VGO Specialization Breakdown & Gameplay – Battlefield V

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also in this video, i compare the hip firing capabilities of all MMG’s. capturing gameplay for the VGO was the most painful experience for me in BFV. i hope to never again use any MMG’s in this game and please DICE, we don’t need new ones.

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  1. How to play support in BF5 101
    1. Camp and jack off in dark corners and tell ppl its muh realism
    2.Never give people ammo
    3.refill ap mines with ammo Boxs
    4.get killed by the guy you one framed because you are staying in the same spot
    5.cry about the assault class having 3x scopes but yet support has lmgs with 3x scopes with no recoil with the bipod.
    6. camp on hills and get sniped by hill camping snipers.
    7.Have a spm of 2
    8.use your ammo box just for yourself

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