Everything You Need To Know So Far About Fortnite Season 6! | Season 6 Battlepass Theme & Details!

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Hey what's going on guys today we are going to be looking over all of the main things that we currently know about this season safes for four night battery Oh after a very long season of many many crazy things happening with the cube going all the way to Lu Lake dissolving and so many things we just really don't know exactly what season six is going to be like four night has done a very good job at keeping it quiet within the last couple of weeks always a whole ton of people are wondering what the brand new battle past is going to be looking like and I have compiled all of the main info all of the juicy stuff into this video so you guys only have a one-stop-shop and you'll get as much info as you can just like all of the previous seasons I will be giving away a battle pass to two separate people so two winners will get a free battle pass all what you have to do to enter is leave a like subscribe turn on post notifications and comment your console and region down below also while you're down there make sure to let me know what do you guys think the theme of this season six battle past will be we have seen the picture but what do you guys think that theme actually means let me know down below to begin I would go out with a huge controversy topic that a whole ton of people have been wondering about this entire season and even this season before this topic has kind of died down within the last couple of months but you guys remember that bunker our willing woods that no one was able to get into and if you were able to get into it it was basically nothing down there within the last couple of weeks leakers have actually found audio files of the bunker door opening and closing so this kind of hints that possibly in season six we will be seen in opening to this bunker you if you have been playing for a night within the last month you definitely know about the giant purple cube that have been moving around the map slowly destroying structures as it goes and a lot of you know a few days ago the cube fell into loot Lake dissolved making loot Lake into basically a giant purple trampoline with the cube initially starting in the southeast corner of the map way down in the desert a lot of people thought it would eventually move up towards dusty divot fill dusty divot with something or even go all the way to tilted towers like we always suspected every season before with it destroying a few buildings and tilted towers not the entire tilted it ended up going into Liu Lake dissolving making it into a giant purple trampoline and this kind of signifies something that will be happening in season six multiple leakers found out that there will be a volcano that will take place in the center of the island in loot lake it will kind of pop out of nowhere during season six maybe not in the direct center but somewhere in Lu Lake we will have a volcano to further back up that theory multiple files showing what the terrain will look like in even meshes of the volcanic pit and a lot more stuff like lava meshes have been located within the files and I will be so casing those on screen this will be definitely very interesting in a brand new point of interest on the map now will there still be that anti-gravity sort of thing where you taking no fall damage and you bounce extra high we do not know just yet I really hope it still isn't there I don't really like that honestly but I mean I guess we'll find out during season six but overall Liu Lake has been one of those locations on the map that has not been touched almost every single season it's pretty much stayed the same which is surprising every time for night really seems like a whole new dance or a whole new skin if you follow the Twitter you will know they showcase a little trailer or a little clip of what that dance is like when fortnight posted the trailer for the capoeira dance a little preview of what it will look like in game if you look very closely in the background you will see a few hints as to what season six might be holding for us just faintly in the background very far behind the fog in all stuff you could see what looks to be the outline of a castle you could see towers on the sides you could even see a giant flag in the middle to further back up the castles theory at the second tier in the season five battle pass showcases the spray which is called crazy castle now of course I could have just been a random spray not pointing towards anything but to even further back that up an image was posted of the female version of the tier 100 Ragnarok skin sitting on a throne hinting towards a more castle theme because Thrones are usually in castles obviously now if we go back to the emote trailer if you look on the far left of Viking town on the mountain has disappeared off the mountain but the waterfall is still there so that's a little interesting the Viking town may have totally disappeared in maybe like the cube or something I honestly have no clue where that went what exactly for and I was thinking with this trailer a whole ton of stuff has been leaked and honestly I feel like there might be a whole new castle point of interest and maybe even the theme might be some sort of like medieval but that doesn't really make sense due to season 2 just this whole season a lot of people are very confused leave your comments down below what do you guys think this all means do you think there will be a castle do you think this is just to confuse us leave a quick comment down below now usually every season we get something brand new with the battle paths like in season 3 we got like back playing season forest sprays season 5 we got the toys like the basketballs the golf balls and even like the golf cart and stuff but for season 6 we don't really know what we'll get just yet or we might actually know a little something Baker's actually found that weapon skins we're in the files within the last couple of weeks as well as hat cosmetics you possibly can be putting on your player so this might be hinting towards some sort of weapon skins that will be seen or this file might be the place for all like the fortnight mare skins and all the weapon skins for like the grenade launcher during Easter Christmas that sort of stuff we don't know just yet but it is a good theory and honestly it would be pretty odd if we could get weapon skins within the battle path like maybe a scar skin maybe like a golden bolt action sniper or like your chrome that would be definitely very awesome to see you in-game over the past month we got multiple leagues by fortnight themselves about the entire cube scenario and close to the end we got a picture which shows the bright bomber skin looking into the cube with a reflection of her but what looks to be like an evil form the evil form of the bright bomber was later data mined to prove that four-night is indeed working on an evil version of the bright bomber which is called dark underscore bomber so for the prior bomber we might get different little cosmetics that you can add to it similar to how all of the battle path skins are where if you kind of customize them yourselves on top of that in the reflection you can notice that her shirt the llama on the shirt has changed into a dragon breathing fire which is basically the opposite of what looks to be a nice rainbow llama this makes me kind of feel like this season might even be some sort of evil type of thing because the opposite of water is lava we are kind of finding things about lava and a volcano and then the cube dropped into loo lake not too sure but definitely a lot of things to consider for this now just yesterday the season six theme has been released by the four night developers themselves on their Twitter with this picture now obviously they did not tell us the theme and letters but they did show is this picture which allows us to know a lot about what season six might be holding the entire time the whole community is thinking the theme is going to be some sort of evil thing with the volcano and such but this picture shows basically a party llama entire like disco llama which that entire thing throws us off because I mean of course we thought it would be an evil theme for the past couple of weeks and now they just throw this at us no one was really expecting this but on September 21st fortnight tweeted out this season six is now dropping from the bottle puss on September 27 celebrate its arrival and unlock those final battle pass rewards with an additional four hundred percent match xp all weekend from now until September 24th a et glide into the party now those last three words glide into the party that might be the entire season theme right there party might be the entire theme because the llama of course he looks like a disco llama now another massive reason why they might also have a party themed season due to it being kind of the birthday of not for night but for night Battle Royale for tonight Battle Royale was released on September 26th of 2017 which surprisingly was one day before my birthday but I know of course just back in June they did have an event for the one-year anniversary of four nights so it wouldn't really make sense if they did a whole nother one for Battle Royale I made it another big deal but who really knows they might be throwing some sort of curveball at us anyways guys that's all the info that I have for you guys today make sure to leave a like on the video if you haven't already subscribe if you are new to the channel leave a quick comment down below what do you guys think the theme of the battle path will be for season six and I will see you guys next time

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  1. I have a myth for the fortnite myth busters.

    Myth: can you go into a rift to go while in the shadow crystal mode? These are found at the old the old marks the cube left.

  2. Nintendo switch Europe….. Hope i win help up the good work and can u make more mythbusters please… I think the theme will be time like old fashion and futuristic skunks

  3. That was not a castle it was snowy trees because it will replace junk junction and we will get a snowy biome instead. And wailing woods will be replaced with a roller coaster area.

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