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Battlefield V Ring of Fire Trailer. They used the wrong song in the first Battlefield Firestorm trailer so the Noob fixed it for them.

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0 thoughts on “Ring of Fire Cover (Battlefield Firestorm)”

  1. You did it again neebs LOL you did a great video again I love your videos thanks to you and your friends for making Battlefield Friends videos I'm starting to get back into Battlefield LOL

  2. I know you guys made it big by suckling at the teat of EA, but it would be really awesome if you used your energy and creativity to promote games that aren't published by soulless corporations hellbent on scamming their customers.

  3. Im a huge Johnny Cash fan and consider almost every other version of ring of fire to be sacrilege, but this is an amazing rock version, well done boys!

  4. Watched under the dome last week. Finished it. Spit my chocolate milk out when I saw thick demanding batteries from everybody. Then I started laughing. He was trying so hard to be intimidating, but he was so short. Even the short lady cop was taller than him.

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