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I don't know yeah I don't think you have it I will take positions on things that will not yield people immediately being upset about everything like I will take a position on pineapple being totally acceptable on pizza which is that that whole discussion is so weird to me because pineapple on pizza has been a thing for so long but it's only in like the last year or two that it suddenly became a meme that people argue about yeah that is I'm not sure anyone's serious about it I'm sure there are the people who are serious about it very much so don't you understand well that that's that's actually a pretty common thing though now the omission is that there's a lot of stuff that kind of has done the just joking ironically but then becomes almost you know an ironic or done and you know there's people who don't know it's a joke and then pick it up and it becomes a serious thing it's true I'll have you know I there was my nap along the beat so that I just head and Joanne let's see what are we thinking where do you want to go I don't know okay all right you want me to make the decision that you can make those I can make decision make it all right we're going lucky oh wow that's wait very lengthy let's go to the stadium look it was a ways out there I was like click oh you didn't realize I thought you just really wanted to be alone I think we're alone now yeah we probably would be we haven't yeah I don't think yeah people I although I will say that I've landed lucky a couple times and we landed lucky a few times it's growing on me like I like it as a landing place it's where I'm going it is by definition a landing place because it has the name no yep yep Judah you know I didn't even mean to order pineapple on my pizza tonight it just like everything else looked good and then everything else like the ingredients on that one look good and I was like I guess I can deal with the pineapple it's that's fine and I can't really taste much right now so you know well that that definitely helps in that situation I don't like it's the if you if that's what you want I'm all about well sure go for it like I don't care it doesn't affect me you know what you eat on your pizza it doesn't change anything about what I I'm right well some people are very passionate about it like somehow affect you know some people really like my little pony too and that's fine for them it's just not me you know my little pony right now I'm not hating on it I'm simply making commentary about it uh-huh but a shield inside of the kwik-e-mart I have a big shield so you can top it off and I'll take it but I got one I'll definitely take it it'll be sweet I have a shield for you though okay all right well then if you have a small shield then that'll get me to 75 at least I have a green pump for you sweet and there's one on the roof outside okay I got small shields here oh okay well you can be the consolidate or of these small shields it's fine like that ow here's your green pump if you want it I'm gonna get the one that's outside because it has a mo – okay are you upset that I didn't choose yours I'm not like I really don't care at all that sounds like you care sounds like you really did care I kind of care like it hurt a little just just just a little off the top good lord um okay I just got a a tack shot and I'm gonna hand off the small shields to you yeah a good circle whoa there we go boys there we go all right so here's a small Sandesh oh you are topped off um actually let's see maybe I should do oh yeah I don't have a good AR but otherwise we go would should I do have an ad or pump heavy that's I never I never know what to do having a heavy div' okay heavy tack sure thing I think is considered more of a replacement for the tack than the pump now yeah I know that's what I'm so pumped Evie yeah I guess so and you can take the tack there you go I got a tech oh you got attacked I'm so sorry yeah it's you've been attacking me with your your anger and issues I did not bring the the slurp I'm carrying bandages I don't know if you're carrying bin I have advantages I guess I will get the slurp yeah okay just drop your bandages and I'll pick them up all righty then Oh running away oh don't mind me all right well we're running sort of outside the circle or you do see a chest over the truck was that yeah yeah well I was checking I hadn't seen it but literally I crested the hill the Sun came over the beam came down and the glow was revealed to one and all yes okay okay I'll pick that up oh you got the scar damn son we're hitting it big on the edges I've got I've got a I mean the blue the blue tag the scar I picked up a launch pad yeah blue tags I do yeah I've been having fun Blanding in busy places today it's been it's enjoyable what's that I quit tilted once and I won there too you won a game landing it tilted III didn't win the game by one that I won the landing and you know those you know end up with six I usually get four to four to six out of the places I've been going lately right on for that began just yeah and it's I don't know what's been going on but it's just been like this place is mine now you guys don't go away okay I'll kill you I'll kill you I'll