FIFA 19 Black Friday Market Guide – Let's Keep Calm

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FIFA 19 Black Friday Market Guide focusing on everything possible from IFs, UCL, Icons, Scream, Elite rated cards etc. The aim to give you an idea what to do during Black Friday and hopefully not create a panic in the market as the market will have high and low points so if need a specific focus then take your time & go over what you see fit within the video.

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I all welcome to my black 3d market gate I was holding this off as long as I possibly could so much to cover end this video folks okay smash licks would be on some sub t channel field reform in twitter IG as I didn't all the links are doing wall for fullest on the channel and social media links as always now I'm gonna strongly assume that you love watched videos from like Matt HD gamer run the food market streams maybe on the L dog for example all their links will be down in description below as well folks I honestly hope and I actually think that the same thing I don't think a market crash could genuinely be that bad no honestly thought it can keep us on the back room if there's a particular aspect of the video that interests you you're welcome to put in gaps and I think it's and I one will be trying do it myself for each individual section I cover there is so much to break down from what you're 83 84 85 that common and SB seizure spring cards you're you see how low cards or medium cards or high cards alive ones your n forms then everything else from there so roughly as a guide the eighty freeze generally just know the very rock bottom I'm seeing them at as around a thousand coins maybe 1200 something that lost the highest generally the eighties are common and a species at around one point eight to two point two key do I expect them to go up I honestly think that as ruphylin ago up where they go up is a different matter I think the biggest question is what come down to supply in the mind if we've got a species that require on the fingers we've had a lot of a species lately from clearing the months from bundesliga EPL we've then hired or aspects including the UCL a species when the focused on individual teams we've not had that kind of team the week based SBC yet for example where cards are suddenly and demand like 84 they're generally three four key common like a common market value then the Wonder and back at the mind they're more commonly used in all your roots forever I mean this for example they're like five six Keegan again and I send you some of these kinda guys are essentials not too bad he's like 4k but like Jonah sees a lot of it four or five key then when you touch it until 85 brackets like yours a lot of times your Brahimi's those type of players even screen are then you're pushing seven eight nine ten key like Miranda screener these type of players are commonly used for like them and it's been molecular savage for example we are commonly remaining nine to ten key very highest at pinis are only twelve thirteen key I honestly think something's going to happen or note cards lay up quite a few people are obviously trying to be weary of holding like your eighth year forty fives that have value like your Gabrielle he Zeus well your M marshals will stake em who have some treatment documental you leave over 84 and 85 like my disease for example Sterling's anyone that's got a better value then the ones I would be trying itself like yes to live yes well yesterday for example when I was doing all my you cou you know Polly packs you've never seen the stream or seen the video I got his ass I got marks Yahoo and a couple of hours and I'm like well I don't need to keep them I'm not even nice word for example he's not too cheap Ivor but those type of deemed meta player if they've got a better value the other ones that you're like right I'll good sale get the coins in and make use of them because the end of the deed if you can sell someone that stinky just know for all you know see over next week of the week after the suddenly sex key of 70 or 80 whatever the doctor this isn't bettin value rough like the one thing I meant to say is well what were your higher rated hardly a what away nice unlike any in stuff for example because one is Spanish who is I read and well he's not a great leak he's a very deemed a very smart SPC card like the card is like 20 key and in my opinion if you've went nuts on this guy then it's going to buy it can backfire on you I'm honestly like cautious of that like 20 key for an 870 yes it's fair enough but they will tell of course how it plays out with him because if you over invested something that can impact his place so therefore the supply suddenly out the stretches of demand with icons that is literally treasonous with that market icons are amazed I would say my opinion because you practical practically just know you can get I've seen with the mid-tier icons and the M frame icons some of them are cheaper than the baby ones it's kind of crazy like Lehman I think goalkeepers is a common example when the goalkeepers are most commonly cheaper than the babies and the medals but it's the frames that seem to be cheaper like the cheapest I quite a machine just know is ruined like 626 very obviously been behind Ike one say one not pick it up like four or 500 key say it to put it on 600 say three but not drop randomly and then could have ruined the requirements it was like what else going on here and in office with every release there it's kind of people are now like what is going on here forever is it really worth doing like people think or with a baby icons over it part's really good but the finger thing I would assume the baby icons would be untreatable so then that people just avoid all that icons that it may be been stored enough is this may be why the supply so wall there are so many variables because people are wanting to play my point but it's worth remembering it's cheaper buying the prime icon find doing the SBC like if the icon SBC costs a million coins for see the prime card but you can get the same frame card for say 900k I would really add Java biome at Gordon that's would be bonus good and sleep on it honestly would like I've seen him play hockey for it and they're like thanks