NEW AGGRESSIVE RECON WEAPON IS INSANE! – Battlefield 5 (P08 Pistol Carbine Review & Gameplay)

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DICE has reactivated the aggressive recon in Battlefield 5… the new weapon is insane! This is a P08 Pistol Carbine Review and gameplay of the weapon, showing how Recons can now compete at close quarters! 😀
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Well done for reaching the bottom of the description! 😀
dice is continuing on their current quest to add more weapon categories into battlefield 5 this week they're introducing pistol carbines and this very first one the p0a is being added to the Recon class that's right recon this signals quite a change in approach to the class which up until recently have been very focused on long to extreme range combat but has now got something that can compete in close quarters and that brings back the play style of aggressive recon now the p08 pistol carbine is obviously an unlock available through the tides of war that's how we get our hands on every single weapon unless you miss out on that tides of war week in which case you can go into your company and you can purchase the weapon using company coin the grind currency in battlefield 5 if you are doing it through the tides of war you'll have to work through at least 5 different challenges to get your hands on the weapon either in standard multiplayer or in combined arms this week now I'm sure many of you will have already noticed however that we do have a p0a already in battlefield 5 it's a secondary pistol that you can choose but this carbine variant is essentially an upgraded more powerful version of that original pistol and I found it to be extremely effective going up against enemy players in close quarters where usually as a recon player you would be outgunned unless you got some lucky hipfire headshot or something I think this category of weapons suits a player who likes to be up there at the front with the assault players for somebody who doesn't mind providing a supporting role rather than being that main man firing the bullets you can pop flares off and light up the mini-map for your teammates whilst you push on to an objective and maybe you can drop down a respawn beacon just outside the building allowing your squad to quickly respawn if they end up dying if you like that kind of play style that you're always pushing forwards and you're supporting the rest of the bigger Gunners out there on the battlefield something that previous battle for games supported directly with their use of all kit weapons like carbines and shotguns well you can rejoice because the 0-8 pistol carbine is the weapon at the moment that will allow you to do that again in the Recon class taking a look at the weapon stats for the p08 carbine you can clearly see how dices balanced it for close to mid-range combat maximum damage sits at 36 out to 10 meters and then it drops all the way down to a minimum of 18 damage at 75 meters so that's quite a severe drop off but at close range it's a 3 shot kill that makes it deadly against players running with SMGs and assault rifles those are the kind of players you're going to be coming up against in close quarters they won't even be able to hope to match that level of raw power now between 10 and 30 meters it drops to a 4 bullet to kill which is still extremely competitive and it plays right into the hands of players who want to be an aggressive recon you can have the confidence the weapon you're holding is going to do some serious damage to enemies if you can land the shots on target now sure the enemies you're facing might have high rate of fire weapons on their side especially fully automatic weapons but if you are accurate or at least you take advantage of this weapons brilliant hipfire statistics then you're going to be holding your own in those battles which makes it a great weapon to have in your hands especially if you're always on the attack looking to capture an objective whilst enemy players are still on the point you get a lovely drum magazine with the p08 carbine as well you might recognize this if you play battlefield 1 it's the same magazine that you stick into the MP 18 SMG in that game it's known as the snail magazine and it carries 33 rounds in it or 32 with one in the chamber it's the ultimate spam weapon the p0a if you need it to be in close quarters especially on smaller Maps like devastation and Fjell players tend to bunch up a lot on different corners and having 33 rounds in your weapon that is fired semi-auto that can lead to plenty of kills quite a few assists and just in general hit marker heaven all over your screen the rate of fire of the weapon sits at 360 rounds per minute so you can tap whay nicely to your heart's content and reload times are generally quite quick a tactical reload that comes in at two point five two seconds and a full reload comes in at four seconds most of the time you're going to have a bullet in the chamber when you reload I mean you've got 33 to play with before you absolutely have to reload so that tactical option being nice and sure that really helps you if you're in a busy area with lots of enemies or there's just a potential for you to be found you can react quite quickly which as a recon player is not something that you've really been able to do that much so far in battlefield 5 with the weapons that you've had in the class another thing that the p08 carbine has got going for it is no spread increase per shot that means every time you hit the fire button the bullet is more often than not gonna go where you're aiming unless you're aiming at extremely long range and then bullet velocity and bullet drop come into play what does affect you however is the vertical recoil that kicks up quite nicely after the first shot and if you're using the weapon to pick off a player outside of close quarters you're gonna notice that recoil almost every single time you fire it now you'll see from my gameplay that I've actually paired the p08 carbine with this lovely three times optic which might look and sound completely backwards since I've just been telling you how good this weapon is up close but trust me you're gonna want a scope on this thing the scope does accentuate the recoil of the weapon at medium to long range but it removes the weapon model from the screen and it moves the view up a little bit and it takes up less room overall and it gives you a clearer view of what's going on in front of you if you use the iron sights you can see the weapon recoiling on the screen in front of you and that takes up space so if you can stick a sight on it so far then the p08 carbine is looking pretty awesome we have to say but we haven't even got to the specialization tree yet and there are a couple of different play styles that you can choose from using that the tree sits in the middle between the aimed accuracy and what can be done to increase that and the hipfire capability of the weapon overall now considering this weapon sits in a perfect spot for the gressive recon player I'm going to assume that you want a setup that sort of takes elements from both sides here boosting summer aimed performance and really trying to make the most of that and hit fire as well because you're going to be using this in close quarters a lot more often so level one you've got the choice between improved aim accuracy and a reduction in time it takes to switch to your secondary weapon since you've got 32 bullets in the drum magazine and then one in the chamber I'd wager you're not going to be switching to your secondary weapon all that often so go with aimed accuracy increase here level 2 you've got another choice between an increase in hipfire accuracy and the choice of improved aimed accuracy whilst moving now since the p08 carbine doesn't have much in the way of horizontal recoil and you're wanting to use this weapon up close against enemies go with improved hipfire accuracy here within the 10 meter range with this specialization applied you won't even need to aim down your sights anymore against larger groups of enemies who've all bunched up having good hipfire can help you inflict a lot of damage in a short space of time level 3 depending on which side you've picked gives you a choice between a reduction to the accuracy penalty applied for firing in hipfire on the left hand side and on the right it gives you a movement speed boost whilst aim down the sights here I went for the left hand side because I chosen hipfire benefits at level 2 but if you chose the right hand option at level 2 you have to go for the right-hand option at level 3 and then level 4 you get the choice between a 15% reload time reduction and improved aimed accuracy whilst you stand still now at this level I'd say if you chose to boost the hipfire stats and you chose the left side of the tree like I did both of these final options are equally as good as each other having reload times reduced is great for close quarters readiness and improved accuracy while standing still is great if you're trying to pick off enemies at a slightly longer range especially since the p08 carbines bullet velocity is very slow at just 370 meters a second now I chose the increase aimed accuracy option since there are times where I'd like a little bit more range to my combat and the 15 percent reload time reduction isn't all that noticeable on the tactical reload which because you've got so many bullets in a magazine that's what you're going to be doing more often anyway so if you couldn't tell I think the p08 pistol carbine is awesome and I'm really glad that I've got a weapon in the Recon class that now allows me to compete in close range gunfights and lets me stand on the frontline with my team I can pop off flares to light up the mini-map and I can drop down spawn beacons to allow my squad to get back into the fight it's just a really nice change of pace and it's injected some new life into the Recon class for players who perhaps didn't enjoy using the longer hard-hitting rifles that this class already has back when I was getting myself into the Battlefield franchise in Bad Company 2 I'd often steer away from the Recon class because I didn't like the emphasis on sniper rifles but once I realized there were other weapons in the class that you could use like the g3 rifle I jumped in and I started playing as if I was an assault I was pushing up on objectives and being more aggressive the p08 pistol carbine allows you to do that very same thing in battlefield 5 and for that reason I think it's a great addition to the game but you guys should let me know what you think is this a good weapon is this one you want to use or is this a bad weapon and something you're going to avoid let me know down in the comments section below a big thank you for watching today and until next time my name is Wes tee and I'll catch you guys in the next video you

