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Oh what is going on doh this is your boy dude's not so big below no I'm fucking with y'all man welcome back man we are here on some take back – is it gonna run back to World War two it's been a while been a while I see what's going on we played this I think a week ago maybe a week or two ago I believe but we'll see let's go let me set the settings and we'll be good to go if it pops up yeah it popped up so let's see what we get let's see what we got going on her what we want to use for somebody somebody somebody thumbnail easy him I don't want to get copyright at night and even them monetize don't want to get that copyright she was some different tonight while we using a long time something we ain't used in a while there we go legit stop Bank will rock that I gotta thank everything set up I think it all looks good I believe not sure hey pop this chat I'll see what y'all talking about Killzone what up what up Suzie what's going on notification gang gang Elijah what's up man big grill what's happening he's dead was going home I do see donkey what's happening what's that y'all doing man hang on let me get a corn dog on them in the chat man I'm on today been a little rough man been feeling a lot worse than last night but hopefully we know it'll get better as we go on I know corns playing because I'm not seeing him over there screaming the Sun pick him up TJ TJ the DJ come on how's everybody doing today everybody good but up you go little buddy huh what up rub-a-dub again you know every time for today now did you ever get your chrono happy was it is it worth it hey I don't think so I think you learned you don't want disclose whether he picked up a Chronos or not I just wanted to ask him was it worth it is it worth it yeah I think you lied tak what's going o girl how you doing how you doing I've been I've been in three different hospitals that's Rob you hang on kills almost the road yeah I've been having some medical issues here lately trying to get to the bottom of it though trying to get to the bottom so extreme has been an off and on you know what I'm saying where y'all in the middle of a match I mean knowing y'all's mask is no come on yeah come on are you too I'm on the whitey money the whitey the y2 team starting at 2:00 for Tuesday's matter where you with Topher Tuesday come on let's take back to we call it took your sack back Tuesday you game or what you dial these guys get it yeah I hope I feel better so to man but I got a deal with this shit till the 26 for my next appointment before they find out I think I'm trying to eat a little bit more today and I think it's fuck with me bad you were right back up no I didn't guess I feel a little sick on my stomach like now but not not to the point of throwing up and then I just feel like you know sour stomach why is your face so red I look at this red it's luckily I have a certain reaction to fucking food man what's fucking to do yeah kind of crazy don't eat up a day of two pieces of toasted tried some jello we always think what's going on there honey patty mill what's going on bro you can you play yeah we got room but ain't no but us full right now oh yeah I'll bite you in if you play it yellow devil here I'll see what y'all see your job he's in the same lobby as us I mean we got we got a fire we got five ink number six I'll come on man hurry your ass up thank you jack ass you can be number six ho everybody else if they come in they gotta play on the enemy team big titty Tuesday hell I could qualify for that to tackle my fat ass I got Lisa because I mean come on although I am losing a lot of goddamn weight just falling off man fucking crash it scary to you big bro what's going on man how you doing bro hope you're doing better bro hope you know about of my dude shoutout to the notification game you being out here early what's up Seabiscuit you off your rag tonight see donkey was just right everybody and killing everybody land I don't GTA oh lewb you are strong about us that's good I'm saying man saying I'm hanging in there too they can you know till I joined the fucking no double stuff Club you know I'm saying the team ramrod cuz they gonna get me what fucking up forty it's time to go to get checked to make sure everything's everything you know corns been a member of that team handled each shoulder your sleep your hashtag double-stuff baby okay cool I ain't looking forward to it man but Haley a big road man it's not saying – you wrote them praying for you man love you – my hope you get better bro for real get out that Hospital man come on home come on home I know it's got a suppling up in a hospital you bring me my place your pad another in the chair – I'll send a man but he don't have to get any camp he wants to huh huh yeah come on over man nobody's TJ mumbles Sundance and I got a big in his mouth every once in a while you go I don't he's fine in time what up anything I thought I was talking to Pootie Tang Foreman you don't know there wasn't me as my twin brother aaniin laughs see dunk it down a lie wait for the doctor to call you for an appointment for a spell that's what's up man hopefully they get you right to big Jose what's good my card oh yeah I see you there we go what uh let me know when you load it up vite you know some world war two man we taking me back yo throwback yo broke or yeah they don't sometimes send us to this name headquarters I'm loaded on man [Laughter] no one does Superman that ho there we go Albus I call switch-up better pack a lunch what up my dude don't thumb there yeah we got to represent for the legit culture you know LC by VLC at the STG corndog so care what's going on make sure y'all check out all he streaming – man talking let's be sick they don't got you smoking or something like I corndog smoke and got him over in World War two try to get some more views may start feel but in a public men's bathroom here to quit smoking crack although it's broken band doctor disrespect again huh what yeah you feelin gonna guest in public me is bad for with it man it was in the teenage boy taking the piss at the stone with him you paint this film in a public manner not just to its rules that's against the law got a little to be you thank you one touch camp fire batch I see press l2 for playlist that's right hardcore do you have to do domination and feel confirmed together y'all deal with that nation and Kill Confirmed together yeah it's either gonna be a dom up or kill the her match one of the other they merged him to play Lissa's together I was gonna say this game I had always been like it see they brought out the trans mag and they changed the map up for the boat of some shit I did our close quarter combat the waffle he said he was go straight for me three yeah he did I he strained right into that damn bathroom I got it what's up opted what's going on man yeah I heard they brought back out the chairs are close to her novel let's go I play the shit bro it'll take about three full baths we took full batches for star to get those this was a good game WR so I enjoyed good night we play I got that too a fucking problem comes up oh hell I bet he could walk to stall so my approach in time I mean at least tell you cameraman to stay out the bathroom yes fine you screaming patty we don't care we always most of us streaming too soon Neil's only I know that I need that goofy ass dude with no dodge ball dodge ball hey Lloyd you know boobs looks like the dude from the cop of day don't black out I don't know if it really come from now but I sort of like TV shows so does probably everybody else with a fake mustache and shit fake yeah [Laughter] sure that's a good night give him a box of tampons and wore stupid yeah did I ever make a hardcore in it probably would you're probably right but down what about a face bug I'm gonna give it to you corn dogs you got that goddamn hero connection you can find us a match I'm gonna give the party leader the condo you got a hero connection Chico's if anybody ever figures that I got three hours of running around right smoking weed two hours here just talk podcast tonight so how's everybody you guys that Tower and all that shit have you done that corner have you done it yeah I've tried nor made it all the way to the top where you live that my prayers for your mom's man but I stop yeah well six on three floppy McNiff what's up no I don't do them fallin cuss words I don't know a lot of Spanish but I do know that's a cuss word that's a dirty word they don't the Spanish people mrs. MacNeill even back in high school when they call me Dukes not so big below now I'm all bags I feel your pain bro you know lost my pops that whatever this is what is this shit right here in a month friendly fucking fire nothing nobody can say oh fuck you just got to be quick one is falling an airship I hate this shit I wish that another put this shit we could go to Kobe you got smoked like a cigarette Oh two of total one kill one another one fell out his booty okay coming off the computer you got he's right down there right down there damn it I am what's are you fucking serious bro smash oh my god camera in the corner I'll fucking be yeah I don't know where's my school I need to change my clock over straight or something I don't know what the fuck I got it's just a warm-up match man come on man I can't see if I've got mine I don't know relax that kills trick I swear teammate just ran up top there bro must have got smoked like a cigarette was I get codeine grenades and shit right below going on hello of course you turn around faster are you fucking serious his goddamn toenails just shot at me that's all you can see his goddamn feet bro where they do that it booty ass out of here Charlie yeah be down and trench coming from C on your ride you're leavin see I've seen it oh shoot bogey ho Oh swell coming out of all right I got the potion camp for Knights are coming out there teammate bad it's you're right I don't want to I thought a teammate this blasted motherfucker shot him oh there's another one on that shit he's around the corner though I'm back on seat look out spa me right in front of somebody there on the backside once coming to stay yeah they're on this place oh shit burn on that yeah I said I bet but somebody in the French triple cap an IRS and she he's got Steven Seagal shooter on beat nobody go there keep going I gotta see trench oh sure they do Grenadier focused on the dude in the bottom probably kill me almost got it does it hold like the other one like black guys yeah we got eyes on stairs let's see coming down I will say this man it's a lot worse camping in this game guys on stairs