Right Side of History: Battlefield V's conflicting identity

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Battlefield V continues what Battlefield 1 started.

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audio quality is kind of weird in this video so I apologize for that new mic and experimenting with some effects bad combination anyway DICE's PR for their upcoming title battlefield 5 is a conflicting nightmare at one moment the game is said to be authentic and respectable to the history of world war 2 that the game will show off the largely unseen an untold perspective of the war the female perspective a great idea showcasing the factual contributions of women and the various partisan forces or perhaps the Soviet forces something that isn't seen too much in the media one war story that's confirmed features a female soldier in the Norwegian resistance yet if the next moment the game is touted to empower player choice diversity and inclusion by ignoring the history they said a moment ago that it was authentic we want to do this with a kind of a fresh and modern T by having a woman fighting on the front lines for the Allied forces in the multiplayer using a prosthetic arm no less at best it seems like dice is attempting the same exact thing that its competitor did with coal Duty World War 2 last year that it's campaign is much more faithful to historical accuracy while the multiplayer completely throws everything out the window every videogame does take its liberties and inevitability because after all they are video games not real life nor perfect reflection of it battlefield 5 like any piece of media is no different it doesn't matter if it's a game movie book whatever you can usually cite a plethora of things that are unrealistic regardless of the piece of media's intent in the context of a game like Battlefield and maybe that the guns may not sound like how they really do you can't sprint forever without taking a break you cannot be revived after a bullet goes clean through your head you cannot come back for another round of combat after your death etc etc you get the idea however at the same time this newest entry at Battlefield is placed in the context of world war 2 so certain things are to be if you remove certain things away from the identity of world war two it's not World War two anymore it doesn't have to be completely realistic because it's gamifying war and battle anyway but there are still many things that establish it as the Second World War rather than just another fictitious conflict players are fighting it there is not as much room for interpretation when it's placed in a historical era compared to let's say 21:42 a completely fictional setting now dice has already shown they will disregard the identity and features of a real conflict with battlefields one battlefield one being a game set during the First World War many of the weapons that the player could use in this title were very rare and frequently experimental weapons that saw limited numbers used during the war many flat-out didn't appear at all World War 1 is a war in which most soldiers use bolt-action rifles but according to Battlefield 1 most soldiers flat-out use semi-auto and full auto weapons thus these experimental automatic weapons made battlefield 1 not feel like world war 1 at all the gameplay became fast paced and completely chaotic because of these weapons in fact it felt more like world war 2 rather than world war 1 with so many SMGs and semi-automatic weapons being available though honestly this would be ridiculous even for world war ii standards because after all both actions were still very common battlefield 1 is loaded with these sorts of problems that actively go against it's world war 1 setting like steampunk dieselpunk pity vehicles for the losing team or the super soldier special classes that could take dozens of bullets before going down since battlefield one was successful despite its disregard for the setting it's only natural that battlefield 5 decides to take it to the next level immersive that's how dice describes a world war 2 shooter that has a female member of the British Commonwealth forces fighting on the front lines as stated before where battlefield 1 dice is shown they don't care about creating the illusion of the time period with their games now there is flat-out nothing immersive about a world war 2 game acting like a woman served at the same capacity of men she's not a partisan even a member the French Resistance or something like that contributing to the war effort behind the scenes despite her disability there she is fighting on the front line as a British soldier alongside members of the vast majority of Fighters of world war ii men again she is not a partisan women did not fight on the front line for the most part just because some women were right in the action does it mean it was a normal occurrence there was a bear that served in World War 2 that does not mean it was normal to have bears fighting on the front lines thanks polygon for actually bringing that up in your arguments the design director of battlefield v Alan Kurtz has stated he believes he is on the right side of history by changing history all because he is afraid to tell his daughter that her gender wasn't prominent on the battlefields of World War two while simultaneously minimizing contributions that the actual women in the war made you're obviously not on the right side of history when you're actively changing such major parts of history your game is based off this is world war ii a war that was fought nearly entirely by men women did not get mowed down by mg 42s on Omaha Beach you're especially not doing girls any favors by revising history in order to make them feel better if dice wanted to be immersive this trailer should have shown action at the eastern front the Soviet Union actually deployed both mix gender and all-female regiments now a good chunk of them were deployed only at the rear and many didn't even receive combat action but there are cases like the night witches that did or the many female Soviet snipers unless it's certain Eastern Front battles women wouldn't be fighting in nearly any official capacity mostly it would only be acceptable there was for certain partisan forces like during that battle for Paris or maybe during the battles of the Spanish Civil War but again the vast majority was male now this female soldier you got eyes you can tell she's missing her arm and thus she would be actually sent back to Britain for damage like that not deployed on the front lines according to dice you can now customize your character there is nothing inherently wrong with that some customization is good however it should be appropriate these sorts of military conflicts aren't usually the most welcoming setting to have vast customization options but it can work a pack of cigarettes on a GIS helmet playing card perhaps an option to wear trench coat but not a prosthetic arm authentic that's how dice describes battlefield 5 which has a british soldier with a Japanese katana strapped on his back fighting in Europe not everyone can be like Jack Churchill it's simply ridiculous that a soldier in