500IQ Fortnite SNIPER AIM Course! NEW Minigame (Fortnite Creative Gamemode)

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In this awesome Fortnite Creative Gamemode, we fight one on one to find out who will be victorious! Ballers are dropped on multiple lanes and we need to shoot them before they hit us, or die! Like for more! Try it: 2129-7943-4417


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a brand new board game is here in fortnight creative pretty much the way it works is there's a bunch of different colored lanes at the top of those lanes our baller spawn –is ballers will start coming down the different lanes doing different things flying in the air going super fast and our goal is to shoot them before they get to the bottom but every ball that we let through we get ten health damage to us we're gonna be doing this 1v1 and whoever dies first is the loser so it's basically last person standing will be a little bit of a tournament playing against each other and seeing who's got the best eight you guys wanna see some more board games and let me know by dropping a like and thank you to this awesome person do you see my coat alright me versus jelly let's go I'm ready for this okay okay alright prepare three Bell I was ahead okay alright I have an itch how do you feel I don't know I'm helping daily guys I'm helping Jenny okay alright chili is dude I've eliminated all eight channel I am in a completely since serenity lets him drop a little bit the moment they show their fats always through and then that means you just saw nothing I'm just distracting you nothing don't worry about it why are you shocked me and not Joe this is easy for you to say Geordie distract it and see the Bulls are starting to drop I don't want any distractions I'm distracting you josh is a low I've got over here on this shoot what do you mean a little bit slower here I don't think he's gonna survive this form are you kidding me I'm on this I think you got it oh it's a red one and he's right here a nice miss oh boys are here still got the blue ones with the red one Wow look at that a judge stressing out and he almost misses the blue over here yeah almost he's about to get hit for the first time I have this I have this but it's somebody with balls oh my god I got hit that's my first that's Josh Julie's first Josh is still going however oh they're starting to go back Ryan Josh is gonna get the flawless victory waitress once the flying balls start coming in Josh oh boy oh boy wow I have this I'm my hand is scarce dress oh no no this is it oh no doubt I thought that was it but he's jealous I had to take you to move my mouse the flying balls are here oh no no and jealous lost a shield and jellies lost more than just a shield and even all this I'm doing good are you gonna hit the purple or is this oh I've got this look down Jilly it's almost gonna die yeah once I'm off help I just got the health nice well that was a crazy round versus Shelly but luckily we won next up is on to Jordy vs. jelly oh my god footballs on there's a shield football what Purple's are tough the hidden are you kidding me purple god no no no jellies Oh jellies Oh what's gonna happen I'm done there's four guys I'm dead I'm dead oh my god I'm super jenny was so nearly gone okay a loss for Geordie now it's time for me to go up against him let's see if he's gonna lose again or he could pull a win here if I win this round I win everything all right they're coming oh my goodness oh and any left one to go already Oh already – yeah early because I was waiting but the here we go all right so we've got to keep the pools as high as possible that's right Josh and I'm versus Jordy okay that's right jelly it's the commentator I can tell you that Jordy is doing really well Josh and yeah but I do really well until the wrist starts coming down I'm doing pretty good I think oh this is easy so far okay whoa this is a quite a game I've never played anything like this in ten well no I love us hell yeah okay you guys are pretty equal then because Joe Rudi only lost 20 shield so far so I'm bet means I'm being a boy it's no altars on a roll faster faster I missed up Jilly oh no oh no time for destruction dilly don't say that oh I go hits 90 who's gonna win this round and Jordi is out of shield No oh goodness it's Josh in the lead for easy Troy on the lead we're gonna figure out no no no 50 you're losin oh no they're losing right now you're losing Jodi's on 10 health Oh No I swear all right guys bonus laughs we'll go together see how long we can survive together guys okay let's spread out okay we're jelly okay that's not bad actually to me Jordy all focus is right in the middle jelly middle oh my god I just shot like for mine what do you mean guys you could just keep shooting yeah you know we've got this lockdown but now this is gonna get down this is guys can we stop planning for the future okay so yeah all right Josh and Jordan will go green and red and in jellies ghost gets orange later yeah no no that's the highway I think I should cover the right side Jordie covers the left side and gently comes the middle so I think about it Joe D although Jordy is the word the middle the middle the middle comes is like oh yeah that's true if it middles hard I was saying middle because middle is really tough yeah yeah and the people on the right in the land they shoot middle when they've got nothing else to shoot melee lanes harder nine okay maybe maybe you show you Josh now get green and red wait guys I'm bringing me I hit that woman did we lose house hey someone needs to everyone I might say if you're struggling green a red judge there we go any time all my god chili I need you on green I need you on green jelly whoa okay we got this locked we've got this locked down okay I'm a green need you there but soon come no no no purple as it takes a while Josh oh my goodness this is intense whoa it's like duct shiri when they're flying oh my god guys just not right – laughs but right now it's just those three you can do it whoa my goodness we haven't you wait we're doing really good for now oh no no I mean oh my it's going so fast it's going so fast no don't lose tail boys come on come on I'm still my I've got an itch who is like a ninja are you even kidding me whoa green and blue are getting too tough guys oh wait oh my I know I can't shoot that can't shoot I just no no no hail first hit we took damage I'm I don't know what jelly don't worry don't worry my hand my hand how I honestly don't know how all my hand can handle this come on guys by survival of the fittest no no jelly jelly guys are going too quick I can't keep up it's the same pace we need to help jelly we need jordanes not Jordy it's not they're always here notoriety that stories work on green as well okay they're constantly dropping okay we need to know jelly Jenny I'm pokes you agree who know he messed up my aim no oh you messed up my aim oh my god it's one thing to go through no no what go through to the fruit I was getting green and no shields there are just no no Josh orange is confusing me I think my orange it's like stop for a bit I don't know what's going on it's stopped chili shot it too many times Oh 45 minutes oh no I left my first one we've lost 70 right now nearly bill Chile is going crazy shooting mine no I thought you Kelly oh no Josh ago do today tele no no oh no miner starting to speed up no can do Oh forth the elves who was that I don't even see it anymore Josh that was Josh josh is disappointing yes Josh come on I'm happy to shoot green as well the so many greens again paused Ted have one here and we're dead it's ten for me what wait wait Jilly didn't take that damage gotta win this oh that's great guys I'm gonna let some balls through and then you guys are on your own [Laughter] remember to use code slow go in the fortnight's store if you want to be cooler than all of your friends you can thank me later bye

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