The BEST Gun In Call of Duty Mobile is… (High Kill Pro Gameplay) // Call of Duty Mobile Android

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hey guys welcome back to the channel my name is Gregory today I have a 22 kill our PD LMG gameplay which I personally think the RPG is the best gun in the game I think this because oh well you guys will see inside the video anyways before we get into it if you guys want to subscribe to the channel I will be doing Call of Duty mobile from here on out I will have a link of description to my twitch channel if you guys want to follow me on Twitch I pretty much stream call duty mobile they're just you know playing with subscribers playing with people who want to add me or whatever during the stream just have some fun so if you guys want to add me there go for it anyways well with that being said guys I hope you enjoyed this gameplay let me know what your favorite gun is this is mine and let's go ahead and get right into the video that's perfect magic said back out wait what happened you want me to back out magic I'm gonna look at your MS yeah that's right you just got L&G through the wall how do you feel Oh God there was a guy right there 90s faster your Cod mobile 90s – 4 90 give me that double kill dude thank you go get him killer guy place it carefully let me see I'm gonna get back here all right give me another VTOL you know you want to give me another beetle I like watching the care package animation it's kind of cool oh we're for that but it's hot all right what do we got Oh what did we get oh it's a counter hey that's not really that good for a care package can't outgun me to me bocce's in here I want to nuke this game dude everybody's making fun of each other because I think my Sam tear is still alive yet it is get him Sam did they all go are they afraid you guys afraid of my turret oh dude I was going I had it was buzz poppin off – I was like one of you fighting right there he just had a game this is a close game no no stop oh I got him through the wall that's how you do it boys I'm unstoppable dude I'm so carrying stick now it's ridiculous oh yeah of course I do a flamethrower you don't think I long shot you did huh my super is better than yours I just killed myself I think I might ik no I didn't kill myself I gotta come by friend that her Erica killed right there that's not thank you howdy I did hit myself though how did it take him so long to die what the fudge yeah I probably had body armor or something dude I mean yeah I missed a few of my shots like victory oh that was a close game 52:46 down GG's why cuz arguing about who's better than fortnight like come on bruh your honor some child and look at that score with

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  1. Thank YOU for all the support on the Call of Duty Mobile content, including the last video and on all my live streams on Twitch. If you are new to my channel enjoy your stay and feel free to subscribe. So… what is YOUR favorite gun in Call of Duty Mobile?

  2. Hi Gregory just to let u know that I have cod mobile and Ur channel showed me how to get it thx its really good my main yt channel is LiquidityZone and same with my Cod mobile name I give support

  3. Im iPad pro player cant wait till it comes out on iOS gonna destroy even tho there is aloot emu players still im better then they are BUT ONE THING IS FUCKED UP MOBILE PLAYERS GOTTA GO AGGESNT EMU iPad players really wount feel it but mobile players will feel it

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