Europe would have that sword on his back again customization is fine but has its limits depending on the setting of the game this could at least work for soldiers in the Pacific Theater with Japanese officers having the correct sword on the hip or an allied soldier who decided to take a souvenir but I assume this is an excuse for both a neat cosmetic and to showcase the successor to be if one's melee system unlike the disables British woman it's not necessarily wrong to have a black man in the Commonwealth forces after all about 10,000 of them came from the Caribbean alone the 136,000 came from South Africa assuming a majority of those are black that's still not a large amount considering the nearly all-white British Isles raised five million men for the war battlefield one had this strange way of showing the other races that fought in the First World War if your knowledge of World War one came solely from battlefields one you would think black men were one of the major demographics that fought for the British when in reality they were a very small population of the enlisted men did they exist sure like Walter Tull but they weren't one-fourth of the forces as battlefield once in fact for the British American and German factions in the game the sniper is always the black guy the most ridiculous part being a black Imperial German being common outside of German Africa the French would have blacks and of course the Americans would in the case of the Americans they were segregated and most did not see combat action however some did like the famous Harlem Hellfighters now instead of forcing you to spawn as a certain race battlefield 5 goes with letting the player choose that race this just like the ability to choose your gender becomes a problem these battles realistic are fictional are still within the context of world war two white men were the primary fighters for the European North African and Middle Eastern theatres well of course Asian males and white males were the primary fighters in the Pacific Theater everyone having this ability to choose their characters race and gender freely makes us go straight into absurdity this is the same war that had Charles DeGaulle make Paris's liberation a white only affair not allowing the black American and French West African troops in during the ceremony race and gender simply shouldn't be a customization option during World War two makes the wall into something it isn't it's not a progressive time where everyone fought side by side together with many units like the 440 2nd Infantry Regiment being comprised entirely by Asians and most female fighters were partisans or Soviet troops most diverse forces were purposely separated and didn't even receive front-line combat that's not to say there shouldn't be other races in the game needs to be done in the appropriate manner for example by law American forces were segregated blacks were not allowed to fight side by side with their white comrades on paper the most did not receive combat so in the cases of battles where African Americans do appear in fight there would be a significant amount I mentioned the 442nd Infantry Regiment earlier which was comprised solely of Asians they also happen to be the most decorated American you all tough it would be awesome to play as them but acting like all the races were happily fighting side by side together diminishes the contributions made by such people like the ones made by the 440 second will the Axis forces receive the same treatment well German forces comprised solely of white males perhaps you can play as the Bosnian Muslims or as members of the free India Legion are the Japanese if they're in the game only be made up of Asian males or is they all gonna be the same exact racial and gender selection as the Allied forces it's a trailer is anything to go by the Germans look on point I'm sure someone smarter and more attentive than me can point out how maybe their camouflage is wrong or something but they seem at least like they fit into the era I like some of the soldiers they are facing well axis soldiers even receive the same customization will dice do what I believe sledgehammer did with coal duty World War 2 a limit customization to the Allied forces for the most part I can understand wanting to play as a character that looks like you or an idealized version of you that doesn't mean every game needs to have those customization options especially when it conflicts with the settings so hard even in fictional context dice has shown they don't really respect the setting of their game Battlefront to allow players to choose basically any weapon from any Star Wars era you could be a clone trooper using a rifle from decades in the future bow front – even had heroes from all eras running around the battlefield Battlefront you could have Darth Maul running around for the first order or any sort of wacky crisscross that takes you out of the moment some people will say if it's a problem then customize your character so your character is historically accurate now that ignores the issue entirely the problem is the option and I'm just one person in a game of potentially 64 people who will be extremely unlikely to have everyone on the server be historically accurate some people will play as a character that is inaccurate because they want to be their gender or their race or just be something different then there's gonna be thousands of people that will be as out of place as possible because they find it stupid the best compromise would be as one person suggested to toggle accurate characters only for them to get a strawman response from a dice employee there are also the gameplay problems of having everyone be a unique character that it will be hard to recognize what class the enemy is playing as making it more difficult to adjust your tactics directly affecting the gameplay but perhaps that's a video for the future dice isn't keeping – immersion or authenticity we know it's PR speak if they did they would try much harder for the game to be like World War 2 it would actually treat the war with respectful by having the faces of the war be on point if they want to showcase the contributions of non-white races or women for the Allies they have a wealth of real things they can base it out of instead of inserting them in places they weren't in this isn't secret weapons or World War 2 or some light-hearted battlefield game or even a game that takes place in the fictional near future this is battlefield 5 the simple fact is EA wants to keep up with call of duty and fortnight by letting you select the race and gender of your character at the cost of stripping the identity away from its product I don't exactly believe it was just Alain Kurtz using his daughter as an excuse as the real reason behind the design choice more so it's a good way to copy the competition and sell cosmetics at the very least black ops 4 is in the future if fortnight is completely silly battlefields 5 has placed itself within world war 2 therefore it should try to present itself as no one expects it to be completely historically accurate it won't be remembered as art they'll be remembered as revisionist history instead

