FaZe Jarvis Vs Sidemen (Fortnite 1v1 Challenge)

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Vikkstar from the Sidemen Challenged my 16 Year Old Little Brother FaZe Jarvis to Time Trial his New Death Run in Fortnite! Jarvis then called out KSI for a 1v1 in Fortnite…

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your job is bro I just thought about this you've been doing so good and all your wampie ones recently who's next up on your list right now man I'm intra Haiti like some of the side men like the sideburns I mean yeah yes I wait bro do you think do the side but even play for a night like that like that wouldn't even really be Fabri you know I'm just saying I mean you know you kind of like me and you getting back at them for this for the football video guys did you see you want me and jamás dead in the Simon phase video wait what about big star though he's big stuntman sixth are definitely placed for night bro he's down you know do we follow each other man I'm gonna message him right now yo bro just mention you back send you a video yo you sent us a video what is up I know you're proud when it comes to battle royale but let's see how you do in creative I'm challenging you to complete my bath run challenge the fastest speed runners can completely smell in under eight minutes I want to see how you do it I saw y'all run it masters once a you just did something no big star man he's got this in the bag so real quick before me his job is face off and javis tries to beat the side man man I had crazy tricks your job is yeah I want to see this my said it was one shot man everybody is one shot you don't even have to tag him by it was kind of nice from it was kind of nice look man so I just found a bit did I get a couple spins and a cup of take food I had a trick shotgun that was my first ever online shot yeah that would go bro what I want to do right now is just beat this crazy thing so I can try 1v1 Castle I know man big stars death run is up is ready its next bro we're gonna do it alright job is bro this is it the sidemen death run big star made this himself what do we even do right now I made it y'all or EBT job it's right now no way okay I made it on here bro what do we do where am I supposed to go alright if I don't make this jump oh I'm back to the start bro what are you kidding me oh my god how did I just eat that javis come on man I want to see you 1v1 ksi bro this is the only way to make you happen there's no other way we have to beat this death run man bro there's no way but not now bro this beer I don't get it well I got to jump on the inside or outside oh we did it let's go nearly nearly nearly how his job is always getting so far ahead of us I know you're a pro online I didn't know you were a pro crated after doing scissors deaf runner I got so much better no that's not nice I'm chillin oh I think I kind of see what to do damn Jobs is out here giving me lessons it has to be a creative pro-roh I don't know how to do this beer without cheating I don't know oh my God we're popping off right now what did I don't make it bro what nothing works bro I made it that I made it to the legend I died from a trap wait what how do I spawn it now did anybody just see the last minute what just happened to me was this the second John were is disgusting I mean if you can do it why if I just going back to the very beginning hello oh my god rojo is on the last one I legit just made it there without cheating I just I just did it normally why is that bro the doors closed I'm going through it what do you mean again again bros at the last bit of the impulse 104 they so long oh my god it's cuz you know you get spoiled protection trust is so your screens black you can't see anything but you can still run all over jump dear oh my god [Laughter] I always groove right there why am I going to write what I'm gonna go in left bro I know the way what am i doing I swear to God some price where the speed thing makes it so if you memorize this you don't even need to do anything I keep going your job is if you just keep running you don't have to do anything I just man come on this is Vicks thoughts creative death run we can do it bro I know this is la vez yo chill chill man this is you oh my gosh office okay okay big star man you win you win big star bro yo Joe is just lost his mind guys poor like I can't do this crazy stuff I need to like lumpy one one of them you need to warm be what what does that mean you're calling someone out there bro like a sigh and you can box and stuff but can you crank the nineties though he's like one of my favorite youtubers so I'm down to try and clapping guys you know what to do trying to we care so I get hold of him man Stevie wants to give job it's the hands-on fortnight man you know I'm saying bright need to love some steam he saw us doing on my stream Mario yes Pharrell bro you were like playing arena unlike the level one against the box right yo that was so fun you slayed like 30 kills of a game man yo let's do it I have a face care camera let's run it right you know like slang BOTS bro I know so this is your tank job is man let's go again this is what you do Brian you understand what you do right now tree just like planned pups but we show Bikel she's right okay your one thing that actually made me and my brother lost so much the other day was all of the comments on the video guys the comments on the video about javis mean poke me there's been a meme going around man where I kind of overreacting job it does and it's not just me – its kind of everybody in Faceman I don't know why base bid happened it's actually quite funny to watch back this is a perfect example man guys this clip made me die you guys keep watching the video man haven't even playing this all day javis like the same oh yeah I got the champion just in just today you got the champion just today for like yesterday all I was doing was this just using the drum guy just I'm dying to a combat shotgun nice nice car plant bar like I've been so mad today from that crave stuff so I need to like slice important I know job I've never seen anybody break something that much just from like dying man I understand though you know you invest a lot of time in fortnight bro you want to be the best that it must suck when you die no have you tried that thing do it landing directly in the slipstream do you ever do it ah yeah you can bring it right down the middle