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We out here with some more Call of Duty WWII online multiplayer action!!

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with some more Call of Duty World War 2 gameplay and yep sorry about not getting any live streams out yesterday but obviously I was going to play some Call of Duty with them with my mates sherry Koji 45 but unfortunately he were he had other commitments last night so we're going to try and get that get a live stream done for 10 o'clock – mother night that's Thursday so yeah just sent out a quick tweet we are live and yep let's go for it let me just check my guns yep I'm gonna keep hold the line and the tactical insertion as I always do and yeah you know what I'm gonna play a few shipment games this stream because obviously you love shipment it's a really good map you know it's a lot of yeah so it's a it's a lot more fun to play shipment so here we go guys so we starts off with the domination game not too shabby come on come on take it back there we go Oh we're losing brilliant okay domination take control see straight in on the beach just in here customer now come on got one [Applause] just for wanna see our workshop come on spawn right on to the seeker EDI you know I was on the floor come on yo I pack my basically Sheri had other commitments last night so we wasn't able to do it we're going to do it at 10 o'clock tomorrow when Sherry's available contested we're so sorry we couldn't get the stream yesterday but you know Chevy our commitments I know I know made we tried we try to get the get the streams done on time but you know oh how did that whoa come on one help me guys holy hell like like I'm fly he's right there dude come on paw come on don't do that come on come on boat it wasn't my fault I was already to stream I actually found him you know I actually called him and he just turned and said family was around so he couldn't do it so unfortunately we couldn't do it I was already to do it last night but you know these things happen though these things happen where are you yeah get bodied oh what a shot yeah hashtag shadow squad oh that was lucky holy think we still lost though hey no problem man if if you can afford the the Call of Duty World War 2 game then yeah of course join our squad mate 14 16 14 16 to captures 10 defends hello well you gotta wear villager why you got to do this to me man you know I'm Albion well you gotta wear Villa shirt come on now you wear what you wanna wear dude you know free country and all that right you know I'm going to go on to Team Deathmatch just a straight-up deathmatch but yeah I'm gonna because Chevy's at work now so he cut me obviously can't do tonight so we are planning just to postpone it until 10 o'clock time overnight I will get in contact with him tomorrow to confirm it and I'll let you guys know on Twitter and but yeah we couldn't do it yesterday I was all ready and raring to go phoned him up sorry John couldn't do it but that's fine you know these things happen you know sometimes plans don't always go according to plan so so yeah we're going to we're going to do the next installments of Ecology either big game tomorrow tonight's stream is just practice team deathmatch time to show what you're made of soldier so on Team Deathmatch bring the war to them and bring it hard you know what dude I am actually thinking of playing someone hats oh I died I am actually thinking of playing a few Pokemon blog that the main game first so yeah maybe that's not so maybe that's an option for like later for later streams and I will and I will stream them Oh every time I eat someone I go come on let's get out of here oh what a shot mate I've played every Pokemon generation oh my days that was time playing ultra Sun so yeah I've played I've played every played every generation don't worry about that so I'm guessing liquid crystal ism genitive Johto region just die already oh no I'm a I haven't got a switch but I'm going to invest in a switch and then boil it and then I'm gonna play pokemon let's go Pikachu and when it climbs out I'm gonna plate off my sword so you know that's future content but at the moment I haven't got a switch I've got to invest in a switch yeah man now I know what what it looks like it's got similar mechanics to similar mechanics to that what the hell was that yeah well to be honest veneer live-streamed a bit of e3 yesterday and sword and shield was on that so some of the sword and shield gameplay now it looks like the beasts gonna be a wild wild Pokemon battles and but all I've all I've got to go on is um Vinnie's livestream of e3 so so yeah the Pokemon segment for me3 where they they played a few of the games and played a few of the bit the gameplay and yeah they showed the air they showed the max raid battles and the the whole new Dynomax scene stuff no one lets go no I know they they just they just show up like and Pokemon go style don't they you know so it's not really wild battles you just you know who you who you go in as but you know you know who which when you're gonna fight but yeah it looks like there is wild battles on him sword and shield from what I from what I saw yesterday but yeah when I finished I'll do you a drink don't worry oh let me just I don't know five it's always my party one sec dude I think oh yeah I didn't privatize my party one second buddy I am there we go there we go so I should be on private note I be party you know what tell my days yeah it's easy to warm me up chairs marshal no I'm not going on a diet no I'm not I'm at my weight that I want to be [Laughter] you are yeah I know I got one of them down I'm gonna get it yeah teammates talking about I capture the flag that's teamwork oh how did neon doing start a shit on the villa chance mate we'll all I'll be in here spawning out see now why can't I come yeah get bodied nearly going while still camp in there all my days right have that oh how did he not go my two can play at this game now now capture the flag you stupid Wow my might gone to Spain and tell him to go after Pokemon what are you on about man move