What’s The OG MODERN WARFARE like in 2019? | Call of Duty Multiplayer LIVE

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speed speed of light I'm breaking down like this ain't nothing know she wanna kick it don't skip in let's say me rendezvous usually I don't trick I pick up like wanna true your Daisy's gonna be down especially and I love you I'm fornication I'm tired of waiting just for you if we don't check then he taking trips out some bad on the pool my alley if you return the truth imma blow and no I brought fashion I'm slow ass to tell the truth I know I cut endeavor I will say that hey well there's good peeps it's a boy fusion out here okay as you can see I'm level four so you can clearly tell I've played this game a lot yo nah see I massively appreciate that dude a thank you man don't see green gamer no chess was good how are we all doing how are we all doing but if this if this ain't lit yeah I don't know what there's a mum and spicy how we all doing guys how y'all doing there we go right saw that I did have a few games before and I was using his sniper got 13 kills and three deaths so I'll take that I'll take that's not too bad this is it chief I think this is it this is it chief oh yeah I don't know if you guys gonna be able to hear the people that win the game either way I need to mute them actually really annoying it's like squeaky little kids all right they go let's go so I'm probably just gonna you know keep using this sniper really so I want to level up and stuff like that you know apparently it's really good with an ACOG scope and so oh hello I wouldn't mind trying to get the ACOG scope for it yeah I'm gonna just keep trying to level this up and yeah stuff like that I guess yo random wolf I do indeed however oh look No on that damn it alright every Jamie hello heroes every yo what's good man i doing it I'm clearly not playing well right now since I hop on the string everything is wrong r.i.p house you I'm doing great man I'm doing great how are you doing dude really oh my god there's someone right there yep your milk cows good man how you doing dude oh I'd said double right where's this guy nice that was nice that was nice okay you got killed right either way I'll use this might as well thank you hey nice let's go we're doing good we're doing all right we're doing pretty damn good time okay the cluster called for the good old days yes the good old days man hey y'all got a shaker a day you'll appreciate the man thank you dude oh boy shake I appreciate that man thank you dude this is review because some map became a gmod hunting oh yes I know what you're on about here oh man oh hello y'all tiger right legit no one's here okay let's go Heyliger get some good old schnapps and it was just really early like really early is this mom-off every master – no this is the standard modern warfare so God for modern warfare it's not remastered although I am gonna be playing the remastered someday I will be streaming it uh just probably not anytime soon I want to go back to the like really old ones old Call of Duty's so like you know this and then go build a war and stuff like that you know and you know it's gonna be like playing them you know seeing how the yarn like this current you know if there's any hackers stuff like that yeah some of the font I'm blowing these old games use the airstrike firm wait do I have them all what do yo you where do I use it look I can't because like this is all in sight like the Royal insights are kind of cotton I'll try now a hoax God that kills just one or two one yeah I'll take one to be honest nice dammit ah rip damn in there alright yeah we are going to be playing some world of war one day we'll be playing a bit multiple here and zombies ah damn it man right we're playing ten to nine yeah it's okay it's all the best fair enough great map design you know what I like I'm telling you now like playing these old maps it just yeah like reminds me how much I've actually missed it oh okay alright alright okay Antonio's good man how you doing the Maverick how is everyone a I'm doing pretty good man how are you thanks for mod fusion Thomas I haven't given you much I don't know don't really know what you want but hey yo brah someone was behind me screwed me over a little bit of okay blimmin a line called you to be the simplest of first-person shooting Yas right okay these spawns on great are they okay excuse me okay now I'm actually getting ruined like we were doing okay and now we've just died like four or five times in a row is not happy with that dude but have this are you are having a laugh come on I'm just gonna stay here for a second I'm gonna wait until someone pops out I'm pretty sure invoke a ninja boy yours good my night ended Kurama Fox yo thank you for not sub man are you I don't know what to say anymore you get to share the stream thank you man thanks so much dude right okay so it's time to its Sun to switch up a birthing let's try this mp5 while White's got shotgun okay all right let's try this shock and then surely it's got to be good if people are using it oh okay well nevermind firm come on I can't get kill anymore nope watch me get killed from behind now nope yep well the knee-slapper I'm going back to the sniper I was doing better with that all right come on let me get a kill without dying thank you all right that wasn't great was it do love the sky hate remodel more fair to her that I would sir I heard that that rifle is the best gonna it's probably one of the best ones it's it's good it's okay I don't really use it too much I'm gonna be honest answer my friend yours Goodman Jada gave me yours good you've got 20 people up in it to be fair right I'm thinking streams like these