coming to paint from see right here to the left patty mount guys welcome bitches of camping nuts gonna play Oh watch out a fire sniper rifle coming through damn thing just hit me from 900 yards away you gotta call me you can't run man they just what hide and wait until you watch our see baby right good look at small right there let's go ah dude it's fucking redonkulous man what's seven nine saying is a honey booboo match right yeah oh boy I'm on I don't come come on upset head of a warm up on my hello oh I can't even are too fast enough that's how far I'm behind I just try the hipfire whatever I was undercover I shot him first why Oh myself at an undercover shit don't work for us bro as you can see I got a kill all right I'm Tim guy down in the trench got him [Laughter] what's up man what's going on girls you see the girl oh shit I keep spawning with somebody I am somebody get knocked up on a timeout Oh Tommy rice what's up suppose I was going on man who smacked Oh loves man Oh smack aah aah we just want him there he's a faggot right cheer bro fucking queer with the shotgun my god damn Audrey and I reckon this match shit he's there no chance with these somebody come look at this look at this I bet you can shoot me from right here all the way up there how much y'all make why the fucking this fucking stupid pump not die great fucking who suggested this one throw back you're fucking done I really came who was it was it wasn't me get warmed up shadi man fuck you twice on Sunday morning but not appreciate the wit legit style : you really want to stay warm up a two-hand with you know a couple normal fucking lobbies before we go against sweaty fucking G feels stocking nuts we surfed might have been the problem I think it takes a little it takes a little bit to get you back used to it you're trash and my trash man but guess what you're watching yeah you're watching though bro you're watching should I delete my channel sure this quit playing games do you want me to go crime and time say you please fish that what you want you ain't heard me by saying I'm trash bro I don't give a fuck there's a shit yeah just can't you you gonna show me how to do it well first of all you got six subscribers so shut the fuck up that's number one so delete joke channel then you can talk even though my worst day I'm still pulling more views than you so shut the fuck up punk get out of here ain't honest channel you got a damn – leave it to marques oh wow Fat Boy told me to leave my channel man yeah somebody get that boy some milk he definitely need [Laughter] I'm not a YouTube I mean obviously you got videos on your channel so uh hello you endure something right that means your damn uploads oh that makes you you Oh what's up Julie what's our plan what game-mode is this yeah yeah won't be charged I got it how do I kill you would have stung I was almost dead probably tell probably does a little bit of damage my screen was really I don't got in a shootout why is it taking too close now on hardcore another one down the left side in the back back there going the opposite side from you it's one underneath here somewhere don't do that door Oh yep that's the Bell both those got like folk heroes in a row but the proper TDM you only you don't get very many points for – yeah okay let's just say for that one now takes about I like kill streaks where you could discount them it takes me like three bullets to kill says look at that right in this fucking temple now where the fuck I'm in the middle of the map honor than that Oh Walt I got a GPS like a boy somebody shot me ma'am I'm shooting the people let me over the fucking bags bitch for a b24 you get a kid she's eating now there's good Eliza by the ground my screen is bloody I need some fucking hills niggas ain't black out there guys oh shit ah man it was twinsies old what'd I do yeah hang on stream I'll be chatting to Matt see there's two guys lurking back there look behind me would you get in fucking car yeah oh you got more guys coming Lisa no this is why don't play TV I don't play core cuz they're by a DS's and walks around or hardcore because you shoot a bitch they respawn right behind Jolie you went down what am i ain't go over there like that yeah you need auto al to Arturo [Laughter] I need change my ribbon apparently what's a good ribbon good come on and you and you know what her KD stance will calm down let's haven't even put down her throat bitch ain't all right in like six months once a year like six months service back on man the size of his penis you have to play TV I'm just fucking with you man how does I hate the spawns into the Amazon they flip so fucking fast it's retarded now then what was just fun breathing down your neck I'm here to see a proven time don't try to get no sympathy trying to say that when you try to come here and troll and talk shit five peas right now if I die I still get my killstreak takes longer don't be this back way go on the very back right Scott oh fuck they're in the coming on the creek that's crap Oh sprays fucking cheating dude I don't know why y'all keep playing with these fucking cheaters – no just shake you can play any pad it's your left oh no y-you can't pass that B game up you over there Kronos maxed out and over your crown what the fuck I don't know what you're talking then you don't start a problem bitch I didn't get no cards back won't you please take me home yeah yeah I mean come on dude I can't see you I can't shoot you fuck you annuals so oh he's on fire corndog let that bitch oh what a Mazel Tov burn it we don't need no water the fuck up burn get him yeah spawn flip on the left side by beat they spawn back there fuck you annual spawns World War two your mama blows goats I got proof I swear to God what you doing wandering around back here bitch oh you got me oh my god I got those back there I'm sorry rattle bullets no one you get a make I got one reload yeah okay watch your back I'm fond over here so let's go oh yeah left side nevermind he's all up in yes now I got him oh you did just fine in the creek right got him he's still there he just got me again back at north 30 I'm just playing I don't feel bad about B in the back again on that side oh my bad I feel the shit at home over here my fault my freaks how kind of bored who are you you really want the how to boil a cock the whole video man to come let me give up let me get my shit back straight and the her she bother you right now your back hurt we can make one right now they can suck it those times seven second hot dog here yes pretty easy oh yeah that's the lug nut video I gotta make it man tag him in the title I didn't you every digger kill how do you set up your kill streaks somebody faster you know I'm saying I don't know no you ready for the hot dog here bro go over to soldier y'all wanna go to soldier and check score Street where the fuck is your like face paint gee I wonder where my one dislike huh yeah who asked that that night do you put the water in first on the hot dog was that bomber Shh is he working all the time again this row brothers on English I don't understand you sir I don't understand you my dude you got to speak English to me mine I can't half-ass reading English so you know it's cool though yeah bomber said that shit dream another nights last I must and then he try to laugh at all right quick seem like I don't know nothing we all busted I laughing OH – it was fucking hilarious I mean obviously you gotta have water ball into both barrels it be don't nobody folks I want him don't nobody fuck with yup he's still there you son of a dick licking yard dog I mean is anybody doing anything yeah who doesn't come on fuck oh yeah no control point about here but he was just running god damn day in every window watch it's one of that one – TT right TJ Hannah lacrosse at the barn one upstairs in this house oh this one upstairs in his house but yeah nope oh I blew his man up on the stairs so you can run in there he's in the corner with his asked up to the wall like a suction fuck ah that's how these little honey Boo Boo's play this motherfucker mine I mean really fucking hard you got one or two is moving around but for the most part it is sitting in the counter uh watch your calling as when you run who behind Dziedzic I know mine who Turner I got on the buildings fuck only the word ago man what is it every fucking where at it's past 1:00 camping by the door of the barn stop with the fucking hitmarkers bro take the [Applause] gum out Dewey didn't know what to do I just want to see if it's any different no Saints Meyer very clearly here my gosh you log this – I want to see I'm one in the window gonna steal took two bullets I got a bullshit on that come on I call it bullshit fucking shot drugs by of them guy y'all shut up yeah oh damn it are you serious I missed this dude I got a parachute yeah yeah it's a yeah I think it's a specialist you drop in there is paradise was the thing but you can drop in on a parachute yep see look at steel takes two blade no matter if you got a UH and you can show what's a pipe bomb I use this shit I got a pipe bomb fuck is that what the fuck that's mg mg yes sir fuck oh good luck stone for my life yeah I was one of the top ponies yeah come on baby some of y'all hearing this calling you some you only come on you sit here waiting on not a goddamn soul will come through who in the house I killed one those downstairs you write the fuck that I'll put this on it no some box of box over this piece of shit it's one up there I can't use this pipe bong-gun this hole we look super dizzy Hey yes pretty much a one shot kill to an rosetta stone is that fast what the slapping titties ain't that good we don't like when they experience we think this we speak to this Portuguese way my bad bro I don't understand English I don't understand or so happen to this in arms in Portuguese is not English bro either way you look at it I don't think so speaking English now but Portuguese is not fucking English GB Trey what's going on dumbass oh you got me there don't clown what's up just going all mine I'm gonna take the stupid pipe bomb you need it ain't a pipe bomb it's a fucking gun is it was a launcher I got some new bunch of new weapons I seen on a YouTube video they dropped like their supply goes more than 10 I believe like 11 or something change enough meaning enough time is bi they're supposed to be putting them in supply drops contracts and their weapons I just switched off my gun Judith I'm a little bit worse than I was last night but I'm I you know hanging in I would stay on one side of this man not flip the spawn back and forth like Dom would stay on one side on assault