E3 2019 Live: Modern Warfare Panel *No Gameplay* | MW4 / MW E3 2019 Livestream

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E3 2019 Live: Modern Warfare Gameplay INCOMING | MW4 / MW E3 2019 Livestream.
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Today it’s another day for E3 2019 and we’re live streaming the E3 Modern Warfare gameplay demo and expect a new MW4 gameplay reveal.

Expect a ton of new E3 2019 trailers, gameplay, games and even next gen xbox reveal from Microsoft Press conference.

Hope you all enjoy the E3 2019 live stream.

June 6, 9 AM PT — Google Stadia Connect
June 8, 9:15 AM PT — EA Play Livestreams
June 8, 11 AM PT — Nintendo Invitational Tournaments
June 9, 1 PM PT — Microsoft Press Conference
June 9, 5:30 PM PT — Bethesda Press Conference
June 9, 7 PM PT — Devolver Press Conference
June 10, 10 AM PT — PC Gaming Show
June 10, 12 PM PT — Limited Run Games Press Conference
June 10, 1 PM PT — Ubisoft Press Conference
June 10, 4:30 PM PT — Kinda Funny Showcase
June 10, 6 PM PT — Square Enix Press Conference
June 11, 9 AM PT — Nintendo Direct Showcase

So we just got the Official Call of Duty Modern Warfare reveal trailer & gameplay. Yes, this years Call of Duty is a Modern Warfare reboot and it is the 4th MW game in the series so technically you can call it MW4.

We’ve also have a ton of new info coming out, we already have MW4 release date set in October. MW4 reveal trailer is also out and on top we’ve got a ton of MW4 gameplay to look forward too.

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so there should be a tense time in the top pen comment below once again not sure if we're live or not but there should be a timestamp in the top and comment below there are three streams happening today so this frame is gonna consist of two streams I'm probably gonna restart another stream later on for the third stream the gameplay is very likely not sure if we're gonna get it like now now or later but I'm gonna show you there is a lot of talk going around so I'm gonna get into that but timestamp in the top end comment below and let me just get this started yo what up dudes man I'm running on low bro brain cells cuz I I just woke up recently well let's get this going fam how you guys doing what's up welcome back to the channel everybody yo kitto what up my guy how's it going your Basile I see you brother Sparrow okay so I'm gonna actually get into this one so gameplay might be in 22 minutes guys in 22 minutes honestly I don't believe it though I really really don't believe it though and I don't want you guys to let your dogs out and shit like that like seriously don't but but the thing is that I've been seeing like this a lot on my Twitter I woke up recently and went check my Twitter I I was actually going to stream but I you know I had my expectations lower down to the point where they did anyone exist at all so I I thought that it's just gonna be Activision being Activision but maybe this time they're gonna show gameplay and I'm seeing this a lot where it says 11:15 which is in 21 minutes Pacific time basically right call of duty modern warfare game demo bro game demo man game demo now there are only two things that can hype up any one free dlc and no microtransactions but the third word that can hype anyone up is game demo okay honestly this e3 has been a big disappointment like we're getting trailers I know gameplay but let me welcome up with you guys and Daniel what up every I got you brother slam noscope what up dude what'd you think of Luigi I I woke up recently I missed the Nintendo one and you be sub and my ass yesterday bro and I couldn't stream square Square Enix but uh but they kind of hit me up the unbanned me and that's all you I really really appreciate all the support I'm gonna show you that just now let me actually show you guys that you guys got Twitter man if you guys got Twitter hit me up man hit me up hit me up and I need to get some that squeaking from my backyard man what is it only 15 15 minutes your gameplay of ten minutes maybe I'm gonna show you this okay I'm gonna show you this where is it Ubisoft replied bro Ubisoft replied son is saying this hey there sorry for any inconvenience over team are on this and working to resolve it is that and this is second time in the row where you stream their panel and Ubisoft kind of hits you up with that block right and it just kind of it happened to so many people yesterday and this is second time in the row so I'm probably not gonna stream anything next year imagine we see multiple ni it's not multiplayer man it's not multiplayer I'm gonna show you more emails okay hold on second I got the same thing so this guy okay no this is not this is Activision being Activision okay hold on yeah I wall varies though where is it where is it where is it it's coming up guys it's coming up if you guys are high for the gameplay smash like yeah where is it though there okay hold on hold on yeah this is the one okay so this guy also says so you can see this email is a little bit different it looks like that this one was captured on a mobile and it says game demo gameplay 11:15 so in 19 minutes from now you need some new graphic artwork hit me up on Twitter now I I do it all myself bro I appreciate it I really do make a thank you so much my guy but if I do need it I'll hit you up but I like doing it myself because what's the point of being a youtuber if you want to pay someone to do the stuff for you I understand it like I'm all for it but I personally you know a youtuber just means you gotta do shit yourself I know some people just pay other editors to edit their videos which is which is pretty good but it's just not me you know what I mean okay so and this is another type of this is another email so you see this email is different it's the same email but different right like it's on one line says gameplay demo and homies whoo yeah homies caught this man so game playing come in guys what you saying game plan coming or no why do you wear the same shirt every day multiple reasons when I don't wear the same shirt it's different but same color you mean right number one like like gotta save money gotta save money okay save money don't waste time thinking about what you wanna wear you know what I mean just why playing and number three it's for YouTube so it gotta be branding for branding and I have bad lighting so white shirt makes it so the the light is a little bit bright hopefully it makes sense I don't know but gotta save paper bro gotta save paper what's your Twitter link down below gives the likes brother if you guys find anything definitely at me like big shout out you giba like everyone who sent me all of this you know what I mean okay hold on I don't want to see any entertaining content I'm gonna open up my notifications right now hold on hopefully you guys over there you guys do not send me Bob's and Vigano man send me but when I'm not streaming okay send me when I'm not streaming you hear me yo Lee and what up dude you had none on a China number one bro China number one I hit Nintendo fans I personally wanted to stream shared your stranger Thank You stupid at the time preciate of brother let me hit you over the like brother Justin thanks so much for following oscar appreciate you following holes gone mad are you are you poor i can donate now i'm doing pretty good for myself but like even if you're rich even if you're doing good got a save money man gotta save money you know like got a save paper bro got a save paper but I would appreciate it but you don't have to concur its online cave Twitter follow did we hit 90 I don't I don't think we did hold on thank you guys so much for 9000 subscribers and the thing that puts a sour taste in my mouth is gay guys if you're coming on gameplays in 16 minutes if you're new to the channel definitely subscribe like and subscribe I'm really appreciative gonna cover every single thing regarding modern warfare cyberpunk as well if your interests are Punk drop a 1 in the chat if you if you're into cyberpunk along with Call of Duty because I'm gonna be doing cyberpunk and one thing that I'm really happy about is that cyberpunk is gonna be coming out like next year in April so it's gonna be like a couple of months after modern warfare that means that I'm gonna be able to cover everything regarding modern warfare I'm gonna be able to enjoy that game hopefully hopefully no microtransactions but 25 people were arrested at e3 classic classic may cover that in a video scene I'll search it up appreciate you hitting me up my guy I might I might make a video on this as well Tokio costs 800 CP and here he costs 560 CP men this is this is pre art for you this is tre art for you your DJ Jamaican coming in with of Ashington I appreciate it man thank you Mike I appreciate the Washington what is cyber Punk bro look it up MV at first I didn't like it but now I'm just all in it bro all in it bro all in it I put a rocket launcher to all my dogs and I let him fly bro I let him fly but don't let your dogs out for mana warfare gameplay high chances yes but we never know it's incoming man it's in common brother its incoming can I get some can I get some paper hands on the chat man because imagine imagine this is like a bust and it doesn't happen but it's I mean I've seen multiple emails from people that says getting gameplay but thank you so much for fishing to know me do you have a second channel I had multiple channels but this is the winch this is the main one Nintendo sir I haven't watched Nintendo it did wasn't good if you guys seen it was it good trash disappointed or happy if I want to know I want to know wasn't intended gay or a banger or let me know man let me know I didn't watch Nintendo i watch i watch you be sovereign they ban my ass but i was thinking if i stream nintendo they're gonna ban my ass but Ubisoft did it man Anna Anna even said that Ubisoft had a good panel compared to other panels this year and man they hit me up but honestly Square Enix kind of one man d-money I see you brother why did I not like your tree what a shit but but they they freed me man they freed me last night so I'm free bro you guys liked it now how many minutes 14 more bro 14 more minutes 14 more minutes my god dude it says Tuesday today's Tuesday my guy just check your calendar it's Tuesday I swear bro it is choose it unless you are I believe if you're in Asia it might be Venice day now for you so just gonna go ahead and they're gonna start off with Borderlands three I guess but after that we're getting some Call of Duty stuff man gameplay where you find the gameplay I got you here on the channel brother I got you here I think Nintendo one I haven't watched an internal yet so I cannot give an opinion look at Robert balling profile picture bro uh I got your brother hold on what am i doing alright you say a Robert Bolin okay let me hit hit you up here alright might be for something else though Robert Robert Robert Robert Robert Robert let's actually get hit him up I got a new email I taught him put it would be the game play email but I it's not that it's not that gameplay incoming voice but honestly don't let your dogs out no he got the normal profile picture just gonna click and maybe it will change now no nothing happened bro you click you click visit me bro you click bit in me the whole III was mad this year I agree bro it feels like that we're getting more trailers than gameplay it seems like I'm watching like movie promotion ads rather than watching like what's is called gameplay and stuff all right so 12 more minutes guys 12 more minutes hopefully they drop gameplay man because otherwise if they don't drop gameplay tell-tell infinity watch ago pound sign on Twitter okay so yeah this III as a whole where you guys stand where you guys stand like good good decent disappointed AF my week is ruined where you guys had though my teeth my teacher went to the reveal of model warfare for real for real now I don't believe it that must be a fake teacher modern warfare campaign is taking place in 2019 probably probably gonna be like 2016 something like that because you guys gotta keep in mind that they were making this game for three years the engine was in development for I would say five years that's what I heard could be could be fake news or something but Nintendo e3 was lit still not convinced get up to get a switch though as an exigent is right around the corner so my just wait for a switch spec upgrade yeah I got you I'm personally I personally never got into Nintendo stuff because nobody told me though nobody told me nobody told me this disappointment 3 out of 10 for me honestly it was a major yikes though like we were getting more CGI cinematic trailers Xbox was a man to bro I was so high for Xbox reveal man but they didn't even show the console they didn't do anything they just said that we got next-gen console we already knew about that yes they're gonna coming up coming out coming out with a new console at least they could have showed the console because they had like all the attention man like Sony is not there Microsoft probably was the most anticipated reveal but they didn't do jack shit bro but still like ma I would say Microsoft was the best one in my opinion because they also had cyberpunk they had halo check ball wings Twitter I just did what what happened I just did let me read check it man let me I got your brother I gotcha we got a Vanneman there I'm gonna go over on Twitter if you guys are new to the channel here I'm gonna be covering everything regarding call of duty cyberpunk gaming news movie trailers on the side and some just say with me Call of Duty good even if there are microtransactions Call of Duty good fortnight bad ok so if you're a known for an AI player hit me up man it me up with the subscribe you need will pop up on them scream do you