fight I had a start list and I had a little nervous there for a second but all ended up being okay he already looted this somebody did um these about to get capped but we got to go this direction anyway let's do it like this gum better it's got a stupid you know what I'm saying but we can quickly switch to this things get a little hairy sure they will could have try to bait that guy I guess into that mine that have been a long way to run I'm not I'm also you know the time to kill in this games really fast but here's the catch I'm still not used to it cuz I'll hold it on somebody hit him a significant amount he had level 2 armor so that would be 250 total damage that I can do that guy so I'll hit him quite a bit that helps it do what I had armor plates but sometimes I wonder about myself boys but anyways I don't hold it down long enough to finish the kill and it just makes it a longer process yeah Brow's I mean a car 98 was just waiting in a box right there for me and a medium backpack that's already half so I got a SMG and a sniper dang I really want those weapons we're gonna drop this mg drop that and yeah I can't run off a 1 pistol round or one sniper round that's stupid I like how it already has blood on it that's cool why does it already have blood on it I don't know I do have a v1 rocket which we will put there I don't I don't know about those two things so I'm gonna drop three of these and drop the CTA's actually you know I'm gonna keep these for a little bit now I would rather use this rocket dying than to let someone else have it you know I'm saying it's like you don't get the best weapon in the game and not shoot a bullet with it you know but we are fully healed that's a good little fun right there dude and heading towards own still got a while we'll be there in just a jiffy bro and I'm gonna have to play this game very different that's where I was that's crazy dude that's cool you know the map still impressed me I still really like the map you're probably running with this there's 21 alive okay stuffs going down over here that's like a big hey come here yeah oh it shows up on the mat where that's called in weird I'm not a big fan I don't like that if someone calls it in maybe it's cuz it's a flare or something I don't necessarily think it should show the enemy player maybe it shows the player that called it in where it's gonna land that makes sense he caught it in throw some stuff is going down over here this might just died too always just show to kill feed let me know Moo man Moo man's always giving me the tips bro that's something you can turn on alright we have a dead guy right there a guy a bomb going up up here lit him up he knew he knew that I knew just to hide something good stuff bro don't like that gun at all no that's the gun he almost killed me with that thing I should take that thing no cuz I got him just for now case things get a little hair you know oh close one see he almost killed me out there like he did actually a a lot of damage done to me if there should be a body on this road up here unless he was laying down I don't really know to be honest huh I don't really know where I should go I think I'm gonna hang out and wait and see where the next zone is gonna pop up I think that's the play I want this high ground though this area looks really good down through here I'm gonna go this way do the new firestorms right here bro fantastic our new zone I should say wanna say new fire zone whatever one thing call the duty players can do that you can't do in this game you just aim at bushes and it gives you that auto-lock aim there's no way a miss cyst on this game it's all straight up player voice I don't like sitting on air strikes either like if you got a airstrike you should use that crab you know these ladies in that house dude thought I just heard somebody the fire sucks I hate the fire it sounds like people are everywhere alright let's just play bro hey somebody good chance somebody's in this house this little Valley is kind of nice be a buffalo somebody I could use some more help like somebody's body sitting right there dang whatever I just nag there's no grenades just in case I wanted to be on this side of the ravine cuz I feel like the next zones gonna go over here I don't know what that Halloran is all about right you know I'm saying dude where is most of the people I feel exposed I feel really sposed said down this way somebody's probably in there right got that level three armor got everything they need they're like I'm gonna sit here as Oh makes me leave I do have a nice pretty rocket I could shoot it somebody over there does that mean someone's in there or what I'm gonna dumb on the trip no I was gonna try it but the fire is coming the thing we're gonna be able to get a good idea I think there's somebody in that building you're not going crazy or did I see somebody what the heck say hello to my little friend I'll see him [Applause] you better run bro yeah you need you better run run down there do it spy heal [Applause] I'm trying to do too much at once guys I need to chill out for a second I want to swap these it is obviously I did get a kill with that rocket that's cool it's a nice am i right how do over here somewhere oh hello [Applause] [Applause] now a twosome shooting at me great perfect I just caught myself on fire great perfect this ah I accidentally melee I finished in fourth – oh man I really screwed up the end of that game a couple good game plays I don't think it should take that many shots with the sniper rifle to kill somebody I hit him four times that's a lot dude oh I'll be bad guys we'll see it the next one

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