rifle in this motherfucker I'm small as men I am i watch our STG yo motherfucking pool you pick out like just like on a bad like this a really don't matter how far away they are you're gonna smack him but your mushrooms stand wild fat boy's lips out there come on just put your pecker right on the hole what's that right side look like whoa don't matter he's dead oh shit they're on the back on the left up there it's going to of one speaking over the rail to the right and once metal metal top in the one fucking window dude damn now sorry there's another one downstairs and the Russian right here still one hand on top back there how are you not there sir get out this Oh somebody may well stand right beside me and dad didn't say a fucking thing good told you dad they'll topping out one I died right when you say carry some other the bullet that you called out was the bullet that top and I won just watch it tied to the right in our spawn I think we flipped them back see ABC I don't know where they over it what's the heel button hey this is TG guys trash that STDs breath yeah I was like it they weren't serious though anything we might be interested in kissing like a good STD bro smoke grenade or some shit you know what that was start get out of hang on Toph at the rail shit Toby they're still on that side yeah yeah oh shit in the back up top right you drunk yo you up on that platform hey downstairs in the middle on our spawn side somebody just went by the window there he is you got me he's in the window y'all read not new just watch them run them all part what is that drink I think we do you stupid son of a bitch hits me with a grenade and I die fucking I was on the 15 twat squad it come on let's go my man want to be a hater so bad you're here watching don't worry you'll become a fan thanks for the five dollar donation hey fuck unblock donation talk shit showing off his money what's going on QP how you doing tonight girl oh she's great no pay no tension at Forrest Gump above you he was tired mama said it'd take him anywhere it was his magic shoes hey where the fuck you change your face bang I'm am just like starting shit you am need Hooked on Phonics this ain't motherfucking Shakespeare Romeo where art thou no we don't talk like that who art thou without doors nuts none of us got no goddamn sense y'all go no kiss I asked with your tongue surprise home shit here's my wild coffin from Italy skill right there takes years of practice he's in the right hand steps they've been eradicated z steps like shit damn I on the back 30 bitches what's that right here patty who was in the doorway back up top oh if there is bone and blessed his ass yet damn patty would you drink a cup of coffee before you start a shooting sir I can't even cross the bridge again bad dad respawn and was in another fight and Paddy shot a bullet fraction maybe was like yeah take that are they coming all better than that guy no let's do my kid one right there to the right 10 minutes Jovie wow so low right there trying to push this in damn would you let me go you guys kill this shit – yeah man let's find our spawn what's that push harder to the small they pushing hard man they got managers right or pissed off let's go oh sure sir sit your ass down together you where are you gonna hook an airplane or some shit this topic airbag is down there in the back another one on the little catwalk um Oh mother our dog with a fucking plane oh not on seventh a baby pimp down 187 pimping distress 11:30 fuck they spawn I'm going in of course I get a hitmarker something left side left side over there patty yeah oh yeah spraying fire behind us again shit he made it instead okay ma'am now you don't make me fucking laugh yeah oh right there's another one right hand side right answer Oh fucking pistol Peter yeah that's what I mean fucking do but it's pissin oh I think I'm gonna go too well that's it's mine to hell with my grenade if Ray gets you in the air that's just on you y'all can let him talk shit in this channel all that on long they don't get racist you know I'm saying racist smack the fucking ass unless they say something you know this personally about you know you'll bury your woman your wife something you know on me some if you get mad didn't put him in timeout look well then that fuck my mind shit talking don't hurt me no I'm wrong humor go he's not staying a two fucking feet away from oh just brush that bullet off like fuckin it don't hurt I'm a walk about her oh damn ain't a man it's careful streets that's why they come they still looking back oh no streets in this bitch no you can't use these cuz we're on TDM gang 75 gone you gotta jump out and jump on a quick TJ you can't just sit back and hide I'm good about getting off quick there ain't no problem with that worried about he blocked me from the YouTube in-game a long time ago I block you for no youtubing game man I don't hardly block anybody on the game unless you come in and being racist now if one of my old mods might have blocked you you must have said something racist man or dunce I don't know what you gonna man I don't know oh you remember he was being a dick being ass yep damn bro you got caught up man see they moved every bump if you block from you too then you had to say something really fucked up man cuz already really be blocking nobody know what I mean most of the time we don't do that to over here you like that man made a man to crack oh boy what is this cave and talking about who gives a fuck if you got kids I'm trying to read the chat and see what's going on that's one guy talking about you kicked him a year ago wouldn't stay the fuck out stay kick Jimmy said hey man I remember that shit yeah really don't matter man I said hey fucking life TDM what's up you show what you stroked his beard while you sleep now will you send us the video of you stroking this video i asleep course always holded off of that damn mother controllers shit come oh ho whole train out : pistol whip and kill everybody why me this one guy just shoots the bullet runs around yeah cuz there's a one shot looks like a sniper damn sir you should have killed me like eight times on Sunday you should have to bitch instead you know what you got filleted fuck you you got some of that filete MIG non I bet it slip the better flip go we're back here hand corner back go back behind you going back where you came from Oh down there told me he park you that's our dining powerful you gosh but I can't get one and I'm fucking shit how did you start alike Oh a zero dollar man one plate have any right starting off with zero I did this my shot me off oh my dude literally hadn't even my spirit still blacks gone again what the fuck I just spawned on see said oh shit on myself both yes sir no longer other than like motherfucking let me up that damn bladder broken playing chutes and ladders out her one right in the middle outside that round of course I don't get a hitmarker what's a teacher just find and watch it hey drop that right on my motherfucking down right on my down brah I tried to tell whoever that was running there was a damn National on the Sun right there I just I've been trying to hipfire them with our – you ain't got time in our dude he's on my back shit quick turn up man y'all hashtag that Grif out there bro my man said you know I love it when you let the trolls talk shit little troll smashing come on yeah fuck them let them talk shit let's tag that ground appreciated my do you know they out here talking that trash man fog on long with any raises they can talk about the shit they won't alright I'll talk about I'll talk you back home give a fuck what do I think about MW the new cloud so far I'm seeing shit with a one minute and 23 seconds oh I was the characters in the campaign can't wait til pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 I think my drinking days is undefeated or for smoking my problem is you tend to barrel fiat about more rain oh by ATV they send us the beard stroke of bitch bad nothing like bitch come out at the end you better we ain't used a what about plans like ten people circle around and just chase each other with cars but then they put in RPGs and like iam he and all the show I got to stop the cars and that that helped a little bit as a defense I look at our characters wareness fucking good Chinese I got some kind of watermelon splash on my face and don't know how to change it we lost the Lita to go to character oh please ain't no playboy to last time a lot of people like it but I know plaited spray will stop me sodium horndog just got back online happened Gordo's don't work fine whoever's party later back out he came I think no am I the leader now I have an arrow beside my number do you guys see that or is it just because I'm going to headquarters oh is it to me with Daddy motherfucker dangle all these nuts and ride along let's go I received an invitation from Killzone would you say about : dog he's getting back home alive huh I got kicked on a night hashtag stunner in the fuck is he talking about what I know did you get Terez he said corndog said Fox you got him there were all right EJ get your stinkin ass out of here I don't want to play with you anyway tell joseline I said hi no he can't explaining shit oh yeah I don't remember what I was explaining are you just gonna still play on the enemy team you spray yourself do you whatever you want to do man I don't already forgot what it was TJ's Tourette's damn calling you got kicked out ready man you calling the Nitro alright go on take it easy my dude look I'll send you the beer stroking video today sent me miss fuck this kind of scary snore like a motherfucker didn't even know he was there you got all two kills spray say he's going in with us I'll see you right here in our hate ball he's not in the party the kids don't say anything by hold on anything Oh he shoots my beard cream I don't it was something white on oh there's your beard cream light like a off-white color song on the main kind of got weird bro this a man you might want what did you wake up with that motherfucker like an appointed shaytans and sticky hard it look like something about Mary damn nice um I played this up like Shipman all the time Jesus I'll fight her it might have been debería Creed to hit I heels only Ironside sniper on Schumann did he leave the chip Oh kill them I don't know I can see them over here I didn't hear him say give me a minute oh okay we're gonna run one without you let us know when you get back Hills huh he said he got the BG's hit me back alright man to have a girl girl take it easy I appreciate you coming and hanging out with us much appreciate all right