know in which live there are multiple live streams bro there are multiple live streams happening there are three lifes turns happening today like on different different platforms so we're gonna we're gonna find it okay I got your brother what did my guy go salsa he just leave us just drop an F bro like don't don't timeout someone for spamming up it's all good bro let let everyone do any every time you know I mean only time outs what's is called only time out people who say China is not number one okay only them okay check bombings quotes sag balling clothes okay ball and clothes do you mean like this picture you got a kid here clothes sack oh okay maybe his left side you you mean my brother could I get a fall back on Twitter dude I got you I got you if I see you around for a long time I got you like ghido he was around for a long time I hit him up man you can ask the man obviously I'll hit you up like if I see you be around I'll hit you off 100% man why wouldn't I you know like if you're a homie I got you you know I don't know what you guys said maybe I guys I'm just retarded in the morning I I cannot find what you guys are saying about Robert balling okay I'm sorry most known for Call of Duty creative console yeah he's going with ya right now man he's going with you yeah high chances man high chances but honestly only time are people who just self promote but other than that let let everyone say anything they want you you know what I mean like everyone is censoring stuff like I don't want to be you know like I don't want to censor the homies because why would why do that you know like everyone is censoring stuff Marcin i'ma want China not not China is number one bro China number one English mothertrucker I'm relatively new school up obviously obviously d-money obviously not economically those senses primal you can refer to it as as fortnight you must refer to as 4d I got you brother did we need a straight we need a straight months to men like if there's Pride Month I respect that but we need a straight straight month too cuz it looks like that everyone is kind of shoving everything like that down overthrow it I honestly like I'm pretty sure all of you including myself like respected whatever diversity yeah but this III I've seen so many woke at genders it's kind of crazy we need some straight edge and us to like appreciate people who are straight to you know what I mean cuz I feel I feel like I'm just nobody here you know what I mean like I want to be appreciated too one in the chat if I if relatable if the feeling is mutual one in the chat if you want a straight month pride with whatever okay I don't know we gotta come out there want whatever man we don't even celebrate that what that shit man straight mud no now guys what kind of vodka number wouldn't know I shot one of my guy Africa is number one Captain Price number one nanny the militia number one nananana China number one man eight more minutes guys eight more minutes till disappointment okay I'm gonna actually open up this in the background and don't worry when they're talking I'm not gonna be talking when activation and infinity war comes out you know I mean like I know I gotta go on no no no no no excuse all your speaking nothing but facts damn oh yah we cannot say yo bubs and Vigano broad now obviously the Bob's and vagina were kind of no entertainment was shown in the stream so that's good I guess I guess we can lick okay I'm gonna peek it ok I'm gonna peek it just wanna for evidence okay so lagana safe Bob safety ok Bob's a Bob's are safe okay okay we good we good fam really good had a little panic attack there man I'm go with a gotcha brother I got you bricks it number one nano not only China number one your country my country number two yes but China number one okay let me want to act a vision five more minutes till impact bro so yeah this side 11:15 11:15 let me click on there we're gonna open this one okay I'm gonna open it on the side if you don't get it here I'll just just switch it I got this yeah okay I got this I got this I got this I got I got a kick off the dopamine guys chat I got a kick off dopamine I got a kick of dopamine I got a kick of the opening I'm gonna like mute this and pause this I'm just gonna make sure I don't delete this gonna keep it running in the background I got a kick of dopamine bro it's us call of duty it does it does indeed it does indeed it does indeed okay make sure 1080p60 appears okay I'm gonna turn the wall into the full in just a little bit but not just yet oh man as soon as I put it up they remove the call of duty but there was call of duty showing of their trust Trust trust kim jeong-hoon number one now to only china ventures game is gonna be fun bro the game looks good only thing that I kinda hate about it is that the characters are different yeah let your dogs out man if you guys are new man I'm gonna be covering call of duty on the channel how many likes were out though mommy likes Martha we is like trailer I mean game plays imminent today hit like if you're into Call of Duty dislike if you're like no it's not gonna be good this guy talks too much so you want me to like stop streaming and like or not talk at all why would you want to watch a stream where people don't talk I understand like if you're watching you through you one gameplay myself included but we gotta wait we gotta wait bro you gotta wait like we gotta wait my god Call of Duty number one dogs are out check notice number one my did it's gonna be boring if you want to watch someone not talk like that that's retarded but if you're watching III then obviously we won game play obviously I agree with that canna let your can I let your dogs are my dogs don't let my dogs out let your dogs out if you want my guy my dogs are mine okay nobody touch them ma no more free apparel available Charlene – all right I got you yo you're being a homie man hitting me over the information man I got your brother what scream are you watching which my guy which hold on hold on I'm singing these signatures on the new attorney their corporate operator okay Percy Jackson's baby maybe I don't know okay let me go on Charlie in tow let's go where where is call of duty us three minutes my guy three more minutes some yo saw apparel is coming out doing modern warfare apparel looking good but not mind-blowing man not mind-blowing I talk too much as and you never shut up Lamar breathe a little I'm breathing bro I'm breathing I'm breathing like just got a master at the art of talking and breathing I've been straining I've been doing YouTube for a long time bro like I gotta I gotta talk man it's gonna be boring as shit but if you don't like it you don't have to watch you don't have to watch but I appreciate you I totally do I totally do but why would I like I personally only watch screens where people aren't kind of interacting with their Chad I don't watch people who don't interact with their chance so like I'm basically doing what I like if you don't like it I respect it I totally do but I got a I got a I got a talk with the homies – you know don't want to neglect anyone you know what I mean I'm getting game stuff when it's game play in two minutes my gosh two minutes but don't get your hopes up man don't get your hopes up they say game play you know man it might be it might be it might be it might not happen your precious subscribe and brother thank you my guy neighbors need to chill feel where you from I'm from Pakistan Carell in Canada monomorphic to remaster please dude there were so many leaks about it because she raps there we got some beers your what game is this looking kind of good actually what we got Tigers there I feel you blood if you're a pizza what kind of toppings would be dude jalapeno and banana peppers the best okay there gotta be call of duty here call of duty call of duty call of duty call of duty call of duty call of duty where is it or is it no that's tomorrow okay day three okay day three tonight's day two I guess or day one turn off subtitles okay we go brother I got your man I got your you go brother yo live in China now I'm in Canada but China is still number one though yeah where did you see them them tags what text what tags do you mean like a hold on second do you mean my video tags I I created them a while ago bride just use the same tags custom tags no matter on YouTube coulomb new and I love you yo hello welcome my god I love you too my guy me trying to refresh for model waterway trailer do you imagine they drop the drop it I don't think they're gonna drop it on the Call of Duty channel before so yeah it's 11:15 in its second it is it says Call of Duty there okay so it's coming up it's literally next but there's gonna be another stream at 2:20 I believe in an hour's time right okay I'm gonna put an hour countdown here because there are two streams happening guys like one is gonna be now I hope that they drop one gameplay now and another gameplay like in an hour's time I'm gonna just remove the count-out your actual in-game footage Brad you hold on imagine it's the the trailer only changed yeah they're dropping trailer wash it yeah I'm gonna tweet that Infinity Ward I'm gonna tell them to go pound sand know the code symbols on Twitter ah it was the okay it's the old trailer I'll show you it was my homie gunner two times man got a hit up the gunner two times it was this homie who tweeted yeah again a gunner gunner two xyt spinner 2x why do you hit him up and he dropped it I'm just gonna like it just check my like tweets okay I got your brother hopefully that helps check my like cleats yeah X BL Ubisoft was pretty fast if they don't if they don't show gameplay man I'm gonna we get dirty stays clean okay applied the noise go to our bender talking I'm not gonna talk so gotta make sure that noise filter is in effect lower down the microphone as well there we go I had a show gameplay bro gotta get a game play man it's your team yeah I don't same pros are but you gotta wait now welcome back to III on twitch I'm one of your hosts lono aka say no to rage joined by the always energetic Rachel so energy and we are sitting down with Joel to talk about call of duty modern warfare tell us about the game and where you're taking it you know the original trilogy it ended with nuclear war and that was an alternate reality at that point so a lot of people have been asking why why reimagined modern warfare and we just really wanted creative freedom to kind of you know take the story to new places so and it was really important to us to make a especially even me – we lost lights and I'm all done spooky now that's sets the mood when I go night vision I'm gonna bring the lights out there we go it was really important to actually raise the stakes in the game and even me coming back to the studio is on the original modern warfare games and it was it was important to come back and kind of make it more realistic more relatable something you know it's set in today's time now so there's a lot to go there so what does that mean for first of all our main character to be set in the current time okay so we did we did bring there there are a few phases were bringing back out I would almost I'm almost look at this let this in the way of you know Daniel Craig – Casino Royale we've got very slow into modern warfare this is the fur I was actually given the assignment to work on Captain Price and one or more fair one and back then we had a voice actor it was it was Billy Murray in fact did a great job you know but but back then we actually would just assign a voice actor and we would build a character and it was a fictional character almost conceptualize and also there's stuff this time we actually went and we got Barry Sloane to be captain price and it's a head-to-toe performance capture he's actually gone through Navy SEAL buds a version of it which is more than I could probably survive any yeah what is that like rough rough summary he went down to Coronado and he'd trained with the SEAL Teams where they go through Navy SEALs start with selection down in Coronado and they go through don't talk over them but I also literally got an email this is my email yeah Barry went through this and you know he survived that's obviously they they beat you up on the beach they sleep deprived you they they fire machine guns over your head I mean they do all kinds not coming back to work anymore he did that in his career as and as an actor he was on a show called six on the History Channel so what was fantastic about Barry is he brings this this this this experience to the character he knows how to handle himself when he's doing all this fuse performances these tactical situations he just looks legit he holds this he holds everything perfectly holds himself great and then on top of that it was really important to him to actually look back and pay homage to Billy Murray's performance so he really studied Captain Price the history of him and in fact I think this is maybe if we're talking about reimagining brah this is maybe the second place has been reimagined he would goes all the way back to World War two like he just I don't know I mean I played since the very first one on PC so I've always enjoyed call of duty with you reimagining the disappointed from wait what good returning players or even new players expect to find in the game yeah I think what's real you know I I was a big fan of called to be one that's what got me to I moved my entire family down to Los Angeles I saw that game and I'm like we gotta go I have to work on that I need to find a way to work at Infinity Ward and be a part of that I started on call duty too and if you remember back on game plan on called it raise your hands if you're disappointed and so one of the one of the things that we've actually been able to introduce into modern warfare is a mounting mechanic and