Call of duty mobile is available on playstore now!!!!

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Looks like Wait is finally over
Only some players are selected for beta at the moment!
Check your store now😉
#CODMobile #CODMobilerelease
hello guys what's up this is just a short video to tell you that now Call of Duty is of Louisville and play store as you can see here I installed it as you can see you've got early access to this app today morning I received this notification just look at this Call of Duty mobile is of Louisville you register for this app tap to install an app installed but currently the app is not working I think the distribution process is in progress but I think the wait is finally over we don't need Papagena I hope we'll be able to play this game soon very soon [Applause] looks like the most yet [Applause] get in someone order because my friend is not selected yet so this is just a nice new Play Store thank you

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