let's go fuck what I always hit the wrong shit go back to some da massive kill confine Nik perm no not my beard cream I'm doing my corn dogs beer cream he's the one I ain't got a beer now I can put some cream when your beard if it's what you want I mean it's up to you whatever you wanna do bro magic beard you wanted to throw a like you know at least $5 26 is over her lease five of the muffin come on they call you captain graybeard after you fuck with me I got some weird guns way down here Julie none of the posters out here all their name with two people on handing the team what the hell one dudes running around Rock launcher mastery bitch tried to rock and lost my face off the computer call-out just said he's in his bug all know what side they spawning on yeah anybody know what side is falling off by B it was coming from the seaside yeah I just had killed by some guys going to be from C so I would say this he said I just spawned on a so yes oh shit one right in front of our nice don't have that window oh shit my breath spray well fuck me I don't know where the hell I am when we find the one every 25 – is it still just two of them nice follow no there's four teammates what the fuck queer you definitely gonna die man I'm sorry I'm read Bible it said I fall and I'm on the fucker how you like that ho I'm forwarding back the other way fucking idiot plan enough time not to see somebody might almost shot a teammate again damn do they leave back to a and ain't nobody over that's following here but I don't see that's what parade let's land on the ground oh hey pants my turn to shoot you drop shot turn asleep I'll shoot you are my footsteps it woke you up you got a skirt starter shoe almost killed our teammate I seen a red name pop up on my kill fee so there's somebody in there this is terrible this is terrible there's four yeah it says four supposed to be five on four thank you can find somebody on the left let's see I'll blame him though he's running to the middle of course my gun doesn't work they in the back back back here I hit markers that close like that damn it I finally killed somebody Patty's airplane shot me and I'm finally just one person patty to the right overhead over but to kill someone I didn't kill nobody but let's go Oh what was that that's my c4 Oh tags in the doorway right there I've seen some I own the UAV right before it went away so it should be somebody lurking smack around by the front of this building you gonna go left I eat its plant to count you get him yeah and I'm just like photoset the tags I got the ones up in the building I went up in the building buildings clear where did you go how's that steel of fuck to hit markers right there trying to call on his fucking UAV there you go still got to hit markers on this stinking booty ass goddamn big parm over her come on man y'all over there y'all hiding back there recon sense this one goes down oh my god package on the way projector why would you switch to the Wow would you switch to the pistol stunning you stupid fucking fuck guys I would get inside to have a firebombing grunt oh shoot I'd slap my own self on stream for real what's up what's going on 40 points so on again what again ready to watch the Bruno y'all talk about the hockey game come on I need the lands game man I hope Boston loses yeah my ps4 may have been cranking up here lately man getting louder loudly buzz it's crazy it's crazy I been cranking out ready to take off rampage what's up man I mean I'm feeling about the same bow you know no better no worse just I had my good moments in my bad moments we hanging in until they can figure out what the fuck it is hopefully on the 26 man I hope this shit's for the bird man I wanna get back to feeling like my goddamn himself come on get back to feeling like Stunna again not just fucking bullshit every day well I feel like my damn self hi folks it fucking a paddy but he said I'd like the Canadian style eh fuckin a no Barty let's go my man so you can only get the guns in the care packages this shit I until next month they're gonna be moving contracts to get them Oh think back to the first half I want you to lap packages at first good lobbying get over there the Prado that's why you coming up ah creeping on the backside hit it see ya I'm gonna be headed straight through there go right and jump in the window he's just sitting there waiting for you to jump in he's fine we have a class that's too disappeared look at how am I going thank you I'll go be the poster pretty hard over there be so fucking motherfucker there we go we got it all up in my raped spot man I was raping damn die today Cletus and there'll be again a new jump on it yet but they're there one in the window and one in the hallway to the ball right ah ahead you bitch he was right in the middle he's over just far enough you can't seem pleased a shit that I just kept this good to make fuck know that I'm trying to get ready me snacks going across the street then I called a teammate my bad Zenith who's that damn I think I was good anyway I killed the damn two of them coming on be right now damnit clean lazy ox would eat my motherfucking see follows bro them sandwiches ain't for you I thought it was perfectly over consumer that's some bullshit who pushed into our building how I feel John the world may never fucking this one right here come to see come see right on see is gonna step out got your bitch catch Beach I'm going to see man kill that motherfucker you one other – I'll take one out of two killing shit rampage you go call EMS I'm hoping the name not Laketown assaulting the Deacons he's posted with a 800 round they can fix you know simple but yeah they got medicine and stuff damn somebody scared to this screen like a girl's ooh girl shit get away from him I've seen it coming if I couldn't get away I really thought it was anyway everybody know do oh damn it Isaiah he's still down there camping out one little column one of them good as bitch at that over watch all right kind of these one camp in the corner by shit there's no he's on ah don't tell me that any call hit if it blew up right outside the bus the whole fucking bus would blow up had a Charlie car gonna take a direct hit just not kill man suck a dick yeah hey anybody anything to change this camping right here be like where you come to be from our spawn wait so to see fold a little thing a busted-ass he's coming around look we gotta go get that beef leg across the other side damn bro I didn't wanna stop she locked him in his he whose care batteries should've been me there'd be bro dude quit camping there at the fucking MC smog on pink uppers got a weed download those guys it takes a couple matches to get back used a little book a lot of cameras man shut up you thought I was play Pippi bought another one coming right here so you shoot one another one falls right out the asshole whoa do don't just walk right in front of my fucking gun like that fucking know what who shot at you we gotta get that beat play poison there with Oh who is that ah I'll be on the sidelines a car backyard you you come out of the enemy's hole bro I just help firm I seem to do and just help fire bang bang fuck I am dirty Molly yeah man I'm still hanging in there bro you know it's rough doing what I gotta do to make it to the day on 26 this hopefully they find something out me I appreciate you stopping by time take your time shout out to everybody coming out tonight on the throwback come on appreciate it what the hell is that bullshit middle of the road David shoot me from the motherfucking bus the guy huh no matter we're at it 2:01 to 193 just shit shit the thought for be that huh G to the motherfucking G 20 forces to take hit that guy Jesus same to you dirty man much lower my do much love bro I do appreciate it man it's rough man some nights have worse than others but you know do about fucking medicine they try to give and made it worse so I'll stop taking that shit since I quit taking the fucking medicine harder lobby leaders got it back out what back up pick you up I'm not delete I'm out here he said who's the leader I thought said he's the leader leader now I'm Danny to the doctor her pops I backed out some supplies I was give me one then weapon she which I got to do because all right hot there piece of shit I can't unable to connect I can join I can join a new Call of Duty is gonna fucking suck right from launch day like the rest of this one did oh I actually had to say this one did a little better I'm talking about as far as like how usually you can't get in the party and you keep getting picked out and you can't play with your friends and some game-mode you just sit and load forever and you don't go into a match and that type shit so so this game didn't do that too bad Johnny Pune oh you've been on this game I said it wrong not not this game black ops forward didn't do that too bad black house oh I thought played decent up until they put the store in it or whatever we're the microtransactions we buy can bullshit it's like it took away from the game like its ability to run it got too much going on at one time or some shit that's not I don't know plain with Dan less and it kept kicking us left and right you digs it toward the penis pump Johnny but well like this game if I remember right the night it came out it crashed I couldn't even play it to the next day yep like you'd get it I play I play zombies nope kept saying err yeah me too I had a pre downloaded because I bought it from the PlayStation Store and I was waiting for it they fucking loaded that's right mushroom stamp I do those at 25th or 26th there will be those trees for me 25th cuz I got a drink all that shit that makes you go shit all night long dude y'all 29 v because I'm gonna become part of that I mean 26 part of the roto-rooter's Club you know me to do with uh it's got the business next door to mine he just had to do that shit you got that test done today they keep trying to come for me my oh you go get the best sleep ever where they put you on the bumper guy where I worry about my ass regardless whether you sleeping good you know they running up in your ways and we come in to mill the game was the one for us the same lady too yeah I didn't know anybody don't know you can extend your PlayStation Plus right now for a year for $39.99 I think it's that days the place I or whatever but they got PSN on sale I think I bought like four games Kingdom Hearts and the one I bought for 35 the two k-19 and I bought three bucks yeah collection for 20 fire cry new dawn please give it a kill Mike they over there trying to get the care thank you anyway how's Tim doing he's no he's working he's