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yo video games we're gonna smash we're dancing but they don't look at me you turn around twice we'll go look at me he deliberately turned around climb on out in front of them now brother you can we'll look at you go look at me today turn around on y-yeah you're all going to new town I'm going Wow rocket thanks to dr. Seidel meet you there yeah I'll have my sword my axe you think it's underground I'm going underground okay it's not on the ground you don't think so yeah one of them is not definitely not on the ground good luck right early it is on the ground god damn it I give up I'm gonna go get that Somali daddy's got Molly Hot Tamale I'm swing and one of us dies we gotta reset it so I stay alive so you can get us Somali guys is is the other blue one guy are the purple one there's two purple different but there's assholes although there is out there okay you're definitely on the ground if so does it by Eva's have got a hit it right for you yeah at the beach is he coming from the beaches are you underground yes I'm gonna grab well I'm leaving man actually I'm gonna go look over here for guns go to the beach go to the beach go to the beach go outside the beach I'll meet you there yeah go through the beach thank you you have guns we got it done are on the air on the guns there's that Steve I have gun yeah I do I don't okay well you asked me if I had guns like yes if they do let's go I've been where we're supposed to land and purple still there holy shit man crazy the guy downstairs and I know you had a son I'm looking for good yeah go for it cool I'm covering you drop stairs here you go rampart okay see time scope with rampart down here yeah yeah pick up the swordfish this is actually pretty decent now it's not like yeah yeah they buff yeah what's the worst goddamn gun in the game it was it was that's why the buff hood like how dare you talk shit about our gun and there's two trauma kits here bear zoom them each in a construction with that language I'm gonna use them and okay FB save me one I'll say one he simply we're going Steve all right let's do it probably won't like it all I love it actually let's leave here molinos me oh shit I'm now I'm just shooting for no reason limited like Supply Drop inbound with all these level ones all my goodness hello twos everywhere here oh shit here I got Steve go out god overheat Segundo be careful you gotta keep going keep going don't lose them don't lose that were you doing telling them he's got it faster I was fucking him up bro I only need like a couple more sides that's why they took off cuz those fucking about that gun sucks though I was almost lighting them up I was getting nothing but like shots on his body even go took off they didn't want they didn't want that smoke I was I was tagging him like all like over all over the place I was like driver and uh this year probably came from up here I got now we're gonna go for that purple thing I'm gonna go to the purple on there – far holy shit that's hard until purple near a snake world and check this area out those tickets hurry up all that window closer this purple here Lucy it's actually met that yeah yeah yeah okay this gonna it's gonna monitor me you want a sentence right now let's might be a trap water I think is hard oh hell yeah [Applause] you know the Torchwood thank you oh wow this trap how could be she did of course he did son of a bitch and hit the good stuff look at that he had all the good shit he's got trauma kid he's got the fucking level three armor and the T kid oh man yeah the sword trauma kit and the fucking and the armor a man a man SIF it's baiting me he was like yeah go get it Steve as I said it's probably a trap but you [Applause] we protect the tension I weigh my alibi City to transfer on by the way you're like my pants are doing this is kinda crazy this is kind of you see I don't want to go to your so you're like no I get on the car I go check it out why would you do this I don't know on our vehicle serious clear if you want to search it you could get a vapor like some wine come on baby it's not bad but yeah I have more ammo for ya good area right here there's no one here Vito show please that was focused focus on let me know your product if your own device there focus directly on my leg you her lies directly on my dick I have so much razor wire so we need to go somewhere in the middle supplying yeah sitrep circle collapse imminent get long true but I have this camera hat parts not bad I guess we're taking it I have it ok then let's get going vapor I'll be here Simmons give me a rampart all right right here in this place that's I'll take my shrine no no that's right here paper paper get it get it get it oh shit you know what I don't have any 7 6 – there's some see right here these could be useful where and he's chucking he's chuck it all back you're not getting me all my 760 right here clam done so missed us he's chuck it out back out of the street all right this is this let's go in the middle then someone river town and I have enough shit to like make a bunker I'm in and your sensor it's gone we have another one have you done I was saving we're going to go to this house and never tell there's a guy the bridge he's a ninja in the bar in the barn yeah I am we can barely look hold on this place yeah fucking middle ok the next circle we'll see what the next circle is coming