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49 thoughts on “Right Side of History: Battlefield V's conflicting identity”

  1. Not my standard kind of video, but I do dabble in commentary sort of things here and there.
    If the video does decent enough, I may do such things more often or I'll just keep it as an occasional thing. Regardless, my normal stupid shit and glitchy content will stay around.
    Video is a little rough around the edges, think of it as a test run sort of thing. As usual technical issues plague me(most of it my fault), so more things to improve.
    tl;dr i hate women i guess

  2. Late to the video, but pause it at @7:03. The female soldier is wielding a cricket bat wrapped in barb wire, with a prosthetic arm and wearing blue war paint and a trench coat. If I just saw that screenshot out of context I wouldn't in a hundred years think "Oh yeah! WW2 setting!" If they want inclusiveness and this steam/diesel punk aesthetic, why not ditch trying to label it or tack it onto actual historical wars and instead just make a "Battlefield Alternate Earth"? Then they can be as inclusive as they like, use standard FPS guns and have the look they're clearly going for, without having detractors comment on their retconning of history?

  3. Anyone remember Saving Private Ryan? That movie was so historically accurate that it gave veterans PTSD while watching the movie. In the beginning, soldiers were drowning under water because their heavy gear was pulling them under. When an explosion happens near soldiers it would give them shell shock and freeze them in place trying to figure out what the fuck just happened and if soldiers were too close their limbs would start falling off like it should. A great example of this would be the famous "where's my arm guy" that was looking for his arm that got blown off. Saving Private Ryan is a great example that you don't have to fuck with history to make a good movie, book, or game. If someone doesn't like something that is historically accurate then you can tell them to fuck off and read a history book for once in your god damn lifetime.

  4. When I watched this, the only thing I thought about was how much fun Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was. I almost teared up, because it was such a fun game and even better with friends. God the Vector's explosive diarrhea firerate and the silenced UMP… Oh man, don't even start talking about the throwing knife!

  5. I am the type of person who if the game is graphically realistic I expect realistic gameplay …

    Casual mode

    At least make a immersive game mod with everything is as deadly as in real life , malfunctions, maintenance,..

    Immersive and detailed Stuff like war thunder…

  6. I hate when people force my race into dumb ass situations that never happen then try to slap on “inclusion”. Like the Tuskegee airmen didn’t exist, just make a mission about that if you want to include black people. Or for women include shit that actually happened.

  7. What a horrible game..I just reloaded my Xbox 360 modern warfare trilogy and they are better..lense flares and bright backgrounds.. no kill scene so you can see who killed you…what a poor job from Dice & EA..

