This is what Battlefield V should have been… – Hell Let Loose

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This is what Battlefield V should have been… – Hell Let Loose

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Hell Let Loose Gameplay Overview:

Hell Let Loose is a realistic World War Two first-person shooter with open battles of 100 players with infantry, tanks, artillery, a dynamically shifting battlefield and a unique resource-based strategic meta-game. This is World War Two at a scale you’ve never played before.

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you get them all your madman you're the German lieutenant Speirs hey this is 80 gun in the field out here I don't want to be out here hey there's an 80 gun in the open shit now you see that 80 gun on the right in the open yeah there you go hello everyone before we start today's video I just wanna take a moment to thank our sponsors the rich wallet now rich sent over a couple of these gun metal wallets for me to use and I gotta say a fallen in love with them there's so much sleeker and more minimalistic than my other wallet which means it's easier to carry around things in my pockets these wallets are also really sturdy and I love the styling on them they come in a ton of different styles and formats so make sure you check them out at Ridgetown slash karma and receive 10% off as well as free shipping by using the code karma find out more by hanging the link down below hello everyone so today's video is gonna be some recent highlights from hell let loose now just a heads up the hell let loose is on early access and you can pick up your own copy a hell at least at karma cut comm anyways guys I do hope you enjoyed the dayz video don't forget to Like comment and subscribe for more content and I'll see you in the next one oh shit it was that so they say and fall back to tickles born oh it's gotta be whoa oh my god on the left hey Dan 210 I hear him I'm looking I'm looking I see him I see him directly where roger southeast [Applause] yeah [Applause] that's the up host right there that's the outpost [Applause] around 2:30 like 235 they're more out there on the South Moore girl look there's two running up the hill they're trying to flake the left about 240 pounds got one got left on my South direct gas there go to 40 to 40 on the top of the hill I think so we're gonna call to the right of us push it up push it up front 240 oh shit fuck that I'm coming back cover shit it's on the hill south south east just sniper in the two-story building [Applause] I got that browning [Applause] stay in the buildings at Jacobs barn all right there's a browning on the 200 riding on the 200k where was that browser I'm going after logs I got them coming from the 200 circle to the center cover me I'm loading oh fuck left 150 got him right in the right wood pile right wood pile where I'm looking oh there's an outpost I got the up horse I got the outpost now view we go is it dead boy sorry here they come this is it's gonna be quite the turkey shoot though they are using smokes which is smart very smart that is the proper thing to do in this situation we're gonna reload 190 ROG I see him yep see him I see him I see him he's gone they're gonna come in like crazy now I'm looking I see him I see him I see him he's glitching a little bit his player models all fucked for me 119 looking again I see him got him in he's domed I'm loading they need to fix this you need a need to fix this but uh it's not to stop me headshots that guy I'm not gonna try for again till he peeps out a little bit more who is that guy that's okay we can pick anyone else off here let's go still here we'll try again that I love that noise so much I love it so much looks like they're swept out I don't see any movement out there to you you know for once this is actually like an organized push [Applause] this is a really good spot 20 I'm looking I'm looking prone or what I see a spawn point at the end of the forest left of it copy hey there's no there's a Sherman here this Sherman at the edge of the woods Sherman Sherman found me there's a dude behind the Hey direct south of us got one of them he's running along the fence now you get them all your madman you're the German lieutenant Speirs hey this is a t gun in the field I hear I don't want to be out here hey there's an AC gonna open it now you see that 80 gun on the right in the open yeah there you go zig zagging back and forth out there and not have enough front Sagan another quickie I think so there's a Sherman over here the left leg try to cross over until tracks down behind the second matrix ducked that shot one more one more behind that oh nice I hope you guys enjoyed today's held at loose video and a special thanks to my channel members if you want to contribute to the channel and get cool rewards check out that blue join button down below wondering where to buy hell at loose head over to Karma comm where you can buy my favorite games and official merch looking for more content to watch check out our last video right here or sub on the right for future uploads finally thank you so much for watching I really do appreciate it and I hope we see you in the next one

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46 thoughts on “This is what Battlefield V should have been… – Hell Let Loose”

  1. +9000 points for bagging on BF. That franchise, along with cod, just needs to die. I'm so glad to see REAL gamers supporting smaller Devs that LOVE their game.

