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what is up everyone hopefully you guys are all having a good day sorry I'm a little late I was dealing with something that I probably shouldn't have even had to deal with to be honest I want to get this out there so if you if you're gonna have my hold on let me finish them everything up I'm sorry guys and I think we gotta get something off my chest here in just a second though and I will let me get my thing figured out here one second guys sabotage night guy good to see you let me finish updating everything and then Henry good to see you then we'll get this get this out there because it kind of irritated me a little bit I'm not gonna lie one second almost there welcome everyone nothing have you nothing have I I i do have something old on hopefully you guys are all having a good Wednesday mine was I had to go to work today I'm never supposed to be my day off but we'll take the overtime we need the money so not gonna take it that parts done sorry guys okay all right I'm back anyway so I want to get something out there you guys know me I really watch I try to watch my language I try to I would never say any of the horrible words as far as the n-word the other words and things like that I don't condone anyone that does do that I do not condone racist remarks or anything like that so that being said guys so someone that has my my channel as their emblem evidently has been doing that you know they thought it was my kid I'm like no what game and stuff and found out it's it's black ops for Jaden doesn't even have PlayStation Plus right now this happened today and so I was getting all these comments and stuff from these kids and one of them was was sincere and and very legit about hey you know you need to know that this is going on if this is your son the other ones well one of them was just being a turd you know after I told him yeah that's not my son I do I do you know who it is I knew the I know the PSN name and so yes I know exactly who it is and I'm probably gonna end up dealing with him personally I'm gonna say this so guys if you guys are going to put you put my youtube channel in your emblem great I love that but be respectful you guys see me I try to be respectful you know and I don't I don't condone any racial slurs or anything like that so you guys need to know that I just heard so I don't condone any of that stuff so yeah Savage it really irritated me you know one of the kids that that he was very respectful that they ended up playing against and stuff and he just wanted me to know that this if this is your son then this is what's going on and this is what was being said so let's reason why I'm late so I where they miss now and I just wanted you guys to be aware of that I love the publicity of having my YouTube channel on your client around here on your envelopes and stuff like that but not if you're gonna be using racial slurs and calling people the N words and things like that that is not me and I would never condone any of that so that being said I am ready to have some fun I have yet to play a game today so let me jump into a game here real quick guys I'm gonna get a practice game in real quick just because yeah I haven't played a game yet and then I'll open it up to where people can join in it is Wednesday you're good man I appreciate that Hamm dizzle Spartan sorry guys I had to get that out there I wanted you guys to be aware the way I feel about that type of stuff I am negative Native American I would never be a racist person ever you know even though I've seen racism from several sides you know being a Native American raised on the reservation I've seen it from you know what they would call the white man side and I've seen it from the Native American side but I would never use racial race racial slurs I don't think that is appropriate I don't think that that is anyone that uses that type of language is is very low in my book unfortunately so that being said guys like said if you do have my emblem as your as as I have my channel our channel as your emblem don't talk like that otherwise just take it off I don't want to be promoting that type of stuff and I would never promote that type of stuff so I'm done I'm off my soapbox is it said night it is so let me jump into a game here real quick guys I have yet to play today so I can't promise anything Liam good to see you Katie welcome welcome everyone guys hopefully you guys can hit that like button if you're new to the channel hit that subscribe button and yeah my mice oh it is what it is Katie it just kind of irritated me and and a couple like I said one of the kids that made the comment or let me know he was very respectful and I appreciate that you know he just wanted me to know if this is your son this is what's going on so yeah I think I hate them all because I just didn't want to deal with that part of it I don't approve of that either yeah not at all my all three my kids would never use language like that you know I'm sure that custard stuff here and there but using racial slurs never it would not happen just saying mmm Katie you gonna stand still you and yes they do this is my first game on take it easy on me oh they left okay I was gonna leave too but uh oh I appreciate that William you guys are awesome hold up what layout or what Henry hold up what Bunker's oh you'll be back all right honey hi bonkers I'll pick you up after this game here let me here I'll actually just open that up I have I haven't done it yet I'm sorry guys Christopher Clinic clean luck welcome appreciate the sub my friend if I premiss pronounced your last name I do apologize Kristoff I like it by the way join alright I'll pick you guys up after this game I was waiting for you guys just to like stay in there and let me shoot you or some where'd this guy go Debbie right here oh my goodness this thing's really loud maurices channel anymore oh my goodness yes they do you know game sound is it okay I know what's going on hold on guys I'll fix it right after this game sorry oh my goodness yeah I know the game here actually let's just fix it it's gonna go black here for just a second guys just to give you a heads up make sure that my settings are correct okay that part's right you'll see black for just a second and then it'll come back you see can I block you