for example just by food and it's probably significantly cheaper and it's actually not a bad deal and it's gone in nothing but I'm playing hockey for example I missed one yesterday for discard 130,000 coins I was like now I'm not buying that acha I'm like I I looked really he was iPhone stuff I'm just having an Aussie on AIM the market for icons you seen what the places we are at as we were doing with that but this was done after I'd record the deaths it was because obviously after the whole I couldn't say three shenanigans I wasn't sure what was going on I were to get a reader lease of it from like 6 o'clock and in the afternoon and like a frame Hagee good enough popped up I was like what else is going on here obviously you're old the thing that I fear will drop and will drop the most is your elite fatigue carbs this is like your the gears you can't use your palm pleasure and Barbies york a walker leaving like these are the type of cards that they are so expensive like Pol Pot was 580 ki UT the tax off him as 550 I would then be like right could pop Bogota 550 that's where I would be thinking would attack this is what I'm thinking over mindset with the tax of the card with the card drop to that value so if problems to go it 550 is it a panic like mandate for example cannot stay this expensive forever he is absolute like yes it's a very popular card people think always like and I caught like almost like an icon you probably could say that but then it again not every wall thing that like 120 key I think Couty go sub hundred eventually is a different killer fish it Ronaldo's one point nine one point nine five and we'll see one point any five just for simple six the tax on him is nearly a hundred thousand coins if he was to go to one point eight five a one point eight five nine or one point eight five or whatever then I would see out start to panic because that's a hundred key shaved off right away and I know people that may be holding the card they've gone will be like oh what don't do what like for me if I had Ronaldo my club right now personally I would not be trying to sell these cards hoping that the car drop to one like the card can go back up what the fear is if you have a card of like an embarked panic is 5 to 5 m which is UCL card by the way or his base card is free 7e and if it was to go to see 350 the problem you have with card Liam back you Donald because they are so desired not only for the value but for their starts the ratings etc people that will want these cards because of Ravel because of weekend league because of the objectives even SBC's people that will turn out if the even with rule pipes you could honestly flood the market with see a hundred thousand a hundred thousand part punt a hundred thousand one hundred key packs will just see bid only clear probably ten thousand do not worry because you don't want to completely crippled but the theaters the problem is then you could do something like ten thousand one hundred k-pax but you find that people will start to offload clothes like Ronaldo or am happy to fund those pack so if you suddenly got Ronaldo to million and then people are like all or for them and just to get some packs and like because because people will think or I will train pack them again there's very it's a very slim chance of that happening if you suddenly make supply become available that's what will drive the price down if there is no supply there then his place is going to go up like for all we know Rinaldo could go and run right over in there Nationals or the weekend of black 3d he could completely done actually right from Juventus he could go to score four goals or five goals suddenly your 1.95 may go to 2.1 2.2 all because I wasn't the best card doesn't impact that's all that's like it swings around about it basic it could as basic economics of supply and the mind that's all it fundamentally is if players have the coins if players want said player they can buy whatever if if every player had ten million coins you tell right away places would probably not then be as high because like Ronaldo make then only be safe million coins but because people this year well there is more ways to I'm and my opinion to make coins through trading through rivals through weekend like people are really trying to really hone in on everyone that second down on this tree deemed a cleaner or content we are aware let me be or a streamer someone that just sees right if they even if they've got picture on or whatever they may be they'll see right here's where your vase for that week like people will go quite hard on some players like personal like for me passed away I don't see him bhakti going sub 300 350 anytime soon like I honestly think the lost someone lay back he'll go could be 345 355 layer I don't really see much dropping him not like there is no real panic and like when it comes to inference for example it's like a really weird skew of the market just it's like a it's like a it's like a within itself like you see currently Heavy D's and Lala for example these are prime examples of like people going hard on them like Heavy D's for examples one and for my safety people unforunately when I always tell people what investing for this week always play if it's they choose our billet right well let's see do they choose are they played a good link are they a good nation did it play for even a good team that could even get a second apart and formulate that night like hurry DS is popular due to position change his leak because the National League essence a comment this year because obviously there's not a fool rushing link it's just a man the more school teams of CSK walk more Vince part-time but hurry DS is like 60 70 key the car and my opinion shouldn't be seventy key like if you look at the correlation of the e for most commonly what's them are 25 ferry key so heavy DS is the one that's breaking the mold only because one he is popular he been he was very popular as an SPC card he was very popular as a nation and also people will have said because of his stats people will be like just go crazy on him because no one will fundamentally want to play with the car it's just basically a frame SBC car to use but the thing is no it's not really because you can easily use other cards for why that can't hasn't dropped