going you know well he said I should be put in them but give me the card hmm he don't get home for bus no you the Prince of Tucson man said he's the Prince of Tucson what kind of shit is that Johnny man in the dick shoot him in a date what's going on snows how you doing bro we all here taking it back to some world war to me looks dick for change this game loaders went to shit no wonder they put them together I bet hell with them together you can barely get a game I hate that fucking bear I hate that stupid shit too especially since I can shoot you from the parachute yeah it's like having a fucking score Street hear from you dad people that are good with that shit I've seen them killed 34 people just dropping in on the vampire I actually got my sniper done in that bolt-action sniper playlist the palette and as Ike I'm never sniping at that oh you go hide an ass boy how do you take a nasc oh no that's good get off a bitch they spawn on the dock down there I'm banner one coming up the steps – you've had it he's on a got you how do they Dorothy they're not only anymore Kylie going to see shit I heard by the boathouse left side dude just dropped in it's fucking parachute – bitch-ass shit fucker that's a fire bombing run get that's mine motherfucker fucking asshole teammate I'm killing him do my goddamn fire looking up for this bitch to come out of the goddamn sky stay back you see almighty what up man the of a string black on three very rarely man I'd have to reinstall that I think do I play with something Paddy's a sub inches so spray and phrases so I played slows all the time I can't cronusmax don't leave me it seems to be the new ready when everybody talking about yeah baby girl stop stupid-ass scam vanessi stop fucking with you here you can make it worse all got a damn infected here we gotta take it to the fucking bit oh shit I walked up stuck my dick in this new phase evening you know out there hey still down on one knee waiting to suck a dick turn down ya new to sweaty go check him out he streams a two man I don't know if he plays with subs but he stranger well check out new yeah as long as you ain't a troll don't have no martyr the counts the none stupid like that man we play with uh we play the subs all the time it's when they falling sick I think that another one to check out would be Millie bass he streams Leo three maybe four times a week he's ready we got your home skillet in Qin phone 17 sir yeah but my motherfucking stream can't play like that there you go new people asked to play date also they don't roll ain't in me ain't got the honey boo boo into that stick I believe that time why y'all let it man go ahead mushroom stand there liking that setup for your boy it would be greatly fuckin appreciate ya here in the house what's a nigger I'm gonna talk to all the cheaters over bitch man I gotta be a team it meals get man fuck these lows yeah I mean hurt ears like fat as fuck on what's a bro so you know what's affected gimme gimme gimme gimme what sonam now does I just spent my fucking on I have like three or four crates and didn't get shit then give me that they gave me a duplicate epic gun hard to hate fuckers you know I'm saying what's up see bitch you back bro he said ain't y'all ready yeah which all about all we lost eat yeah they say he's quittin he's going to but I think he's going to be okay okay I know if you want a bite sprained fraid of a chapter for you unless he just get kick the glove us know let me know on the chat man if you got a kick you didn't get one neither man you get a game and you didn't get one either to destroy you I appreciate fur gotta go like it retweet yeah they give me shit no no girl ever are you doing GTA tomorrow yeah healthfirst man long as we stay feeling like this I'll be out there I call Tommy nation I can deal with the stomach painting and shit like that now gummy mover slow-mo where our holes bro get out the window though I can shoot you through the wall ho yeah suck a big big boat lay down ah I thought I seen some move and I won't show I thought OHS that jelly doughnut on my screen mr. jelly doughnuts they call me in the middle of the night come and get to me Julio your quick camping in a fucking window you bitch are they can't be there so they guys on lockdown right now huh yeah they all then that building right straight across to I'm going beats a fucker knowing I'm going to hail these bitches I camp Oh bro oh my bad spray but I got him to do was waiting on us to come out that door and this daily running retarded like what the fuck was that spider legs what the fuck was that he's over there he's over there oh you you a random anyway go down go down creak hope you burn in hell GZ in his body yeah where I get shot from I got is that one goddamn Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan on the boat I got you a guy knows he lays Luton diet motherfuckers to three I'm in there don't stand back and play honey boo boo don't you know ya know they're gonna set up on us like stank all shit she their distributor we let them though that's the thing we just running straight to land and not stop it in high sound of pushing the dais falling a little bit motherfuckers come on Cleophus are you for real how are you fucking behind me you haven't dropped touch this since black ops forces blackouts full sucks dick bro the only thing is fucking Alcatraz for real man that guy down the multiplayer I can't even I can't even work on getting the Masters DS for the sucks dicks man easy be well so do you almost had a very I do so do it over here back in our spawn he's in there Barney just get team kicked I don't know where the fuck he's at a the truth I have no fucking clue so no we got a small trap the hill on that one on the first round look at this perfect perfect then later chill what the hell hypercam boys that just laying down chilling anonyme putting these balls in the sand yeah I'm still kicking these easy y'all come here like you're all thinking I'm gonna be dead man and don't be saying shit like that it the worst repeat you might be sick don't say I'm fucking croaking man come home okay cube you know what I feel the best is when I don't eat at all no no start flipping out here in a second lawful about how it's gonna be allowed fun of my do people go death now here use this shit you stank ass goddamn Lieutenant Dan on the fucking boat again two of them we got captain sucking dick on our team is just watching die bitch Kobe everything getting this huh a headshot on a teammate come on now I just got shot through the big fucking I think I shot through the whole fucking truck one up in the window I don't know how I got shot through this shit what else is clever man fuck it or the water that quit pulling the fucking trigger breath no I know it's an easy be real I have over 30 days played on black yeah black outs a lot more funner than I I don't even like black out the regular black out cuz it's too slow but it's better than fucking multiplayer man I'm on I'm on Alcatraz dude now I like that Alcatel they're just um I have salt pain do you eat then nauseous yeah pretty much Bobcat it gets like that man it takes a little while I'll get a lot of like what feels like gasp eh no I'm saying like a bunch of you can feel gas moving around a shit and then after about an hour hour and a half I'll start feeling sick on the stomach and I can't really eat shit but damn toast fucker wants me dead I can't play this map in a while knew the man Dunkirk this is a shitty map big Tom the beach at Normandy oh my god the spelling oh my god this guy oh if he does get this man just landed each shot me through the thing again oh my cover did this motherfucker shoot me through three walls three motherfucking walls bro something like a pimp bro he's something like a pimp something like morning yeah bobcat we thought it was my fucking gallbladder man oh my god thought it was gone but uh they checked all that and all my organs everything is fucking great so they can't give me no hadn't been three hospitals well two hospitals are now a GI doctor you know I'm saying so I don't know we're gonna let them see what they can find hopefully uh hopefully something simple man that they can you know nothing with a big operation I know shit like that you know I mean I don't wanna see that that's for sure definitely don't want to see that that's another thing they need to get out of fuck call of duty to to dance is counts and all that stupid shit like one tone that's flipping the fucking bird a song you know what I mean I hate fuck you you know we want you know that's all you should be noting all this fucking dancing around and cutting the rug and remember they they're trying to keep you like historic therefore down look at they want to keep it so realistic bring them call of duty back to the glory days that's why your ass is fired bitch motherfuckers put all this dumb shit in to quit man blackouts for just as bad with all of you going to a lobby and 90% on dancing and then punching the ground and doing stuff man what the hell it's fucking crazy man now I know you know like the army if they in the battle when they win the damn battle they go back to the barracks get drunk and party have a good time but ain't out there on the battlefield dancing and shit when's the last time you seen a soldier in the war shoot three people and then fuck around and do the damn hotline bling' y'all finish that game oh yeah you out yeah I got team cake yep you fooled us straight out of that minute I had stomach oil which did me that way certain foods triggered and without all I quit alcohol you know I mean that's fine you know I ain't no drunken I mean I just did it to have fun playing the game so you know but uh the thing is they kept giving they keep giving me also medicine and it keeps making me sicker brother makes me feel like I'm having chest pains and like I'm having a fucking heart attack I don't know what it is about the OL so they gave me like was it care fate I think care fate care fat care something carries girls something I don't know what it was so I think it's care if I hated true care feet and uh I don't know if he's trapping the gas down and it's fucking giving me the gas pains and making me feel like I'm having a fucking heart attack with that shit whoo oh don't no mo I stopped taking that night and having them pains no no no no chest pains are nothing for the most part and you know when I get to thinking about it when I get the chest pains I work myself up and into a panic attack and start having high blood pressure and tripping and sweating and fucking freaking out like oh you know I'm going on waiting here