I actually do well and I'm gonna mute this guy zzz i can't mute him from what you mean don't want to listen to him be quiet oh I want you to shut up please PLEASE pain bro how can I mute him please player options can I kick it I wish I could god damn y'all source was good man thank you for that light bro thanks so much this guy's this guy's triggering me low-key triggering me please guys save me save me all of them again muted bloody hell through in-game unreadable oh yeah I've done it now yeah hi can I get a cheeky sniping alright where were these people silent where are they I love food your what's good man y'all maverick thank you for a shameless dreamer I appreciate that dude it's nice I'm setting to mute everyone know there is not often what I can what you know Ike I don't really know I haven't played this much as you can see I'm only in level 5 yeah i legit don't think there's an option to me everyone which kind of sucks and no there's one a black holes form black ops three well to be fair mean warfare was made and like what 2008 something so I mean they other no no it's not game they probably didn't have things like that don't ask me I wouldn't I wouldn't deal deagle I saw Eagle someone give deagle now bro this is so quiet it's gone so quite with a suppressor like I can hardly hear the thing well okay yo a kayfun kid yo good man it's just watch your videos to what is better videos of streams what you mean like what do I prefer if I I prefer doing strings but I mean I'll do a big video here in there you know hello I'm getting shot from like right there anyone about but it starts on a bird come on I'm seeing things Lydia alright I'll take that hey Dee reaction thank you for that like bro what years this game forms like 2008 or something like that like it's it's really old nice quick scope thank you man thanks so much sorry if I'm not the best of quickscoping so any compliments I'll take you know they go on to seven because most might that's either been from grenades yeah do we found not even to bother fight like hardscope something kills neither one's got a quickscoping you know all the same anyway nice oh damn look it's your boy de oh thank you for that sub man thanks so much it should come up any minute and be a thank you for that something I pretty sure that dude ah dude rip hey yo TG was good man it's good your hero that's all good man it's all good I'm probably dead to be honest yep they go oh this is not my game right now the same a game okay oh wow all right cute I got a hitmarker really I'm back hey come on I'm gonna I'm gonna roll with the mp5 there you go nevermind right okay I'm gonna I'm gonna leave this Lobby I know we can do classes so I'm gonna get them sorted down now right I'm gonna get rid of this what weapons can we use okay and p44 nice ak-47 I'm definitely gonna grab that I mean it that replaces perk one screw them sorry now right okay Fiji's yes definitely definitely side on I want the D Gulf man I want it all right with a flash okay scorpy I know scorpions good which which one do I go with scorpion or mp5 I'm gonna go MP if I was good might as well USB for this go as a silencer might as well definitely not using that I'll be D no yes like right when or how do you how to unlock it on I don't think you can get gold on this can you know you can get blue target that's all right I do like blue target to be fair yeah all right we'll go with that as well there's not really many options that we can actually go with and so I'm just gonna pick whatever whatever we have they go let's go let's do this yah yah yah maverick thank you for sharing the stream I do massively appreciate that by the way buzzkill thank you for that sub as well dude J was good man how you doing dude yeah we gained we've gained like two subs you're massively appreciate that 25 likes already bro like that's insane thank you all so so much massive thank you hey there we got a kill already that's that's always a good way to start the game by getting a kill pretty much straight away knots bird lots but guys we've got to try and go for 40 likes on this dream if we can do that that'd be great Jacob who's Sean how's it going everything's great man everything's great how were you dude and thanks for asking by the way I must really appreciate that you can see when someone shares a stream no I just if like someone says in a chat they've shared it then I'll like you know I'll say you know thanks for sharing kind of thing alright GG hey go I'm good epic I'm good epic thanks Sean you I'm doing great man I'm doing great thanks for asking dude oh boy Jerri yeah nice lock I'm yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna get you PC will you stop playing xbox one I won't stop but I'm gonna be mainly playing on pc yeah I won't stop playing on the Xbox lambier it's just because like on PC there's gonna be a lot more content for me to do you know so there's gonna be custom zombies and obviously stuff like that I want to be I want to be streaming a lot custom zombies right there okay a maverick I appreciate that a lot man thank you master thank you big input into that came from Sean one-for-one exactly exactly see you know exactly you know yeah guys join the discord if you haven't already you know to be fair like in this school we've got like over 200 members and it's still like you know it still baffles me you know it's like wow we got all know the people up there you know custom zombies equals and Megan Lowell content there's gonna be a lot of content like there is that there are hundreds of maps on black ops 3 not to mention we got world awards well which sure some of the maps on world war aren't great but there are a few there is an octagon or