Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Solo gameplay: Oct. 30, 2018 pt1

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NOTE: This gameplay is on the PS4 Pro.

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alright ladies and gentlemen welcome to black out have not played this in a while um gonna play for you know a bit here tonight see how I do you see like every time I play this like I get near the end and I need to get like top 2 or whatever but I haven't won a match this last night so I wonder if this will be another pub G situation where I'll never win another match I'll get close but I'll never actually win another match all right all right doubt anyone's hitting where I'm going right now they probably they're all went to the asylum were dropped for one of the other areas I want to go to River town you'd advise relocation to indicate it safe zone crappy Hill hands their fucking Uzi and I'm looking shotgun – terrible guns hahaha not even a chance not even a fucking chance a full auto rifle that was a bad job I got all crappy ass weapons at the start so that was a shitty start all right DJ dodgy is subbed for the third month in a row stays happy Halloween thank you very much DJ chod DJ a dodgy Wow quack just chooses 1500 boney if you win and then dabble on the victory screen oh oh I don't think that happens see you later Derek he said I'm gonna watch where your tenure retrospective tonight finishing my homework or I have a good night man dad did not go so well I got fucked up terrible weapons what was that us what is going on oh yes oh you just fucking voice chat noises when I play this game even to this day I remember how bad it used to be when I used to actually have the voice chat enabled I just put the multiplayer for fucking for Call of Duty all the kids being racist little bastards I can't get out the use-cases 20 bucks if I win this game it's not gonna have it I'm gonna take a few games maybe later on well I gotta get a few games to get back into it man I have too late I haven't played this for over like a walk out okay oh yeah yeah yeah all right l said is a free fire zone nobody made horses what hurricane two three following mission deployment path I'm gonna go away the fuck out here as far as I can't pass the fracking tower and see if I can land on the other side of the fracking tower cuz no one's gonna land there so if I can get over there and get some good shit it would be pretty awesome I don't know if I'm gonna have enough momentum to make it over there though it looks like I'm going pretty fucking fast right now I might end up at fracking Tower which I don't want to do but I may end up there yeah looks I'm going to end up in fracking tower fuck I wanted to go over it to those houses on the other side now I'm fucked I'm just gonna go here then go right here I fucking miss what do I got this is the mx9 I don't recall using that as a shotgun guess you bet yeah I don't like that the paladin that's a fucking sniper isn't it elapse detected you know what is it it's a 50 Cal heavy machine gun oh shit what kind of company is a single shot 50 cal what the do not understand this gun works what is it huh it's a weird single-shot 50 Cal like what is that it's not a sniper rifle what is it that was bizarre what kind of gun is that paladin I couldn't hit him anyway it's a sniper rifle oh I didn't know that I didn't know there was a fucking sniper rifle at all see what I mean I played this game well like four or five times well this mode four or five times I don't have stole even though I have two fucking weapons I don't know what they are man try again wait what hey I'm sick what babe how sweet the fuck serious mr. black says play 30 minutes of the real MP so I can learn the guns why I'll learn more playing this than the fucking real MP the reality is a piece of fucking shit I hate the real multiplayer this it's fuckin really bad dude hahahaha he bounced off the tower right to the drink again nice is it all up Shh drowns fucking drowned son i black out alright let's try again missionaries hog weapons free I'll either go to that area between the arraign the construction site or the area just below these states all right ba home real scared me there we go let's try to land at those six houses right over there a little six two storey houses aren't they I think so a lot of people are driving here well shit I'll try to get to the further one anything here I got a backpack but no gun nice okay ain't so bad the ICR with a Crip and a stock and some shotgun shells I don't need next door potential collapse detected relocation to indicate it's safe zone is advised how's it go cool huh look who it is Jesus that same guy it is it's the same fucking guy how the hell does he keep getting in my games he hasn't seem disrespectful or anything it's just bizarre how the fuck does he get in my games every time fucking assholes looting what the fuck I don't know how this guy always gets it to my fucking games of this I just don't understand it I'm incredibly confused of how he does it it's gotta be some weird thing he found a way to do it he's not on my friends list the only I can think of is I have someone on my friends list who has their thing open and he can use it to get to my game you know what I mean like she's like there's ways you could do that in this game what is the V / what is this I don't know what's better than vapor or the other guy where the fuck did that gun the guns disappeared wait a minute huh he literally did my fuckin icx is gone it disappeared the icx completely vanished it sucks up since the attachments off of it and now I'm stuck I can't I can't do it what the hell I don't know what happened hmm Oh quacks is 400 player games not that hard Q at the same time with a decent chance of getting into your game really tink so I know there's another guy here I already had a little one armor yeah I don't know I don't know this guy could sit on my games but I got him brawler I don't really want for all their eat what's an Evo that's what I have I have the a B all right yeah clever you see that says if I cover if I cover the mini-map of my FaceCam it should make it hard to the