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what cell world's these seven worlds giving here today and today ladies and gentlemen I'm gonna be showing you some black out gameplay in the back but we are actually gonna go ahead and talk about some call of duty mobile because recently if you guys haven't actually seen it we try installing the color three mobile beta the servers are kind of down and we're waiting for that to go ahead and be backed up so if you are interested in call of duty mobile make sure you are subscribed with notifications on and it for somebody you don't follow me on Instagram or Twitter I highly suggest to go ahead and follow me there too because it's been freaking cool especially on Instagram if you guys want to see what I kind of do besides when I'm on YouTube so yeah go ahead and follow me there at this 7wg but as I mentioned during the process of just us trying to install the beta we actually came and found out that Call of Duty mobile might be releasing soon now this information I am gonna go and give you here it is not official it is not from Tenten at least I have not been able to see in a statement from the developers either from activation or Tencent so please please keep that in mind this is just stuff that I have seen from the color of dirty mobile discord and I think they might have heard somewhere where the developers said that so yeah it's super gray area this information that I'm gonna give you a sticker with a grain of salt okay don't it's not official once we do get something official I'll make sure I put official in the title but for right now it is expected to go ahead and come out call of duty mobile is suspected to go ahead and come out on I believe for the Chinese version it's gonna going to be March late March and then for the global version they're looking to see if they can maybe go ahead and release it around April maybe May so we might be getting it pretty soon I know a lot of the information from color mobile has slowed down a lot and I mean a lot in comparison to what we kind of got in in December and all of that stuff so yeah hopefully a little bit more because I'm really excited for that game just as Amex exciting for apex legends and just any other mobile games you guys know any other mobile games that might be coming out soon here let me know in the comments below because I'm definitely looking forward to see what you guys can recommend it is a mobile gaming channel and it is a gaming channel overall honestly I don't just play mobile games I just play games over all so if you guys have anything in mind that you guys want want me to go ahead and check out or maybe react or just go ahead and get my hands on let me know in the comments below avoid these seven worlds gaming hopefully you enjoyed the gameplay here just a quick little disclaimer I am hanging out with my friend here we're both playing duo's so you might hear some curse words here and there so if you are for some reason the type of people that don't like curse words just be aware of it if not just going to click out and watch something else but this gameplay is pretty freaking dope so I highly highly suggest to go ahead and watch it because we clutch up at the end if you enjoyed this video do me a favor hit today I'm like button if you know anybody that is interested in color t-mobile go and share to them this video is we're bored detail world's gaming smash to them like button follow me on Instagram and Twitter and all that stuff linked in the description below you have to emulate arcade no I'm saying like you pick me up fucking much I thought that guy was going to kill you that's true and I want to go to that two-story not gonna fuckin go into the two story I saw I mean here it's cleared this fucking building I'm here I'm here it might be pushing me I wouldn't be surprised – don't push me I'll push one move behind the little vest there which I'll he's grappling Thor's you up that dudes ass oh yeah what's on once trying to flank us I'm watching right you got left all right watching left my guess you'd run him back yeah about to push out and you circle around there's gotta be more than just these two guys there's six other guys left total that's a different guy dudes watching the blue to the right in case they try a really hard playing to the blue they're fighting no they're over in buildings to this building over here yeah armored plane let's oh here emotions it's behind us on the roof you are I'm gonna help down the boundary going down the hill which way oh I see myself no one let's go loot that guy I don't have any fucking five five six just watch watch the side over there very cool Oh flanking hard right all right they come my way I'll be able to get okay I'm going to see my way to see my awesome they're coming behind this side coming behind us I tagged him I tagged them I tagged one you're throwing smoke they're throwing smoke come help me come help me got him right I got to there by five six over here for five six over here all right you got patrol I'm repairing armor oh it's highly suggest to repair your armor I don't even see their bodies I'll lose the Highgrove oh I say my seamen 327 behind the tree boys I'm talking about and there you have worlds they'll win in Call of Duty black and if you guys enjoy that make sure you smash them like button once again if you enjoyed the news in regards to call of duty mobile make sure you share this video to anybody that you know it's interested in colored remote because I know I am and I cannot wait for that game I look forward to seeing what you guys got to say in the comments below in regards to that game let me know what you're looking forward to it do you want it to have a battle royale game-mode or do you just want to go have like team deathmatch capture the flag worlds do just regular stuff that we know and love from call of duty look forward to seeing what you guys get in the comments below so make sure you comment below right now you

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24 thoughts on “Call of Duty Mobile Release Date NEWS!”

  1. I have played its beta only thing which was worst was auto fire and now as i have heard that they have removed it and also have included battel royal mode so i think it might over take pubgm but not now may be in december or november just like pubgm take over coc after 3 to 4 months of its release

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