so some of us you know fucking with my mind when I get them symptoms I need to get up out my own mind man it's like today man I was doing good chillin about nine o'clock the old lady comes in and she says why is your face so red and I'm like fuck you know instantly it felt like it was burning and I looked at showing off my red my face was red is he on my ears fucking red I said wooden hey but I felt fine you know and I was like thank you for telling me this now I'll get my own fucking head and start trippin out thinkin something going on why you got to go there just don't say nothing let me ask you hey does my face look really cause I feel hot you know if I don't feel hot leave me alone shit but you know that's all good she's just trying to look out see what's you know make sure everything's IED I reckon but yeah I appreciate it old Bobcat man hopefully it's uh you know hopefully it's something like that man my sister thinks it's colitis but I don't know and you know certain foods trigger there you know on soon makes you see I'm hoping it's hey you know we found this and you take this medication and six months it'll be okay all right I know I know it ain't gonna be that fuckin easy pretty I'll be but I'll be kicked again Gigi to me no I'll be kicked in this motherfucker it will be a lot of grenades while this method our duty is through no no no I don't want this man fuck for but I mean how do you not die with your fucking home with Kobe grenades already kenny miss flora for that down is this coming out it's gonna shit ooh almost died on that one – oh hey behind the G by E see you at too much fucking doodoo all my screen look at this motherfucker spraying for my bad mother oh come on dude you camping like a local plus Teddy's gonna see come on man you get I really need this some of y'all just running along any pay attention to which way the fucking wind's blowing that one fucking faggot I'm tired of him being back here Newton where that Jeep said no one told me he's just gonna stay back there all day hollow to your death bitch don't tell me I didn't kill him are you fucking serious I shot that dude was parachute 20 times and he still was floating onto the ground how you didn't follow to your fucking bitch it is bad tgd the bad guy was going on man what's going on with him and explain delay 743 I'm having some stomach issues man I think I guess we thought it was a powder I was having some chest pain thousand we'll have a heart attack man but I checked all my organs liver kidneys heart you know fucking everything man everything's good go onto a gr stomach specialist man a child figure every time I eat I get sick I ain't got no appetite for the most part I ain't even on you yeah so it was crazy man it's freaky it's kind of freaky cuz you keep you know something's wrong Chaney you can't hold none down but yet every time you go get a check they say well everything's good we can't find nothing motherfucker something's wrong I ain't making this shit up in my mouth oh look you know what they said they want to check me for to a tick bite that makes you allergic to red meat any type of red meat hamburger steak anything I was like and and if you get bit by that tick and get that you never it never goes away you just can't have red meat rest your life fuck you I love my steaks and shit you know I'm saying they can't do that to me man they can't do that to them I'm gonna go grab a water right quick while y'all finish the net oh I'll be right back yeah that's really good the first time I've heard of it but I was like fuck man I hope it ain't dead oh they just walk straight through my boobs yeah so bad this game is so bad damn did I just get a kill chip super tell holy shit truthfully I was doing fucking drunk strings you know everybody got down weekend sometimes during the week for fucking with three years straight so it could be could overdone it oh yeah I don't know nobody that I know has it Inc but uh you know that's first I've heard of it you know I mean a long time taking always goddamn still not be on yes when what tonight have a good night man oh do I get heartburn yeah I've always had heartburn all my life you know I'm saying but I mean I can just like now I can control the heartburn with tongs and shit like that you know I've always been over to take turns or something now about two months ago I was getting heartburn a little more than usual and one of the homies suggested nexium man I started taking that next M and it worked for about a month and then that's when I first started getting the chest pains you know I'm sad so I stopped taking the next thing and I don't get it no more y'all coming back in no way y'all done – oh no I'm not done I'm still surprised me I haven't got picked guy was speaking of taking tests today resulting in I'm setting up to move is good yeah see that's what I thought I mean me and my brother both man cuz he had his gallbladder taken out we thought for fucking sure shit I just got kicked it was uh my Gauls out it we just knew it was a second hospital we went to is we told him specifically check for that and anything else you know and them know you got a lot of great it's functional working the dance card is full soldier get out there I was like what shit fucking in me Mariana invites me try to get a couple care packages right quick but we see we can't pop off a couple care packages up in this mofo mine no out of man you figured out me yeah tomorrow and I will be on twist though me y'all make sure y'all check out the twitch trying to build up twitch to man cuz you to been acting all funny on my ass man you tool don't like the stunt spray-and-pray you down on me are you coming too I don't know what I did to piss off my selves with some fucking cocksuckers you left like 16 dislikes on my shit for no reason that's all who somebody I got like 15 dislikes in my shit yeah 15 there's like yeah you got a dedicated hater like I used to have this is neighbor who's that Newsday sorry yeah the Safari with all his fucking accounts coming over I don't know how did my TB man yeah he's a manga long for doing it yeah man I said I got 15 motherfucking best like staring down you got 16 right now I'm gonna give you the afford like views though but you don't kill somebody oh all right who made him Anna's grandmama man right see if I were like to see after I Cocteau burisch if I were to put up money for attorney could I decide to replace and they did fine but I'm the one putting up the money for it already have a good brother will see the ball dr. DeRose what's up a man comes here says good morning it's only 1:00 a.m. where I met bro I think she sprays does the teen come back in the morning or dozen beers how you doing bro you still over there hauling ass holding trucks he's a mother trucker man y'all go check out his twist – he grinding out there yeah work let go you work my man that's what's up come on always pick my face both of them Maps can kiss ass I think I'd rather do de menthe then I would Sam box fuck the Sam fuck that's a box bet I try to play it up too big to be player to say about it's bad come on yeah you like my outfit don't even fake the deal no now it's up to 18 dislikes well you are yeah see oh Jesus I don't need I got some people that used to be miles man they paid they still pay for this where they don't pay right now because it's on pause but they'll come back with a different name and I'm like how the fuck you'll get a wrench and then they have to explain it to me the speed demon oh if it's any good or not but we're gonna try it out skyla what's going on there pretty titties yeah I've been checking out you instagram stores come on huh shit oh this motherfucking donkey dick looking laying down right on the corner looking for some balls for asthma faggot lobby again these literally they lay back here like this back up in the corner this wait just wait just wait and then I see look Oh queer bro damn my motherfucking place a she's about to take all to the next fuckin dimension motherfuckers going on camel toe come on what's up in the move and sag ain't gonna suck itself come on give me bitch oh those another ho coming down the steps oh go dick ain't nobody crying over here we all here chilling and killing bro why are you wet you don't want scared to play it's lit yeah it's been good I tell you I've been checking it out I'm gonna scope you had to go bang check it again man that I see what I thought I was in loves you a squirrel a brother won't even play the game maintain that I was fucking reading my chat with your heads yeah he's not hugging muhfucka don't let see she reads a shared man steel jaw whores never fucking car they try hard the fuck up out of here then I don't tree squirrel oh shit and glad I did it myself I try and feel like a motherfucker to kill the teammate shit were they almost killed another team let's go I can't shoot for shit we confide concluded Pam's a dead hurt sir yep yep tight a chip shot that man his good he just failed back was like Faustus I'm over here now bitch yeah that's a good that's like the ak-47 that gun I think that you're just gonna ain't bad at all right sure no sorry for what it be Oh hold on to this sir hold it tight guy damn it hold it tight I got a contract on how supposed to be using salt I was anyway you motherfucker laying down up there just chillin just chilly only women get my package really dude let's go prilosec madhu might have to try that man like I say I tried Nixon oh I try pepcid ac neither one of them worked it gave me the same feeling they care if they doing work so I damnit that fucking bomb almost I gotta try something raise an awareness for the EDB TTT committee how you get on that committee I think you learn you lambreaux I wouldn't go on this barn I got a ball turret digestion you need ginger ginger helps with digesting me seems like spices like that what fuck you look tall thick bitch right in this goddamn cankle are you hard like pussies I got that gunner like The Improv approaching target what do you guys got a hiding building with babies that seriously ah that first wouldn't have been a hit my god a lady's ass out too Oh oh he's already crossing the window again he wasn't this one but I see Ford is a little bitch-ass raw ginger shot said Jambo they put a little ol j in it and cayenne pepper fuck that I don't be there long so fucking man you trying to fuck me up you trying to definitely makes me down I'll have old some heartburn all that shit at once that's some cayenne pepper some what man ain't never listen to your remedies ain't never listen to you new man you trying to give me sick of the motherfucker that's dirty