we have there's two ways you can use it you'd use it on vertical you actually you can use a vertical and you can do a horizontal but what it does is it helps you go into these really tight tactical situations we're doing more one-to-one environments now so when you go into a space you you want to be able to kind of move kind of slice slice of pie a little tighter on on the edge and it helps you corner better to kind of feel or like look at a room a little better so you're giving us kind of in a sense of spaces that we don't really encounter in these games over the years there are a lot of wide open a lot of you know house to house or you know across the town and you're giving us a lot more you're saying tight spaces here are we gonna be maybe crawling around and climbing up stuff and peeking around these doors what other tools are you giving us in these new spaces I'm trying there's there's a lot of stuff I don't want to spoil game we have you know we're down to a tight corridor you know like a town house okay where you're going through you're stacking up you're moving up staircases on spooky night vision we did crazy stuff with night vision on this game we're from there all the way out to levels that are really large I need I've done you really decide which way you want to attack the plan or you know kind of how you want to complete the objectives mmm so it goes from really tight and intimate and claustrophobic to huge breath but now you're giving us some different ways as a player character to move around in both of these phases more of the lean a little more that little bit you know tightening up mechanics as much as we can we when we got that we started this project we went into the the engine which is new it's been in development for nearly five years Dyanne but it started before we even started on modern warfare but we went back in and we we kind of boiled everything down to the basics I think if we're talking about tighter quarters and we're moving through an environment and we're doing stuff like cornering we took a hard look at bullet caliber how that works frangible ammunition gameplay guys something that gameplay by the way game demo my ass broke my ass imagine laughter I don't think they will know so you're actually needing to consider this stuff while you're moving through the game bullet penetration caliber trajectory on your weapons you actually really have to if you're firing a DMR or a sniper rifle you have to really take disappointment will it drop in one case maybe a little bit of windage we've actually implemented that all in a very realistic way to the game so what it does is it doesn't make the game harder to play it just makes it more sophisticated and more fun more to work with there's more to think about there's more to challenge you with yeah you want those close range for those short hallways you want your long range for outside and your kind of to encourage that gameplay I guess giving us a lot more opportunities in the moment yeah I'm really excited by with with all the realistic things you're mentioning you know changes to night vision and the depth of the combat sounds a lot different than than past titles how could returning players come to expect it to be faithful to the franchise yeah I think there it's tricky when you're doing something like this but I think that the players can I think hopefully the players recognize that there's a lot of there there's a lot of original infinity where it's still Infinity Ward and there's a lot of Infinity Ward that returned to Infinity Ward and then we have all these new new people in there we're very mindful of reimagining modern warfare but not destroying the parts that people love so we're always checking ourselves and scrutinizing things and making sure that hey did we go too far with that is that fun is there an upside there yeah need to make sure that we respect the series and it needs to feel like modern warfare like when you pick it up and you you're you have the control in your hands when you're working with this equipment in these weapons and all the advanced galaxies like The Scream you guys are disappointed see the control just like if you're satisfied everything has to be just right so I I hope I mean they'll know when they get in their hands if we've done our job properly but I think that hopefully you know they all need to know that we're on it and we're making sure that it's right I think they know that I think they know you're committed but there's a lot of information to cover we're getting close to the end of this I think if you do a lightning around no drop gameplay stop the lightning round engine how's that affect the gameplay okay the new engine affects the gameplay in we're doing actual real night vision this time now there's real as you can in the old days we just run a filter over the screen and play with some colors and stuff this is actually an IR spectrum that's calculated in the game so you're dealing with real IR reflectors the way that things reflect light and in in night-vision they actually went back with a new engine and researched the history of night-vision all the way back to World War two I think I need evidence I need video proof credible atmosphere real real almost almost it what the atmospherics do is they they help you read targets in the environment more so like distance and yeah it's actually if you were to look at an environment with no atmosphere and no fog or anything it looks very video game clinical yeah the the engine lets us do atmosphere in a new way where we actually can calculate and go into a room fire weapons cook up the cordite and the room will start filling with atmosphere so you get that that type of vibe the engine just lets us just this is just like scratching the surface on how the new engine enhances gameplay and visuals at the same time I do want to let you touch on this before we go into launch date people playing together you had something really important to say back there we did we have we have announced cross play and it's a consoles and it's Xbox Playstation and PC you got everybody on board all my friends we go because there's a lot more details to it that I can't go into but it's obviously we're still in pre pre alpha so there's a lot of stuff is in construction right now right and when can they play it we're gonna ship on October 25th I can't wait show game play role on the way all right I'm gonna give you one last one I know people are ravenous for game play when are they gonna get to see it where can they follow you on social media to be the first in line to see that so my art peasant art peasant on Twitter that says basically where I'd like to try to talk to people and I've been I've been going out to read it once in a while and and I've been accused of being a fake so why don't they keep telling me I need to put a badge on my name but I just it's kind of laughable that the gameplay did something in there they're kind of questioning every word so it's kind of fun great once again Buddhism the night vision has me I think breasting I was that I was like when you do something that takes the immersion up raise your hands we're disappointed right there you have it called duty modern warfare October 25th and keep ramping coming which will be right back dude okay here's the thing here's the thing game demo game demo I received this email myself I'm gonna reload it there so you guys you guys can see hold on they might show other emails okay did it okay I'll refresh it okay just make sure okay I'm just game demo bro game demo game demo what a shit bro Brad no I'm all for the dev talks because obviously we need that but this III has been so disappointing to the point very like we're just getting more we're just getting trailers not even trailers we're getting cinematic shit like that bro what bro bro cyberpunk was awesome okay cyberpunk great hello what I'm not a Halo fan but I gotta say it looking good okay hello good Star Wars not a fan but looks decent you know there has been games that I appreciate and not fully hate but Brad Brad wad dude I received the email myself saying game demo this is official words bro official words at this point leaks have more credibility than official words game demo my ass bro he dodged the questions – question – yeah so RV and we had three streams so this was first stream the second stream is literally like in 50 minutes maybe we're gonna get it then I don't think so but then we have another stream that's gonna happen at 6 6 p.m. Eastern so in like 4 hours now not gameplay guys yeah I mean even I made a video myself where I said that we're not gonna get gameplay but this got my mind change for this changed my mind this changed my mind one in the chance Wow I cannot even speak or a talk right now one in the chat if seeing this changed up your mind one in the chat it once you saw that it changed up your mind cuz I was saying we're not gonna have gameplay because you know it doesn't look very likely but game demo my ass bro okay so what should we do should we wait for another stream that they're gonna do now or just go pounce and as always I'll cover everything regarding Call of Duty Harriman so if you're new definitely subscribe and we can go pound sign together its later calm down first no gameplay is like in microtransactions with battle pass bro if they come out and they seen they already saw 3 DLC yeah but if they come out and say no microtransactions that will hype me up bro that will hide me up even if we don't get gameplay gameplay log behind supply drops yeah they just posted game flew on Twitter oh my god yeah I ride my ass bro they did my yes but you got my attention ok I'll say that let me go and call of duty breath I'm gonna I'm gonna show you guys my notifications as well and just a sec 60 of you I gotta show something to you guys hold on I got something there's another stream coming up so 11:15 right now war 11:30 Pacific 2:30 p.m. Eastern so twelve twenty guys so in like 12 2000 K so in like 15 minutes in like 15 minutes we're getting another stream that's gonna be an IGN so I guess she did I keep streaming or go pounced and they lied bro like I'm not sure if it's I don't know whose fault is that is it twitch fault for kind of hyping us up by saying game demo but they didn't even show jack shit so disappointed man disappointed this opponent this some BS wait there's still more interview yeah yeah there are two more coming there are two more coming but honestly I don't believe we're getting gameplay I don't think we're getting play because like I said 15 minutes talk 30 minutes talk not enough for gameplay and it says gameplay here for 3 p.m. but guys keep in mind infinity war narrative and gameplay and our team some people who work on the gameplay are gonna be there but not gameplay you remember here it also said gameplay that was yesterday and it was all talk I told you keep streaming what time eastern basically in 50 minutes we're having or 42 minutes something like that we're having another stream and this one is gonna be last stream of today it's gonna be at 6 p.m. Eastern and tomorrow we're having 9 a.m. 10 I'm probably gonna stream them to ya tomorrow we're getting three streams too so I don't think they're gonna show gameplay tomorrow it has to be today it has to be today or no not at all I heard we are getting game plaid III I basically in the beginning I thought we're not getting gameplay I made a video the other day and I made sure I want to know who is subscribe who is not like if you're subscribe and you watch that video like just say one in the chat if you heard me say no gameplay I want to know I said no gameplay but deep down like I'm craving for one and deep down like I want that info to be wrong because yeah there has been a lot of information that's just no gameplay but there has been a lot of other information that suggests gameplay I mean the email that I received and other people receive I'm gonna show you also suggest game demo but rave bro hopefully no bombs and pagana where is it where is it yeah I received the same email I can confirm this so I guess I'm we're gonna wait till the second stream that comes out yeah pretty shit subscribe and brother thank you my man Oh G sub new G gameplay incoming in games yeah G but Gamescom is just far away dog I rather I rather go pound sand and kick rocks bro a lot of a lot of misinformation yet but this official information is having a hard time bro like official information side game what fishel information is basically retarded right now bro I would be more satisfied if you would shut up oh man then state this opponent bro because I've warned people what's happening are we getting conference or we had we got three streams in total the first one already happened now we're left with two more that's coming up very soon twitch trolled you gameplay at Coliseum nah I don't think so man I don't think so because this one okay this one was YouTube live at e3 this that people from gameplay would be there that happened yesterday this just happened now we're gonna have this in couple of minutes so IGN and then we're having this III yeah III if anything if anything if you don't get gameplay at by 3 p.m. PT 6 p.m. Eastern then no chance of getting gameplay and it's gonna be like you know we're talking e3 so if they don't drop gameplay today then what's the point of e3 this e3 has been just trailers for real though you don't have to agree with anything I have to say like I want people who speak their mind to but I personally believe that this III has just been like trailers and cinematics do you feel the same way one if you do feel the same way too if you'd like schism go pound sand I don't feel the same for you at all I wanna know from from the top of my head the only game players I've seen our Star Wars what else halo