back down is a bit odd but the thing is the demand of the car is pretty much non-existent because it's been so well used through a species like Forgan hazard for example he isn't the cheapest because M you've also got you've had the business League a species people who've initially used him as a good SBC card but they now have used them probably a weekend League team and then July's always not so good and then they'll use another way to look at him like doctor for example people want than him because at Player of the Year eiectricity and indices went against how it was set ups of the phone well that's not ideal seeing this over in forums like some of this like Sancho would seem like people will invest in the cards because oh haha like it's an chief example highs play them on EPL I'm Bundesliga use because he's English he poisoned Bundesliga so you could depending on to be when you play the month C if C key mister one play the month or staring you would then assume all and an informed Sancho would prove useful then recently we had M the talk of and forms from weird countries people were talking about like you had like Japan you had Azerbaijan people with all these are like or than fully in Saudi likes over Saudis like the thing is despite him not because even though there's only one sovereign form a week but you can buy the card if for a playing point like five six key but differently could wake up to it suddenly double it following you yet and it stems from supply and demand people walk like I go in the silver in foreign market because it's more less for higher like a bet return but like horizontal for example the strange one like he heads praise how they genuinely would have thought could it be like how he was last year because when he got a second informed I've became like let's go to you candidly 45 ki hope when he first came it was 300 K indicate possums extinct name is like further denials gonna people will just it comes down to cause a Chinese Super League is also wrapping up the players themselves if there's no chance of a second inform anything soon we're be due to the nation drew the link do to whatever it may be that is when you can also find openings in to that card but end of the day and forms the Cephas Bey is always buying 81 discarded e – as long as possible you need please generally 1517 K depending on legs and Nations then your 84 our general 18 to 22 because the Worcester general who is 23 25 and then depending on the league's and nations of wood 48 to ferry but what the UCL card I'm going to be quite brief with that this one actually with the law versions generally that a thousand coins just no unless they're commonly used and an SBC if someone's put them in a route like act per mile Wesley and I've seen a nine a few times I've seen tech member who else I've seen it's the war rated ones like some of the Belgian links options there it'd be but not so much when I can please don't love a high rate like so know goes from the Swiss league as well if there's anyone that's like a worldly eat but all that is just a kiss of a seek of just putting the card then NC midfielder up front or in the faints wherever it may be and it's just a spirit card just to meet the SBC complete then the card suddenly goes two or three things with values because everyone's like oh that cards been used on an HPC outward Kirkman the thing is don't like for example I saw with Wesley when he was going further around the food and 1200 coins everyone suddenly was putting him eyes the Routan HBC done like and this was not just one for Ben this was like I saw through the head three ways I saw a few steamers use them and a few youtubers and I'm like the car you don't need to put you didn't actually even need to put the card then there was a cheaper alternative or alternatives yeah everyone was going to same we before you knew it wait till he was a loser to 1200 coins suddenly went extinct for 10 minutes because everyone was using them I'm like I shouldn't be happening but it's like it's like it's like if I turn both through I'll tell you it would find opened it four or five different ways and if it's UCL cards the non real one I will take different ones and just so that we can try and restrict the impact is that where like people were using wave Li and iPhone that we using smaller for example and of like small off even though he was higher rated it was working out cheaper there's a collective HBC if the route was costing would you see 60 keys to do I was able to do it for 55 just very small off because he was higher rate and I could use a lower rating player of and the fingers you could use anyone you don't have to use a bookkeeper he's an Apps user defender you have season you could you sue everyone if there was a UCL non-real as long as they were enough and whoever position could be life by trade back life men treatment whether it was you could get away with it but the thing is people were still trying to manipulate the route and I worked Oh threat quickly and I changed small off to someone else and we use the different player and it sure do it'll be and then we've done that a few more things just to kind of prove that it could be done and suddenly small space that was what it maintained key and even went extinct suddenly people were put on by only eating name key I thought it sure the better rebound like for example with like the shack type oil if you've done the Mac Italian HBC people were commonly putting roots 10 minutes my loss Payson and stepping in court at etske is merely they were pretty name as they it's the UCL card that you've to use it was like you didn't have to do that and the easier Weaver's always uses someone else to kind of swath to end but the thing was the best carbocation on my loss of stepping ankle was the smarter option to go it's most commonly my loss but you just went are different we are both building the squad you just put my offset rank them at the right back and then your fate from there but with the mid-tier cards all these are players get just used in a species that because of I didn't the non big leagues people will just use them in the a species and unless they're too high rated like for example farming's 84 non drear you commonly will see him in ruse but he's not there but it's only usually he becomes