kill you mr. prison guard first right here first night here to north-northeast just barely over the hill like way close oh wow that work yeah hit me in the back oh that was you okay have been me okay well that's uh that's the thing ah let's see I guess I'll do I don't know what they were doing honestly like they think one guy was crouching and walking backwards and the other one saw us and then took a minute to respond there's a supply drop back to the southwest I'm just drinking the shield's cuz he hit oh did you get hit he hit me once with a shotgun Knight bastard I must have blocked a shot of yours pretty heavily cuz I saw myself light up yeah a little bit that's cool oh they're building up we got fighting at it yeah it's good to know where the people are yes sir I saw one person running still across the ground sort of on the field to the hill sniper rifle what's that where one of them shooting a sniper oh and there's one straight south on the field somehow didn't hit any of those which is bizarre two of mine 46 damage yeah that was that was interesting my reticle was tight on him and it just like nope oh and then there's a dude up there on the structure I went right in me Oh God oh jeez that guy's right there okay where oh jesus nice he surprised me I was surprised they are all shooting at me so you are okay I'm fine oh they just went down wait what he's gonna be behind me at to the east as well oh shit there's people above me he's a scatter oh my God Almighty yeah we're completely surrounded here he's my friend there we go running to yet running to yet oh we got another heavy over there yeah building southeast a lot another launch pad nice nice and more small so I'll take those oh that's fine that's just noise I think that was frog there's someone in town there's a team in town right now oh god I have no ar mo I can go hook you up if you can get over here send me up to the pool snipe real quick and I mom why do you to the pool I can give you a mo okay we're gonna have to worry about the shield in a moment so don't stand in there just right here don't worry dude 14 seconds get inside the circle you get touched I'm gonna laughs nope I mean we wouldn't really have had time to do much of a handoff in there so I mean I already had it down all you do is pick up it's down here right outside and those people were in here so I don't know they still are I just heard shooting that's outside that's probably them to the south they're not in here you can do it oh there's a dark wager up on the hill I just lit him up Wow there we go gotten one knock I'm worried about the dude up top I'm gonna yeah he's the he's a bigger threat these guys aren't that big a threat he is trying to go up but he's going to take a lot of damage right there watch out for this shot it's come above yep I got a slurp really click here take some oh I just take some smalls takes my bad my bad no gold star it doesn't walk you can have this smalls and all I'm saying I'm not gonna go over 50 probably I'll take them really quick though I'll go over 50 a little bit holiday Oh God we've so many yeah too many ok let me get this stuff no we gonna head up there ok unless you don't want to head up there no I don't care oh oh oh they're they've moved to the east yeah I saw that jeez I can't get my throat to stop having gunk we're gonna have to go east for the storm yeah alright oh ok hi there I'm gonna work my way around and around all guy tried to the fancy me like one oh the guy who tried to do the fancy God not San Miguel nicely done whoa that's too bad guys you got a little arrogant didn't you what do you do like an impulse or something yeah he tried to impulse over and then I built the wall and walked down well I'm sorry that I had the slurp consumed otherwise you're giving it to you you're fine uh you have shields kay I can I didn't you're 50 okay yeah yeah I got now you've got me I've got three so okay gonna take a bandage there we go let's go around this hill I don't really have a game plan at the moment the circles mug dude I'm really nervous I need your game plans okay I'm all about them no I feel like that was facetious and hostile and I don't need that from you okay a little bit face officious basic issue specious but but I do it sometimes yeah it's it's cool I like that part about you ah I saw comments on today's a little for tonight vibe that I posted feels like I feel like they hate each other do we do we hate each other we just were forced by some unspoken contract we have to play together you have to continue to play we signed we signed a deal with the devil that we're like obligate we're bound by the hip and if we don't then yeah and then we basically are just is we have an eternity that we have to spend this you are my hell you are my hell I was thinking though that I need to make a bet with you I don't know what the bet yet but I need to win a bet with you Oh what do you mean I need to win okay with you just so that I know you have no further elaboration on that know what that is but that way what I what I can do is I can send you a fan merch starter pack and make you wear it for a video it'd be by way of losing a bet but I you figure out what the bet is and then I'm gonna make sure I win