ok star wars halo and watchdogs 3 that's pretty much it may be steep as well that was a from Ubisoft I haven't watched Nintendo check Charlie I'm not you so three four games of I remember seeing gameplay off also Activision has not come from anywhere they are showing yeah exactly bro yeah but but this changed my mind broke even I was slaying no gameplay like even I was saying no gameplay but this changed my mind bro hello dude honestly if that wasn't gameplay yeah I think that was cinematic – yeah you're right you're right you're right you're right um see I'm I'm getting um yeah I'm retarded bro III has been terrible nothing really worse but except watch dogs and cyberpunk and honestly cyberpunk blew my mind bro cyberpunk is a shit your final fantasy Sam fantasy salmon looks lip to man the character looks like a snag bro like she was live I agree but it has me nothing but cinematics bro like as much as I am into cyberpunk I'm not gonna blindly appraise it I mean I want to blindly praise it but the thing is that even cyberpunk didn't get gameplay but they did say we're getting gameplay soon so there's that and they already have dropped one hour of gameplay last night like 1 hour of gameplay Gears of War demo so Gears of War had it I'm not sure Doom added yeah doom had it doom had it do had dude we're just we're just waiting Austin we're all just waiting bro because we don't have anything other to do my guy we just have to be patient and wait we're just waiting my god or just waiting to you like Dragon Balls yeah I like it I like it but not don't really play it or watch it because nobody told me about it when I was little you know all mean Call of Duty's at 3 p.m. and 11 p.m. yet 3 p.m. now we're left with two streams for this I'm gonna restart stream later but I'm gonna wait for this one because it's like literally and I'm gonna put it's literally and like okay it's 237 for me and this is 2017 – 60 forty-three minutes right yeah so in 43 minutes we're having another stream but it's gonna be okay hold on let me actually make sure I open up all the good tabs and whatnot and then we can chill out yeah I'm at work burning time exactly bro exactly we all are burning time Charlene – oh yeah let me click oh I got your brother man I got your brewski like the stream if you're disappointed smash dislike if you're satisfied with III like I want to know how many people are satisfied so far I would have seemed that 400 people are disappointed and 63 people are satisfied I wanna know man like if you're disappointed with III in general dislike if you're satisfied with this year's e3 I think you might be satisfied if this is your first III that you're watching if you never watch previously threes then then this e3 might be good official twitch email and they are using game demo for every single game on their list or some bizarre reason dude twitch is click baiting bro breath at least you admit yeah okay so homies are seeing the problem – yogi oh you're a homie man I'm gonna make sure I follow you right yeah I am okay just want to double-check like I know I'm following you but you know I just want to double-check I'm following you because you're being a homie man you're being a homie might be on the panel later I don't think so my yo dude twitch you know you need to tell twitch to go pound sand are they saying the same thing for hold on second I'm gonna open up my email as I also received one okay I'm gonna refresh and see people who are disappointed and satisfied I want to see if Sony strain man yet thank you so much for the – wishing cuz my guy what'd you say okay 452 disappointed eighty people disappointed I mean 80 people satisfied or 52 disappointed I'll see you guys I bet III called it off it was – yeah that's one of the reason why I also said no game the other day 30 minutes the card game play get you're not dude don't get your don't let your dogs on don't let your dogs on bro don't let your dogs out exactly I love the memes I love the I love the spice bro I love the spice gta6 hopefully at Sony man later than later this year check Activision Activision remember remember no gameplay guys at this point I'm pretty sad to say fortnight good Activision bad and say it with me Chad Horton I'd get Activision bad now multiplayer will be later in July journalist the game is ci propaganda yeah exactly bro I made a video on it like it's BS that journalists wanna ban this game bro if you don't one modern warfare campaign to be watered down or censored definitely like share your opinions with like just you know like whatever you guys have time definitely like at Activision because that's it's gonna send a clear signal because for real though there are adjourned there are journalists that want to make this campaign like just don't donate they want to ban this game you know they want to ban the campaign do this a game play unless there's gameplay non-intrusive their shrinking campaign gameplay confirm then color be excited yeah can I drop a like on that one but yeah what I'm trying to say here is that like tweet at Activision Infinity Ward just in general say that make sure to not censor any of the campaign mission because I can I can guarantee that as soon as we have gameplay and it's like graphic there will be some snowflakes they are already people want to ban this campaign it's like they don't understand that this is another entertaining and entertainment medium right it's like a movie but you can interact with it that's it's calls video game but they want to ban it man Activision bade take money you are you are short time zone was right yeah yeah yeah this one it's specific 12:20 so 3:20 and right now it's 242 for me so 3:20 p.m. Eastern 12:20 p.m. Pacific yeah it's coming up very soon it was never if you if you guys want yeah definitely definitely tweet at Activision and stuff like that I mean I activision it's probably the greediest company on planet earth but honestly i don't want there there's one thing that i would stand with activision and that is not banning the campaign or not censoring anything in the game you know what I mean okay so this 3ij and let me check where this bling takes me so that takes me on IGN okay I'll just keep it open on the other side I'm just gonna delete this delete that make sure that's good okay just gonna pop this end I'm gonna chill out with you guys and you know I mean it's gonna make sure there's a little bit of sound the resolution is bad bro wha da shit man oh yeah maybe it's gonna out Oh update its mean a new Def Jam fighting game locale of like cauliflower cauliflower modern bastard warfare Sony won't be at e3 yes Sonny would be later but Sony one e3 yeah I wanna know guys okay I say they say the most absurd thing about PlayStation if you're a Xbox fan say the most absurd thing about Xbox if you are a Sony fan I wanna know say the gayest thing ever that you ever said regarding Sony and police station Xbox I wanna know man I'm gonna try to find like all the other stuff here if you guys got Twitter man hit me up on Twitter link down below skis likes game yeah exactly they said game damn overall they said game demo and the ditch are lentil blames the gamers for being too hot and not activision for vegan misleading statement is the day you know they're sucking their titties yeah brah exactly and you guys want to know something something that I believe this guy this homie found it I forgot his name dude I'm running on low brain cells I'm always retarded in the morning guys I apologize I apologize one in the chat if you're also retarded in the morning even if you're not I know you're not but just say one it will comfort my soul because I'm always retarded in the morning man I forgot his name okay who is immortal yet at this point confirmed information is misleading then leaks have more credibility bro so who's immortal tweeted the other day when the whole thing happened let me find that tweet it's gonna take me a while if when was that operation what day people and homeboys were pissed I wanna see I wanna see angry people man I want to see angry people they posted two ones ones even if even if you're even if you don't feel if even if you're not even if you don't feel the way that I do just just say one it will comfort my soul so you had the weapon bribe coming straight from where can Activision said that guarantee no tube or marked your weapon and guess what guess what guess what guess what guess what he received a more extreme weapon confirmed information bro and today basically said game demo and there it is there there it is did trust me man I made sure to not click bid I was also saying no gameplay no gameplay and I made sure in my title I say hi chances and not confirmed even while the email suggested game demo today like this is this is officially coming from twitch bro like this is officially coming from twitch but I still made sure I put high chances don't want to click bid but like I I hope you guys I hope you see that I hope you see that I'm not trying to click bid I saw this it clearly said game demo I can show you my email as well bad I can I'll refresh it on stream – okay this is my email it's that game demo okay I'm gonna refresh it too so you know that it actually said that so I also received it very sense team demo and other people received the same email too so I'm not trying to click bit anyone bro like I am made sure I don't say confirm to either man I don't know what you do man I don't know what you do it's all twitch man it's all twitch F in twitch okay what else do I need to do okay I'm gonna try to open this tab here alright let me actually put some let's actually watch some fights before the before the second stream starts okay I wanna watch some I wanna watch some fights poetry in motion Dianne's let's watch some some high action fights man damn look at those I'm gonna take this and add hitmarker sound effect in the video when if I if I whenever I make a video I'm probably gonna add your precious subscribe and brother thank you my god this music is gonna be copyrighted hold on let me pause this for a second because YouTube will copyrighted Xbox has amazing exclusive said no one ever write gameplay today or not they just posted the multiplayer trailer right the thing is that they said gameplay but we haven't got it yet we got two more streams to go we might get gameplay we might get gameplay man we might we may not I don't think we're getting the employee to be honest as of now yeah I got the same email okay who else got this email if you're coming onto the stream who else got the email where it says we're gonna get game demo game demo aka game play you know what I mean Xbox is for judo's you know what dear doodles probably is a bad word in Spanish I feel she got clocked yay oh yeah let's actually watch yo damn damn damn let me watch this before a game play ladies and gentlemen now I guess we're if you're coming oh damn oh damn if you're coming on we're just waiting for the second stream to start which will be at 12:20 aka in just thirty minutes from now or 40 minutes 30 40 don't know Mom ATS yeah it's like 41 minutes some shit like that I got the email who got the email though hold out the email two plaits cleaners uh heck no starting at the juice ahead let's watch some more fights there yeah this is on I used look at the helicopter yeah I use that I used this fight for my in my video the other day bro crazy crazy crazy helicopter there man homies being a helicopter okay I want to see some angry people bro also Activision has not confirm anywhere that they're showing gameplay yo let me like this tree tell me where Activision has that similar anything someone she gameplay being shown today today was what everyone was going off yeah yeah yeah bro like obviously no gameplay but this changed my mind this converted me bro this converted me to be a believer by rip rip yeah a lot of people got emails a lot of people got emails show more fights I got you man if that if that helps you fire up dopamine I got you bro bully gone what he deserve this might be a good video bunch of beta males out here damn he's been a bully just function what would you do in his situation punch or low blow or just run away oh damn [Applause] okay let's get it yeah yeah yeah yeah come on after not crying the kisser get it right in the kisser hit him up on the titties yeah thank you so much for uh wishing to know me and listen I appreciate your he's your bro that's real that's real that's real he's a he's a wolf in sheep clothing man real real real stand up man you know that yeah bully got what he deserved yeah yeah dropping a like on this one man yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah never back down man Lamar he accidentally hit dude in the nuts okay I believe that okay time on time on that that's that's illegal somebody kick you know that delete this man don't leave this man damn let me like it up okay let me take the replies man how long uh at 30 more 30 40 more minutes that's the call of duty community worse than Activision I'm gonna you know what this is activation this is call of duty community I'm gonna use this fight okay let me download it right now so I don't forget you know I mean gotta save it up man gotta save it download Twitter video bro that's the hilarious thing ever that was the hilarious thing ever download successful yet just downloaded okay did I use it for a video man I'm gonna use it for a video you guys gotta wait a couple more minutes man for the next you can hear the the two balls colliding yeah right man don't even talk about that like that oh poor a half sakes the appreciate subscribing brother thank you man this is this gameplay ladies and gentlemen gameplay GTA 6 gameplay this is the son of crouppen no can't watch this can't watch this champ watch this can't watch this man that's dirty dog that's