yeah so you don't even have to glide anymore in the game rice sweat or he's got nothing he has nothing surely you can't right there's no chest up oh no blow brother some reason I just saw you getting pumped in the face again man but you got killed bro you're doing good now we have shared somehow we're good does it feel good in we can back in the flow of online this is your groove right so yeah guna but he could have got a chest yeah uh nice don't worry this guy just wait landed here and then died how did he die oh okay it was to that guy what bodies guys do we know they're insane then not first they are not spread what do you mean that guy didn't even shoot you javis is this what people are like an arena now are there there were one first what is your loadout right now even killer that's so funny yeah literally doesn't even matter why use the kids are just that good right yeah yes we're trying to say look no oh no bro there's no way there's no way that guy was really doing there come on man I couldn't play Bethany any worse than you my mom's iPad Pro job is man you're just toy with these kids yeah you don't even giving them a real chance oh no the shotgun isn't even that bad anymore anymore do they make do it by a fix this or those shots now do damage okay as long as you use the right it's good trust ah I love it I try use the right look so this this we for close range this one and then this is the long range sugar damn okay a little long range shotgun I'm interested to see how long range this can go have you any clips with this light show god anything crane on way I've barely been using it bro honestly saying I haven't abandoned in using shotguns no I actually though that's what I haven't been doing bro any shotguns man there's no point oh he's gonna jump at bro what's he saying yes you're kidding job is how did you just okay that guy got a little pump wait there's another dude it has to did sir what this shotguns good I mean that was a good shot it was a head shot man maybe that was here I don't know and that's all job is bro you're just playing with Kip like I was saying man they don't even stand a chance and you've got the tommy gun again just like you were doing on yours this is literally like a perfect no doubt but surely yeah you're perfectly chilling bro is that actually faster yeah bad I got told in my stream that actually does mean as long as you do it right like the momentum yeah like you want to barely go out stay going forward like that yeah I see the tang all that's it dude that just insane bag they are insane you know you guys want to see you laugh if you're watching this and that was you man GG that's guys next you know you might beat me but not him you know not this kid oh Jesus come on dude no way like is he okay man I've never played this much so I'm just quite shocked really I didn't know if BOTS really played this is like a lot like that it's quite not yeah so many dude I was gonna say man he's one shot there another guy okay he wants it man I'm coming then buddy javis is coming bro whoa jeez real er – yeah I know I thought you – oh yeah that's fire that was a lip way I don't believe it man I am neither drunk on–and or whatever these guys uh know oh Jesus oh no that was way too easy for you man oh you're landing on him bro oh oh that was fine Alex Michael the bunny all I needed I know man oh we had a good 50 I'm telling you this guns actually decent I might honestly you have to try out Jarvis this combo brush yuxuan back I'm just watching cause this guns good for range it like does good damage for us actually it's a good combo yo you may have found the new take on the new meta oh that's no 20 bombers quick hopefully so I'm saying that yeah I swear though in your video bro you went way more off right yeah John I got 129 don't even tell him bro don't even tell us they're gonna have to go with C man actually see if you think this is a law kills man javis went off on his channel 10 times more bro like every game was at least 20 kills I know his father I see is that another Lautner thought I was a llama bro there has to be over there where are they men did you think that hiding in boxes missing officer one where the ball is so weird what do you mean it's not bounce oh there you go I was close ya know that was a bit close no guys name was L – L – just L – o t Spellman what man I look at my phone put one second out the ten minute there's no one there and it dude runs up on you okay what's he trying why is he joking oh dude whoa he's that oh the haunted shop tactic oh that's let and now you gotta get down situations in the store man I'll wait to trip out you had to it so well run in the storm run round the builds man like you're pro straight up it's crazy how my little brother become a pro at fortnight man this is nuts ah one more boot to the head broke on there you have it man there we go way to clean guys these are bro your job is in the 21 man this video deserves a light guys come on that's lit 20 bomb you just blow off some steam and has 20 bond man I wish I could do that bro I don't even get like 15 kills imagine it's hand side actually responds to your about me crazy cool out take a sign this video job is just one scare sigh man I don't know why Oh bro Oh bro Oh Roy did it as I sneeze Mouse all my days javis you're too good yeah this guy's a psycho that guy is a psycho or you're not gonna take her he's together we're not actually trick show him oh no go up bro go up yes no man it's a jump pod man what you cease matter you gonna get him though there's no match that's good actually what I'm saying from a gelatos directly hit you know this guy has anything else than a than a hobby oh my counter if you hit it give me some real or no trick short man Joe is this a trick shot right now this video deserves a hundred thousand lights and I will never post the video again for the rest of my life if it doesn't know hundred thousand likes but javis buzz will you go ahead the trickshot man can sock you watching this you already know I want to want me one you let's get it guys make sure you tweet him that would be pretty insane honestly well yeah it's in the video shout out to big star definitely check I screamed Efron it was it was fun don't be insane but it was fun man it was fun so yeah it's good Frazier and javis I will catch you guys in our new video tomorrow peace out

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