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Battlefield V Firestorm vs DICE in two matches. These were intense games with lots of banter and epic moments. Can we win though? Let’s find out! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
a certain combination of beings yeah that have never been done before but one of them actually make something weird happen well isn't that just like that's not that's medicine no see they haven't found the right combination of things to cure AIDS yet but they're getting there eventually they'll find the right combination of things it'll cure AIDS that's pretty that's a pretty weird thing isn't it no I don't mean like that that's medical science I mean something really weird that's never been tested I'm trying to think of a good example like if someone draws a circle in ink on a beach something happens so there's a real-life Easter egg what if weif okay what hear me out what if he walks around with 200 kilograms of weights on like a vest for like a week and then you take them off and then you jump in the air you think you'd be able to jump really high because it's like training and extra gravity well you would be able to jump higher than you could before because your muscles will be better but that's it I suppose it's like the back to the huge white like if you drive a DeLorean down a certain Road 88 miles per hour you can time trouble you know that's the kind of thing I mean yeah yeah what time travel is possible don't know now yes it's proven honest I proved it you can travel forward in time you just can't travel backwards in time that's not time travel is it yes it is you could travel so if you traveled away from the earth at 99.9 percent of the speed of light for a year and then came back going the same speed for a year you would have aged 2 years but the earth would age like a hundred thousand years because your perception of time is it it's relative to you I want to go into the 1950s as far as as far as the coxy and an old Einstein er there as far as they're aware it's not possible to ever go back at the time okay so what I mean by time-travel is okay I'll make a time-travel machine and then tomorrow I say Oh Adam come over my place so you come over yeah and then we go and we go to 2025 for a laugh you know that's not nowadays we could go forward to 2025 you definitely come over to your house track and what we do is we've get inside a machine which would which would breakers go really really fast you could technically you could do it in like a loop you can have like a hyper loop underneath your house like like CERN or ever but it's a machine it's like a seat you strap in I think it's and the Spacely centrifuges you but somehow doesn't kill you do you you could do that and you could get there presumably you know six years at ninety nine point I reckon it'd take you like ten minutes and with my concept of time travel is difference you're instantly know it would fit well it would be quite well it wouldn't it wouldn't feel is to do though because yeah exactly that's what I'm saying so you come over we go in the machine walk through a door boom there's 2025 that's not possible no those long sovereign fact check this science please I start with a MATLAB see you got me covered yeah not really where were they there where I marked yeah well I've got you covered in that I've distracted them how that guy on the right is very low we should push the gun right I broke that guy's helmet and hit a hit with the face of the car I hate it's not feeling well now okay his mates here I'm out of rifle ammo clothes here has he come I shot him in the head like here and broke his armor is he in the bush shop he'll be in there he's there oh that there underneath in the bunker just want to wait from the ready they're ready they're ready half up and one of the doors here so you can bear now tagged in I'm a broke push down one by the back there's a nice little push chat why'd you press T and suddenly one of these leave us goes down no look why pizza pan two up one down I bet you can't this is danger you Jack you just it's the truth it's the truth it it will set you free right there he's peeking 30 on the floor here come in thank you still shoot at me I'm broken down let's go no yeah I downed him oh you get that armor I might know actors mate keep pushing keep pushing for this is friend I'm flanking how is he not bad he's so low duck so spicy now I'll go down there I downed him I can get you okay I'm trying to get into the grenade is pushing I'm moving back nice that's it this hasn't been lutely down here alright check it out well just get extra plate we're down in the blue clothes head shop rode in our bill down double just be killed by the storm Hager spiders folks posted in its building yeah and so we drop it ow just a lot of noise – there I just find a flare of V 1 is what out yeah let's go it's ok don't know if examine on this side you know might be alright now mmm how many left five more to kill I'm with you oh ok Oh balls for very low here someone just fight a red flare arty gotta go gotta go go to blue navigation oh Jesus Christ that's just took the armor have we got the zone you know he claims no I've got one that's it I'll use it wonder if we can write their down are they finding each other right there yeah we should capitalize on this there we should he's in the smoke he's gonna be resonate yeah I just saw him they were close I think they're dead I think it's already above killed them in flames yeah now healing reloading I was the last to yeah yeah I think so Nimmi jaundice oh yeah see fires coming out where's he gone he still went here on the left nice well played oh nice little bit as a Dyson boy okay yeah now digit that was intense well yeah don't think I've ever had one it was that sway yeah he's is he that was a ghost disease he was a ghost probably in the building so I left let's go get him propose yeah I think it was a ghost right here right right had squad like you chunk me up a bit there just underneath the track I think stay here a sec I've got to come to us Oh shots up there do did it come we should kill these guys on the track here well what about these guys are right here all right you say there you say that I'll do number on these all right look I'm just dead that I've had to push towards these guys to stop myself of being artillery that's okay that's one Scot dead be good what one Squad eliminated another two guys here vehicle I popped it out what was that don't know babe down you down let's go push push push you like that nice job thank you for left mhm the pro tato there there's gonna be someone on the high ground here isn't there yeah well we heard him firing gonna run in turn a circle round let's get to the deep Oh oh nice what were they doing Oh hot juice it West I just heard one you get their plates I've got one okay there's two three here oh they're in the tank there any tank Adam watch out oh my god they're out of a cornice police tanks dead you killed it oh I've been shot in the back come in it's in the first grade where is he I don't know I'm prone he's prone on top of the hill looking at my body that's the dice guy again look same guy dice guy again oh my god yeah what are the chances of uh-oh last part again begun the dice words have

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  1. Time as we no it as human. We create time time is nothing but a creation of man. There is nothing to manipulate going forward or reverse as far as time does that make sense to anybody? S
    o you could take every clock on the planet and pause them and then everything will continue to exist and move forward.

  2. Bongeh was right u know. it is possible travel forward in time… literally travel. you have to travel near the speed of light… of in fact you could travel half the speed of light and what is 4 days for you, can be 16 days for others. Currently no1 thinks timetravel in an instant is possible… i mean… relatively it is possile:D a blink of an eye could be 1 month to others but its a matter of speed.

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