dirty can't watch this nah nah okay hold on let me actually make sure I put up the screen before and if you guys are coming on trust Trust trust we're just waiting for the the stream so we're just waiting for it are we getting gameplay today yeah high chances but not can don't let your dogs out like twitch confirm that we're gonna get gameplay but we didn't so don't let your dogs out bro all the other kids with the Pumped Up Kicks you better run better run that guy got his yeah I've really kissed and now that's gay bro I'm an amazing graphics 10 out of 10 actually yeah what up dude men's hit him twice you can see ya do I I brought that's too much details that Dylan too much details too much too much too much that's too much okay let me actually put up the stream real quick in the background and I can chill out which I guess till we get the Activision strain give me a second voice so it was hold on let me actually put another fight just so you guys can release yeah this one is fired more this is the call of duty community going in on activation once the community discovered that there are microtransactions on the likes of which the community has never seen before [Applause] Daniel honestly man twitch this up which just after bro which just effed up man twitch just left up said we're getting gameplay man you gotta wait man hopefully the second stream that's coming up in just couple of minutes more fighting videos please I already yeah yeah I gotcha man I got your gameplay probably in five minutes now yeah he knows dude he knows yeah it's gonna be 3:00 p.m. Eastern right and we're getting the interview in about 25 minutes I'm just gonna put the countdown I'll put 18 minutes because that's what I had but it's actually in 25 minutes right so we're getting it soon man we're getting it soon I want to see some angry people to let me go on on my timeline here so please search the YouTube channel how to basic oh yeah I know what you mean I know I know but I cannot show you other youtuber videos without permission you know crossplane modern warfare but I wanted gameplay man you already know about that it already know about that but we I'm not sure how you're gonna if you're here I don't think you would be there rules have changed here what's up Kelly oh I was going brother how was the Ramadan and it was decent it was good it was pretty good how was yours hopefully was good it said gameplay at 11 I know not it didn't say gameplay but it's that game demo aka gameplay it was coming from twitch but bread bro it's 256 they are late game and gang warfare yeah everyone spam noise Braham just salty that they also say game demo for everything but I think that they already showed the new specialist game the gameplay idea place so for this it sounds it works they also showed Gears of War game demo so they're probably gonna reshoot and that's yeah but they never should game demo for modern warfare but they said game demo but that never happened imagine they're saying game demo they're calling the trailer game demo honestly of I don't know man could be in three minutes yeah I'm gonna keep an eye out let me go on get your man let me go on call of duty but now I don't think so we're getting let me actually go on just make sure I I I'm sitting on their page what time is the gameplay ad should have been should have came out but it didn't but in 17 minutes or let's say 20 minutes there's another stream happening so hopefully there but don't let your dogs out don't let your dogs I don't think we're getting gameplay but there's high chances there's higher chances it's either today or not happening at all till next month or something I hope you get game play man like I need a kick of dopamine bro like I really need a kick of dopamine this gave me a major kick of dopamine but I got I crashed big-time I raise your hands if you had if you got a kick of dopamine when this like game demo but they didn't draw of game demo and then it made you crash raise your hands raise your hands epic sign is winning the World Cup I hope they do man I don't watch cricket anymore but sometimes I do I like it sometimes rarely okay I rarely yet rarely if they don't show gameplay then they can lick my my sack I just tell them to go pound sand bro that's dude honestly I'm gonna go palm sign if they don't drop it man if crowd of the internet would okay quality gonna go 1080 okay finally they have this okay I'm just gonna put it in the background with minimal audio just so cuz we're having on IGN and then we're gonna have another stream later on today if you don't get game play by 3:00 p.m. Pacific then River oh that's gonna be a yikes roll all right make sure all is good okay 259 I'm gonna put the stream on in in a sec I'm Rosen VHS back then but so when he announced a price drop of the PlayStation to $199 yeah in the next day both Nintendo and Sega even with them and announced it for the unreleased n64 they dropped the price from 249 to 199 and so Oh for real okay I'm gonna put that stream on she'll make videos about Bob yeah will do server exe crash upon hearing gameplay yachts apart she has the assaulter precise and the World Cup one two three four how many activation liars are in my store thumbs up if activations are make videos above all I I got your interview in one minute game not it's not interview is not in one minute but just gonna refresh as it's 3 p.m. Eastern if you have gameplay I don't think we will I'm gonna check my notifications as well if they dropped bro like I was always I was saying no game played just two days ago this changed my mind but but they didn't drop gameplay wash okay so in 15 minutes there's gonna be another interview hopefully they show gameplay but I don't think so after that if they don't show in 15 minutes then there's gonna be one last stream of the day if they don't show it there either then it's gonna be a rip and once they're talking I'll make sure the volume is full all right I got you guys for real though you guys think we're getting gameplay or no by the way if you are its its UK time III is gay you know what okay if you're disappointed with this year's e3 smash a like if you're satisfied dislike the video I want to know for now can let me check I never I don't check normally how many likes or dislikes what you have but this time I will so for now as of right now 511 people are disappointed but 9999 people are satisfied with III if you're satisfied dislike but if you're disappoint like myself weirdest a gameplay but they don't shake it don't show gameplay like the stream did honestly I'm kind of just I'm disappointed victim and yeah definitely getting gameplay no bro this side gameplay but never got it brawl I'm hyper spider-man man spider-man for sure Lane I will once they are talking and I won't be talking when they are talking I got you brother I got you yeah cyberpunk is probably the only good thing about this year's e3 that all that I cannot deny cyberpunk is the best yo damn is this Sidney Goodman yes certainly Goodman is caring IGN she is the one caring idea one in the chat if the feeling is mutual looking like a snack hot damn bro you know if I see art I appreciate it yeah now Sidney Goodman is the one caring IGN ok 557 people disappointed 118 satisfied for real 118 of you are satisfied with the e3 how come I mean like I respect it I respect it if the gameplay looks trash I'm not getting colored you did this year people are saying good things about it though now for real Sydney good men she is the one caring I do know their way around whore now they're back with the first entry in the dark pictures anthology man of Madden I'm joined now by Lucy O'Brien Tommy eaten from supermassive games and Shawn Ashmore who's actually in the game yeah welcome thank you so much for stopping by thanks Rio madam a Dan is the first out of the dark picture anthology dark pictures anthology and what can you tell us about this first installment okay so yeah art it's the first game in the anthology it's an anthology of standalone cinematic horror games and kind of building on the stuff we they are being a homie broad they're showing their wares cinematic what are friends who go on a diving trip in the South Pacific it's kind of a holiday of a lifetime they're accompanied by the the skipper of the boat they've hired and they're diverse they like on a diving trip and they find this world war two ever bomber they're kind of like a brand-new find they're really excited yeah this is game play they say they are being a homies man showing the community gameplay and things start to go wrong fairly quickly and they find themselves on this massive decaying world war two in a freighter in the middle of the South Pacific and that the radio is out their engine is busted they're stuck there it's kind of the remotest place on the whole planet and there's something in the ship the stump things still there and you know it's your job to get all those characters out alive uh you've spoken about the fact that every sort of story in the Scent ology will be different than standalone so what genre is man of madden in terms of the horror genre and will the other entries be sort of different horror genres yes so one thing we do is we combine songs a lot subs orders of horrors so it's a man amadon is kind of ghost ship but there's also elements of home invasion movies and things and what we're looking to do is it's a really looking in detail at those dramas and understand what makes them work understand the tropes of those genres and then to kind of subvert them you know their audience his players they have an understanding of how things were but and sometimes that'll help them and sometimes it won't on the games in the in the series will we'll start will have different starting points they'll start from different genres and they'll explore them in their own way so what exactly makes it an anthology viously are they tied by something like what is kind of a through-line there's a couple of there so so one thing is is we kind of supermassive we have a house stuff yeah FD FPS do har I agree things like last year was disappointing but this year is more disappointing than last year interesting I agree very very choice driven branching narrative so all the games last win times times do I have to start the stream then I'll be able strong times two elements that connect the series but I will do that after we stand alone there they have different characters different cast but we got this this guy the curator that you meet who kind of introduces each story in a various points in the games here kind of sit you down talk you through what you've done and he's kind of an intimidating guy maybe he's you know you can't really trust what he's saying so he's eight minutes boys Sean tell us about your character I play a character named Conrad who's he's basically an entitled American who's along on this journey it was one of the reasons that I that I wanted to be a part of the game AI was a fan of supermassive and until dawn but also this was a kind of care could never played before he's brash he's bold he has no filter he's not the nicest guy but within the context of a sort of a survival story in a story like this I character like that so I think one fun remember Norrish and I'm saying remember no gameplay bro so exciting Simon more minutes boys character hopefully we get similar stuff to this and you get def stalking and gameplay at the same time what you a moat as an actor can be captured authentically and then the audience sitting but seriously don't get your hopes up like twitch sled gameplay and we didn't get gameplay its translated really really well so now it's IG intern so don't think we're getting gameplay but there's a chance for willingly sent you to your death we sort of talked about that earlier and what's interesting is like each care very is very different and that's again what what I think supermassive does really well and I think that certain people will be the condone is for the next Infinity Ward stream makeup gameplay may not I don't think we're getting your liberals and characters that I think everybody will sort of be able to it's actually in 12 minutes 11 minutes open you know the other thing it's great to is like there are there's so much branching yeah it's 309 for me so it's in 20 so yeah let's say I'm just gonna change with her it's pretty cool actually yeah I just realized that aren't necessarily in the characters hands like yes good knee good man looking like II wouldn't have thought that's what Conrad would do that's actually a really interesting question and that is a challenge I mean essentially with like a feature script or television script you can see the full arc of the character so you make those decisions well the screenwriter makes a decision and you as an actor man honestly like I appreciate the devs who show the employment don't make the character make sense to you along the way it's essentially just a more complex form of storytelling and yeah I don't know man no but there's often features they never said gameplay bro they never said gameplay twitch said that's why I was like you'll let's scream you know the stream but rip which ultimately helps you think through the character as an actor a lot more sort of an interesting way and an interesting character study that you necessarily do as in depth with maybe film or television how brutal are you going to be with us as players because when I played through and when I play through twice the first time I had one character survive and the second time I kind of figured out you know some of the tips and tricks and and and managed to keep the whole cast so how difficult is there gonna be this time around we think it would be pretty difficult to keep everyone alive and and you know we want really good to see a horror movie I mean some of