owe me to come back up yeah my game I'm respecting is nice I had to fix my sound my sound wasn't coming out well welcome Christoph is my first game on I am NOT my aim is a little weak right now bro nice alright okay I'm gonna focus up here guys we're gonna see if we can get her get our aim back here I think we're losing we are I'm getting shot the back oh I'm shot from both sides I am going negative my aim is weak most-wanted good to see you bro welcome my room guys if you haven't already make sure you guys smash that like button and if you guys are new to the channel make sure you guys hit that subscribe button of course I'm dead I heard that thing I am playing I'm going way negative right now first game on and my aim is fresh they enjoyed making us offline – up top teammates got them right there where was he oh I didn't see him all the way in the back okay I'm new so yeah oh my goodness Most Wanted oh my gosh I can't get anything going guys okay back to Ellie's pogs and though or even let's go hey focus up here guys if I miss anything I will catch it here in just a second thought I heard someone here I am hearing things evidently I don't know how I got vision pulled so I was trying to get crash because I ran out of a MOT fast oh my goodness he's got PC why can't I get the Peacekeeper I want that gun guys see how new I'm going I'm barely I'll get back to positive come on I know you're here bro I know you saw me since the day we go we look at that thing in snow melt me dogs behind me I'm a guy who's being dog man miss welcome almost 70 hours that's aweso most wanted you're awesome he's a grinder my connection feels a little iffy a little iffy you say did you get him Timmy oh my gosh my timing is whored right now guys I can't do anything going like I said the first game on of the day is what it is did I hate the dog the soup with the price so you got kicked out of a store what you do there's soap names get in there now that one felt good but my timing timing is horrible timing timing oh my goodness I just want reading chat for jumping off the storage roof and doing best in that board let's do bunny meanwhile X give me walleyes dude I can't shoot that guy back no youtube notification what that's kinda crazy dude I still cannot get back to positive here I'm trying you guys are camping pretty hard though I'll signal down Wow three of them – all right there what level of my uh what am i at 9:32 sir we're getting back to positive where the games starting to foot come around now yeah look at that guy just spamming that gun kill up please just wanna hear negative first game on it is what it is good to see you legit who the Spitfire juji's are Christophe I played horrible rainbow bamboo block this guy welcome everyone hopefully you guys are having a good day mine was mine I was busy went in for meetings and all that fun stuff would have been nice to have the day off but it is what it is so I'll take the overtime all right invitee a stick around there Christophe I I know there's a few people that are getting in right now I'm gonna be picking it picking them up and I'm so stick around there Christophe let me see how many spots we have open I'm sure one of the moderators would wouldn't mind buying you in tonight so let me so I got Katie I got bunkers I got yes they do and sab and Liam Liam said he couldn't play so we got we do have one spot open let me get these guys going in here I mean Katie in here because she can help me with this there she is they all say up slow give me just a second guys we're gonna get it get everyone in here and then we're gonna start going out my aims started coming around towards the end of that game join anyone ah there you go that's what's up legit Christophe will invite you here in a little bit bro trust me send me a friend request so make sure you do do that I'm gonna get all these guys in the game here real quick I am slow Katy I'm sorry that's why I brought you in here to help me there's a reason to my madness there Katy things all along give me just a second your bro let me get these guys all loaded up here real quick and then we'll um thank you method to my madness yes at least that's what I tell everyone either I just fake it I fake it real good [Laughter] hi doing good doing good bro appreciate that legit okay so we got Katy and yes they do bunkers we get bunkers in here we got sab she's all over it I love it so we got bunkers you sabotage and then we're gonna pick up Christophe and you one of our new subscribers tonight adding his friend adding his friend request right now yeah hello sad Bunker's killed baby needs a kick out I can't come Kanna yeah I can't I rainbow him kick him hold on hold on so he was respects in our thank you it's pretty good respecting he was my boy tell him hang on okay so we just kicking they don't know the rules so that's another guy that I worked for all no worries it was like oh man that I just jump in no worries welcome respect these are pissed off let me get I'll send you a game invite here just a second bro oh you did yeah yeah I could join cuz a first time to many people so let me send it to you again but Josh I am completely full at the moment yeah that's cause Matt had jumped into the party that's why he tried to get it I'm fool Josh it's very weird it is we don't know where you shoot what gun are you guys talking about sometimes this thing rang these guys getting all these things I don't have that type of look full of pizza I almost have the operator monitors now actually what we had a catered lunch today at work it was um we had beef ribs pulled pork baked beans it was really good it was only about wow I anyway as you use my company credit card to buy it but it was like a hundred and seventy dollars for 15 people it was good though no that's not my money I got a new paperwork at that and then on the end of the month on that thing yeah it was actually really good I I didn't care much for the writ of the ribs but the pulled pork was phenomenal I don't know what sauce they use I'm gonna have to find out because it was awesome it was awesome there we go we could do that I've bet so I did what I do is smoked pork tenderloin in my in my pellet grill it was really good know what gosh we're your fool sir guns what can't you guys get out of your great I got the locus I got the pitch man