FIFA 19 League SBC Guide – SBC Oblak, SBC Muller, SBC Cavani?

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FIFA 19 League SBCs & Squad Builder Challenges have proved so popular for people to do thought show how to do the upcoming League SBCs for this FIFA there are a good amount of leagues and cards to cover plus discuss the prices, potential requirements and more.

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I all welcome to the FIFA 19 League HB she gave some potential cards to look forward to guys must function as always to the game changers for all this stuff getting all that cannon done and sort it so much thank same as always so concisely stated we all sums up the child in a moment which is like the old lines are no more proportionate channel and social media links as always so with the whole league SBC's I'm suspecting number 16 18 names this year and came hotel of course but regardless some very nice cars to look forward to now all black looks like the option I think we will get for all you got I find we're gonna get some goalies more goalies this year and oh boy it would just be very very appealing a league MgO was the top assist player last year Boresha miser jockey and George all transferred so that just seemed that kind of object in Norway I think could sneak in as a potential sneaky option Regenesis player of the year so you may get him popping up as a SBC card Alex Taylor has got the top assess would you believe and the Leo knows that myself would me want to do the card it would be very appealing let's go it was tapas and the Turkish league you can consider Leo Mises Straker but also Telesca and M goomy's for transferred fear can snooker dear Luis Alberto is an alternative to a county or a Mobley or even Rina a card in a mobile were trying to go through his worst I'll get wasn't more logical then going to his diak for Holland he is most hopeful because Yan Vikash and arias are transferred I am Salah he might get but seen that if you get Kitty be but then the promise KDB or even sunny or even the gear so keep your eyes peeled on what may dropped from the EPL Oscar currently looks like top assess for the Chinese League so be aware of that labor and the havi are other options to consider for the Chinese leak and so definitely food for for then Joseph Martinez Taku School and Nia – thank you for the year so be wary that they might not really do that the lady could be the option you may go forward you to heaven for assess or even armor on and Miller is the alternative for top assess you can also consider landovsky for top goalscorer or player of the league and top queen she says too many there's like four geysers with perky zeal and I see your kids new curd then other alternatives you've got em are you over for topic damn clean sheets and the French flag on which it wouldn't be as appealing offs we've got Cavani pirate and mm bar P or even someone like obviously you could still get Cavani for another year runner which can be a bit boring we're so used to having it but you might find different option out front then Scott Brown for play of the year you could have caused by fat goose cooler and Ryan Krusty cam Sinclair for assess or even aim teeny teeny could be an interesting card it depends what is it see to go for warmers for the Pro League he would stand up quite nicely and also it's not appealing card model but you've got hard buoy as well or even ball out for him top clean sheets then for the so dueling Villanova was the player of the league but you can also consider Fernandez for tacos good or not all summer this year Al Hussein or will get style as well for and purposes it all is currently top assess and the division can offer considered kashikar we em or even someone like Kobayashi for that matter supported year or Patrick then Mexican League we've got new Senior Corps someone like that we've got this guy I'm from the Mexican League which is maybe not the most appealing in the world would I go had met for the league at north and as well the Martinez but stole was Raul Martinez over even Boselli or read the eyes offered a poison a mice and the birth for the top goal scorer at any optionally you can also consider zoo as well forth opposites but hopefully this gives you plenty food for fall and hopefully this will be done at the capture event anyway but M it was done back enemy time was caught with it but still regardless some nice potential cards to look forward to for FIFA 19 Emily get species I won't be getting this up soon enough with the whole gauge will keep nice people guys definitely watch the ticket although in the comfortable if there's any and protect her that you looking forward to tomorrow is something John from the performance where guys and I'll catch you all later you

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  1. Always dope to see youtubers progression. Remember your first videos we could barely hear you etc. Nice to see you making improvements as im not only a fan but someone whos trying to get into youtube myself.

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