I tried Visual Sound Effects in Fortnite… (this is unbelievable)

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I tried Visual Sound Effects in Fortnite… (this is unbelievable)
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I tried Visual Sound Effects in Fortnite… (this is unbelievable) I hope you guys enjoy this Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments Gameplay video! Today, we go into Fortnite Battle Royale and turn on the Visualize Sound Effects setting and see if its overpowered or not!



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oh boy four nights coming out with a new tactical assault rifle this robust and precise assault rifle is the ideal option for tight quarters for tight quarters just like the drum gun v2 bro I swear to God for and I just keeps taking all the guns from John wick and putting them into the game anyway what's going on ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the channel hopefully you guys are having a great day me myself I'm having a wonderful day thanks for asking they have figured we would try something very hard and difficult you guys have been enjoying all the challenge videos that I've been uploading to my channel so I figured I'd do another one today and I would actually try visualaudio setting apparently visual audio is like a studying in the game we've turned it on you can like see things that you hear that sounds very weird but you're just gonna have to see I honestly know nothing about visual audio other than I'm pretty sure it's for people who are hard of hearing or I can't hear whoever me I can hear so this might be overpowered or unfair I don't know if they mute the audio if you turn this on we're gonna do that today but real quick guys I just want to let you know that I'm going to be giving away some V books today I usually don't do this but since the channel has been doing really well I've seen a lot of numbers going up I kind of want to give back especially with a lot of people using my support of creator code I'm gonna pick three people in the comments box all you got to do is comment down below and also subscribe to the channel just put down your epic username and I'll add you in fortnight and then I'll just whisper you and I'll be able to send you the V bucks that way through either PayPal or like your Xbox console card or whatever yeah it's really simple just subscribe to the channel and comment down below your epic username anyways guys let's start this video let's go into the settings here should be under the audio right where the heck is visual audio Oh visual sound effects here we go turns the visual radio indicator for some sounds on/off okay perfect alright guys let's see if we can get a win I hope that this isn't too overpowered maybe I just exposed some insane game crashing setting also don't forget to use a supportive creator code you don't have to use mine but if you want to feel free to use code kiwis in the item shop it helps me a lot make sure your item shop is not empty okay just make sure you're supporting somebody should we lay in salty spring script let's lay in salty springs so we should be able to see the visual sound effects as soon as I land oh look at that what is on my screen except for a chest oh my god somebody just landed here hold on oh my god I can see it on my screen the footsteps oh we're dead we're so dead oh my god wow that guy was terrible but yeah I don't know if you guys saw that but you can actually see the audio damn this is insane when you're listening to the game what the heck was that oh no oh no stop it when you hear the sounds I don't think there's any directional sounds it just sounds like it's right in front of you but that's why you're supposed to use the visual sound effects so you know where it's coming from so it's actually not overpowered actually it's actually kind of fair where'd that come from oh my god I need to pay attention to the footsteps icon because dude oh my god all this guy's dude this is terrifying what bro this is so hard it sounds like everything's under you or in front of you there's no left or right audio wow this is this is gonna be a hard video I don't know if I'm gonna be able to get a win I'm gonna do it for you guys I'm gonna do it okay do I dare lean tilted for this screw it dude when I was thinking about making this video I thought I was still gonna be able to hear right-to-left like I thought I would just be normal audio and I would just kind of have the advantage of seeing it in front of me but it's not all you can do is see the audio and everything is just it's so hard to explain you just got do it yourself there's a chest and a guy gliding over here everything's in front of me because I can see it there's an ACK in front of me okay this is insane oh my god I got a really focus on the audio settings dude apparently they buff the combat so let's try this out I'm gonna be honest with you guys I'm actually kind of scared is he coming up the staircase oh my god dude he's he's directly under me can't build right here oh I hate that I think he dropped what where's that coming from bro this is so scary dude where is this guy oh my god oh this is impossible there's no way I win in this video guys if I went in this video dude what is that is that behind