TNC vs Aster Elimination Chongqing Major CQ Major Highlights 2019 Dota 2

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TNC vs Aster Chongqing Major 2019 Highlights Dota 2 DPC CQ Major – Main Event #ChongqingMajor ➜ Watch Live: ➜ Twitter: ► Commentary by @LyricalDota & @Foggeddota ◄ 💟 Subscribe for more: ➜ ▼ 22.01.2019 [Full Highlights] Bo1 – Lower Bracket Elimination Round 1 Playoff

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Team TNC Pro Team Predator TNC Dota 2: Gabbi, Armel, ryOyr, ninjaboogie, Tims.
Team Aster Dota 2: Sylar, loveuloveme, Xxs, BoBoKa, Fenrir.

Tournament – The Chongqing Major 2019 Dota 2 Highlights DPC CQ Major – Main Event Playoff #CQMajor
Group A: Virtus Pro VP, TNC Pro Team TNC Predator, Ehome, Team Chaos Esports.
Group B: Team Secret, PSG.LGD LGD Gaming, TA Thunder Predator, FWD Forward Gaming.
Group C: Team Liquid, VG Vici Gaming, J.Storm Jeremy Storm, The Pango.
Group D: Evil Geniuses EG, Fnatic, The Alliance, Team Aster.

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that was a nice of you bangs they're just too cool for the tank yeah I feel like for the very start they were considering this like you give away the TV and you have Beastmaster in your team tinker was always going to be a consideration for TNT so far it's looking like this lane swap has not really paid off to the most that I think aster would have wanted at least in the top lane here where auto dark only has six CS and we are lift up going also simultaneous kills potentially happening through a drop three oh my god sick play and that's gonna keep him alive it looks like well meanwhile in this top lane a good amount of damage thrown back against ninja buggy they might be able to help x-axis book he is gonna drive first so xxs drawing first blood in the level supports are actually a tiny level 3 or any yeah he's gotta be a little bit careful obviously it's a little bit tougher I'm gonna kill him to babaca and they're gonna throw out the adaptive strikes as well as that avalanche punching mr. dark seer ninja boogie let's chase this one down as well he's able to get a little bit of a Juke there from X success but gabby is still gonna be able to run down this dark CR although he actually just walks up to the north all right all right tango plate cuts the tree and walks up to and if you noticed this is it dark seer eyes vacuum level too by the way oh well that's fun gonna be very nice and a smoke up here is they're gonna try and look for a gank may be on this plane that they're in in they're gonna spot out babaca a little bit in no-man's land and the adaptive strike the punches no way to take it off the shield is gonna be worn off and with one or two more right clicks it should be a kill for Gabby killing spree for the morphling who's they switch the lane to pressure and it's not working X success you're on your own you make the most of it try to get your levels on your ducks here we're gonna start a big moves on our supports and get wards in the jungle I think they want to put a ward down just to watch where the Lich is farming what the odds he was gonna be farming and Tim's spots out that that hey Stern is gonna be picked and they'll actually drop the coil on this one for the tiny dream quo gonna wear off soon but shouldn't be able to get out of there as they use the listview orb to find the kill hanky though yeah made them work for it a little bit definitely but it still has a haste rune the pressure come in from the lift or rather from the sinister gaze or the storm bolt yeah Lincoln's into Lincoln's into theory Oh blade can't be doing a lot all right dream coil user your nowhere left to go really summons a little bit more gold for these heroes to take and lift up from ninja boogie but nothing doing he hadn't even used the meta they probably had to kill without it but Sylar wants to clean this tower so if he definitely could look to set up down bottom to stop this push yeah they actually glyph the wave there so that way it take a little bit longer for those creeps to get in and enjoy okie gotta watch out though the punk is making the rotations down already this is a scary moment here they're bringing in absolutely everybody and this is a big moment for aster our Mel's gonna start to get the Marches working and still living through this is Tim's then well avalanche toss and they kill off the puck a big moment they do manage to take down that Tower but it comes to the cost of the pucks life and they're gonna lose their spend probably here roar you use same time as the stun the little boars are gonna get it and not one more punch for me or claims the kill board board hits so hard yeah I just see it poking I'm just like oh my god don't even with like the little Vlad's or uh plus the interview just it's hit so hard and hit so hard and fast three K coldly like you said as soon they claim the tower but now TSE have their own catapult and they've got him into the fray and trying to find the kill not quite gonna be there to us maybe if there is one more punch from the Rubik it would have been enough but regardless the stun comes out now from Bubba a ninja boogie is finally going to be punished they use the coil hits on the Tim's as well and you all the battle up on the north side they lose the Beastmaster too although with Armel showing up that does make sure that aster can't commit for Tim's benefiting his Lich and his own spells but will delay his blink dagger so the initiation will be a little bit limited there for aster Armel there's the lift up from ninja boogie the roar as well and oh they are going to be able to walk away for the moment but with the toss and with the missiles they stopped the D push and really gonna pop the metamorphoses there as well I mean a 16 minute rosh for this more flame that's big yeah I mean lover lovers to one and one in the puck but you have to feel the like the pressure you want to be making moves on this puck to try to slow down or catch this tanker catch this morphling when we were watching a faith beyond he was not afraid to just throw the wall down if people