  2. Hey karma!? How much is HLL paying you to to their merchandising?

    Because for me, this game is not even 10% of Squad or even Post scriptum. At least at this moment.

  3. I would love more games to be like this but that won’t happen because the a lot of players would be too impatient and want mindless shooting instead without consequences and would hate losing their instantaneous health regeneration abilities and developers need to cater to the gamers who want that because they’ll throw all their money at the developers for it

  4. Its all abt the color palette, saturation and lighting. BF3 looks like a real war zone, full of immersion. Even COD World War and Medal of Honor Heroes have better "feel" of world war 2 compared to the current BFV

  5. But if they would've made bfv like this ppl would be bitchn cause there's no kill cam, ttk is to fast and fuck sake no mini maps! Only certain ppl get into these games (including myself) alot of ppl enjoy the arcade side of what bfv brings which at time can be fun but for console players bfv is all we get none of these companies doing the strategic fps are only PC platform which sucks balls cause now i either gotta build one or buy neither is cheap.

    both are excellent picks! they both offer a relatively similar experience,

    HLL offers incredible interactive and immersive sector based conflict rather than objective based, the game seems to flow pretty well compared to Post Scriptum. Vehicles, Heavy Guns and other emplacements often need more than one person to operate and require manual loading and/or shifting gear.

    Post Scriptum has very similar concepts, however in post scriptum you have the ability to build large and in depth FOBs and bases. unlike HLL, you can free look and lean, which adds a little bit more immersion to the mix. PS plans on adding more fronts to the game very soon, much like HLL.

    both games offer huge amounts of content, and have extremely accepting communities to people of all ages and experience. I can't say which game is better, it's all down to personal preference. hope this can help.

  7. I see so many people getting triggered at the title, please guys, Karma is just explaining that the atmosphere in HLL delivers a better WW2 feeling than BFV. stop getting triggered about comparing BFV to a milsim and go back to your mancaves.

  8. Ok, now let's wait another month so most servers will be empty… sometimes I really feel like milsim YouTubers really can't see the world behind milsim games and so they think EVERY game should be milsim. I agree eith that statement in the title in terms of immersion, but gameplay, vehicle combat and other stuff… definitely not.

  9. Haven't had such fun since bf2 vanilla and project reality. This game brings for me the perfect blend between arma/Squad/and old school bf2 vibes. It's a nice mix between arcade and milsim vibes.

    Plus the immersion like gore and the intense battles. Especially town battles.

    Last round we where working together with a sherman to cross this big field. All stacked behind the tank to move up. The tank was our mobile cover. Just like that fury scène.

  10. No, battlefield is battlefield, Hell Let Loose is Hell Let Loose. Different games for different people, if you don't like Battlefield then just don't play it, why would you if you don't like it in the first place.

  11. Battlefield V gets a lot of shit but how can you compare that to this unpolished piece of shit. I get the whole "realistic" and authentic feeling of the game but the bad movement and capped fov really ruins it for me.

  12. But but but if Battlefield V was all about immersive WW2 combat that actually respected the era, how can the SJWs fit in any transgender purple haired black women who identify as a hamster???!???? Needs to be more PrOgrEsSive

  13. Sooooo cinematic, I loved it! This game really is what I imagined BFV could've been like too. This video totally shows what could've been! I hope the devs keep working on this, the early access stuff looks incredible

  14. dude seriously…what the hell is the problem with the people who plays Post Scriptum and hell let loose, THEY DON'T SAY A FUCKING WORD IN THE WHOLE MATCH. I can't understand. In squad people is nearly always sooo much into the game and the coms and trying to get the best of the experience but in Post Scriptum and Hell let loose, i don't know what is the fucking problem with the poeple…they nearly never talk at all…it's so frustrating because this games requires a lot of communications.

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