stream snipe me I mean I guess at the same time you guys won't be able to see where I am so I don't know yeah it's kind of messed up have to get my my stream in order to fucking make you so people don't fucking stream sight I Supply Drop inbound I heard a car up there you have a kidding me how the fuck did that how I was able to keep shooting straight and I never hit him once okay whatever you say I was aiming straight towards his face and they were claiming those bullets didn't hit him right whatever you say whatever you say coactive donor to chooses people queue at the same time in solo drop in the same place and help each other like it's squads referred to as teaming it's AB animal offensive most or other or all other battle world games so yeah it's very possible from the job in your games okay I guess I'd have to block out have to block the queue like I was a turn off this turn turn off the video feed when I'm booting into the game so he doesn't know when I'm actually booting in right weird that I played all these battle role games this past year pub GE h1z1 fortnight and no one's ever done this until now how weird alright so maybe what I'll do is next game I'll turn off the video feed as I'm dropping in so the guy can't time it for the same time as me you're ten uses that's how other Schumer's prevent game sniping they basically just don't show the dropping in segments I say all right here you go all right so I will drop in and then as I'm falling out of the plane I'll bring the video back here you go now you guys have no idea where I'm gonna drop okay turn up opening bay doors okay all right I'm dropping let's see if this works a scope with no fucking weapon oh sweet well he got fucked oh shit dude what is this a sick ass fucking gun it's a sick sniper I see the better scope right let's see how good is the scope that's attached to it a 69s akiza's sniper scope never mind I got an insanely good fucking gun right now a six knife yeah question it's a gift from God this is the building from God I had a fucking Titan and a fucking sick a sniper in the same building what are the chances of that now what I gotta do is get a backpack and a bunch of my armor and healing got my backpack so one of my wishes complete I don't know why I grab the fucking 12-gauge which we don't want to go I guess I'll head northeast this way which was a building over here yep that's where all hey a sick-ass sniper I sitrep circle collapse imminent get to safety fucking stupid fence yeah I need fucking healing here's what I need cluster gonna hey that's good supply damn I still level one I want a little two or three I keep moving few more buildings here fuck some little planes I hear hundred planes Oh stuck there's the other sniper I lost the PKM that's the vkm damn I kind of do I want this one I want the vkm I think the V cam is better for the 50 Cal all right I think it is I'm not sure but you can't put the stock on the vkm huh you km's better I would think so because the fucking 50 cal what's a p-taff yeah I'm still love us not the same screen is it different during gameplay Shing from before as you can see it certainly not playing Red Dead anymore finally better fucking healing not much of it though fuck I'm good the reflux on this gums I think it's better I don't need to zoom for this shit sorry get the sniper rifle oh shit that's it yeah not much in there yeah pizza I played a lot of different stuff man I don't I don't play much of the same thing too much honestly like every day I'm playing difference right now the exceptions read dad because I've been playing I'll be playing grid there for a while play looks like a drop the stock but uh every night I you should play something completely different expected travel to indicate it safe zone I'm okay for now I wish I had more body armor though uh the hoppers has that new hotdog profile picture on Twitter yes someone had uh someone just take the censored art I don't I don't really use it all right I'll take it um can potion dab and I don't think potion can dab one of his limitations you can't not dab top 35 not sure we're gonna hey I could had a little bit further east all right you know I think I will fuck don't well I didn't get them well I got a dollar tip from someone named Jordy don't know who that is but thank you yeah hopper I know you send me the pic of the hot dog he's pretty funny so that's the profile pic that I have known on Twitter right there oh that's a lot of my health man should I go see what he has so the program pick up my Twitter's be eating with a burgeoning hot dogs from DSP tries for like early 2016 and I realized that there was no fucking way that those hot dogs were discontinued after like six months they don't even have him anymore what surprise they weren't that good they're very average okay level two armor I need any of this okay now back to what I was doing okay good to hear that pfft something he used to watch negative videos about me and you know he thought that I was funny from them I wanted to come check it out for himself and now he likes the the raw gameplay stuff ok good I'm glad I'm glad you gave it a shot cuz some people don't you know they just prefer to watch the shit that's stolen and I hate to say it I don't get anything out of that and if everyone just watches everything that's illegal and stolen rather than the stuff that I actually put out I won't be here anymore so thank you for coming by and watching the genuine thing I appreciate that I really do all right dead silence yeah buta he says what there's a five guys next to the Burger King here so didn't matter I hit at five guys now yeah do the five guys hot dogs are mad good I love them just a regular hot dog with like the works or basically any of their hot dogs are very tasty well I got a move 23 left okay I got a fucking hightail it – this sucks I think a lot of us will be moving fast though some way out there I don't know Wow chuckles Stiltskin someone actually just cheered me with the name chuckle Stiltskin oh my god shit up he's a chill to Bob Bowser Bowers what is going on hey chuckles still skittish my name get to safety someone is sniping on from out there I'll see him I