pushing people committing rows she's just like I don't care well he's not been doing it he's looking for the combo in the majority's times and they're losing their to the three their dog for a big wraparound but drags be hit you're gonna have you lay down a stir it's gonna have to cut try and break high ground here as they go forward and already able to get the lorda interrupts sigh large jumps forward there's gonna be the avatar the chain frost bouncy boyhood with the vacuum in the wall already down but gabby is still living through this it looks like with dark seer dead but also losing the tiny in the Beastmaster it might be enough here but they did this lose the spend as well so a trade-off of two for two but it's the tier 3 Tower down an idea in clean of where aster are at we're gonna be the one is it gonna be lit just to eat the gank drops down the ward they see that their sentry was just taken down so they know that somebody is in this area and now the tiny revealed and well the Lich didn't stand a chance not able to really get a whole lot neither there's the darks here this is that's just it's a pretty strong TNC duel when you it's a duel call sitting this TV and uh sila needs to be careful if they coil and snap it on him there's the jump forward avatars it's full combination but it's gonna be enough be blade wasn't quite able to kill they wanted to pull them outside arranging the game we will get the sunder off and now the turn around with reflection TB is hitting himself and now this tinker is gonna go absolutely wild Gaby find himself almost under kill not able to face shift that one now Gaby switching back over into the puck already all the master is so freakin low and Sylar is he gonna saw him is you beautiful man oh my god he almost ends up like surviving through all that because the coil comes out on Gaby he can't actually burst him but one of the puppets sustained with our Mel coming in and healing people with the bottle constantly to see Gaby getting bottled up there from the Tinker easy-peasy in that fashion and that got bread and they didn't actually catch anybody so I mean Tien sees movement around the map has been just far superior casters this is just the row and trees that the terrorblade known is he going for one Oh God I mean by the same token you feel like okay we need the damage to be able to win the fight and if you don't win the fight you need to be Kimi to win the fight silent oh god Sylar no avalanche he said it he doesn't have a BKB they managed to find that toss the R or follow up lifting up on the darks here trying to kill off this under it does manage to go off there in the end and rearm easily gonna be back up to full HP chain frost bouncing a little bit doesn't look like it's doing quite enough damage though and now Tim's chasing forward for this spend while Gaby tries just jump inside their face I mean they can wait afterward that they wanted for this metamorphosis to be down I was so close to them bursting saw there but the ethereal blade actually look at him having that if the old form they didn't have enough magic damage to finish it off the Tinker wasn't there but now look at this just the Rockets alone oh my god over and over the missile strikes are landing on teamaster and the jump for God's strength as well Gaby brought down low vacuum ball they burn through the ages this is looking kind of decent gear for after finally making a move but Gabby's gonna be able to wait for him out now our mouth jumps in a second round he's going for the sunder he is able to find it on Sylar now the chase for four more actually this tinker is out of mana as well so looks like with the rubic going down a stir hold they're still continuing to scale quite heavily it's the BKB was finished on the morph in that last fight of course we'll be gone for that Scottie but a full hex now farm out there's a shotgun morphling oh look at that he's spanning and they stall war cry so they're gonna have war cry and then another war cry because in the rubic afterwards hard to deal with the second war cry comes out and now the weight from a way their barracks already gone Oh in that storm hammer it dispels that's it there's not really a whole lot to dispel on this one well they still work right it's pre-emptive us out they toasted oh my god that's a problem dead does have buyback is maybe gonna need to use it here if there's a full commitment and spend lifted up they're gonna buy back on that dark seer now Gaby very far forward they're able to find that coil but the BKB comes out a double kill for Gaby this man has been so dangerous on this morphling eats the chain for to back out and they're ready to reset with the exception of the BKB they just never have to back away from this to this ground now they know metas used from Sylar wait for the matter to wait we're off and then we can go straight into the high go because all our lanes are just constantly pushing in anyway James is actually just looking for a toss back already hot is a little crazy but then again he's also a tiny he's so taking he has that if they're like me Walden aren't able to find the roars blow up Sylar he's gone my back comes immediately who where's the rest the answer there the wall is already dropping the secondary wall was dropped by the roofing afterwards and Gaby just lays in the mocha able to take him down a secondary vacuum coming from Gaby because he's also the dark seer now that Chase for the triple kill he wants blood he wants everything old remedy over Gaby give that man a rampage and maybe another one Gigi called tnc do it Dan she did it with an excellent fashioned from start to finish in this game it seemed like as Sarah had it they had no moves while they had some moves but they couldn't find them they've tried it with the Lich spend the one time they tried with the puff to make the rotation fun of it they never found any success tnc we're doing a great job of keeping their waves always forced out so they knew the movements were coming from astern they played this one

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