and then just a quote-unquote starter pack I would put one together for you I would sign everything I would send you a hat I would I would just you know you'd look so great uh-huh yeah but really one would I not look great in anything honest that's true it's true yeah I mean that's that's that's just is you'd make it look great mm-hmm you did a model you did model your bottle captured yourself so a long time ago jeez I still have beer bottle cap shirt all those your signatures one off that was a long time ago was a while ago because I because we hate each other I've been watching you for a long time yeah I did it's the it's the dislike that keeps me coming back actually you're a masochist considering youtube that you almost wonder if that's not true like some people with how they act like each video that they watch is painful it's like then why are you still watching week after week I want out like people just comments I hate so much I would just clench the entire time like yeah do you like to feel upset all the time like is that your oh okay I mean that's fine I mean I don't know it's the over here oh I have for resource collection Wow I have 900 do you need stuff oh I mean you know I've got 100 would how have you managed you get that blu-tack that's not a blu-tac oh that totally looked like a blue tag just perfectly that's why I don't checked it out but it was definitely not it's definitely not I mean if you want to throw down water whatever then great if not I can make do I can gather my own let me give you a little bit how do I let's see Jesus god damn it I always forget – oh no it's not what I meant but whatever sure yeah here you can take another half and then I will take in a quarter I never do the splitting by number of things yet always it takes time wait wait – time – the time oh that's storm though yeah it's it's way too long to try and work that out that is we do have both have launch pads as well that we do I mean oh we got some people to our northeast same place yes yeah but he built slow so that's good sign yeah there oh wait oh that's you okay they just let's just get in here oh my god I can't do anything oh he just ruined my day Oh God crawl a little forward a little bit forward I think okay in it okay yeah yeah this is good we're good I was like we're about to get touched I mean I'll be up before the storm gets but yeah do we have any med kits or any I have bandages yeah my day yeah I could use some of you knees that'd be cool okay there you go and I'm down to one small with your mom is plenty don't worry about that yeah and then there's others in there as well yeah I got eight now okay risky bidness you want me to I can carry smalls that's ten I mean what did I drop oh I dropped those okay then I'll get that no more bandages right oh we shit that did 10 damage in that quarter second you have any more pain it's like my poor health but oh we can save them that's fine that's fine okay we definitely a building tour yes yes I even see the people no wait that's a post uh no I think that's people just poking over yeah that's why it's hosts oh okay active building more to the west as well it looks like sniper shot from up on the building there's a kill box up there oh yeah there's definitely people in there you want to jump on this on this thing get our high ground okay does it seem like anyone's up there I hope you out there so I just get really dumb it's nice more often than I care to admit when the thing doesn't react the way you expect it to oh nice nice and arranged I mean not much of one but Isis nippy we're go nice I've gotten several headshots with the crossbow today you see swapped to a crossbow instead of your did you not have a sniper no I didn't have one Oh okay uh whoo-hoo that jump all right so we have a whole fight going on over there can you just holy shit with a crossbow oh my god we're uh straight West they're mad we do have a nice head as well and there's the kill box at Northwest oh I was so close oh my god I let go of my crosshair right when that happened and it sounded like I heard this sound as my field of view changed and it was like wacky alright so there no that's just our Fugees if we can get over alright we have storm in just a couple seconds but if we can come over here and and get up here we could launch pad over somewhere we should explain I use that use that nicely ow my Snipes are so bad I mean it's a difficult all that was so close oh that guy's down I wish I wasn't so bad at sniping in this oh you've been lock my thang thank you oh thank you right now you're less exposed we have armies coming into this though it's fine you can't shoot those yeah whatever whatever dude drop down yeah okay so everyone's got to move no one's happy where are you I'm just dropped down a little bit okay there's a mess um med kits another good loot over there Gold heavy shotgun launch pads so what do you want to launch pad over to someone I don't I mean it never works out for me but I know that it's a good move here we got 17 seconds make a decision we're gonna have to go somewhere let's uh let's let's do it okay I can set up a launch pad here oh shit nice shot guys fuck I can't can't be mad I just I they got the angle all right you