the cast died that always happens right it would be really weird horror movie if if everyone survives so we have the same mentality this might be like it'll be difficult to keep until dawn bro we looking for different for sure play it again see if I can find out what went wrong make it go right this time it's one of them from the things we enjoy most Raley's sitting around planning all the deaths we have whole kind of meetings about character deaths and watch some stuff this morning it's like yeah you better buy a season pass together obviously put out until dawn and the inpatient what have you guys learned and taken with you to manabu Dan I mean we learned so much from those games one of the really four thing was was I agree the player in a way no game played and there would be more people asking for gameplay and mind at the height would be building and we thought what I think is better what I think is best to do right now is so the influencers have already seen two gameplay so even if they drop like people who have already watched the gameplay or like youtubers who were flown out for them it doesn't matter they already seen it but what I think is that they should drop at least one campaign mission gameplay today and the second one maybe like couple of weeks after one in the chat if you would want that I guess that's much better that will make us want more and that would also satisfy that would satisfy our need for the gameplay today one if you agree to if you want both of them both of the campaign mission gameplays right now three if you don't want anything today and it's happening like your wildest pauses was really cool seven eight minutes girls people really go into the relationship between the characters not just the characters of salvation ships and not the kind of relationships we'd planned other relationships so that was our games don't get your hopes up for gameplay look – we can't had a relationship system about how everyone related to each other but we can't supersize that and really allowed you to go in and find out why people like each other and the things you could do that yeah got us the game flame and I'm video brother secret and if you guys are new to the channel gonna be covering everything regarding Call of Duty like every single thing all the beauty is a priority cyberpunk gaming news some movie trailers for if you're into that subscribe your name will pop um streams great map time I will be covering everything regarding Call of Duty so if you're into it subscribe now cyberpunk next year man gonna be pretty big and like ups five do you don't track is gonna be back there's a huge with microtransactions so good I recurrent that there's lots to explore they go back yeah I know Joelle hunted but never said gameplay that's the thing that's gameplay and I I agree bro because like you know you don't want to be like investigate this shiny pebble and then something drops on your head and you're dead we have a rule a really strict rule about fairness because it is it's a it's a real problem for players if they don't feel that things have been fair thanks for subscribing brother we don't want a player to kind of navigate the game too easily so our rule is we are always not trust like everyone says Call of Duty is dead sometimes myself included but I have to say it's the best-selling game but if you go back and think we've done a fair you'll look as you know yeah they kind of did warn me don't say a race and stuff like that means yes but not thanks so much for subscribing brother is it true that thanks for joining the VIP lounge is my god yeah it's based off a legend of a ship called the orangutan which was found floating there is so much like the devs are fucking total up with it but Infinity Ward's the one we need is like just I'm just gonna like chill out but you guys so guess five more minutes thank you guys so much for subscribing I agree that like but here's the thing failure is needed pwn Z because they I would say they failed two times with infinite warfare and Call of Duty ghost was decent the campaign was good but I don't know but now I believe that they realize that they gotta they gotta do something they cannot go and pounce and this time a Sydney good man man she is the one caring IGN well she is the one caring IGN but not subscribe yet give me two reasons why I should bro Call of Duty literally everything literally everything fast news people say if people see gameplay there I'm here man I'm live streaming hooking you up with everything man Call of Duty cyberpunk gameplays III live streams if let's say our kid headbutts his or her mama I'll cover that okay I'll cover that I gotcha man we're gonna have some heat the memes all that good stuff brother I got you man I got your brother so if you're new definitely subscribed but just know Call of Duty is not priority on the channel cyberpunk will be seen and just shit like that you know I mean change my mind stop playing since black ops 2 didn't have the feeling for modern warfare 2 bro after black ops 2 everything went downhill black ops 3 zombies was the best for me though that I'll say but for me after black ops 3 Call of Duty went downhill black ops for I was so high for it man but the went in with microtransaction so that's just like Ike's but guys in three minutes prepared to be disappointed once again I don't for real though twitch said gameplay and I was a believer of no gameplay but which kind of changed my mind if you don't get game playing three minutes man I'll cry obviously there is gonna be another stream in three hours ago thank you guys so much for subscribing and in three hours or less than three hours there's gonna be another stream and you know what I got you man I got you I got you I'll be streaming again but I'm hoping that they drop gameplay now because I want my need to be satisfied but you know what will be plenty for me is them coming out in two three minutes and doing the interview I know I don't wanna just see the talk but if they say gameplay is coming like at 6:00 p.m. Eastern today that would be plenty so that means gameplay today at least I conveyed three more hours but I hope they confirm it man at least though people have gameplay at 3 p.m. not now yeah yeah I I want to believe that too but I don't know man twitch said gameplay now but you didn't get it so I don't know who what you believe I don't know like even the official information is just whatever you thank you matt harris for subscribing appreciate you man your sydney good man caring IGN bro two more minutes guess two more minutes you're just always a 10 thank you so much guys very excited to see what else you have in store for the describe in geography Brian what's up next hi Sydney I'm sorry that game can it make you cry coming up in just a few minutes we're checking out call of modern warfare followed by Marvel's Avengers and if you need something cute and charming today Nintendo is stopping by at 2 o'clock yay if you get ready disappointed CD Projekt RED is stopping by with sovereign song 2077 III 2019 continues after this very quick break but while we do that you can take a little trip down memory lane as the creator of iconic franchises like Mario The Legend of Zelda and starfox semental pillar of the Nintendo team sometimes I'm gonna pound on for the next ring that's happening absolutely we take a look back on our six favorite Miyamoto III moments okay technically Reggie fils-aime a owns that my body is ready meme but Miyamoto was there for it Miyamoto asked Reggie on stage to help demonstrate one more voice the new Wii Fit balance board – which Reggie replied don't get your hopes up or does a silent double take it Reggie before I don't think we're getting gameplay now maybe later 6000 times awkwardness would blow up into such a recognizable phrase kill kill all your expectations demonstrated different virtual elements using the Wiimote and Nunchuk which led up to one of the most simultaneously / gameplay here goes Love III ever nunchucks game Nintendo officially walked on stage to form a makeshift wii music band Miyamoto picked up the virtual cowbell and eat it in Brittany that was a Wii music rendition of the Super Mario Bros theme [Applause] Ubisoft conference in 2018 the studio's founder Yves Guillermo called – Miyamoto in the audience to thank him for making a collaboration possible he was met with excited applause – which he responded with what can only be described as somewhat embarrassed joy Guillermo presented to him an art we model a prototype of the actual custom it's next up just after this presumably to meet the team who were so grateful dogs ready don't let him out don't let him out it was a sweet moment but it doesn't touch the time Miyamoto made a dude cry more on that later though what's better than a bunch of icons from the gaming industry all in one place icons of the gaming industry all in one place as puppets the intrument I would love Battletoads reunion a serval featured Satori wada reggie fils-aime a and Miyamoto all in their Muppet Lake form at one point Miyamoto starts turning to Fox the cloud while his co-hosts began sprouting resistance for that round yeah just Thank You moment into an interesting interview with Miyamoto discussing his inspiration for starfox in the first place fun fact which is known for its cool archways and association with foxes remember when we told you he made someone cry well after the announcement of Mario Plus Rabbids Kingdom battle at Ubisoft conference in 2017 so Menkaure invited Miyamoto to the stage to discuss their collaboration between Nintendo and Ubisoft men crying gameplay guys Miyamoto made a point of mentioning its creative director David ISA Leon E who stood up took about and clearly had a hard time holding back tears crying for reveal for the Gamecube was not only the birth the reaction guys mean featuring our very own pair Snider but it's held in high regards as one of the best moments in ether grown men crying Twilight Princess may not be everyone's favorite ester surprise III reveal proof that even after eighteen years the end of zelda never stops changing those were our six favorite Miyamoto moments at e3 tell us what your favorite III moments were down in the comments thank you my man keep it locked right here at IGN even appreciate it alright monomorphic coming up I'm gonna apply noise filter I'm hoping to confirm the gameplay for 6:00 p.m. stream if they're not gonna show gameplay now Adam West no PC no wires no limits I cry when ghosts died in monomorphic – yeah bro homies right doesn't believe in the impossible when deployed it if you guys are new hair man let's drive there's gonna be another stream today there are three screens happening tomorrow for Call of Duty elf all reality I don't know if i wanna stream that if you got no gameplay today I don't think I'm gonna stream tomorrow maybe I also Call of Duty's a priority on the channel reality good boy yeah if you're new into call of duty cyberpunk ascribe yours to the five but kill all your expectations because I don't think we're getting gameplay twitch beta dose man oh man I don't have time to busy doing your jobs via one remaster probably gonna happen one one day when ecolution stocks fell Falls with more and even a Spider Man a Kyle I cannot it's not gonna be fair used otherwise gifts I can't sorry I want to watch it Nick Fury just hijacked our vacation from weird to watch official Activision stream there is no official Activision stream there just appearing on different screens so I got your last of us to is gonna last of us to good part 9 bad live streams IGN brings you all the coverage you need no matter where you are whether your nygean calm at the IGN app youtube any second now boys IGN the number one source for all games and entertainment fans worldwide dude we need to build a technology to skip ads in like theater rooms and like ads here to hood that are live bro they need to build a technology like that all right coming up now please be game play Call of Duty is one of the most popular game franchises in history one of my personal favorites and the original modern warfare is a big reason for that now modern warfare is back modernised once again here to tell us all about it please welcome Joel Emsley and Dan Goldenberg from Infinity Ward and I gns very own James Dig Dug Duggan brah welcome thank you for stopping by so let's just jump in how do you want to warfare it's a reimagining of modern warfare can you like does that mean it's a rebuilt what does that mean yeah not a reboot it was if you look at the modern warfare trilogy yeah and you know what's left after that it's almost an alternate reality so if you if you think about my last my last call did he was nearly 10 years ago that was one of warfare 2 and then they had to continued on in modern warfare 3 the you know modern warfare has essentially been put to bed for almost a decade so when we went back to it I mean I actually came back to Infinity Ward specifically a work on I heard rumors that modern warfare might be being you know disgust yeah and I said please let me be a part of that you know I did there was something like the best times of my life but you know we wanted to know gameplay I'm disciplining and be more creative with it so the idea of reimagining it allowed us to put it set it in today's world raise your hands if you're disappointed and you know I think like if you're disappointed dislike if you're satisfied to compare it to Casino Royale or Nolan's Batman where you're taking something that everybody knows and loves and maybe some Fuchs some few friendly faces that you've seen in the past and kind of reimagine him how they would look in today's times so called duty is an iterative franchise where one builds on the next so it's call of duty modern warfare represent a more significant