I might want to try that shit too yeah I heard Alcatraz is back love I'll be out there Friday night on uncle trail you know that big eyes they open the map up a little bit too man I got a whole ship out there or some shit I seen a submarine or something I'll know what to do you know I'll be out there trying it out skyla sky what you doing up so late girl if y'all new to the streaming y'all have an already man make sure you pull your pecker out and mushroom stamp that motherfucking liking this uh if you are a female you are more than welcome to twat squatter it's all great whatever is your pleasure that's my pleasure that's right thought about mushrooms out there Supergirl how many we get on our 23 we need uh what 50 I think what's more waters what's this keels in any mode all this hit fires we almost got done to 30 mad with a little far for now oh here we go 55 50 rifle kills we got 21 rifle what the fuck that I cannot arrest I'm with policy focus on other two policy fo now that I think about it this wasn't Matt hmm yep I remember playing an attorney on this one Raul Jindal works on again how am I supposed to believe you man hardcore kilted further yeah go to sleep who's um I'm gonna give you a xanax if you calm down shit to knock my dog out over here she'll be acting crazy going cuckoo for cocoa puffs over in this motherfucker droning spray you join the enemy team again you'll confirm the hell is everybody that's just sauce to against toaster II almost kill the teammate again fuck you got a ham around my time bitch put that shit up all right em see how my daddy okay fuck you you my god how did I spray Yama you almost got bashed in the back down here with that fucking honey booboo hammer bitch no wait where'd my bullets go oh my god I'm gonna a.m. see how my dad smells literally running around with a goddamn big-ass hammer I have that look what did he shot me with the hammer oh no that was a growing knife you got a Hellmouth all night run look at oh my lord I got shot from the back till now yes motherfucker I'm just gonna take this gold oh I didn't go on home shit y'all finished in my cell we found hit let's go the lost world war to go to these big-ass crates back here we got you meet yet I didn't even see you bro where are you it here's my shit out something over here on the left there you all got your bitch hey oh this man I spray you play with the hammer absolutely we've been fucking you all sprayed with our goddamn hammer it's spray with the fucking hammer turn up next follow me right into that death he smack the shit out of me in the back of the heel that motherfucking I am again now you got me paranoid cuz I don't want to let you hit happen again huh you got me looking everyone's waiting that fucking tree squirrel over here who that who killed me right before he get down smack me without Hamill fuck you anything happen this time try to throw that knife in for spray you're not getting meat that damn thing he gonna smack me one time I would don't count me throwing knife just now damn right here that means I should be right behind his doing yep right bones means they probably gonna spawn right behind me crazy all these Falls don't kill confirm a TV you and me I don't know why this dude in the white suit I cannot kill that motherfucker Mike he is just immune to my bullets my shit go right through him that dude was laying down over he's over there how damn it spray let's play smack in the back of the here without halma not today spray i can't you pick it up i won't let me pick his ham up man i tried to pick it up it won't there why you got to be stingy with the hammer bro i can't not today bitch no I'm gonna dip dip potato chip look I'm running down there like his ass was on fire you got a fancy what move trying to hit me with that damn hell coming up right side all the way on the side one right there right there in the fuck how are you playing oh no call it ass on this guy damn that man hole is right there ah turn to your left you got up hey together did we run a fad he's skipping like a mother who was that some dude over there skipping his ass off I think it's that tree squirrel he got a gun though it won't spray I know if it was bugs if he got it down he out here without helmet I'm shit that tree squirrel teamate why the fuck my situation is tight one what you gonna do I don't run fucking trees turn it down before they get me for that that's all if it picks up a piece of the fucking where's man they they probably for guess it's not biggy spray how do I hit somebody with a I'll stun to do it over here but nobody's here they don't think it makes sense back what is it you bitch caught that muhfucka way cause sprays as way freelancers cawing oh man that motherfucker was tucked in the counter waiting on my ass man I can't trust you spraying I gotta watch out for you how am i swinging ass and motherfucker was dead and the cutting just wait whoo got you spray enemy recon aircraft observe I'll keep on catching spray that let's go he keeps on hitting me with that motherfucking how am I keep touching his that goddamn I can't shoot I cannot shoot my name is buhdeuce it booty dick and pussy all that one let's go put that down helm out of here man get till to 250 woman hey motherfucker tried is a look at what's just hammer time GG uh spray I mean he recognized it was him with the helmet till he hit me with that bitch no I'm sorry didn't recognize it leaving your water jug home tomorrow he crazies he'll it's like 100 degrees out there with y'all there then yeah like 13 places over there 13 cities broke records didn't for heat today or something like that I think out there on the west coast you let me know you know the view I forgot you're swinging hammers and shit man what's wrong with you captain hand my time shout-out for the 47 likes man we only three out there 50 I appreciate the fuck out of it mad love mad look like I say as long as I'm feeling like this tomorrow and I would be on twitch with some GTA back over here Friday of a field go some them Alcatraz or something or maybe a little bit of multiplayer I don't know we'll see we can put up with Joely boom what's up Joe Joe Joe I'm trying to get these contracts done these contracts donger how you doing tonight you do a night you working I said come on back you doing good that's what's up god dammit sprinkler how the did he hit you that throwing knife hey you two of the ham ugly no yeah we've this frickin throwing knife from like although then good good throw I know I'm a little paranoid I don't know words good I'm a little skirt this map got too many hallways and alleyways and how you doing no not today got it hie move that hammer – I mean didn't O&I – that's that I didn't know they had just melee weapons up in here like that like I wasn't sure oh he smacked me what did that time I think I ran straight to him he was waiting on me he was waiting it's on the – ole – 2 V 2 to V 2 situation get off my flag bitch enemy contacted a they goddamnit tree squirrel ah please squirrel game I think he's gonna switch that to uh going that baby get them off me this shit nice try spray gggg was he being silly good Oh dudes come to me he's come to be through them right hand side metal cheese squirrel dude no he's coming all the way down he's coming all the way to see like a fucking dipshit it come on you gonna die for it bro yep you going down for it he dad capturing Baker oh fuck you spraying you're not getting rings gimpy shit shit goddamnit spray you fucking dickhead you got a boat hello we chillin chillin and killin it's pretty boy match but hey Bri where the hell did you come from spray keep thinking as bits gonna be awesome sneaky shit let's go let's go playing some oh no their Julie Joe that's what's up you playing the monitor you got to work Danny you already smack you what I got down buying time let's go just fill out this dub you man fuck hammer time you ain't hammering me no mo sprain brave get out of here with it I mean the Devils have that either we got flight concluded damn spray into uh three nuts what happened oh I was gonna calm down okay back is he comes swinging up in my face turn up turn up G motherfucking Jeep I want any pay attention outside makes you lock it down get my cell phone up thank you no Emanuel squat on my little package this ah damn it's great yeah I think we was both watching the same way not all be right Darice Broadus cross man let's go this is a slow scheme of Dom I think I might have ever played was 2v2 does well lay down he lay down hang the walls coming out miss okay let's go gonna play work till TNS what's up Julie they all be tell me god damn you spray fucker now we can stand you got both of them and they still hit the damn yeah ain't no way sprays coming back to the side got him ain't no way he got me with that damn was he named Amy nein fuck you sprained your crow it's jump up and get beat down again fucking tree hugger up dammit spray aah dudes coming through the middle to be through the side slow down bro let's go we still got the debut it was slow and boring but we still got it hold this mine in your back blue blue blow him out the goddamn shoes that's a big-ass mouth for two people – especially when he had to watch out for Captain Hammer time behind you know one of me hopefully this Lobby I'll fill up with some other people your mouth not to the 48 likes man I do appreciate the shit that up it'd be nice to get two more get that 50 I got one maybe two left in me probably one though yeah I'll do one more no one of me it's just match players let me see if I got the orders done 40 I got the orders done so we'll drop no supply drops before we leave I'd have a slob he's dead ah okay potentially finish this hipfire and this one let's find another love that Lobby was dead it was dead it was fucking dead bruh there we go put us in one it's got 10 12 people with you what's going on my man just been out here throwing it back to somewhere a war – bro World War two know what I mean how you doing tonight all morning wherever you may be like 150 in the morning where I met I don't know about where you at market God we had a baseball field in my hometown over here called Market Garden hardcore domination dr. blunt to Lou he was not there sir I just check this get out of here with that motherfucker I turn to the right who do I see goddamn how my time I'm spray oh come on oh how did I not get in with the hip fire drink dude you're gonna play like a pussy with a fucking riot shield on your back are they coming back going to be oh that's yeah now I gotta check out the corners again Sorry mate are you fucker in a flame shot thank you Baker's