that sucks so okay Christophe I I lock it down it looks like you're probably in the Northwest area too I lock it down to where it only connects us to one server that's why it takes some time better connection trust me oh my goodness give away yes I still am waiting am I still waiting on my my motherboard for my new PC and then we'll be doing our giveaway for my screaming PC clones what was the other matter we were voting on yes it's a good map that's why you talk a lot so you can't pay attention I'm kidding put your mic back down I mean I know where we can't hear you [Laughter] welcome everyone guys if you haven't already make sure you guys hit that subscribe button bail notification so you don't miss anything and yeah there's Nikki you know she's gonna shower and then she's gonna come over who's carrying me in this match cuz it's only technically only my second game on already huh Oh down a shot from two different sides no no [Laughter] animal or swans I'm out of ammo no don't kill me counter up guys I am starting to come around now finally my aim find the team around my aim blast map was awful I may have to edit that and remove that from the video the same we're guns that is it that bad k2 you rockin the Peacekeeper sure good stuff where you at I need a grenade anyone guys are needed [Laughter] sorry dude that guy you got turned on and that was a little rough on the Turner I'm not saying I'm envious Katie because you're luckier than I am evidently I know she she does always wind up she are you are you hacking chatbox she's hacking I'm full Josh I am right now oh my goodness it was a nice day we had two district managers from our Washington area come and visit the store today so them getting to see a different where's this guy I think I just jacked that from someone sorry guys I think I only put like one bullet in him and he was dead I'm like holy cow man I got super bullets you're going somewhere okay Josh I got another tech keep going like it Yeah right there that I'm just shocked that's just bottled up oh my goodness sorry guys yup you a be so cadiz drop a nuke Knicks game is that what I understood yeah I killed him I killed my right Katie dropping the nuke you drop a nuke Knicks game and that what I heard I heard you say that my name is on point now that that first game was awful and I don't know what happened your crew fix what's that brother I am full at the moment sir good to see you though crew fix hope you're having a good Wednesday my friend oh my god I feel bad for that let's go guys crew fix he's still gambling Oh sube I didn't even see over there in facebook my girl my friend oh good to see you girl she was probably in fate in the Facebook when I was letting off a little steam so I wasn't paying attention I had to get it out you see how it be you can't hear me there's there's a few things that irritate me in life and then one is racism or making racist or race racial slurs and stuff and I would think that America has came a little further than than what it is and I know there's still racism out there I get that but me and mine will never never act that way or barge our treat anyone that way I mean it's not like most of us have seen it at one time or another in our lives exactly yeah he erased us against me block he too much banana you know that every way I mean everyone's crazy equal is it you know yeah anyway don't get me on my soapbox looks like let's have fun I am NOT boat I'm not racist no one seems like you have a recurring thing with your hair balls what's up brother she's gonna smack either block she'll take you out boy Laurie responds the responding Church seems like Sanford and Son it's a big lot of people are like what are you talking about rainbow what is that are you here to judge all cooking's alright I like it what I doubt that I know my aim was a little off there all right I don't like that spawn I spawned in and died right away oh my gosh sniper in down now say the same thing to me wowthat's thought that was he menos not pay me honey bullets bad be using this swordfish alright guys if I miss anything a Chad I'm gonna focus up here a little bit this is starting to irritating a little bit I'm dying to stupid stuff right now a little bit it's tubers assume it's just money is that their attack chopper okay good thing Katie Katie the sweat I told you guy have Russian flag emblem uh I'm not sure count it up already oh my goodness you guys did not see that II know you didn't see that he oh he does okay that's what's up sab is going in with that shotty I see SAP taking down stuff quick Wow how many bullets you got it to eat what no way dude man it was so many bullets any other YouTube guy left why do you leave they must be smaller than our spawn Russian guy killed me yeah he's lagging he lagger really good well let's just come out from nowhere oh my gosh mo church oh they're all right they're chatbot easy on the heart are I'll pick up three pieces oh my goodness you want him in stream what his name of the other restroom I don't know I don't know bow don't shoot me the butt well I guess shooting Rockets really dude we're shooting bullets in you're shooting rockets saying the new team yes now this guy left he didn't like that game very much I guess you need to know look after game I'll take a peek they're both just for you girl decent shots yeah he left here good like that game guys take these we gotta find bows I don't know you guys the Russian flag as an emblem it takes too long yeah I can't oh it won't let me it takes too long that sec stingray is weird look at recent player oh I didn't think of that bow good idea I will what I do just fire slow or something oh it's projectiles I got it okay I've seen something on that sorry Bo DIY renovated from bo3 it was a burst ard you got your sometimes I can't get one single kill response website since Katie do you have the peacekeeper she's not answer me oh my goodness Wow don't think so coming from everywhere they should be a spawn flip now though spawns look guys we got fireworks we got fireworks another small if not as long for this one I don't usually like to push mid here but everyone's everywhere are they coming back from the back side again we are totally running these guys over I almost miss those shots guys that was almost bad TV gave me ah Katie has the Peacekeeper I