usable only through the routes that don't involve a rare SBC if he of these it comes to the requirements as well if they weren't just rare but just looked a UCL card then the extinct e2 e3 for that you commonly see would not be extended like fireman's got three different cards on the market like his e4 when I first put many species as a gauge was like sex key then when I found other ways of not using farm and I found another ploy of that could using a simple in the seem a species suddenly he was growing up despite never cards going down and I was like this shouldn't be happening for its they're worried about but I'm like Rodri for examples I've saw people were using him and part of the tie a specie to do like the German route or the same the spin route for a longer Mike what F is going on here is like people is people were trying to work around not having to use like the base cards and they were working it was cheaper to do using UCL cards just that marginal rating difference to swat in the carbon the SBC so suddenly that non-reader 83 Rodri even though he might be it could be seven key or five key depending when you bomb suddenly it was easier to just work around I'm like became a head-scratcher but the tweet like Khan Luca has supply went to the point of extinction like genuinely there's none on the market if you were to get a call look up you generally couldn't buy what it saved your life and he suddenly there's a whole pile of like four pages like showed up in like 10 minutes and week the guys way from extinction to ten key and he suddenly dropped it drops down at least 72 Emily I don't get the underst I don't get why people do this with the elite UCL cards your biggest danger with them is more a case of who could get to the latter stages who could have informed who could have anything that involves anything it could impact these cards at all like they could have B sub bleed so exceed safe public field we'll just see Philippa Louise a parade or for example for the pillow users more likely than three or at the moment due to how mindset played in regards to bicycle well if C follicular Louise was too got post one on his beast card so it goes from an 85 to an 86 you then assuming does the Beast does the UCL card become an 87 because then you're saying well does that impact with that then impact the value it possibly could but obviously the informs the inform version of deagle Costa is see a hundred key does the screen version got faith in does the UCL version get affected it's hard to truly see because UCL card is 4014 like if I was to for me personally I wouldn't pay for it 4k for the Eagle Kostas UCL car when he's got a stream card in play as well that's always going to have a constant fluctuation of value slowly because of stats like such a way of swingley 130 140 key difference between has UCL card his base card on the SBC like his sorry started getting his bitch card is UCL card and his scream card this like it's kind of just start when she's such a wild swing I think and this is what it's going to be common were for what these cards if they've got two or three variants cooking a boat where it'd be like farm and where it be um back pedes another one he's got his base card and inform my UCL carved but his base card is 375 his and form is the most expensive of the free but that's only because it's inferi got the base stats of the three because the UCL card is only really plus one but you've got to remember that his and farm and basically as inform has only been impact for a week but the UCL cards have been in constant my impacts due to all the SBC's that have involved them so while we may only be getting c3 like you see UCL three player pipes there will still be just as a greater supply of seeing back bees coming out over the market its like Jack was another one he's got his league SPC card he's got his UCL card and beasts card is you had me not see difficult it makes it confusing on why some these cards are the way they are like the UCL cards there's no them no real difference to the base camp like you shouldn't be neatly P a hundred K more for a post one staff on everything it shouldn't be that big a difference chibok if it's fifty K be honest or even 60 k8ttie make it say 10k a style if you really want it to work the screen comes like pay P has been commonly the cheapest special card or even one of the cheapest 86 rated cards checking about so with a species because people will i've commonly see them used paper trays my eyes like senate by 3 pie even or Claire's most obvious way right med the fingers that paper gets a piece boost I went once he gets his piece boost because the full moons about next week like next week 10 these are something I'll call em I'll remember the D off the top of my head um but it comes down to and fight this finally not black Freddie as a pant live in the next full moon isn't as we're just checking so if black Freddie is and it's a full moon then potentially cards like Pepe who are 17 K just know you could go through the roof he could go 54 Tiki suddenly there's no aim crash it's just an increase but and I've said it constantly to people through who have been looking for investment tips I said what at the studium card look at the ones that have the pitch boost look at what they are just know anyway I'm padded for example he's pretty much discard he will probably go discard he may even go pretty much to the point where people aren't being named to name three for that card because well there's nothing appealing about it now you could have minty defending mainly physical but like to see sixty pieces Lee big deal with think what 60-piece gonna do for me a card that's costing nine thousand coins when I can buy cards that are better vt4 700 so say suddenly impaired whose value is just a discard he what would make his place all up is an HPC that requires a spring card and suddenly you'd the mind with half the drop inside of your demand would have to work for your supply would go down because of what would happen like dogs for example we commonly think this year would get plenty in forms but there is no guarantee because obviously the team's a little bit more changed and due to us with what happened in the last season and not give up some Martin's at me as I said what he's done but they will