lost let's go oh my lord it comes hammer time he called me alone yeah you got a meal now boss me right in the back of the head with the dang on it was Monte baby bro oh that was a damn it enemy playing we got it though we got the flag that's all the models yep breaking their bats get off me singing a shadow bro Oh – Randy fauna ah he has a bullet shield Oh Oh my bad hello ma shit they're coming to be with the shield 99 to Alyssa closed Folsom dam here 150 work chillin watching the stream use easy money bro well yeah make that money money own fault you did I wake up here at the house man take your shower on the my stomach be hurt and I try to hold it on wait talking to work so I'm clocking get paid take a shit known to me Shu oh I'm so you scared the hell out of me cute you fucking faggot was playing shotgun again seriously Hamilton was in there buddy let's go you fucker fuck how did you try and see bro what are we doing jump on one of the fucking other team let these fucking coke a lot to stick both fuck you sprained a goddamn hammer bullshit I'm really just working on these hip fires and not today dammit teammate well since I've been going for the hip fires on Allen you do the same thing here yeah money banker what's going on man how you doing how's it going sir then we got to get that flag doc damn it how the fuck are they always coming behind I protect the drop zone time I call spray up in his down spawn oh I am on fire fire fire motherfucker get the balls on fire bro fucking no nuts no lore we gotta go Oh Oh Lord ah they're going to be gonna be capturing able go check the drop zone you see come on bitch hee-hee-hee and therefore that is personal I'm good so far good why does it have that type of fucking range box and it took me back that quick we almost had lead a big up they got come on man fuck but you're really not gonna kill them to just hit markers like a motherfucker in hardcore with a ball gonna turn turn down who's a hostile sub man we said you're dropping that like my dude much love much love have a good one we gotta sod off yeah I saw what else dirty monster let's go see what we got for oh well let me see how many hip fires I got done first see if I got them all done I'll just hip firing away on that motherfucker shit trying to get old and uh trying to get as many cases as possible see if they give me one of these guns might motivate me to play again another night on World War two one night you know I'm saying I had the 500 kid Oh on e5 he'll fire let's go one more match fucking – yeah I don't need five him for years I like full supply drops to open with a Stalin ground in MoMA didn't matter only mumble Stalingrad great glad bread what the fuck it is the style mouse cylinder similar like flak tower like bigger but oh yeah that's the snow and did right in the Middle's where B was that you go to the ride and go down underneath some shit come up the other side yeah well shit yeah damn I was fuckin bruises with heel too from all this goddamn IVs and needle sticks and donkey dicks and everything else alright I gotta remember this five motherfucking hipfire killed man now see you peek and girl you still out there thought she was going sleep can't sleep I'm hoping I can I swear but sleep has not been a friend to me lately you fuck of course it was easier to catch up on sleep when we was drinking on Friday service because I could just pass out you know I mean but now so bus Donna so bus stop well not all the way so we did you know what the hell that was a teammate there dick had oh you know what he was going out singing them too I tried to blow on what would I see fall but I missed this motherfucker was nut hugging a tree you got goddamn tree huggers out here tree huggers out here I don't really give a fuck about the flags now I'm just trying to get these five honey foam or hip fire kills losing objected i'd like you to hit fire come on bro you don't really tell him how good I mean I made shorter down aim down sight was right on target and then down when I hit fire there was nowhere near where I was aiming now say it's fuckin gay boy anything give me the fucking the up fire bro I'm not going to hold up the mass for faux fucking hip fire I'm gonna switch guns what I'm gonna do is I don't need to solve yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah he's inside just little room right here to the ripeness hide fucker which was not by the Wonder here get down oh we only need to now fuck Hilary Brad won't anyone man hey spring Gino are you doing have a good night appreciate you playing a game shit oh yeah no thing little chicken wing I like going back to the old college this takes me like four five matches we get used to it again you know enemy what's the chance of going back down are you cold she going cold order number you the president a slim waist big booty itty bitty titty committee let's go that's right come on somebody's got to be the president sure somebody's got to run that shit what'd you say a hundred and what always hard awesome I said I was I think y'all was like 107 today once you're out there in Arizona shit my bad my bad wizard or wizard wizard of oz' the fuck your name SOT the woods Olivia drove but do you mind really dude camping behind that via LMG there pretty much got him how that a if we can just keep this shit up eatin ain't cheatin baby woo-wee was on a roll we finished at between a roll let's go finish that around on the motherfucking road look at this come around the corner caught all these honey booboo airs bitches 90 and Oakland today is hella high oh yeah now get stuck in the damn trees Oh mortar strike oh my gosh of assumption neuron debate if I want to spend $200 I'm just gonna get the digital Oliver's super freak that's what I'm thinking about cuz you can pre-order it now and it's like 105 something after taxes shit that's what I'm leaning towards myself there's gonna be no season pass in it what's the sense of getting that ya supposed to be none of that bullshit look you know how they do man yeah the muster just gonna have like a season pass and everybody who buys $100 steve-o just bought hot dog water me don't hate you should come play me no it's a collar dude you can do what you doing every other collar do the lay on your dick you know I'm saying you can put your hot dog in the water too they call it a little weenie roast but use the long I got the feeling I've been told you know just don't let the dislikes get you down so it's still a rating nonetheless I don't well you're not capturing bait I just got to watch Josie let's go that's how you doing solo what's up bro oh my god yeah nice clean tech you sure the Chinese at the toilet wanna yeah try to sleep was too hot sleep that's what's up Sam we've been out here man we've been out here whooping ass put you over there streaming those Stevo what's your stream with some damn Ono or something that's what's up Steve Oh congrats on the far wins oh you got four wheels I won't be over for well I mean what multiplayer multiplayer wins me that's what's up Steve I'm fucking with you Steve would y'all play some Alcantara night y'all fuckin tell it man there's our League fo he got faux multiplayer you know me ground war the fifty technically that doesn't you know I'm playing out which is T I might run some tomorrow afternoon I got a win the other couple of weeks back with the randos first came onto the day and I wanna say you know yeah yeah I still uh I'm gonna check out the new Alcatraz probably not tomorrow but before I get on but just tomorrow night's gonna be some DDR you know yeah they got it back in there's what lo said which I see where they was gonna put it back out there for Oh they added like a submarine part out there in the water that you can go to a shit like that is what they say all right let's see well ago one I got to do the same thing orders I gotta collect I'm going to say my no I didn't just stay in there for all that for nothing get my sound good pistol grips and shit how you just give me pistol bits of shit Wow I've no pockets man dope look is well nope look at this shit look it is oh my go go on a mountain on time feel like you get robbed if you just back-to-back opening I'm getting robbed either way and the last one noob said only 90 how was the way y'all was that new he got the end of damn Kali so I know it's hot out there too Danny ain't give me shit that's that's my love right there yo honey here holy shit the highest it's ever been out here for three mmm it was a hundred and five that was back like 15 years you knows a lot of places out west it uh broke records me heat records turned up bro fuck me that's fucking hot hopefully you're seeing hydrated staying cool else I can't believe he's thinking ass fucking supply drops bro shut up to my one dislike adjust now coming back I do appreciate a tit all right yeah it's like two seventeen man look here we're gonna be on twitch tomorrow night Joe y'all make sure y'all come over to twitch will be fuckin up some GTA 5 wrecking and racing in DDR and and getting fucked up all that bullshit you know what I mean so make sure you click the link taking lives by my son does it you had a bear you definitely got hit with some heat I know that he's out he's out in the bay area old say can I believe lives out there in the bay area somewhere I think Vanilla Ice it's not fucking even something my channel you prick sent out to the home you a gram for the donation man for the loving when I talk shit didn't rolls and don't just block them you know it's always fun Sam Cisco was a hunter yeah shaking is moving how you know Sega's moving me you called me y'all be up on the phone oh he moved already word word I don't know if he got a store or not I know he was planning on it but I don't know if he did have no fucking idea but yeah we go into right here man that's 220 in the morning I do got to work tomorrow even off the like shit have a good night super show girl Stevo Brent new everybody in the damn solo player Mandy get you some sleep yeah I definitely have a good night man I will see y'all tomorrow night over on Twitch and there's always people don't forget the rape like/comment/subscribe tea-bagged off the punch finger pop you asshole tongue punch of hard buck students let the like button or hail pull your pack out and mushroom stamp that motherfucker outside come on before you haters out there man you already know what you can do please Finn got you ask leave little brown stay on that dislike button cuz I don't give two fucks till tomorrow night on your boy the number one stunner and people I am out go come on

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