out son take position thing all right activating fighter pilots and clear the CCAP from my teammates where are my teammates man come on this is this is a big risk just hope the three teammates of a me can hold it off long enough for my care pack to drop oh and it's gonna go all the way brilliant oh he's gonna check it out he's gonna check it now I took two of them down just go try and get back to my care fact before anyone mix it got it that was a ply and it was a carpet bomb as well so if they've got that it would be game over okay I have used it just killed three people in one go with it and I'll just calling you AV for good measure headshot him that's another few on the carpet one whoa there is someone in there the least definitely someone in there and I'll Cathy a guide but it was worth it all that was a nice kill double kill oh what a headshot snake team be good job I'm not a J channel worms back a month oh what a shot the worse for me again 140 to 200 that wasn't bad score in the end tv-14 yeah so would have got 34 kills 38 deaths they captures 10 defends not bad do I get a box no I don't yeah no problem Park come on I'm not gonna stay streaming for long this was this was just a quick stream anyway so yeah see you later pack come on just gonna make this the last game anyway for the stream so we'll just go on Kill Confirmed yeah don't forget 10 o'clock tomorrow night me and Chevy CO and hopefully a few of our other guys as well so yeah the doing a domination don' team deathmatch now we've got a kill confirm eyes public gaze he just sits there I've got on the chat here you've not moved all stream yes but he's playing his own game so that's why you ain't moved jumping on what yeah he's fine he's just engrossed in his own game not that kind of channel ah geez he's played this he's got his own he's got his own profile on this fuck crazy so ah come on what are you one of ethics yeah mate he's on level 84 final prestige on his on his profile and I'm not even joking he's played this even more than I have to be honest oh nice double kill can I'll get these tags never gone I've got one of them Wow you really what you really want to say in flight you really want to sorry Marsh chat wants to see you play no no he's done chat now they just watch me play they're not on their own levels I already am mate yeah like I said on his own profile he's on point of the stage so he's like on level 80 or something so obviously you know he can't really play on my profile because it's all like my weapon yeah I was gonna say my weapons and my settings and everything so I know you've got a multitude of stuff being yeah what one other day one of the days I'll have to set up stream on on his profile and then he'll show you what he can do like I said Packer money won't you wouldn't be like playing to the best of his ability because we're not uh knees broke off he never plays anyone else's profile except his own that's the thing this is my profile so exactly so I can ask him but the answer is not until I've got my profile on come on and we lose again not very much 63 65 so one of the nights our load up load up see fingers I can't put his profile on without end in the stream that's the thing so one of the times sometime in the near future I'll load up a load up his profile and then I'll start all the broadcasting software and startled the stream and then you can show you what you can do agreed everyone all good with that not tonight though so well that's it yeah oh I wish my channel was PG oh the bayonet yeah so that that's an idea for stream in the near future possibly this week later this week okay guys wow that's going to be domination again obviously yeah change what-what can I cheat on I'll know he loves playing war mode that's the thing yeah that's the thing he loves war mode flamethrower yeah yeah the computer decides when to drop the flamethrower care pack and it's for whoever gets to it first whichever team well actually it's mostly defending team isn't it defending team gets that boy if the attacking team Nick's it then yeah you then you yeah get dropped Oh how did he get me from there come on and he's hidin beyond the Jeep okay I just got to defense there find some fatherland so that's gone oh come on I was behind cover then flipping it campers itch on him quick reload contested got him shout nonce what are you on about come on come on nice assist bonus new nonce next time you die what a view come on bow contestant oh come on I said it didn't I oh come on have a troopers what killed one Ballard River hey Liam how you doing man just just getting into card World War two contested somewhere hang on died what's the best beginners set on that for like multiplayer mode or because to be honest it depends on your style of play really obviously I prefer like machine guns and submachine guns and I'm pretty decent with snipers and shotguns as well but you know yeah multiplayer it depends on your style of play you just find it find a weapon that you're good with and you just use that and yeah find one with plenty of ammo so you like to run and go and so yeah it's going to be the submachine guns or the light machine guns and the finger the light machine guns is whilst I've got a lot of ammo a lot of map a large magazine for their ammo they can make you play up a bit slow at times so what I do for me so yeah just them well there isn't bouncing Betties in this game it's called s-mines and they're on the on the lethal grenades em section so that so that's what takes play takes place at the bouncing Betties you've got s mines but obviously you need to unlock them like go through so far in year levels and unlock them and just get this fighter pilot out I said get the fighter pilot out [Applause] just come from beta CMS get the care fuck out get the UI's videos no come on don't just use flowing knives I was gonna say never done for gun and gun style you don't use flowing knives you just use like a high damage high magazine LMG or SMG I do prefer the SMGs though because it gives you character a bit more speed but that's that's just my style got another