tell people have used Kalu commonly like Danny is a another good one he's like and feel the cheap at the moment like 10 having 12 key somethings at highest 15 or 14 but he could go through the roof because people are like oh he got them but he's Belgian he not in the like the more common leagues that you see the Belgian players but that doesn't necessarily mean that so like a lost opportunity like a series is another one if he was a red bike I don't think people would be so keen but if that's 90 piece my centre back if Stephanie vegan it's quite appealing in I'm doing ramen like he's just a funny one link because you've got a good piece already a marginal piece boost and him wouldn't really impact his value like for me the market that I would say that's going to be interesting is like your life cards from like the Champions League the ones that even then for the teams that don't get through the group stages become your Republic live cards so all the barman's 25k like you've got to factor in as well who's guaranteed to already go through or who look set to go through like when I was looking at that I was suggesting firstly was my body if I was if I was going to buy them I would be buying firstly the reason being is you've got rewards you from weekend League and rivals and I would have said to myself right well that's where surely the supply should at its peak but maybe the demand not so high and therefore I'd be seen rate well you've also got a factor and weekend League so then you'd see right well who's calm who are people gonna put into their team's keeping in mind that but we can link is gonna be–start and they've got packed open up and all those sort of factors I think all you need is like one of these players and could even be deficit scientist if this fathers went and went to meet through the group stage but where it suddenly got all the way to the final and the Europa League that card could go like team the season Carol ballets especially if it doesn't do see well this isn't the team he could get actually this is what's good about these particular cards one of them could get injured but it seemed could go to the latter stages of the tournament as all you really need but fundamentally you shouldn't be thinking like that because some people will think does that look it's the live one to watch it's pretty much what these cards are there live wanted watches so fundamentally you've kind of hoping that these teams can perform through the tournament if any that you have those that will become just fine if they've got Ethio squad BB one it's it on like sterling and a grade or and for beam you'll think I would see at the moment mind city look good for going through so that and itself a great old Gordon anyone read but you've got to factor in with a lot of these cards as well they get put could they get put of the month could they get an in-form could they get or not he could if we factored on everything I mean even stole everybody got an upgrade does the upgrade a fake the live card so the best card is a fire you see the inform went to et sex the life cards on it is seven will just say for talking sakes does the the grade go +1 not the boss to if it's plus two does everything walk plus one name that's what you would assume and finish so then suddenly you will just say sterling as an example if he's got 85 86 87 does he then suddenly go to 87 for his new base card does the informal name become it to eat does the alive karbix dat or you know what does it become obviously the life card got the painting by that point with a shoe the upgrade is n also the upgrade as in get to the next stage I'm going to assume that the upgrades will kick in after the end of the group stage that's my thinking I don't think I saw her in a fit for addy I might be wrong or it could be you in Eclipse did it last when it draws me that don't know but there's a lot of appealing cards out there in the market like this is why I'm rocking up with a fairly cheap team of like country the balls like Paco like my team just know it's playable page but for a kosterman Alvaro inform SBC tower and UCL a you yell Marcus Lonzo and midfield fear and from d'marie be Tiago and him and form idea where front fee of scream cookie polka says a card and then play the month am Sancho off his left med barking better than a life forward and pure Matt right forward like darling for example filling and type of equal for example the cards I'd be good for Lea if I listed really like so it had a very good card and what Donna should go at least a little bit far so suddenly if he doesn't get an informed he could be like a cheap mayekar he could go 85-86 and he becomes an alternative hydrated player that's gentleman because you've got to factor in your nations for the possessions and the ratings and who you see oh he's just written he might not go like hi like Renato Sanches was already know 81 even if he doesn't buy can inform and by and with a large did you suddenly you've got a card that could go 85 86 87 and then even if he doesn't get it former team the season are not great this cars gonna be very very valuable like people will want that card they know right away they can lick up to the Nardo they could like up to whoever they want that could be a bonus on your team or whatever it may be that sees fit in terms of their particular team but as a whole I can understand of rambled Mueller for 40 minutes but as a whole I don't see the market crashing but I actually think it could go quit as I say nothing really there a crash that's the thing the only thing that can be severely affect it is icons and even then I don't see them being affected and unless we get something that gets the game kind of rolling is it where I think there's no need to panic is only you've got step over the coins the moment it plays in your club and your and dudn't smart with your packs and your coins and just plain Tommy you should be perfectly fine but hopefully you're finished useful folks I said one shaker like l-dog run fit market match videos as well I'll leave it all that stuff in the description no more folks smash likes it always sucked at Channel 4 News I'm going to try out diesel agent Ickes y'all thanks for watching and I'll catch you all later

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