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you're stuck half a klick north of here we gotta hustle let's go [Applause] I said my god is support okay Oh let's go listen up we don't have much time to get this tank out of here we'll take up defensive positions around the bog here here and here and by the engineers some time to get the tank moving nah you're still in one piece get up come on we need to get moving before the search parties get here casualty report Paulson on both pilots are dead sir bugger all right the extraction points not far from here let's move out Bravo six this is baseplate ac-130 gunship support is on the way but it will take some time before they will be in a position to assist over come Bravo six out and I see one further I haven't words or one of those in a while keep a low profile let's stay out of trouble you're under that bridge move it all right let's move hold up we've got company I'm a Patek he's moving away let's go so take point scanner hit for annex it's too quiet where the hell did they go trying to cut us off somewhere up ahead [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] it doesn't look like they know where we are STP that way all right listen up on the bridge of a spotlight love you compromised over fire [Applause] captain price we've got Stinger missiles in the barn ah DL he's popping flares this won't be easy so grab another stinger a fire again let's fight to the test bloody not shooting this Bravo six be advised that ac-130 is that ring your airspace at this time out Bravo six this is Warhammer standing by prepared to get you some help down there call the shot we'll have a fire mission thank you close enemy armored infantry 100 meters to the southwest of our location over copy coming down Bravo six we'll cover you all the way to the extraction so you better get moving Russia that wall I'm go we're moving now out you we're moving up the road tools it out to the east confirm you have a visual on us friendlies do not fire on any target marked by a stroke those are friendlies uh TV confirm you see the church in the town we see it start to block Roger that we're there start talking you are not authorized to level the church do not fire directly on the church got a vehicle move it out one of the vehicles is moving right now personnel coming out of the church we have armed personnel approaching from the church request permission to engage copy you are cleared to engage the moving vehicle and any person all around you see affirmative crew you are cleared to engage but do not fire on the church or enemy personnel Kabu there's our personnel running out of the church good kill good kill get that guy yeah clear to engage copy smokin hot damn light him up yeah take him out ok he's moving again guy running we got a runner here right there tracking tracking you gonna get him get back on those guys you got him nail those guys clear to engage any personnel no okay again get back on those guys we got a runner here more enemy personnel cracking get that guy personnel right there Roger guy moving guy run it girl get the moving vehicle tapping smoke get that person there's a guy by that car Bravo six out Roger that age anything without a flashing strobe right those are all hostiles target reset nail those guys yeah clear to engage light him up yeah take him out we got a moving vehicle here clear to engage all of those tracking get that guy sets carriage cut ready you gonna get him get back on those guys personnel right there guy running nail those guys will hide him up hill is close by the building yeah take him out yeah good Gil unless he lots of little pieces down there clear to engage all of those clean up that's it get that person enemies crossing the field right there tracking more 3 personnel Roger guy moving personnel right there you got him get back on those guys recalibrate out on the sweep angle adjust elevations again Roger guy movin tell those guys oh that's good ok he's moving again good kill good kill ya cage you got him yep that was right on target rollin it clear to engage enemy personnel gobble set scan range we got a moving vehicle here negative negative to not engage I repeat do not engage any vehicles on the main highway well we got to commandeer civilian transport on the night our way cover us crew do not engage any vehicles traveling on the highway those are civilians crouch units are requiring alternate transport at this time do not engage any vehicles on the highway unless cleared to do so but that guy's pissed that's a nice truck he's scared shitless awfully lucky the vehicles let me see the beacon Roger we see the beacons crew do not fire on the vehicles marked with the flashing beacons I repeat do not fire on the vehicles with the flashing beacons those are friendlies heads up hostile forces are setting up ambush points along the curved road navigation which ones the peer crowd over fire control to see the water tower over TV confirm you see the water tower you talk about the water tower to the intersection Roger that's the one and next to that water towers a curved road you see that Roger that track that road to the next village you should be able to see another water tower in the village further down that road we're having a bit of trouble acquiring the village how far up the road is it approximately it's about two klicks a long curved road going away from the highway barrage that we're backing towards the village stand by to engage ground targets look at hostile setting up along the curved Road hostels prepared to ambush along the curved Road they're partially concealed by the trees whoa so much inspired RPG Roger that crew go ahead and take out everything in that village right there right there coming out of the barn targets in the village are confirmed as hostile cleared to engage smoke used to help here crew track those smoke trails that take them out of the source clear a path for our guys personnel on the roof of that you shaped building you shape building where structure on the roof it's the one with the flat roof rolling it I'm damn cool okay he's moving again clean up that sick now looks good yeah direct hits right there captain smoke that's a hit target preset there's a guy by that car we got a runner here right there tracking you got him recalibrated out of Mississippi Bengal and just elevations again clean up that second target reset Roger that Bravo six crew friendlies are leaving the vehicles and moving on foot towards the LZ do not fire on any personnel marked by a flashing strobe affirmative keep watching for those strobe lights those are friendlies and we personnel in the junkyard crew go ahead and smoke them man these guys are going to top yeah good to see you lots of little pieces down there not damn that's carriage get that person Oh get back on those guys direct hit clear join gage enemy personnel Roger Chi moving ok you got get back on the other guys that's it you gonna hit him clear to engage all of those tell those guys for the building yeah correcting capping smoke right there tracking get that guy so you're doing gage enemy personnel guy run it you gonna get him personnel click on the LZ from multiple sides Danger Close recommend you stick to the 25 millimeter in the vicinity with the LZ nice ok he's moving again we got a moving vehicle here we got a vehicle on the move recalibrate out in the sweep angle adjust elevations can tell those guys by the building group eyes friendly helicopters entering area watch your fire copy this is just gonna be one hell of a highlight reel after that crew VIP is secured in custody good job everyone Roger that returning to base [Applause] [Applause] pull it back snake so it could be a trap [Applause] moving to rendezvous near your location your status over for this one Marines we have a possible fix on on the side of the capital city first Battalion is on ASAS indicates that all of a sudden they have a Russian warhead his critical best teams have been deployed to the area Force Recon the air defenses but al-assad's ground forces still pose a serious threat al Assad right here right now rocket boat Marines deadly we'll take out the big target any troublemakers all call signs this is overlooked we're seeing enemy armor in the Popkov west of the river John right anti air battery rooftop Roger that okay download half your chalk here and take the rest two clicks west returning space to refit and raise you five having great smoke the code spoke with dinner boys me back you can bet hell out of here circle back three minutes watch for friendlies there's a green smoke on a second floor let's get our boys out of there hold your fire hold your fire turn lead up on the second floor so you're all right I'm here we're in captain let's move out before they regroup get to the LZ gogo joshy get back to the mark-19 be advised we have a situation here over go ahead command over SEAL Team six is located a possible nuclear device at all Assad's palace to the west NASA teams are on the way until the device is verified save all forces are to fall back to the we're going down we have a helper town I would be we have a cobra town ten minutes the downfall chief I'm coming over the crash time a small-arms fire coming from the cockpit request permission to initiate search and rescue over copy to five be advised you will not be at a safe distance any event that took us off to understand we don't alright you five a jerk I'll retrieve that pilot if you can here fell down for compensation we advise to five hostels advancing parallel southwest of your position – then pull her out of there get back to get the hell out of here this command we have a portable nuclear threw out of the cabbage proceed to the Midlands we have a concern nuclear threat in the city in attempting to disarm something has happened you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you we got you a cup my John

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