see you Katie I see you someone's got the Peacekeeper I hear that oh my god dude that's the way I die do this stupid stuff I was on a nine already see that stupid thing he has to be in lobby I haven't seen them yet I don't know what the Russian flag is to be honest and I got stuck I think it's green you go Marcus Pakistan well have you died bunkers oh my gosh have you died I'm dying like here's the meal right now what can you got there monsters I thought that was a peacekeeper but it sounds funky spawn flip any tips on getting you 1.1 is this guy hair stand there and let them shoot you you might get that 1.1 I'm behind already why can't oh there's two of them there I'm like man my oh my god that's the second time I died to that stupid thing I hate those things you can't see them or at least I can maybe I'm color blind I can't see red Henry welcome back welcome here in guys if you haven't already make sure you guys smash that like button I'd appreciate it and if you're new to my channel hit the subscribe button and bail notifications so you don't miss anything oh my goodness I hear that crap yes Bo I got you quit we got something more pressing than stone on shadow belief disgusting yeah the BPR a vapor uh-huh so I'm with tubers in this block I have no idea what that means they're so shaky shots yeah I saw that too let's take a look okay she wants me to look at come on so was it an emblem or was it uh III don't know I don't know Bo you have no life what everyone has life I think he's just saying that because your loved one I don't know 32 well now he's been in here several claims he's saying he doesn't I only play what two three hours maybe are they closed let's go oh that's what that means is you have no life the IH NL okay nuke on on Nuketown that's rough maybe what's a suppressor you're dead yeah well career room guys a few to the channel make sure you guys hit that subscribe button vilification so you don't miss anything shotgun I hate the fire shotgun just saying I hope the next game next Call of Duty does not have the fire shotgun that is the most stupid let me rephrase I don't think that they should be able to kill you if you kill them before I think that the fire should stop I just don't screw fix I thought you quit gambling I gotta focus up here guys if I miss anything Chad I'll catch you here in just a second behind us or anything you don't get shot from how would the exponents have run fast behind us that's know pack up Henry hey oh my goodness shotguns man was he just sitting there he was your little girl oh my gosh then they spawned on me you find it let me know all right Bo I'll let you know girl I guess I became a dating service now [Laughter] are they leaving or something no oh my gosh oh my gosh I'm below – Katie we can't have this die demon Christmas I wasn't missing shots hey guys I can't get around that bus okay good she good sheet I'm just about dying to everything I'm doggin ran will equal feast I don't know I'm playing horrible right now bro I can't seem to get anything no slide for you it said fold it after bulletin that guy painting targets you gave me an eight health up system engaged q next slide back up oh geez not the best of games but I love verga what is that one burger I'm not sure if that is this is a bad word here what are you doing to me yeah it's hot here that's not good twelve likes you guys are awesome guys if you haven't already make sure you smash that like button I do appreciate it ah that's what he's doing I see you yeah use the Hades yeah I'm not a big Hades fan alright let's let's see if we can find this guy from foe I don't know girl oh you Mexican so you you know you understood what do you see confusion I'm confused too see you later alright preciate you there's soap thank you my friend the whole dang time I don't want this don't want this yeah peace she's got a peacekeeper where she uh where'd she go go away from me Rambo she oh I am the purple triangle to the left of the map I'm the one that just died fire shotgun gotta love it somebody just pulled out okay here's a gun I want this gun get away from my gun Rambo as he still made bunkers oh my god they're still spawning on me Raptors good to see you brother I'm not gonna say that because I hey you guys are trying to give me a cousin like other languages that's one thing I wish I would have learned was different languages I had opportunities to learn it but I didn't I didn't learn it I should have Timmy I was sleeping sorry Timmy welcome Timmy you're the best person I ever met oh thank you but yeah I'm not the best person in the world I mean you're you're too kind my friends just saying oh it's night yeah dude I want that gun you have it already here the only time I get to use is when I like Katie diamond and grabbed it was the notifications on your notification on your phone please look it bothered me Raptors I'll take a look here two second bro I hate the shotgun in this game Nissan hello everyone welcome hopefully i having a great day or even me wherever you were from cm below i'm barely staying at the – Katie what the heck is going on here see you Josh have a good night brother Alex Murphy down here you're welcome oh that was Katie what the heck did I just do oh my goodness I didn't need to I did I thought that was someone else newbie here well welcome son oh my gosh my name is so treacherous you guys did not see that edit edit where's the edit button oh it's alright not the best getting you've used really I don't know man that takes that thing up a few times and where's Katie hold on here let's let's test this out oh there she is hi Katie oh that's bonkers oh I get up here with Katie hold on I'll tell you I just take out the hacker oh my gosh guns shotguns I love you Raptors and strictly non yeah nonhomosexual way just saying what is it way they call it tonic Lata mnek relationship here they like those vans my bunkers going in keep going oh my goodness I ain't dying this stupid stuff right now these guys are playing weird they're weirdos now you have a misis though before you never used to have a twin sister whenever they'd use a strobe light against you bonkers oh yeah bonkers is nice he's going in well he said what you say 1.2 Katie that what you said buggers possibly Henry will see it all depends what time I get off tonight bro do that dog