ascension and all the world I have played on my PC it didn't run amazingly well I wasn't exactly impressive but yeah we don't load games chrec no one be if you mean like cracked version the game's definitely not no no like I will I will never do them at I will be like buying the game legally and stuff like that I'm never gonna be having cracked versions of like apps and games on my oh my you know I might like equipment or whatever so phones laptops I'll never never do that I eyes eyes a very good boy yeah I'm not active in disco because you have like 20 different channels – it's all good man it's all good oh it's good spicy okay dude doesn't help trying to get some kills me don't make it to shake alright gonna stay here for a second see if we can go a couple kills for me nice you are having a lot a nice okay yours good shake it's a stream lagging not my own course I'd get here marker dude damn man rip okay the real question is you guys have a slipper on your head yes all right let's let's go get a bloody quick stroke nevermind I guess I guess we took the youth uh what excusing me what you mean have I just got the desi Eagle don't understand did I pick it up I don't remember picking up either thing this thing's bloody good Oh Yanks there we go that's better how did you know that how to slip on my head mate because I am very fond that her a bit never mind everyone has a slicker on the head because banter best hard scoper in the world I got him trigger finger man got a lock thing on okay I take fall damage yes I do god dammit Shawn this job sniping with jeaneen jokes laughing alright alright okay that's a weak me I'm sorry Jay I'm not really this like oh well you're not triggered man you're not triggered can I go down here damn twits Oh a case them for you don't mind if I do let's go fam no Batman fan builder juice cameraman if you lose your nice play for height no wait don't I don't need to play for tonight m+ we're gonna lose anyway so ya know oh okay now I know how it feels to have jug dude don't even you sweat cause banter wait lag are we all good or what why no TGIF for a while do yes I do I prefer bond in the traffic yeah it seems behind and I don't know why haha that's one C of building skills well my building skills are really damn bad so yeah seriously you don't want to see my building skills it's yeah it's it's not good right okay hopefully chat will speed up in the met I mean no to autistic yeah no self emotion please at free share though if you didn't suffer my damn it there you go my stomach like feeling really blah Susan it's not feeling too good right now I may have to end the stream very soon okay maverick to be found don't really play for nightly so the likelihood is of us playing for nice very small so I don't really play it I might try and play a few more games with I like if I can't like you know handle it then yeah I'm gonna have to end the stream I'm sure I'm not feeling too good right now my stomach is a bit kind of feeling a bit sick the map is from watering masses yeah like okay yeah but this is modern warfare the remastered version has all the maps and guns and stuff like that that's why I dude that's why excuse me excuse me excuse me excuse me okay I dropped my hot pocket we're okay yeah shutters up to speed now which is good and good for that dammit dude what is this alright I'm gonna try the scorpion I dunno if it's any good let's go flat kills me right there we go Wow oh wow the heck was he doing then excuse me okay okay this weapons good Shaymin don't have it unlocked what Wow okay don't dare hit the end the stream song milky hits $3,200 to be fair mate like I feel really damn sick like to the point where I'm getting a little bit lightheaded so legit like I don't want to be you know sick for tomorrow considering I have college no like care about you guys but I color make sure that I'm no not sick and stuff like that you know all right you know I'll do it for milk right I'll make it I'll make steel I'll keep streaming until he hits um I'll try keep swimming until he hits $200 then and then amended the stream it can't be too long now like he's ad 109 now for a wild side bike which it should be a matter of like another game if that quick quick quick quick oh damn it oh hush I'd do it for milk you know some nice you know and then like that's I you know I will be hunted and stream now I know milks got 199 nose but I doubt he's gonna have 200 right now it will have it probably somewhat soon though you having a laugh you know Jess I appreciate that thank you but that doesn't mean long yo J coming of the hashtags to enjoy sweet baby Jesus Eric oh hell yeah my failure I should have killed him man really really stop with a joke bro ah man there you go still 199 overseas like you'll be there soon hey nice – check do it for milked Wow takes a while to update oh stop with the joke bro stop three thanks I'm probably not gonna get last kill realistically per yeah sure needs a hot water bottle man showing these freedom man just kidding you – oh oh oh right I'll try keep swimming as long as I can but legit if I think I'm gonna be sick I will end the stream like guys you know how dedicated I am you know I'll keep streaming for as long as I can't until if I'm if I'm gonna be sick I'm gone you know I'm I'm running okay can check in 2 min this awesome man also dude stop with a joke bro short news in joke Omegan long bunny needs hot tea and rest dude I am probably gonna try and get a cup of tea here I do love a good cup of tea cups you can always chairmanship chill me out no I can't it can I don't know okay a cup tea is nice that's why I'm trying to say went to the bathroom believe the stream running dirt I dear bro that way