Call of Duty: Mobile E3 Press Conference – IOS Gameplay, Global Release, and IOS and Android Beta

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Call of Duty®: Mobile is a new free-to-play game that brings together the maps, weapons and characters from across the Call of Duty® series in the definitive first-person action experience on mobile.

Call of Duty®: Mobile is a new, standalone mobile title that features a collection of fan-favorite maps, competitive game modes, familiar characters and signature weapons from across our beloved franchises, including Call of Duty®: Black Ops and Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare, into one epic experience.

Multiplayer is the foundation of Call of Duty®: Mobile. Team up with friends to play your favorite modes on iconic maps. Team Deathmatch on Nuketown? Got it. Frontline on Crash? Have that too. And we have a LOT more coming. Pre-register and follow us on social as we reveal more in the months to come.

Take the heart-pounding, adrenaline-fueled action of Call of Duty® with you wherever you go. Play your way across multiple game modes as you engage in head-to-head battle through fan-favorite maps like Nuketown and Crash, all optimized for mobile. And the best part? It’s free to play with free updates.

Call of Duty: Mobile E3 Press Conference – IOS Gameplay, Global Release, and IOS and Android Beta

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hello ladies and gentlemen my name is Parker and welcome back to once again another called 2d mobile video before I go and leave you with the press conference here I do want to mention if you are interested in watching future Call of Duty mobile videos feel free to go and subscribe to my youtube channel as well as if you are interested in winning a $10 Amazon gift card there is a link it down below in the description it's super easy to go and enter and there's barely any entries so you actually have a pretty good chance in winning without further ado here is the Call of Duty mobile III exclusive press conference welcome back III 2019 it's day number two and we have been non-stop the Train of hype has just been constantly moving and now it's time to keep our hype train with a franchise that you all are familiar with Call of Duty but now it's on your phone my name is Jeff of course I'm joined here with Chris Plummer VP of mobile at Activision now I asked you this right before we went live and I'm gonna ask you again when Activision sat you down and they said Chris we're gonna do Call of Duty but we're gonna do it mobile what was your reaction that was the perfect time it is the perfect time for it and you know we couldn't be more excited to bring call of duty to fans from around the world on the biggest platform in the entire planet now there are all sorts of different franchises or sub franchises within Call of Duty of course you've got the black ops you've got Modern Warfare you then you had infinite and advanced warfare in launch marks where does Call of Duty mobile fit in this round so it's called the mobile we're trying to bring together sort of the best of the best from across to call duty universe that includes content like maps and characters weapons and things from the black ops series as well as the modern warfare series really together for the first time and one unique experience just removal so when you think about some of those foundation points are you talking just Maps or are we gonna see weapons maybe specialist activations the killstreak scorestreak system what sort of things can we expect from mobile everything you just mentioned so I mean the thing that's been about call duty is over 15 years or so is just kind of refined an awesome gameplay format that is really unique and makes call duties flavor of that pea so so special so players can customize our unique loadouts in fact I got the game fired up right now and I've got my lowdown it's displayed from the beginning and you can trick out your score streaks just for an operator perks and operator skill of course your weapons and primaries and secondaries those are all upgradeable as you play so the more you play and put into it across all the different modes of the game you're gonna progress and unlock more ways to customize your player does that also go and lean with the prestige system I know everybody is in love with prestiging when it comes to call of duty obviously the procedure aces you would do with your friends do you guys have that integrated into mobile as well so our progression system is a little bit different because it's a games the game is service and it's a live operated service free-to-play we want to make sure that players can continue to progress and definitely without app to reset any of their progress so you'll be able to play in battle royale or in multiplayer suite and progress a level up and never have that kind of reset moment and we think that's important for a live free-to-play so now there are a lot of different shooters out there Call of Duty of course being a franchise that has set the standard in a lot of ways from both the console standpoint how do you feel that you guys are setting that standard for first-person shooters specifically in the mobile franchise world yeah I think that's absolutely the goal here by the way just set the standard I mean we think that there's a lot of fun stuff happening in the marketplace right now but we're bringing our own unique flavor so multiplayer for example being able to jump into a match for 5 minutes or 10 minutes and have a really awesome MP experience using like proven game modes like team deathmatch search-and-destroy control these types of signature modes from across the call duty games we're bringing that into mobile to augment battle royale which is sort of a deeper longer session so if you're staying in Lyon Starbucks you might be able to pull out and do a quick match and MP whereas if you got more time you'll do battle royale or something else are made to string together several multiplayer matches so I think that's one way that we're doing it it's giving people a lot more choices now when you think about Call of Duty as well kind of hitting the key points that I remember growing up is being able to join that clan being able to create a clan with your friends the social experience that Call of Duty created in the day and currently is a huge aspect of what makes it so enjoyable how are you able to kind of take that to the next level or keep some of those same features on the mobile platform yeah I mean the social play is integral to us I mean you know I have this with me all day long you know my family is here connected to my friends are connected to it that people I like to play with this is a totally social device so we're we are introducing plans as a feature within the game so I can play the separate friends lists of just my you know my best friends or I can play with a clan of people from around the world this is a persistent group that you know week after week I get playing with the same people over and over again it's a much more intimate experience now if you don't want to do that stuff it's not forced you know you can just get matched with great matchmaking you'll matchmaking with people from around the world but if you have a friends list or you have a clan do you want