LOL!! – Call of Duty Black Ops 4 PLAYS OF THE WEEK #37

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LOL!! These are some insane plays as the fight is on for many to take their place in the CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 4 PLAY OF THE YEAR.
The best Plays from Call of Duty Black Ops 4 as voted for by you come together for the ultimate prize, is it all over already, will one of these clips take the crown of the best of the best!! YOU VOTE, YOU DECIDE, who becomes the Play of the Year.

Vote in the comments below & If you have an epic BO4 clip, COD Top Play or Call of Duty best moment of multiplayer gameplay, send in your best clips by linking them in the comments or on my social media.

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hey there everyone and welcome along to another episode of the call of duty of black ops for multiplayer plays of the week now all the clips you're about to see in this episode have been sent in by you the community and now they're looking to get your votes then with a step closer to being crowned the play of the year for black ops 4 multiplayer here on the channel now we're kicking off the episode with three honorable mentions these can be voted for just like any of the other clips if after you've seen all of them one of them is your favorite and to do that well you need to vote down below in the comments by rating hm and the number of your favorite but do make sure you've seen all of the remaining 10 clips before you do vote with the letter down in the comments in the last episode it was play B from Z 12 p.m. and slice and dice but got the most votes and does now move on to the next round so congratulations to you and good luck looking to become that play of the year if you put a quick clip I'm gonna get involved leave a link to your clip in the comments or you can send to me for my social media here we go with play from Kevin fares and there are radiating dozen maybe you'll be voting a full play beam this is evil 23 21 so they're always moving to the next hostile system intrusion has been detected next up its play see from Savioli and its machining chains operator mod Titan oh no I tried to save you I'll get you a vegan holy shit then we have got your play D from Josh mm and there's one way to win then it's all about Boston fan 79 this is your play E and a well wind is hitting town you play F it's as Kanani and it's a brand partner we've still got plenty more incredible plays to go this is the first of them is your play G it's Thunderstone 70 and it's a 14 cap next you've got blood recoil and they have got a demon bow ruin neutralized next up this is play I from X the seventh CC and they're ready to annihilate all these plays and here we go the final choice it's play J from black ice 19 and they're a sweet sweeper so there you go these are your choices it's now over to you turn vote for your favorite just write the letter all the letters a number of the win a vote for down below in the comment section if you've got a great play and want to get involved in a future episode leave it linked in the comments or you can send it to me on my social media which are all on screen right now subscribe to the channel daily top 10s on all of your favorite games and loads of other exclusive gameplay and walkthroughs every a single day we need to do is click the logo in the middle of the screen and then of course turn on notifications ring the bell and never miss another video from a seam or call of duty they're linked on the right hand side of your screen my name is Tommy T – blind believing your dreams and I'll speak to again in the next one

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