it's still overpowered for a free kill good I bet if I put a ton of bullets in that stupid thing ah geez like one below tkt though you need to talk to me hi Henry Raptors you didn't have to do that bro appreciated my friend thank you for sharing the screen very much appreciated so Rambo did you get anything out of reserves nothing I so the first new gun that I got out of the reserves was out of the weapon bribe I mean it was locusts I was a little disappointed no they are not I try not to use them very often shaky shots for using that gun was it me on the screen was I was I one second guys I'll be right back alright yes I did it free shaking my friend have a good night [Applause] [Laughter] all right so I brought the guys what does he use push that with their Titans of course with their Titans whoa that was rude yeah there was another one behind him what's my wait what's my superpower I always used to tell my kids that I was I was faster than then Superman stronger than Superman and everything inside I play a little little jokes on them as a as kids and stuff tell him watch you won't even see me leave and I'll be back in within a second you won't even see me move though and see there was I'm back now arguing and burn one down to 27 health if you're saving the world oh yeah hypothetically what would Michael what would be my superpower if I would say it was able to save the world these guys are so campy right now and get shot from both sides get shot from everywhere people that really happened how'd I do those stupid mesh mines constantly three bullets what is that gun it takes only a burst to kill you three bullets that what that is yeah any one version me for sure for sure commencing attacks Oh I can't I can't do it I don't know how these guys are getting behind this but I get the guys in front of me it's the guys somehow they're always behind me no way dude I didn't miss my shot sir oh if I'm busy saving the world solving all the world's problems bro one step at a time dude stupid dog supply everything lad is that the new moniker does not have any of this specialist crap in it we've taken control now there's another one behind me nice that's what's up key okay sure do G green star hey airlie when they change your name again welcome there's two oh my goodness my gosh change my name because I got into for tonight clan oh that's right you told me that that's awesome hopefully that's going good for you girl shocked in that's all they can use its overpowered in this game this is 150 house this makes it stupid sheesh back Batman good to see Riddler hopefully everything good night well see what the temperature says outside then yes honey I love you stop my wife's a little special grace I miss the good special all right let's go let's hear it let's hear it what do you think bro let me have it let's hear let's hear the score the only one I got tonight was a shaky shot it might have been these are shots are they're okay they weren't on point I know that that game was rough that game was rough you need sugar gimme gimme Henry says hi everyone all right let's give it but why tober tack good to see you my friend hopefully you having a good night bro nearly says hi TV Katy's personal cheerleader here Katie we can do a one-to-one tomorrow oh I did don't die don't die hold on let me take these guys out real quick Oh madam oh no that was not good so it's upstairs I see it I see oh my goodness someone jacked it before I can get it yeah he backed up though oh my gosh that shotgun reaches that far so I have dark matter and everything not some of the newer guns spawn flip are they still spotting over here they're spawning both sides now there's that guy come and shoot what he's a pre-fire the pre-fire I can't may light from two feet away [Laughter] I'm just checking I was just checking to see if it was gonna happen while I was there Oh what what are you talking about I'm transparent what are you talking about I didn't see nothing I don't know what you're talking about I think they're full of baloney showing teammates Batman you didn't see anything yeah are you doing shooting bodies I don't troll teammates I save lives I'm a lifesaver guys dang it i couldnt get away from that c when that stuff has gone like that the specialist stuff that you can't control oh it's going to be so nice just saying just saying quit shoot me in the butt man I'll be shooting no of any graphics guys are you looking for a graphics guy for the plan I what you talking about here did you die up here Katie as you can up here I found it okay let's load this thing up we got ammo we got yeah we're golden some of them have left say hello to my little friend I'm going shopping but the guys running for dear life get back here bro it's got some kick to it peacekeeper I'm your guy who's Batman I didn't know that Batman now so like the the thumbnails you guys see I I use a little thing called Pixlr complete free online yeah I could probably spend a little more time on them but I don't have time guys a dad a husband worked full time sometimes more than full time but everything I used to scream with is completely free maybe I should do one of those screaming setups I said maybe I should do one of my screaming set up the programs I use to edit videos to stream with oh we lost Christopher Kristoff I think whatever new logo for clean graphics we lose mission he's really good actually like I said we played with them cuz we weren't that lucky that you we lost like three people I didn't realize that yeah oh yes I do you're not becoming now good stuff oh goodness don't watch well where you at girl I want your gun how can I sell this gun I need to give it away I feel like the black market or something Katie we're frames here come over here I just want to say hi oh my gosh look at this guy and he killed me with that kind of shot are you kidding me what are you guys a corner bro oh my gosh I didn't see the knife er he's running he's running a ghost good and I guy that's Weiss he's going place now oh my gosh welcome every guy's opinion in my channel make sure you guys hit that subscribe button in battle notification and smash the like button while you're here they'd appreciate it maybe that shotguns stupid I thought they aim assist was comeback on it but it is not there I'm just saying I thought that's what they