in like a few seconds okay they're not they're kidding that we are very cable on over here further collapse expected relocate to safe zone here we are okay let's get back in our car I hate that gun that looks like a fucking like sensor garden excited perhaps the wrong way isn't it yeah they're crazy she might be super fun but she doesn't know damn it creating it to this house at the end here this is you story one there's like oh Jesus it's a dirt I don't have it you have it cotton that's right I have I don't trust opening the store UPS I'm gonna get to safety I'll do it if I die all right we can you know what okay we can have a next one is the last one no more last one no more okay that's what it is all right no one can come upstairs all right we got cumin oh it's across the bridge east Berkeley East target moving on my screen cold really fast incoming he's in a dinner Corvette Convertible preventable well these houses haven't been moved another vapor you could have a good good I want to pay for you take these okay we got a contact with bridge East 190 he's running across heading east to Northeast hopping on the bridge we oh shit it Allah copter well the other house we have a razor wire so will you save on the second floor I mean they could jump like this yeah oh fuck I just got shot it good maybe they'll come in this house now I can see Atari I'll fuck there's a there's a purple thing not too far from us that purple Fang all right right now comes the night circle shit see it on Max's screen lives expected just like right in the middle watching a video of Lobos fighting three Gascoigne's you know I heard about a bad at version of blood-borne on ps4 whoa shit across the river behind that do you have any other trap sentence oh not me someone mesh mining this place out of me that's me okay we're a pretty secure grip so I'll collapse I'm gonna get to safety the stairs are secured and that windows secure was that I don't know let me know what kind of sick of this was in this house don't get up let's watch the windows oh they tried to uh go downstairs there they're downstairs they're getting caught in the mesh I got me a sword good shit and a trauma a third persons a glitch as a result of the sword mode do you see them in third person even when they switch they're running something you have a go cam I'm gonna drop a small call someone in on the house next door we can come in what the fuck know where it went mesh minds okay next door next door house next door which one okay he's trying to goodnight whoo trying to we have downstairs go downstairs focus okay shadow stairs he's out the other side he's got the front the front shoot the father where'd he go where did he go I just saw he's behind the rocks oh you did pepper me any back up Simmons oh wait we I'm coming to you right here Jesus Christ that was a good shooting someone's in the hallway he said he thought they were adult fucking died he died no stop swinging don't kill Kenny oh my god good shit sin is two versus two potentially holy fuck yeah if you guys have any perks to use of right now expected travel to indicated safe zone oh my gosh shit this wasn't the last circle okay there's only two people like go ahead people this yeah there guys and you're gonna be leaving this place is literally a sign no I still have a lot more that the other sword yes like SoCo collapse a minute smoke grenades might be very helpful what smoke grenades if they have smoke grenades in those bags paranoia we're in the endgame now if you have any perks use them Sumer is good oh shit fuck fuck just literally fell right in front of you trying to go I would actually get in the fucking car okay sorry turret turret I'm in it fuck the drop think about heart this is gonna be to deal with you know village oh it's ninjas where the odds and left probably in that poor place house it's looking to be the most likely watch if you have a censored art and we don't all they're there at the mountain mumumu 146 you for the same bus do much in Lane find a song I love let up let me get crunched by the wall go go pressure a go pressure on there getting crunched by the wall it's already trying to kill Kenny that fucker riding the tree around the tree holy well how is he not dead I think and see shit yeah yeah stay behind in Jerusalem a couple of times you know ideas that happen [Applause] might be a good idea great fucking night like imagine how difficult this will be the deal with the other end oh that was an ottoman pissed yeah of course what we did in that situation you need like a grenade yeah and then they had some sense of some minds but they you guys didn't hit them yeah we were all up in this tree and shit no I actually had to deal with that shit in solos you to do that fucking that was me versus a truck one time oh my god nothing thank you oh my bullets and shit yeah Jesus man you ran him over at the end yeah he slid into it yeah I knew it's hard for him to actually hit you on the turret yeah there's a jump up and slice what he was trying to do yeah I saw that

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  1. What's the state of Black Ops 4? Is it worth buying? I used to play all the COD games up to Advanced Warfare which ruined it for me. Black ops 1 and 2 were my favorites!

    I just want to know if this one is a good COD game to get me back into the series.

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