leap in that respect yes I we would need a whole show to go into this like that's but I the significance to me is it's a much more you know I'd say I could it's a grown-up version of modern warfare if you look back at previous Modern Warfare's they were a result of you know it's always been cinema that we've been after we've gone after a cinematic you know fun to play experience and that was a product of that time now if you fast-forward to now you know it was a little more a little more you know big pyro and lots of machine guns and crazy bombastic awesome over-the-top moments which is totally awesome but you never had a chance to breathe with it if you look at what we're doing now it's more a product of cinema now where you have things like Sicario and American sniper and other other things like that even Jack Ryan which came out recently so it's a little bit more grown-ups a little more of a product of today's time got it so you spoke about these higher stakes I've heard like grittier tone be thrown up Goodman what defining care what within the game is a defining characteristic of this like grittier tone these higher stakes yeah I think they we have we have a few people from you know it's an all-star team but we have some other narrative team is from Naughty Dog there they're all Naughty Dog guys they won authoritative to the game that I've never seen before and also if you combine the fact that we're doing performance capture with real with actors and actresses not just voice actors and actresses but actually going and capturing capturing these performances we have Captain Price being acted by an actor named very Sloane who's gone through you know buds and maybe sealed training for actors instead yeah full on but yeah he's setting the bridge yeah when you see price you know moving around there's just something more believable about it more relatable and you know what we get out of it if we're talking gritty and you know more realistic is the stakes are higher the game is more intense the things that you're dealing with are more intense and you start caring for these characters more you actually even start caring about you know one thing that I think is interesting about it is it's not about what your shoot it's not about it's more about when you don't pull the trigger so the game is is we're challenging the players to be in these realistic environments with you know you want to save as many as you can you don't want to hit civilian targets and things like that I need evidence blasting dynamic yeah I think where we talk about real world combat one thing that comes to my mind is asymmetry there are some games like squad they do a phenomenal job of depending upon the the faction or the the Armed Forces nation that you're playing ads you get a very different loadout is that something that's represented in Call of Duty minor one oh definitely that the narrative is actually broken up into two sides you have a tier one side we we've been talking about this a little bit we've been we've been showing a bit of the game behind closed doors but it's you know it's pre alpha so we're not it's not ready to come out but we have it we have a Tier one side with Captain Price and then we have another side that we'll talk a little bit more later but it's more of a guerrilla side where you're you're being more improvisational with your tactics you're working with numbers you're working with knowledge of the environment but you know it's a little more interesting that way but having the the dynamic of those two together makes for a great balance in game play it's kind of a tradition of Call of Duty to kind of show things from different perspectives and that's how we're doing it this time so really quickly because I do want to get to the call of duty endowment is SpecOps coming back at the beginning of the teaser trailer that you guys showed us it reminded me so much of evasion which is one of my my favorite special ops mission so it is coming back it is it's coming back in a way that you know I think I could say this SpecOps you was at a time when we were first doing it it was the the stuff that was hitting the cutting room floor that we didn't want to let go one gameplay yeah that's what this is all about yeah but I think what what makes this SpecOps more interesting is the narrative carries through into SpecOps so there's more to it so now our spec ops has you know it reveals more you can find more out working so there is a thing that we're really working on where it's consistency across the modes in the game so everything is relevant and look it has a tie there's a lot of DNA that binds everything together awesome so Call of Duty endowment you guys are doing so many incredible things can you just take us through what exactly that is sure the call duty endowment is focused on getting as many veterans and high-quality jobs as possible our goal is 100,000 placements by was it by 2024 and we're well on our way we're at 57,000 right now we're doing dogs about 10,000 placements this year and we're looking back now coming up on our 10-year anniversary it's hard to believe but we are the largest private funder a veteran employment in the world now well Dan how do I get in both yeah there's a lot of great ways the easiest way is to go to our site call of duty endowment org and clap and click on ways you can help and there's two things particularly I'd like to highlight or three things one is we have our news merged by Amazon store so all you know a percent of those proceeds go to all our vets since Activision Blizzard covers all of our operating costs every cent goes to putting vets and jobs and then there's all kinds of opportunities to buy in-game items that also 100% support the endowment guys kill all your hopes for game play what can you tell us about what's next for us coming up in two minutes we have more event Monday my day my people look at one of the games were most excited about from okay I'm gonna play it in just a little bit I want to see you Avengers guys – live streams down the toilet – live streams down the toilet major yikes broke activation tweeted out something let me check what – okay there's one more screen game demo game demo for modern warfare game demo officially received an email earlier man who received an email that said game demo one in the chat if you did – in the chat if you didn't I want to know uh I mean okay here's the thing I absolutely want to see more dev talks and them you know showing behind the scenes talking behind the scenes but this is the e3 this e3 has been a major yikes bro yes cyberpunk major POG halo look good watchdogs 3 I'm a fan but nothing mind-blowing yet yeah watch this 3 was pretty good in my opinion but we need more we need gameplay bro wad who here is disappointed man only one stream should go for today and that's gonna be like a 3 p.m. Pacific I don't think we're getting game played then either that's the thing bro tomorrow we're having three more streams so I will be streaming if you're new definitely subscribe and we can stay we can be disappointed together it's later yeah like it's either at like 6 p.m. Eastern 3 p.m. Pacific or not at all look at until on Twitter charleen tool alright hold on hopefully it is like later man cuz I'm disappointed bro Sony yeah they're not at e3 for short check charlie until I got you guys it appears there may not be publicly in play for more warfare 3 on the edge until just now iw said that they are showcasing stuff behind closed doors at e3 and they don't want to show it off yet brah brah get appreciate it that'll just kill the presentation time for low quality video leaks yeah yeah get ready guys gonna get some low quality gameplay later researchers no closed guys so what I was saying no gameplay like you can literally watch my two other videos that I made the other day where I talked about the timing of streams I said I said no gameplay and I start with it but what changed my mind was this this email that's that game demo bro this email that's not game demo made me change my mind and I got a major kick of dopamine but now I'm experiencing a major crash okay major crash sony tweeted sony tweeted one in the chat if you're if you got a kick of dopamine but now you're experiencing a major crash i should go on playstation maybe okay where am i be Sony tweeted you said you're gonna go on PlayStation show it off now or never actually not surprised yeah like that thing is that I don't think the reason I said no gameplay was because it's journalists want you banned this game right so it's gonna be pretty I mean III makes sense for them to drop gameplay but it just felt like that we're not gonna get one but then got this email just thought there will be but rip read the word no not what Sony said though bro why not just show us we don't care – it exactly what it is to be honest bro to be honest the campaign stuff is pretty much close to being finished pretty much like they already have the engine ready to God like voice actors maybe not voice actors but I'm not I came developer so I do not know how far along they are but they have been working on this game for three years five years been the engine so I don't know man I don't know okay it did send a kid also said we're gonna get game played today I mean everyone thought we're gonna get a game played because of twitch man because of twitch let me check my DM on the other monitor give me a second boys I'll get back to you guys on Chad maybe got an Intel ever saw this image of mana warfare yeah already seen it keV if you read much and I already seen it yeah let me find something else yeah go all we all got click bet it bro we all got click baited I was pretty like on the fact no gameplay but this gave me a kick odo for me an anomaly experiencing a crash like the stream if you're disappointed dislike if you're satisfied with no gameplay today part of me is happy no gameplay but because that means that kind of generates more hive but that also leaves me disappointed I'm not sure there are two missions that they can show at least show one to us on at e3 this e3 has been a major disappointment wash all that shit man that doesn't say gameplay you guys realize this doesn't start for another three hours right now dude it was yesterday yeah there has been three streams man the last one is 3 p.m. and now Charlie until says they will show gameplay behind closed doors rib brawl I don't think we're getting gameplay either at slicks so guys should we should I still should be still stream at 6 or no yes or no if you don't I don't know if i wanna stream at 6 because no gameplay no gameplay but i want to listen to what they say for sure but i don't know bro oh man major yikes broad disappointed right now bro major disappointed okay 770 of you are disappointed but 200 of you are satisfied what you guys are ok but i can respect it if you're satisfied for sure i mean a like when there's opposition but man I don't know man I'm salty wrong I was wrong my expectations were down to the point where I I knew there wouldn't be any gameplay but this changed my mind bro this change of mind I'm a twitch if you're listening go pound sand go pound sand go pounce and believe me it will be some there will be something at 3:00 dude I I believe you I believe you but at the same time you had Charlie until engaging and say it appears there may not be public gameplay because IGN said that they're showcasing stuff not gameplay but stuff behind closed doors and I know that cyberpunk is doing the same thing but cyberpunk has been pretty like a clear they said that they already confirmed cyberpunk devs already said that they're gonna show gameplay behind closed doors and they're gonna show more gameplay to the public later on and they said that the reason for that is they want to build hype and I can respect that because they officially said that but Activision just never saved man they never say they said yeah we're gonna have stream we're gonna have people from the gameplay department and that makes people believe we're getting gameplay but obviously rip but man Call of Duty is our priority in the channel along with cyberpunk if you're new definitely subscribe your name will pop up on them stream yes Stream later don't expect nothing from Cod I think all of the e3 yeah bro that's a major disappointment Man III is for gameplay and to showcase gameplay it's yeah include trailers include cinematics but most importantly drop gameplay to men apparently there's no gameplay no nothing from infinity war at e3 just some devs tall dudes talking and then youtubers making multiple 10-minute videos on F all that sweet Yi IV bra on uh you guys disappointed so does captain have a new voice actor yeah new voice actor for that too what time the third stream in the UK 6:00 p.m. Eastern just google it you know what I'll I'll be a homie I'll do it for you ok I got you brother I got you 6 p.m. est Guk uh 11 p.m. for your time bro 11 p.m. your time III sis for kids now III poor gameplay such a disappointment it feels like I'm watching just movies and shit she's looking like a snack is that W again I don't know okay so there this dream there's gonna be another stream very soon you're thanks so much for subscribing tree should I keep on streaming or should I start another stream or should I go palm sign and not string at all because I don't think we're getting gameplay at all we got click waited man by twitch stream later or no I don't know what what you guys saying no no disappointed and wait for the gameplay I enjoyed the seed 3 already song good I'm glad you enjoyed it but honestly like for me I don't the only thing that has me satisfied is cyberpunk even though no gameplay but cyberpunk devs bro they legitimately put out a statement before people even had their hopes up for gameplay and cyberpunk