said that you have a my sister with when they're using that type of thing on you but I don't see no aim assist I mean there's no aim assist on them whatsoever hi I'm you what I thought he was dead so I quit shooting again I thought he was dead so I quit shooting some of these guys are a little laggy they're not dying as quick as I would think wow now good snipe he's pre aiming that crap look at this Katie and the SAB Hulk carry me I like it I need that carry yeah there's no aim-assist on that guy did they tweak it back you guys are all done Josef gate ket what's down spawns look hmm it is rough a blip pull up my toilet welcome buddy hope you have a good night that's an awesome name hopefully your toilets okay now got it readjusted or a new toilet one of the two and above good to see you brother hope you're having a good night my friend TRT it's all packs down come get it how do you use guys who I struggled in the beginning we started GoFundMe page [Laughter] me toilet he need me need new toilet GoFundMe page I love it guys if you're new to my channel make sure you guys hit that subscribe button and bail notification say don't miss anything I do try to stream every day we always have a good time 15 likes you guys are awesome oh it's Jamie okay nice guys I do have three spots open anyone wanna get in let me know in chat I think there's at least two spots bought in already so if you don't have enough J bucks to get in oh you need tack mast I did not know that bunkers get bought in today above one talks my friend good to see you brother let's go what's gonna it should be done soon it doesn't take that long for burgers to cook good well you don't have to have chili on your burger you don't care who you max here yeah I don't even know how close I am to max tier but he was dead so I quit shooting at him I do that too much in this game 150 health has got me messed up ready to drop an assault pack what is my course ammo bridge guys oh my guess I have a feeling you just shot the back see if we can push these guys here yep spawn flip I'm tier 39 Thank You Annie there's one up there he's put a couple bullets Rene's right sorry guys foot missing can I'll catch you know I couldn't see sabotage on 11 keep going sap was a guy that killed me an oval village I guess so one shot there so dine pick Wow I'll do that guys had so many bullets in him I shouldn't have pushed out there I should have waited to get that guy in anyway he goes have oh I couldn't get on him he's just praying and praying to the spread pray was very real with that guy your legs moving all by yourself you must have a muscle spasm well that would have been cool though well modern warfare will have I'm pretty sure they'll have a drop Abul nuke or Moab whatever they want to call it it would be very sweet I'm looking forward to that yeah I'm looking forward to that I don't know why blocks black ops never incorporated that a game ending streak is huge sledge sledge hammer never really incorporated those either I mean they got the they got the v2 rocket in the in World War 2 but it's not a game ending streak of it shooting sever your camping dope no I'm not full well we can pick you up exclamation actually two people bought in so we can we can pick you up after this game my friend geez look at that SAP finish for them on an item to you you're gonna rest for sure for sure it's way too hot yeah we've been hot today it got up to 90 they feels pretty good in the house we closed up all the windows early this morning turned on their AC makes a difference all right thanks Katie appreciate you girl what you get what you get you got the peacekeeper oh I'm jealous this is not weird BOGO I'm sorry she doesn't want to get into this yeah yeah modern warfare might be the the game will hoping for i'll dude I hope so bro alright uh ghost I sent you an invite bro I am hoping it's gonna be the game while he's doing it I've got to use the restroom real quick guys I'll be right back [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] all right sorry about that guys people are like two people are complaining about campaign I don't know we'll see we'll see I mean eight thoughts complains about everything but we'll see what happens I think it's gonna be good you know the campaign from what I understand is they're just trying to tone down the violence as they call it our disturbance or whatever they want to call it they think that it was too they were too graphic I guess you could say I did see step on that not that I know of well I don't know hopefully they go back to the iw the way they did with the iw where you can actually earn Salvage or something along those lines to earn those guns you know the the unlock guns that's what I'm hoping for to be honest we'll see though I mean it the infinite will or infinity ward the games that they have done I think they did very well you know ghost was probably the only one I didn't like out of out of their dreams they've done hit detection though was good you know so it was kind of one of those things all right that will pull back out pick you up real just get back in here real quick since no one's joining is he actually online he is online I'm looking forward to it I think Infinity Ward does a pretty good job with most of most of their stuff to be honest crew fix if you're still here bro we could pick you up too welcome back I don't know the last time I went online was like last month crew fixie one in all right here he wanted in two let's just I skip these guys in here yeah crew Fick said he already bought into SEP so it will have another one I passed out welcome to fix just chillin bro we do have one other spot guys so let me know with my chat before Russell all right girl we'll pick you up after this game I don't wanna play either one of those Matt's maps to be honest same with sledge-hammering for some reason Trek has lost it since BL – yeah I have never played this map is it any good alright well we're gonna pick up Chase Russell real quick then Arius cooking fish for dinner nice that's what's up Daniel welcome my friend hopefully you're having a great night appreciate you stopping by welcome chase yeah I won't let you doing YouTube if you're in this quarter you can do from this Court I beat you to it above be able to get in there chase just a mean chap oh there he is