you can actually hear me feeling like being sick how great you know if it's number two that's even better no it's really not you don't want to hear that [Laughter] that's good which number two you know what to do hello excuse me that's what I thought thoughts on the mic they go oh that was a proper realistic or you the mic then sure I could do that fun what happened there there you go GG is it $200 GG let's get some GG's in the chair GG no chuffa milk cow seriously $200 that's insane man seriously bro nice one know what I'll try and keep streaming for as long as I can ah I think I know why I'm getting some in here Marcus it's probably because the fact I don't have stopping is it stopping proves something for stopping power that's it $200 in your GG man seriously that's insane 200 now as well we share that dude massive thank you yeah right I'm gonna quit the game I'm not gonna answering no yep yep you know in stream then we'll keep going we'll keep going if I can you've got ten people up in there twenty-nine lights as well thank you all right let's go let's hope we can actually get a lot more like one shot one kill kills know something nother hit marker yep right brilliant what that's BS bro all right yikes all right no I know I'm use all right but y'all car was good man what's good how you doing dude oh they go damn it a coke no not even an echo it's what's trolls yours good man boom gone cease kill you know one nice I was all right that wasn't okay god damn it no scoops roofies yes bro phase sign me up I'm really annoyed the face that's bloody for like like come on man I'm not hating on fortnight exactly but phase was all about like Call of Duty Stalin that was nice a double but you know phase resorting that call the doing that no they've gone to fall not like what are you doing you know sick to call the to you please I'm pretty sure there is like one or two like phase members that do Call of Duty but I can't exactly remember who they are I'm pretty sure this you know one or two five let me get it nope nice dammit okay we'll lose them by quite a bit to be fair you know oopsie damn burr want to play black ops – I'm not gonna play black ops suit today now dude your corn was good man how you doing alright I'll probably play like another game or something guys like you know I will be doing more streams like this what I do go to like older Call of Duty's and countries playing for a bit not too long but yeah I will be doing more streams like this hopefully you will enjoy them and you know what to be fair like I'll say this now we are gaining you know sup here in there which I do appreciate yeah I know it go that's really close to it in one case I would probably get a go reading if he's still alive sure we've only got like what eight people up in there but you know if we can just help him you know maybe get maybe getting one more subpoena all right this will be my last game and then we're gonna go read someone I think just maybe just maybe it will game another sub I mean that we good we good sorry fumble what Wow okay that's one hey can you trick fingers mmm under kinda knock okay that was painful to watch you know I know I apologize kinda I I'm gonna take this okay yeah damn it oh no my good I'm gonna keep it anyway I'll be a good backup damn it like I saw three NACA the shot but back you see we just NAB them and I'm gonna die yep great okay you've got 11 people up there there's someone right there oh sorry sorry thank oh it's better huh ripchat yeah basically my yeah our ep let's try this okay there you go thank God that didn't die okay number one tiles are lurking all right yeah we are gonna probably get rid so when you're hypnotized meant what's good man how you doing dude all right when you get to ten deaths that's when I'm gonna end the game because chats kind of dying and I want you know I want to see people over there in the in the a road so three more deaths and then I'll end it stop this guy get to one guy you know to be honest with you I think he you know friendly deserves it so we're gonna help this guy out that was close oh okay it triple that right one more one more death and then yeah maybe do a head count now screw dude I I don't really care about how many people go over there if we can give them one more sub then that's that that kind of just helps me either way we've got some people in the stream guys mr. Goodley go readin a subscale dammit Romo right guys everyone link is there there you go there's no guys please go over there everyone please go to the least I name is in the okay yeah it's legit one postage right you know what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go into the discord we're gonna have to everyone I'm gonna let hope to god we can go stuff you more people [Applause] whatsoever hey there one more come on come on let's go let's go is that you crazy oh man yo there we go so you got in the 1k gg gg do you want seriously like to help out that was the best bud read em exactly ya know what to be to be real with you guys like seriously thank you to just going over to his dream you know subscribed and to him stuff like that he hit 1k and so he's finally in the four-digit squad you know which is it's great here seriously he's hit one cake and that's all he wanted to do no you want to see her one cane no yeah that's awesome seriously thank you all so so much once overflow my screen go away yeah now were you shown any much-loved bunch love guys I'm gonna go in the stream I think I'm gonna call it a night I'll see you all I'll see you all tomorrow probably tomorrow night but for now let's bring the boy fusion have a good night peace out guys bye bye

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