Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 MP Nov. 24, 2018 pt1 (mic malfunction!)

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all right so ladies and gentlemen we're doing a mercenary mosh pit today in call of duty black ops for I went back to the ICR for a bit I was using that ramp perk for quite a long time I went back to the ICR for now oh and this is gonna be a variety of game modes like domination Kill Confirmed team deathmatch I think a hard point as well then we're gonna be alternating between during today's gameplay so let's see how this goes i'ma gonna attempt to unlock the KN 57 today we'll see what happens alright here we go my favorite map of course this map stinks but what am I gonna do Jolley be secure we got be nice we're winning this how you doing how's it go I'll shoot each other that's pretty funny how did I die there get out of there how the fuck did I die Yeah right I was doing good you're lost same losing Bravo taking Charlie late dominating us go on the offensive I'm Charlie secure losing charlie hey lockdown take him be what's the fuck yes of course well I'm doing good with my team Stace we're losing the fight enemy UAV or both I'm taking Charlie I'm see secure thank God we got something enemy UAV above lucency fucking enemy UAV Academy house Charlie now they got sheep of the sea back you kidding me yeah take him Bravo they must have all spawn behind us behind yep hmm requesting sea UAV tasking [Applause] we'll check in the lead a tight match the musica epic nice auto-aim goes to the right instead of for the character I love it taking a an alpha secure then I could do the whole team's fucking there and I'm different myself big trees close wrap it open let's go now you do there this is a crazy back and forth that's not my fault that's not my fault at all I was dead on to the guy firing between the bullets and a fucking gun I can't hit the fucking guy blah-blah-blah-blah-blah okay now back to the game I used my money to buy fast fury that's interesting I will use your money to buy fast food as you know fast food is very expensive these days all right I got my shield targets they sold nakid of someone's day oh my god crazy dreams to the 2050 bitches I hear some McDonald's bitch yes I'll go buy a double cheeseburger with that I'll go buy a double cheeseburger ha ha my fast food the sad fact the sad fact is that that's what actually what those idiots believe that that dumb yes the reason that phil has no money is because he buys fast food that is not what I wanted at all I don't know why did they let me trace the too sensitive Bravo by the way I'm almost positive that guy's done it before as I recognize his voice battery requesting lightning strike you tell me I'm shooting straight into him it doesn't hurt him enough to kill him okay once you saw him teleporting no way I could kill him because he was teleporting all over so they hit detection will be dominating gets aggressive security bill they spun me on see okay I know you do about that I'm gonna be choked see I couldn't jump over it you can't jump over the fucking barbed wire that's really stupid I security see I'm securing Bravo be secure their dog go chase our dog I know I have the shield books I never have a good number to nity to use it cuz this game fucking flank you so much it doesn't even matter if I take it out there's gonna shoot me from the side anyway accessor going live we won very nice back to the victor the spoils very nice Wow I got killed yeah play the game look at this I got play of the game beautiful that's a very hand look at that shit cuz she very nice very nice hahaha I had a little 24 time ash – I'm almost a 25 which is what I wanted to try the new gun – can 57 so actually gonna play the game and change my optic yes to the Recon cool very good whoa oh my god excuse me alright blemish II thought you said wait a minute you buy fast food that's the last straw Phil first the brownies now fast food betrayal never again we're done you broken my heart for the last time eternal napalm says on a hardcore time to kill is almost instant get the job and they die great game dude okay I just want you to think about this this guy went out of his way to try to find a way to cat to join that match okay and troll and he says his big statement is that don't you feel money cuz he'll spend your money on fast food okay hard point couldn't even you couldn't even do anything better he couldn't even say anything better than that he's big moment in the Sun in the Sun his big five minutes of fame hmm what a moron and that is the average intelligence level of the person who doesn't like me so what can I say I captured the objectives young hardpoint identified artboy lockdown I was by myself I guess and no one else was there we lost the advantage what other guy killed me well I couldn't kill him cause he jumped in God this game sucks you can't kill this man cuz he's jumping like a kangaroo which is very realistic in real war that's what you do you jump around like a kangaroo well I flashed three different enemies where's the new heart boy over here testing I gotta feel the wall damn I murdered a dude from behind I was gonna say I'm doing pretty good this match but that my team is it apparently the fuck it is hard boy and I can do about that you spawn to the side absolutely nothing I can do about that let me attack deploy beacon destroyed Wow amazing gameplay I'm running it from my spawn play dude I just want to do it in front of me what's up fluff terrible enemy UAV above hardpoint lockdown friendly tact deploy beacon offline I couldn't see what was going on I couldn't see a damn thing Archangel just cheered and said back in the day I used to play modern warfare 2 or you know other Coll duties near Christmas time so this is nostalgic for him yeah it was used to always play call of duty around Christmas time a few times during the month whatever you say I would do read them fun multiplayer streams like this it's just such the games are much worse now you know time has passed and now the games are so versatile to be look at leg pretty terrible is so laggy people teleporting everywhere in shape located good lockdown of course on the best player on my team he didn't die after all those Saints sure whose game stinks I seriously want to fucking play okay the barn warfare – this game is so bad compared to all the fucking other calls disease operating okay whatever you say he's shaking I think I've deploy begun hostile UAV circling whatever haha so bad so bad hostile attack chopper inbound our attack deploy beacon this offline hard point lockdown enemy C UAV established above hostile okay three-game the hardpoint multiple enemies we're gonna be hailstorm detective be advised hostile tagpoint beacon acted enemy UAV above I'm gonna me see you if he established above hard void lost hostile UAV circling multiple hostile UAV is operating tracking multiple attack deploy used danger close enemy how storm detected boy lock down a friendly tact deploy beacon offline expired hardpoint lockdown be advised hostile attack boy beacon tactic we've lost our toy that's a loss remaining assets return for debrief enemy many dumb

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