here hold on let me let me give you a roll otherwise it's not gonna let you do it there you go now you should be able to though now you do though it says you do not have permission right and me are you in the wrong job yeah yeah click main chat it's ballet what okay maybe with new be a new person it might not let you that's right I'll join up Braille wool wool we'll look into that there's a check coming other the new there's a thing called news in burgers Todd points you might have been you got the Nebula camel that's what's up that's awesome girls yeah we tried to do that every week guys it's fun for me and I enjoy it actually you know we're gonna do well we're searching for a game peacekeeper can I get the peacekeeper of course not I was open but since I've gotten 25 I know one older I got was a mark yeah I've opened well I opened three hundred the day that the the new thing set up and I didn't get any of the new guns the only thing I got was in mark two are a couple mark to use I didn't have so it was rather irritating almost everybody I know what did you say I don't know maybe maybe I mean I mean cuz like in infinite warfare wasn't like that so remember I used to save them up and stuff and open them at all at once kind of thing and that one when the new things would drop and I you would usually get a new gun out of it at that point but this one's a little different because I probably opened up at least 350 maybe 400 since and no new guns rather irritating huh okay I'm gonna do horrible and let you see the control you love that Camel I have it I haven't usually much though I'm not using it I literally got every single century I'm kidding I wouldn't buy such an expensive control it'll be good placing the total stock they break so easily out of my three places you can shoulders they all have to they all have but I just had someone else you are lagging my friend ready to drop in a soul pay counter all right here I don't know they just keep spawning here now that you know I hate dying too stupid stuff yeah I don't the nebula camel is pretty good but having dark matter and the weapon actually changing formation I like that so that's part of the reason why you use the dark matter camo so much our machine is it sorry the firing of a paladin damage guess using shotguns and this map of all things one bad bad guy I'll do they missus get so messed up when there's like two or three people there oh my gosh I can't get on that guy is so snow cussing please really I'm out animal let's pick up this guy's gun what do you have yeah I see are it work for now one by dead bad card one by dead bad guy that's stupid so I never usually use the the yellow with a KN but since I put the evil on the can it's stupid how accurate the gun is Oh ghost was there my wife and son are doing smoothies these guys are kind of getting rekt a little bit I wasn't killed dude I just um yeah it's better not to go in the game you just use our rock nice that's what's up ghost that kid that was like he's like only level 11 like five year old it's like a five year old and this is the key good game guys come check out my channel Johnson sons gaming plenty of subscribers right now but GG's and good luck in the next game I always run crash yeah but I'm sorry like inspector I went to game chat and all I heard was a little kid talk and then the bunny guy start talking funny guys probably like almost 18 so I was noting one thing that I think takes me off in video games is when someone talk to craft they're like a little kid it's like why but that's not gonna help that's not gonna help like the new kids that play video games like that's why they don't like to believe you bloodthirsty from now long start oh good stuff keep it going there goes nothing the nice thing Rambo though is that on what is it called modern warfare doesn't ever have special cameras so I'm not gonna have to go through the stressful oh they did like well the last game infinity war did yes they do have special camels black sky from an infinite warfare well yeah but I don't think any did any of the model just gold and diamond deathmatch yeah I like I wouldn't I would it wouldn't be the biggest bill break destroyed how you oh you're in a corner okay I see corner campers nice you do what you do when I made it kept coming back you back I think like three of them running goes health up guys sorry guys it's put mrs. Chatham just focused up here a little bit scary I was expected to do someone to be right there friends me a little bit [Laughter] what the heck was that he hit me with a grenade really oh my gosh of course counter UAV toski really good okay shotgun guy they're sweaty lobbies tonight they're on yeah thanks no I think it is bill smells leave just stay here oh it's a prefix just saying my wife GG's on all the others I haven't found a good gun in all the others to be honest but yeah this is a clicking sound you're hearing right there the two buttons on the backside one there one there it's a battle welcome shoot first how much are they I think I spent like 119 maybe how many 24 this one I don't do anything special with it all of it is just the jump in the Crouch button I think with the with the advanced movement yes they are very much worth it not so much in underground I wanted to do design but I didn't know how to really design yeah they were so ran before whatever that I was originally I would have like put blood down the letter oh nice I like it that's awesome crew fix your awesome bro no you're awesome thank you my friend wanna work for is ps4 xbox pc cross-play official I have heard that but they're kind of being a little iffy about it so I want to believe that it's gonna be be that mission but they haven't actually came out and said yes you can play ps4 vs Xbox I haven't seen that yet did you know black stream it's gonna kick us let me restart my app guys know I'll reinvade everyone you know the losin is taking so long is because it that's only for ps4 oh really yeah everyone we gotta kick them all we invite so everybody's confuse like Xbox has to do their own NPCs correct but no one knows how pcs gonna do it seems like they have like no like the whole reason to cross-platform me like say that yeah so from my understanding though PC players aren't going to play with Xbox or Playstation 4 players unless you join up