to compete with we support that right out of the box and that kind of harkens back to the dawn of FPS games right where clans are really where social game play wasn't was created even before mmo's were doing it so we were really proud to bring that in to call duty mobile now we're getting a lot of these kind of gameplay footage is in this and you kind of said it a couple times but battle royale being a huge aspect in this game we were talking a little bit before it you said that you guys are trying to create a new experience much different than the already battle royale that exists in the Call of Duty blackout three four four franchise with blackout yeah so you've seen a little bit of it right here so the operator skill you just saw is one of the unique aspects of our battle royale so we're the first mobile battle royale game that actually as a class system so we don't want to completely reinvent the way called duty gun play feels because that's so important but it does give you some finesse play do you want a grappling hook with maybe a passive ability that lets you sneak a little more quietly we have things like the clown class which has a toy bomb that will attract zombies to your enemies we have sensors that can detect where enemies are you have deployable cover so these are some of the special operator or class skills you can bring into battle royale and that's really fresh for the for the category on mobile that's one of the unique aspects another thing that's really cool is that the map and topography is completely original so we've designed this exclusively for mobile it is absolutely massive and includes more locations from across the Call of Duty universe and you've ever seen before in a environment so you might be you know flying through with a helicopter through some canyons or something they dropped in and started a gunfight next thing you know you're in a familiar environment like nuke town or kill house and those maps were battle tested with millions of millions of hours of players you know helped us refine that gameplay so we know that the encounter space is on our battle royale map are really the best in class that sort of super excited to bring that but because it's Bulbul it's all about doing it now and doing it sometimes in not as much time as you might necessarily have battle royale sometimes taking twenty to thirty minutes depending on what you guys end up having though you do have an opportunity with your multiplayer to go hop into a match a little bit quicker is that right absolutely so you can do a quick match what we were doing just earlier before I came down as we were doing some friend matches where I can just literally summon you into a match we could instantly all be playing together but of course you can do quick matchmaking and that gives people that five-minute session or 10-minute session as an option and for shooter players on mobile we just want to make sure you can play this game anywhere anytime the way you want to play now you've kind of mentioned it a little bit more and I like to you know revisit this customization feature that you are thinking about not only do you have that class-based system in the battle royale but it does seem like as you always have been able to in Call of Duty is basically create the perfect loadout for you and how much are they able to do that more now that you're bringing the different universes together in mobile yeah well we definitely have more content that we can bring in to your your-your-your player customization as you progress through the game and our progression by the way is tied across all the different features so if you're playing battle royale or MP all that progression is tied together and you're unlocking not only new weapons and new loadout slots but actually entirely new load on a unique loadout so I might have an assault loadout or a sniper loadout and you can basically trick those out separately so if you and I are playing in a clan or as a friend match like man I really need a sniper with this boom I've got my sniper loadout we go in together so you have five different loadouts you can unlock and customize as you progress it again and we're seeing this kind of examples of this toy bomb that you're talking about and in the history of Call of Duty I've never seen something quite like this where you're using it and literally summoning zombies your enemy yeah I mean it's it's a lot of fun and honestly the the gratification of taking somebody out what didn't know that the zombies were coming up behind them or you're here shooting them from the other side it's pretty awesome so that's one of our favorite little gadgets in the impasse play what I'm just gonna say that the point of it though is that it just adds a little bit of finesse and surprise you know we're not trying to change fundamentally in a Call of Duty gunplay I have to say we've really spent months and months on just getting the weapon feel and getting that kind of like engagement of how it feels in your hand how it feels there are reloads the blast patterns all that stuff to be just perfect so when you pick up this game and you start getting in a firefight it should feel different it's a different level of engagement in FPS what's the experience like been at this studio and maybe having conversations with the team from the actual the B Call of Duty console standpoint over at Activision once you guys you know came up with a decision that you are going to do mobile and kind of just noticing the evolution of players worldwide now that we're starting to see this rise of mobile gaming well I think everyone's just super excited to bring call duty finally to the world's biggest platform you know and it's a unique experience that's really catering to that on the go type of play style and so you know we have awesome call duty options whether you want to play in your home theater you want to play on the go and I think just overall we were super stoked about it alright well I I know you might not be able to give too many details but do we have any idea of when we're gonna be able to get our hands on this and actually get some playtime in so right now we're a hundred percent focused on just getting the quality to the way we want it and that means that we are beta testing it currently in Australia over time we'll be rolling out traditional territories and when once we feel it's just absolutely perfect that's what turned on for the whole world all right well he said a lot without even saying anything but we do know the Call of Duty mobile is on the way Chris before we go any last words or any last thoughts on what we can expect from Call of Duty Mobile in the coming months you're just gonna be able to experience really the definition of what a multiplayer shooter should be on a mobile device really for the first time with more ways to play whether whatever your time slice is and at 60 frames-per-second super polished call of duty you know we're ready to bring you the Call of Duty anywhere anytime anyplace you're gonna be able to get your Cod skills in thank you so much Chris for coming and hanging out with me you're gonna get a handshake with a pen but it's fine Facebook gave me at e3 you'll be right back we've got oculus on the way don't go anywhere

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