Modern Warfare 4 Reveal Trailer Event in LA Leaked Date By COD YouTuber! (Call of Duty MW4 Reveal)

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HUGE COD YouTuber Leaked Modern Warfare 4 Reveal Trailer Event in LA & Date (Call of Duty MW4 Reveal)

Today we have a video regarding Call of Duty MW4 info, specifically we are going to be talking about the fact that we will be seeing Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare 4’s trailer reveal soon this month in May, we also have a leaked Modern Warfare 4 release date and/or the Modern Warfare 2 remastered release date, new COD MW4 teaser videos for the reveal trailer, & more! ENJOY

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we've liked in five seconds if you want to play Modern Warfare fall right now all guys that this is the gaming revolution here and welcome back to an all-new modern warfare 4 video now we have a late video today but we have some breaking modern warfare news so an Italian called due to youtuber accidentally leaked that he's going to were an LA reveal for modern warfare 4 next week now obviously he was not supposed to disclose this information he has probably signed an NDA I don't know why he has slipped up and said this accidentally within a video now obviously his video is all within Italian 50 my normal quality console and stuff casa facto per organism or fetal apartamento a Milano condition and so we pointless me showing the actual video but someone has kindly translated it over on the modern warfare 4 subreddit he said that he is going to be going there on Sunday the 19th of May and he's going to be staying there for a week more or less so the reveal is inbound it is bound to be happening very very soon and to suspect that we are probably going to be seeing teasers for the reveal this weekend possibly teaser images gameplay images are just a little short teaser video clip but nevertheless news is inbound news is coming very very soon for modern warfare 4 so if he is going to be staying there on Sunday the 19th and staying there for around a week then when are we going to be seeing the modern warfare 4 reveal well it could be coming next week Tuesday's are a likely date for when it could be so we could be seeing on the 21st of all we could be seeing it the following weekend only 25th or the 26th however recently we did get leaked images from the GameStop database which said that they were going to be receiving modern warfare 4 reveal t-shirts on the 28th of May which is in two weeks time so if he is going to be going to the reveal on the 19th and he's going to be staying there for around a week then the reveal could possibly be on the 28th of Tuesday which is when Game Stop get those reveal t-shirts anyways within the next two weeks we will be seeing the modern warfare 4 reveal it's confirmed although we don't have a specific date we can sort of estimate around when it will be so I would just say stay on the lookout because teasers will be coming soon and then we will see the reveal there on further out so I'm assuming we'll see a teaser which will probably give us the official date now that it has leaked out from this youtuber but yeah I don't really have much else to tell you guys anyways thank for watching the video make sure you subscribe you know and if less than greatest modern waffle for news and information center is thanks for watching and bye you

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  1. Anyone watch Syndicate's vlogs? Yeah he says he was going to LA yesterday (Monday) to play 'a new secret game'… well wonder what that could be
    Basically we already know this

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