with the PC player Creek like go against like do you think the PC would play Jovita oh yeah people that knew evil to easily clop them but if it's like experienced PC people like not you getting caught on yeah keyboard and mouse there's a big especially ok well let me let me put it to you this way you can take the best controller player and the best PC player and the PC is going to win hands down second like quickscoping hit every shot and doesn't miss they could maybe win against them because they'd be able to knock them out hey sexy face test kid that doesn't pay I'm not having this enough it's always awkward I was like what's that well you've been testing well here here's the thing though so the so it's already been tested as far as taking compatible players players that have the same key KD in each console and one using a mouse and keyboard and one using a controller the the person that has the mouse and keyboard has more range of motion for a limb for a smaller diameter if that makes sense so the larger range of motion with the mouse they have a better accuracy of aim that's why they don't have Amos system on PC where us with controllers you have a very limited access of range with your controller yeah instead of your whole hand so it's our I mean it's it's already been proven you know they take a 2 or 3 KD player versus a 2 or 3 KD player on PC the keyboard or mouse player is going to win every time it's it's it's just the way the controllers are designed versus keyboard and mouse sure it helps it helps but it's not gonna put you over the okay I'll put it this way so yeah I have a battle leaver controller it's got buttons on the back for jumping and crouch it made my movement more fluid on like infinite warfare advanced advanced movement games to where I can aim a little better but I use stick and move before that so I gained probably maybe 0.1 0 kt just going from this whereas someone that's good that gets good with the mouse and keyboard they're gonna jump I mean like 2 to 3 KD using that mouse and keyboard on console that makes sense I mean it's a big difference it's not it's not huge I mean it's it's not small like just switching to a different controller yeah but it takes practice just like it did when you when you switch from a regular controller to a ask uh for a battle beaver or or something like that because it's yeah and if you were playing with someone else or if you weren't playing that in a party you think that would have happened I mean especially with this game this game is very party heavy would forgetting to get Katie okay I'm gonna native I so I don't think going from a scuff or are going from irregular controller if you use like stick and move where you already didn't have to take your thumbs off the joysticks to if you're playing regular so like actually happen thank you your thumbs off the joysticks to to go to the X button or the circle but each one jumper Crouch then yeah it's gonna make a huge difference but where I played stick and move and didn't make what sort of difference in my Katie it was like me going from a 1.9 to 2 kV kind of thing I mean we shooting I'm playing like but I'm talking too much yeah I that's what I'm excited for there shoot first is yes the DLC maps are gonna free be free to everyone so that won't split the playerbase so usually what happens is in every call of duty in the last season passed I bought was in infinite warfare what happens is what you get it starts searching for DLC players instead of connection base so you you get the connection base where even if you know the best or the DLC players are in New York and I'm in Oregon you're gonna connect to the DLC players that are in New York so your connection is not a hundred percent stable it's not an accurate so at that point yes I'll probably buy the season pass just because of that to get the little the extra little things but if they weren't gonna do that this year I wouldn't buy the season pass I didn't buy it this year for the same reason down I am going negative cuz I'm talking about I can't multitask I can't move I'm stuck here there you go give me that thank you holy cow how many bullets are gonna put in you go down and smoke yep I'm gonna pick up one of these guns cuz I'm doubt that in that work sorry guys from Bissell using your chat I'll catch you in a second I'm gonna shot in the back for you a bro how this you cougar master good to see you brother house thank you behind us yeah this is like one my worst Oh Damon yeah that Dame is still overpowered they need to nurse that thing no one nerf it it shouldn't out range an assault rifle I'm saying it shouldn't he's one shot there in there guys I think this is gonna be it unfortunately for my light for the night right yeah I'm tired I was hoping to get to sleep in today and did not happen and I do have to work at I do follow guys guys what's the Hat it is a 12 but I will call you when I wake up at 4:30 tomorrow okay yeah I'm tired Savile be awake I'm just tired guys this week is gonna fix my wet so far sleepy oh of course any time you guys are awesome I appreciate you guys very much can I get ya I'll get you oh okay cool master thank you I just it's hit me also I'm just tired these guys yeah it did Cougar master but I'll reimburse you bro I'm just sleepy appreciates poor guys you guys are awesome thank you everyone appreciate you letting me vent a little bit earlier in stream yeah tomorrow is Thursday and well have some fun hopefully it won't be so tired I stayed up a little bit too late last night streaming and whatnot and it kind of kicked my butt a youto Burrtec iced 1169 that's awesome but yeah thanks again everyone if you guys are new to the channel make sure you guys hit the subscribe button and if you haven't already make sure you smash that like button I do appreciate it I think it helps Channel girl I don't know exactly and if you know on the Facebook site thank you guys been a-been a good stream it has been a good stream I appreciate it all back out so yeah thanks again guys and I will catch you guys on the flipside have a good night everyone hopefully you guys wake up feeling refreshed and revived you got 21 likes aw thanks tell Berta appreciate you and for me on that and I will catch you guys tomorrow night peeps

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