me he's coming up is he coming up and ACK over there but that's not what I'm focused on there was a fight down here oh is that a that's a Benjy fishy where is this guy going look at this guy bill dude he's insane come here buddy I can't hear you but that's alright I can see where you're at oh let's go dude all right we're gonna drop the combat for the for the blue tag the TAC is the way to go bro I guess I'll take these three shadow bombs in case I need to make a quick getaway because I simply just cannot hear what's happening all right this is gonna be one of the hardest videos I think I've ever made I'm gonna get shot from the back so many times in this video I can only imagine how hard it's going to be at the end of the game I couldn't imagine being a pro player and having to use this for endgame oh my god that'd be ridiculous you guys are just gonna have to try this for yourself it is actually one of the hardest things ever I hear somebody flying in where's that okay we gotta go kill that guy that guy is literally one shot let's go man get out of here dude anonymous haha another guy flying oh he's whited no wait oh he's coming back where you going to ds1 shot please no what do you shoot that what the heck when I hear people gliding I just look all the way around cuz I don't know where it's coming from be honest I am shocked that I have four kills doing this four day was definitely smart disabling to left to right audio when putting this on because then it would just be Opie I just got sniped at from where oh no this is bad this is really bad somebody landing at me oh oh here we go here we go he just conned me I gotta keep an eye on this kid I can't lose this kid out of my out of my sights or else I'll I'll literally lose them nice let's go dude that kid thought I was in his box he was a good he was a good player though he really was all right I'm gonna take his big shield to drink that let's go through when he was landing on me I dude I had no idea where he's coming from like uh-huh yup love sneezing all right we definitely had more mess than we did before let's get it oh no no please don't please don't shoot at me oh my god I don't I can't okay hold on I'm being shot from every direction oh my god I I can't hear these guys I think I'm being painted stopstopstop oh I didn't even know I was getting broken down I can't hear anything oh my god nobody shot from behind please don't please don't yep I'm shallow I'm gonna have to shadow bomb out of here oh my god did go gun was it make it right here and there's a chest I love when that chest icon pops up bro – when you're being shot at by multiple people is GG like you can't there's nothing you can do I don't want to go close quarters cuz I'm literally scared I'm gonna die cuz I can't hear anybody somebody coming up here I'm getting out of here I'm breaking all this brick so I can get I need mats dude I got they're scary I hear ball oh no he's gonna go oh dude this is the worst man and I'm Adam oh I can't go there good good it's so hard to I can't tell what he's gonna do because I can't hear this is so hard dude this is so hard shadow bombed again you guys do not understand how hard this is I don't know if he's above below to the right to the left I just need to get as much mats as I possibly can before rotating dude cuz I don't I feel like I'm gonna have to build a lot I'm just gonna camp right here dude hey I'm not that scared bro yep just fighting in front of me look at all these symbols dude though Takas tak is garbage okay I'm gonna have to launch to rotate to zone because I'm my safe right here I am this has got to be one of the hardest challenges okay they're all in front of me they're all on top are they built fighting or something bro they've got to be trying to replace each other's wall or something he ripped it I'm taking it bro this is like a scrim ending Jesus all right I have the highest of the high ground if I get high ground that would actually help me a lot trying to shoot at me stop trying to shoot it mean okay well there goes high ground this is literally a scrim ending there's five people alive right now I'm gonna go for a high ground look at this what is happening what is this edit what what is this a scrim what am I getting a new such yeah what that was the craziest ending in a pub I've ever seen in my life okay well it's safe to say that I have to take off visual sound effect I don't think I've ever played worse for night in my life having those settings up I feel like when you're in a build fight you make plays and you build based on what you're hearing and when you can't hear anything I feel like I'm at such a disadvantage it just scares the heck out of me when I hear things that sound like they're in front of me or behind me I just say it's so weird so my final verdict on visual sound effects I would not use them unless you're hard of hearing I mean that's just–that's that's it always guys thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed the video make sure to subscribe if you guys are new make sure you guys are using a supportive creator code and the form that item shop use code Kiwis and yeah anyways guys thank you so much for watching I will see you in tomorrow's video I'm out peace

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