already dropped 1 hour of gameplay last year right so it's you know I'm gonna let cyberpunk go I'm gonna let him slip I'm you know I'm I'm liking what cyberpunk is doing they are really Pro consumer at this point they are understanding their fan base and community and they're not doing shitty stuff like Activision with microtransactions and whatnot so cyberpunk good Activision and fortnight bad ok say it with me activate a cyberpunk good Activision and fortnight bad portlet always bad though sometimes Activision good but fortnight always bad stream later change your title yeah I would have to 100% I'll say no gameplay just making sure I'll change it now bro yeah yeah originally I just wanted to have like modern warfare panel but then sort which email me earlier brawls that game demo right yeah oh okay what should I change it to modern warfare panel panel no gameplay make sure I put no gameplay cuz I don't want homies to get a kick of dopamine and then crash like I crashed I trust guys I had no expectations of gameplay today twitch made me get a kick of dopamine but then I crashed then I crashed and I know man it's a bad yeah cyberpunk good activation for not bad stream later two hours of gameplay dude cyberpunk drop 1 hour of gameplay last year brawl and honestly that that was pretty decent but didn't didn't hurt me up but what they're doing right now they said free DLC and microtransactions gameplay will be later cinematic looks good Keanu Reeves in isn't it I'm all out for a man DS out for cyberpunk man DS out for cyberpunk I respect that you're not here for a click but yeah J pillar obviously bro like I'm you can watch my time zone for I made 2 videos on it like I can show you just yeah I don't want to I don't want to click bit though but let's be real everything on YouTube is click bit like if you click on it you got baited for real but there's good click bit there's bad click but like I really didn't want you to click bit anybody I said high chances never confirmed either but twitch just are there like one of thank you guys so much for being on the stream man really appreciate it where was that yeah this four days ago I said no gameplay and in this one where is that where is that where is that where is it you had this one six dreams in this video I also said no gameplay too because I genuinely believe that we're not gonna get gameplay but there are there were some things were that were saying gameplay this got me man this got me they got me bro they got me they got me twitch got me man Finch got me bro not even joking they just dropped it yeah right yeah right it's gonna I'm still gonna refresh it though still gonna refresh it we're gonna refresh it check Twitter yeah I'll check everything man I'll check everything no one gameplay bro I'm gonna check minorities no no DS thank you guys so much for subscribing and being a homie really really appreciate y'all whoever just said we need exosuit FS who needs exorcist I wanna know one if you need it too if you don't I wanna know man don't roll be real I don't need it man I don't need them I don't need a man we had so much of that bro are you going to stream Ubisoft never again bro never again wait what I have 600 cases that have all notification turned on why does it not feel like that okay so did YouTube say that did YouTube gave us the I want to know how many of you guys got notifications on for my channel be real you don't have to speak your mind if you haven't turned on no DS you can say I haven't if you have let me know I'm gonna check it later I think that gue YouTube is giving us more data I like that but yeah chaos is being real like if 600 key subs have notice on then that's I can see why he's like now that's that doesn't look real do you like black ops for I loved it in the beginning man I'm not gonna lie but no I haven't played it in the longest haven't played it this is my reaction when I look at black ops for now yeah so a trio can suck a fat one bro crear just disappointed big-time I hate how Call of Duty marketing is always so secretive which send out false email based on some of miscommunication saying the would seem our warfare gameplay why don't they come out and correct it straight away instead they just say style yeah I agree yeah Twitter's just Twitter I believe the reason twitch click bedded is because they needed more people to be on the website they realize that III is big and everyone is on YouTube right so twitch was like nah man we need more people on there on the website I believe that's why this did I mean they want to eat I you know like they just want to eat I cannot blame them you know I'm all of em all with them if they wanna eat I have but I got the notification ten minutes later no no DS I got you a ruffle I appreciate you damn I have notifications by the way koku I appreciate you black ops four is horrible it is black I'll be the first youtuber man should say black ops four is not crash yes game ever I loved it in the beginning no campaign but whatever I loved it I loved it I loved it but now looking at black ops for its some major disappointment bro black ops for can hurry are gifts can go suck a major man if I understand not every trade EV want microtransactions to be that bad some of them definitely are working hard and I respect that and I'm saying if you are dad who is doing everything you can in your power to satisfy the the player base I respect it I'm signing good karma but if you're someone who just wanna ruin the experience I mean go suck a major go side go work with Joe flows Joe smoke Joe there was a guy who was all about Benjamins man I think it's like division but true I think it's Activision and Treyarch both I don't know man I don't know bro I'm not excited for Modern Warfare because the last mango brah I'm sad for you bro guys half in the chat for the homie man half in the chat for the homie Skymaster 3000 still waiting for more zombie mess yeah I am but whatever bro whatever they're probably gonna drop the map like even if you have season pass you will probably have to buy a or transaction in order to play zombies map Harris it cannot just be activation it cannot just be activation it cannot just be I'm pretty sure activation is a pretty big guy cut it just cannot be activation alone they overcharge for the game vo4 should have been like exactly now I know honestly the game should have been $60 because inflation and I understand to be honest here's the thing I know a lot of people are not with the season pass I also am NOT with the season pass but at least you know what if you're gonna charge people for season pass make it so people who buy the season pass get all the new content literally everything is behind supply drops and there's a 0.5% chance of you acquiring a weapon if you pay money to get it like it's like ice bro okay so I'm gonna end the stream should I do keep on streaming or should I because the next stream is in two hours you know what I'm gonna end the stream and should I keep I should I stream like let's say in an hour's time or no didn't they I could swear the this said that Call of Duty gameplay will probably be at Gamescom yeah I think so the two yeah this I had this has been disappointing man III has been disappointing only cyberpunk has me pretty pretty hot man like if I see something good I'm gonna appreciate it man like cyberpunk bro like I wasn't a fan but now I'm a big fan of cyberpunk cyberpunk good man cyberpunk is the best bro like and that's coming from me who didn't like cyberpunk and I don't like futuristic tech at all but I'm loving cyberpunk alanders yeah when Drew's game looked pretty good too yeah thank you guys so much for subscribing start stream 30 minutes before stream in an hour yeah I'll stream in an hour or let's say 50 minutes before and chill out that you guys right wait so when is the gameplay not today not today that's all I know don't get don't have high expectation boys keep watching us get good old there is no gameplay yeah no gameplay bro no gameplay no gameplay I made sure I say my title guys if you have been disappoint disappointed smash like if you're satisfied smash dislike I'm gonna know your opinions I'm gonna end stream I'll see you in about an hour's time because there's another stream let's so for a gameplay but don't get your hopes up don't let your dogs out if you have let your dogs out bring them back in not looking good bro wanna play black out honestly I don't like playing black ops for I'll be real I don't like playing black ops for they killed all my all my wife and they killed all my patient too so patients too like I don't like playing black black ops for anymore I loved it but now yeah might still play when DLC 3 comes out but that's it epic gameplay Thank You Man thank you man I'll end your stream yeah it's you know wait what it's called a Baldur's Gate descent and revertas and that'll give you the chance roll this looks good warthog of the city hey my locations in town the important characters you might need in baldur's gate 3 along with the levels 1 to 13 campaign that I think we it really captures the spirit of all threes game within the campaign itself you start in Baldur's Gate and then you're sent to hell and literally the nine hells of D&D and there you have to decide you want to redeem the city or do you want to sled it slide into damnation so to me ball that's a game or a moment alright I saw that I was ice skate I got a kick of dole money player decide everything was cinematic yeah why either me or am I thinking my character in terms role-playing trust a trust Rena CID this and I'm gonna okay after this I'm gonna like quit streaming and I'm gonna start another one later but I want to know your opinions do you like cinematics I love cinematics I'm all for them but my tiny bit cinematics is that cinematics look so good to the point very we all expect the gameplay it should be this good but when the gameplay drops is just not that good and everyone is kind of disappointed right one if you shared the if the feeling is mutual – if you're like no I want cinematics and and no real gameplay let me know man let me know because this is cinematic and this looks good dude I cannot even look at that what all right man I'm gonna end stream let's hope there's something later but don't get your hopes up man I'm disappointed with a place of modern warfare remastered I'm ending stream made play later honestly I don't know man yes cuz oh how they hanging I just heard ìwe is doing a circle instead of gameplay yeah they're just circling around how do you know there is no gameplay today brother twin coconuts welcome on in the the thing is that originally I spoke with someone I have someone inside ok they always tell me stuff they told me no gameplay long sensation also has no gameplay Victor Chinese leaker said no gameplay so it was pretty spot-on the fact that we're not gonna get gameplay but earlier she did they said game demo and I was like okay so we're getting gameplay didn't receive gameplay yet and now Charlie Intel also says that it appears that there will not gonna be public gameplay they're gonna show like closed doors and it sounds real to me because journalists wanna ban this campaign because it's too graphic and you know snowflakes basically they don't wanna you know so to me it looks like that they're not gonna show gameplay at e3 even though they should but the reason I think they're not gonna show at e3 publicly is because it's too graphic and everyone is at e3 mostly adults so they should show it in my opinion but I don't think they are going to and Charlie until also says this so this is all my reasoning for no gameplay today but trust me man trust me he's made this converted me into a believer and just a couple of minutes ago I was saying we're getting gameplay but we didn't rip but there's one more stream hopefully we get gameplay but just know that they say devs are coming from gameplay department and they don't say gameplay so I know some people would take this and be believe that they're showing gameplay I hope they do though I really wanted alright no worries thanks for keeping me updated little son yeah Bri shared twin coconuts Thank You Man but yeah I'm the GI one gameplay too man trust trust – ain't no game play it deep down I'm craving for one um I really wanted man I really wanted trust I wanted I wanted man all right I'm gonna end stream full stream probably in an hour's time let's hope there's gameplay if you're new subscribe leave a like if you're disappointed dislike if you are satisfied but leave a like if you're disappointed ok thank you for subscribing and I'll see you in an hour okay peace out boys

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21 thoughts on “E3 2019 Live: Modern Warfare Panel *No Gameplay* | MW4 / MW E3 2019 Livestream”

  1. Im still happy that they're releasing a new modern warfare, been waiting for ages, hopefully its got guns i used to love, im patient for the gameplay they'll release it at some point be abit later in the year im guessing, not happy with the click bait notifications though next time i see modern warfare gameplay on here im not even gonna click it haha may as well call me your pal then slap me

  2. I was more disappointed with you speaking over them while they where talking. Sure it wasn’t a demo but damn let us hear what they saying dog,

    So annoying hearing you constantly saying “game demo bro” “wtf bro, disappointed, where’s the game demo” like man we get it. It’s not there oh well. Maybe it was a typo or bad communication but damn let them talk dog.

  3. Well,Call of Duty XP must be coming back then. Unless they'll just release the mp trailer on July or August. Who knows? Please make a Call of Duty XP event on the end of June or on July. Come on 🙁

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