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0 thoughts on “NEW AGGRESSIVE RECON WEAPON IS INSANE! – Battlefield 5 (P08 Pistol Carbine Review & Gameplay)”

  1. @westie I've done every tides of war to unlock the guns an crap but I get a week off this week. 5000 company coins? Wise the fk up bring back premium give me maps an guns. Battlefield the game I loved is starting to slip away frm the last loyal fans

  2. This gun may be good, but like any semi-auto weapon…if there is server lag, freezing and or FPS drop semi-auto weapons are not that good in close quarters. In which case people start using them as sniper rifles I have noticed.

  3. I can't wait to use this gun on all the new maps!! The content DICE delivers is INSANE!! I mean, a gun that was in BF1 just lazily put back into BFV!? INSANE!! TAKE MY BOINS!!

  4. Personally, it think the pistol carbines would’ve suited medic class more so than bolt action carbines. I’m still stuck with SMG as a medic main because I just don’t have the skill to use a bolt action rifle of any sorts. You could still play aggressive recon with a faster cycling bolt action carbine.

  5. I like to play recon but am really bad at sniping, ever close ranged. With this P08 magic i get top scored and unlock de 4 levels of the weapon in 3 games. I played with hipfire upgrades and x3 scope, under 30m hipfire is everyting, then the scope is realiable. With beacon and flaregun this is the top for agressive flanking.

  6. yep i rly like for push in backlane with Radio+Smoke you can flank so easy with this wep and if enemy run you spot them so easy its rly nice for Cover your sniper friend with double Radio when you Capture a point good Harass

  7. This pistol is easy overshooting by any other guns in game. So its good as player who used. But in some modes as Recon is very useful. Many players use in game Macro so, they like this guns.

  8. Why is it that the tides of war for next week we get only company coins instead of a weapon? I mean what about the C96 as a sidearm to unlock instead of CC. As for the PO8 carbine its best with 2x optics and quick aim with the rest of the right tree in the specialization.

  9. DICE- Bring back the DUOS in Firestorm . Get rid of those garbage and redundant game modes like Breakthrough, Frontlines, Grand Operations and Squad Conquest instead. Keep Conquest, Rush, Domination and Team Deathmatch

  10. Nice video
    I only play Battlefield V as Recon and stays back from front line or any flags. But today after I unlock the PO8 I start to play front line or war zone and also enjoying to catching the flags. I love PO8 so far.

  11. Slings and Swivels (the rank 1 perk you didn't take) doesn't just increase swap speed, it gets the gun ready faster. Taking that perk means you'll be able to shoot sooner after sprinting or mantling, and even speeds up the recovery from rolls, melee and throwing grenades.

  12. I can play very aggressive at any range with the ZH,RSC and krag Jorgensen I did good using this po8 one game I went 78-6 on breakthrough I even got some nice range kills but it doesn’t sound good when shooting it so Il pass

  13. I appretiate this addition i love running squad leader recon with smokes so you can have spawn flares and smoke to best lead your squad with cover and intel this gun will be huge for the role i like playing

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