  8. I don't think that we should accuse solely the modern SJW agenda of the media. I feel that the ridiculous state of many gaming companies is a result of their greed. Bf5 turned out to be a fast paced arcade fps, a game recipe that has proved to be profitable in the past with many other titles like CoD and even fortinite. Their goal is simplistic, cheap, fast paced and repetitive gameplay. At the same time, they try to censor the gory and the depressing setting of that time period just to make it suitable for younger ages. Also, they remove the swastikas and sometimes the hammer and sickle so that they can be able to sell the game to countries like Germany and Poland. To the ones who hate the final product, you guys need to understand that it's no use complaining about their agenda on the internet. If you really want to do something about it, strike them right where it hurts, their profits. Don't buy it. Boycott them. After all, it's EA. They are responsible for dozens of studios shutting down.

  9. Let's be honest. Nobody was ever against women in shooters. Atleast I wasn't. We all are just angry because the SJW won. Partially at least. Agree?

  10. Yall would absolutely hate a realistic milsim shooter

    Yall are getting mad at this and not the ability to customize your loadout, which is expressly, explicitly ahistorical

    G. I. Joe is literally a reference to “General Issue,” you know, how all grunts get TOLD what to carry into combat

    You don’t get to pick

    If you don’t like that, then you’re preferencing your own subjective and ahistorical gaming experience to historical truth!

    This is all absurd.

    This entire series has taken such huge liberties with everything about history and basic realism

    like ballistics

    vehicle damage and fuel

    or even having it be simple to just point and shoot at an enemy when most soldiers had problems actually killing each other—imagine the game simply negating 99,999/10,000 shots fired.

    That is after all the historical, accurate amount of shots per death from the war

    Quit your bellyaching and get your history from actual historians and not blowhards with selective outrage

  11. It's a game, no one wants a game where you sit in a trench for three hours. If someone wants to play as a girl, why stop them. Sure it not historical accurate, but it's a game. It's no different than using a skin in any video game. Sure if you want an accurate representation of combat then don't play cod, battlefield, or any first person shooter. Instead go participate in a reenactment or play arma if you really want to 10000% accuracy in a video game that the majority of the player base is probably under 20

  12. As someone who spent 11 yrs in the US army with 2 tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, plus both my brothers and dad are serving in and have retired from the army, I find it sad that we have let liberal idiots get away with rewriting history. What is an even bigger issue at the moment is that liberals are now using the US military to do their stupid social experiments. Like letting women be in combat units or SF. Civilians don''t realize how much damage that is going to do the US military. Women have their place in the military, but not in front line units! There are so many reasons why women don't belong in combat units but I don't feel like listing them all, but it doesn't take a genius to figure them out.

  13. I don't mind the guns from battlefield 1 most of the ones I looked at were from around that time, idk about the full auto weapons though they did have some so that seemed ok I guess, as for semi auto though the 1911 was semi auto and it was definitely used, in fact it is still used today even, glock owners and colt 1911 owners are always arguing, and arguing that some of these guns weren't really used isn't the point, it just had to exist, the player is given some liberty there, they don't have to use simply what the standard infantry gun was lol that would be ridiculous, nobody would ever unlock anything, that would be silly, and if it was experimental at the time id say that's still valid, if this is a real war and I'm deciding what I want to use to win this war, I'm using whatever existed back then at my disposal to give me an edge. The player doesn't have to worry about things like funds for the military, getting the available tax dollars to supply the troops with these experimental weapons so the player doesn't have to use the weapon you get supplied with. Other than that I agree with you

  14. It's Marxism boys n girls, , designed to destroy the Western world, devide an conquer by the political elite of the world, or so I've heard,look at Star Wars, Dr Who and Star Trek, they are destroying these things also Marvel comics has taken a huge hit, all because "White males are evil", an if u argue the point u are branded with, whatever the buzzword of the day is, you cannot reason with NPCs ever, very sad times, even attacking the song "It's cold outside" saying its date rape…. Smdh, I worry for my kids.

  15. the funny thing they could actually have a very "diverse" ww2 game. just make a game about the Waffen SS, it was the most multi-ethnic, multi-racial and religiously divers army in western history. but yeah… that wouldn't exactly fit their narrative.

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