Call of Duty Modern Warfare – Official Reveal Trailer REACTION

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With Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon on the horizon, does Call Of Duty have what it takes to sway my attention and hard earned coin?
Let’s take a look…

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hey guys welcome back so a backdoor trailer reaction for call of duty modern warfare the official reveal trailer I love first-person shooters is this the one that was set in World War two it's been a long time since I've dived into the franchise so let's have a look and see what the new one has got to offer these games are generally pretty amazing 3 2 1 go actual in-game footage that's because sometimes we get demos that aren't necessarily representative of the true ranged game there's a fine line between right and wrong looks nerdy and somewhere in the shadows what if there's a scene to find that what can fix actual target is in the main house you have executor thority nice smoke use Bravo six going doc Wow let's go helmet cam [Applause] why that's our now in the wild and they were doing the world stays clean that's very cool modern warfare boba 25th still fair way away it's your team smoke come right cool although this year is going fairly quick so October 25th will be us before we know what I mean nother year closer to 50 sorry shut up let's just do a quick check of this right cuz I'd like to know what I'm talking about when I'm doing these things full of duty Wikipedia because that's the thing to go to they tell me everything I need to know there's a lot of games in like heaps hello duty call of duty 2 3 World War 2 oh man there's heaps this guy's been around for a long time so the Call of Duty original game was released in October 29 2003 so it's been 16 years and there's about a hundred games but it looks good though I mean I'm really more excited for Ghost Recon right now the Tom Clancy game that looks amazing but if the the reviews and we got more trials on this one really sell me on it I'll be more than happy to dive into it first person shouldn't fun although do prefer 3rd person games like I'm pretty heavy into the RPG and the big like The Witcher 3 is amazing so I really enjoy those kind of games and really excited for cyberpunk although that is going to be more first-person in itself speaking of which you've got a trailer for that coming up soon too anyway guys thanks for stopping by catching the next one thanks for watching

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13 thoughts on “Call of Duty Modern Warfare – Official Reveal Trailer REACTION”

  1. Love your videos! Have you considered trying some of the games? Sure you'll probably be terrible at them (just like we all are when we try new games) but it'll be fun watching someone playing a class for the first time! You can even play them at the lowest difficulty or whatever if you don't want a hard time haha

  2. ✍My favorite 'CODs are Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 3. I haven't been this excited since those games. The graphics are absolutely sick! I can't wait to play this! Awesome video

  3. Hey man, I posted this a while ago, so I'm sure it's on your list. But just a reminder, I noticed that there is one Starcraft 2 trailer you haven't checked out yet(or if you did it's not on your playlist). I know you like Blizzard stuff I think you'll like this one it's called "StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void – Oblivion" on the Starcraft Youtube channel. And while I'm here, you did react to a Heroes of the Storm trailer a while back so I'd like to also suggest you react to "Heroes of the Storm™ Cinematic Trailer" on the Heroes of the Storm Youtube channel.

  4. I'd like to recommend more of the older assassin's creed game trailers. They're quite good. Assassin's creed 2, assassin's creed brotherhood, assassin's creed revelations, assassin's creed unity just to name a few.

  5. Just for some context, Call of Duty's most popular subseries is the Modern Warfare series, spanning the original Modern Warfare in 07, to MW2 in 09 to MW3 in 2011. This was when Call of Duty was at its peak popularity too. This is a reboot of the first game and people are very much excited, because the franchise has strayed somewhat from what made it really popular in those years, so this is hopefully a return to form. I'm an OG Modern Warfare 1 and 2 player, so this has me very hyped even though I haven't touched a new Call of Duty game in years. Cheers for the reaction.

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