pilot fighter pilot up what would I recommend for basic training the one I'm using now is riflemen that allows you to take two primary weapons so like I've got this gun here and then I can just swap to another gun like instead of like a pistol or the launcher so for me the best one the best and basic training is riflemen it's like if you compare it to stuff from other Paula do is I would compare it to overkill and yeah that's another thing that my style that I need for my style my personal style is overkill so because I love having two guns I don't like using pistols or knives or anything like that where's this guy gone okay I've got them both I've got another fighter pilot up that does nothing Ava crash the phone you can't crash the fighter plane mate yeah anytime Liam anytime that's what I would personally use to be honest don't don't shoot me want to get the cam back here Oh we've won anyway just as the cashback drops we are once all this goes through I'll just show you my um what are used for my setup yeah no problem a flashbang kills us it depends on whether you what health you've got if you are very low health then a flat it is possible for a flashbang to kill you but yeah yeah but you need very good accuracy which is something I don't have with them with grenades all and I come third I didn't realize I came third then so I've got the grip on like hit the noobs just back out of the lobby and I'll just show you what I use and this is my personal preference Liam and obviously the expeditionary it's to do with shotguns the expeditionary but I use it because I like to have to leave for grenades and two tactical grenades and so I've max that out the basic training I've got is the rifleman which where is it there it is take two primary weapons and swap weapons faster so obviously I can quickly reload one gun and switch to the other gun you know so yeah and I'll prefer having two primary weapons anyway I don't like pistols or launchers or knives yeah the semtex basically these are like the semtex the N 74 yeah two grenades and rifleman and this is that so that's obviously like the concussion grenade the basic grenade and but I use the sticky grenade which is the 74 s kind of like the semtex this is in place of the bouncing Betties the s mine 44 s yeah that is a sticky sticky grenade and that's what's taken place to the shutup ah come on this is the basically of the mine like the bouncing betty obviously you've got throwing knives and satchel charge which I assume is like c4 so that's what I use obviously I've got the the gas grenade as well which when when it's exploded brings off like an green gas so that's the you know that slows down enemy players you've got smoke grenade as well and the usual and tactical grenade as well as a signal flare so that that's kind of like the flashbang as well so yeah I used that and obviously I've got two of them and two of them because of my expeditionary yeah I was wondering what used on a backpack on one oh boy so obviously there's different variations are different guns so the brand the branding variation is for this gun the grease gun an automatic SMG load recoil steady fire rate so it's a decent it's a decent gun but yeah you could choose any of these SMGs you watch your saw fit what are you on about Pokemon so yeah we've got the Brandi variation there obviously you need to unlock all these anyway I will in a bit I will in a bit I'm just ending stream how did you get the variations you get and you get boxes oh I'll show you there in a bit and then then obviously light machine good so I've got one submachine gun and one light machine gun and so you've got the pack of mine enough now so I've got the stinger with the on is it stinger I think it was yeah stinger with the Sentinel two variation so yeah what the variations do it you extra xp for every kill so yeah so my setup is one SMG and one LMG now to get the variations you basically have to get supply drops like like what's shown here hashtag make the drink shadow I will in a bit oh my god trying to make a stream and everyone's against me anyway not you you Joker you Joker so enough now ilaria don't let the yeah well I'm trying to wrap upstream here packing one right they are the boxes that you get the unlockables obviously you need these cost real money so I don't go through it this way and but yeah those are the boxes and it's just completely random and what variations you get obviously you've got contracts here which you use so like that one reward you a Supply Drop if you get 10 kills after diving in 20 minutes and but obviously that I'm explaining something to Liam here pack a mine so yeah I'm laughing upstream in a bit alright so yeah basically that's everything you've got there to get the boxes okay guys and I think I better wrap upstream so yeah so yeah thanks so much for watching guys and don't forget you like this stream who would no problem Liam and leave a like subscribe to crazy shadow for free if you haven't already done so and I never forget the sugar so enough back of mine no I don't we haven't even got sweetness in this pleasure I ain't seen him so yeah leave a like subscribe to crazy shadow for free if you haven't already done so helped me get to my next goal of 250 subs and hit they Bell icon to get notifications on all new content on the channel and yeah thanks so much for watching thank you pack Aman even though you can be a pain sometimes only joking only joking Easy's in the chat yet so thank you pokémon Thank You Liam thank you to anyone else who watched the stream and I will see you tomorrow bout 10 o'clock with show eco and a few of our other mates hopefully and but yeah really sorry that I didn't get to stream yesterday because obviously Chevy Co had his own stuff to do but we are planned for 10 o'clock tomorrow and so we've only postponed it a couple of days so don't worry about that so see you later guys obviously like subscribe notifications and yes it's called an outro bye for now guys I'm gonna make this guy a drink now finally see you later

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