hear the shots I don't see him now top 18 that call Supply Drop incoming so much for him I know it was a huge blood spray when I killed that guy there's a blood everywhere it's pretty nasty be advised further collapse expected relocating to safe zone someone here fucking lost them kami circle collapse imminent get to safety how the fuck is any day fuck it's pretty insanely good fucking sniper got me I'm stuck I can't move I seriously can't move I'm completely fucked he must have had more more uh armor than I gave it was a sniper battle sucks I couldn't do I knew if I popped off from that tree he was gonna get me he was in a great position it was a good one though I'll be okay with that I'm okay with that – that was a good run where I had a lot of good weapons apparently I leveled up I'm luck whatever that is falling in love sticker the fuck is that a falling in love sticker of course all right yeah the V cam is a really good gun now I know that's thing there's fuckin mode people down right through their armor – it's like dawn that game is really good man vkm all right let's get the leaderboards updated we got to get cuckold still skid up there the 1k cuckold Stiltskin odds here what the fuck is going on Wow chuckles still skin is my name [Laughter] oh my god how could you ah time to roast some weenies and beans Franken beans good old cookout take my pants off here shoot me right in the face all rightie de tigre mass how the stream is going so far last couple games I died a lot then last game was really good lasted a long time yeah you know I do here so I'm gonna hide my deployment like I did last game so if that guy is trying to join my games and basically you know stream Steiff he won't be able to Jose Martinez instead of it chases how are you I'm good thank you Jose I'm having a good evening hope you are as well okay here we go and drop now okay here we go where am I going I don't even know over here I guess I wasn't paying attention trettel into this big house over here kind of right in the middle Alice we fuckin feasts don't know all the fuckin noises outside potential collapse detected Titan indicated safe zone is advised wow you almost got me you almost fucking got me Christ why is there a snowflake on my face cam there is no snowflake on my favor my face can I'm not sure why the window broke we have two moose oh fuck am I gonna have to move soon okay just in case I needed a backup gun okay now I got a move yeah I want to go older through the firing range and everything fucking sucks I have no opinions on any YouTube actors haha okay quack says one or two bullets will put only a hole in the window but then the Colet the blue window may collapse over time so it's not actually an indication if someone's actually there doing anything to the window at the time thanks for telling me that cuz I was confused about that I thought there was someone outside you know shooting it the window yeah I gotta keep moving I gotta go all the way past the firing range and ah fuck this sucks there's a shitty position it really is I have no scope so we could site the fuck out of me right now if they wanted to either one do you realize I had the wrong gun I get I accidentally wants to swap out my fucking good gun to tighten I didn't have it anymore I accidently swapped out for the wrong gun and I had a recast gun I didn't even know that you saw my deck I must have fucking completely fucked up and swapped my accident because I was trying to get a backup gun I must have swapped out my main gun and fucked up I was like wait a minute why don't I have you know why is this gun so so different for what I was just firing to kill two people oh it's the wrong fucking gun oops Hey oops I blew it music I said he was trying to tell me sorry you see I didn't see your message I blew it man I blew it the wrong weak-ass gun with no attachments on it I blew it I totally blew it wjr says humble bundle has a new THQ ps4 bundle 15 bucks you get lakhs quest giana sisters twisted dreams this is the police that Dwarfs earth I don't know how these games are all right well so far hundred streams tonight so my chef hi to give you a running plunge my strategy's working okay block my drop oh my goodness okay so I'm falling where am I going I actually don't know over here I guess right here oh fuck okay I made it I was gonna miss detected relocation to indicate it's safe zone is advised right on the edge I live in old yeah for some reason I got Aerosmith in my head tonight I keep hearing Aerosmith songs play my hand falling in love is so hard on the knees what the fight so weirdest things you take you're in love like it's a real jock thing Danny put your ass in a sling cuz falling in love is so hard on the knees what the hell the fuck to my god I mean I'm gonna use them all sitrep circle collapse him in and get to safety you ran away shot him and he ran away music well fuck it I'm not gonna not gonna do it that day I see our SOP in this game a lot of people complain about it says uck BIM box does everything well playing a karaoke game on console no because it's all trademarked or licensed music I can't use it I'll get in trouble this way I see a vehicle over there someone might be over here probably I see multiple vehicles so there's definitely people over there could be someone camping in that house maybe I'll hit this way instead what the fuck that shoppers here I don't even know I only took the chopper once it that was in the beta not crashed I think he yeah I don't really want him just make you a fucking target and shred ahead up here to these houses what I ever played destroy humans maybe if people really wanted to see it over the years no one really requested it seriously so I'm gonna choke way out there cut the Rampur I think the ramparts better than the fucking ICR but I could be wrong what the fuck am I looking at I saw it and I said I want to get back out of here because I see the laser and it blew my leg off I saw I was like I gotta move it it was glitching I was like ok I reckon turn around get back out the window nope nope well now I know what the mesh mine does I had no idea ok then

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