can set up a launch pad if you want there it is are you ready to that it's up here oh all the way up top okay hold on all right all right alright let's go over these I guess to them down on the ground over here yeah the north oh yeah yeah God that was it oh damn I didn't realize we we finished that up that was the last one oh I thought there were so many more people left Oh God nice not bad for a first you get 5 nice over you set 7 eliminations 5 assists let's see 3 assists 5 eliminations nice yeah that's a hell of a way to start let's take it all take it dad Oh like it yeah yeah yeah I don't care and I finished all my challenges for the week so that's all done level 78 day am 67 over here I wonder um if only you could check your your profile yeah it'd be nice it'd be nice to be able to see profile but in theory it's still slaving we'll see where we're at I had three wins today so our SolarWinds so that's nice yeah and you are now a person to be feared sorry hang on there you'd not be talking to me yeah yeah yeah okay well what I got I got a call a guy out I just threw a little bit of a donation out so give me just a second you're welcome to do that I thought you did that all the time I do I'm just just this was it's extra special that's that's cute let's see you call last time a guy I did okay how about ruins okay that works here of eagle let's get another win have we ever in duo's gun two wins RL whatever in do is what gotten two wins in a row we've gotten a win and then like third I think is their best we've never done a to win in a row know one of these days we got to do that yeah they wanted to it's the the wins today we're in solos were so we can do it we got it in us okay you're in the rhythm I see I see good stuff tissue paper shooters were just the best okay sorry more tissue paper shooters oh my god so good small chance I got a come over here hahaha turn and look over here just on your right oh wow look at that another large shield Oh wowie Zowie and a blue burst okay all right all right and so I have some of those resources yeah I you certainly made there's that and there's that and there's that oh you just split them in half so yeah I need we need shields and then I got you picked up one big right yeah I have some large right I have two big so if we get this mom you can go ahead and down yours I don't want to be down though dude no fair enough I understand I want to live possible you choose life that I do it's now pack up no what's a llama llama boys dude it's definitely llama cuz epic game said it was a llama I mean you can tell by the way the ears are structured that's a llama there's a green pump here can use it I got it you did thank you nice well I got one too oh look at this you got tell me you got hey Minnie's blu-tack oh nice I don't have any tech actually our circle sucks yeah we should probably get moving actually bring two minutes we still have little like motel yeah yeah yeah let's let's rotate over you are gathering up those resources you know 300 is not that much it's not that much although you do have 300 of each 503 30 to 50 yeah yeah oh there's some smalls right here just what you're looking for I will be right oh oh look at that it's right there just just just kill him all right try not to get let me die while I'm standing in the open so I got I got served today and I deserved it like I wasn't mad but like you you didn't actually have someone like cioppino or are you like blank I have been served you that sir no but I got into a fight where there's guys lay on the ferry of our East Ridge at the tree not gonna a tree down oh my god that's a little far nope he's running it was a pretty long fight and lots of building and I managed to outflank the guy they're coming towards motel i season him I'm gonna get on the roof whoa okay oh he's on top of motel yeah I didn't see that guy knock there's so many Ravens so many fucking Ravens no he's not that great I don't think hit him once I got one big hit he's gone I go good you can't fire um he had a scar for me so that's nice yeah oh I guess I'll drink the slurp as well yeah did he have any other a arse I guess not nope okay well I think this has been got yeah so anyway big big fight la-dee-da and we we circled round lots of playing and I don't know what he did but he was kind of like trying to box me in and just you know you know that like box them in just kind of more build to annoy them too and to try and win boxing bell for boxing you know me like he kept trying to like wall me into boxes and stuff but then put down traps like you can tell he that's what he was going for was a trap kill was this for like a game-winner I know no it was it was like there were still 15 people were solo highlight he wanted that highlight yeah so he and he got it too because he he ended up I worked around him got out of the box broke through and used a a edit on my floor and dropped in and just rained a shotgun right into his head and it just like bovi were done after this big old fight and I was saying you get the highlight if you wrecked him because I landed on him I shot and splatted him and I started doing my mo like animatronic dance you know the robot yeah the robot and someone sniped and killed me Oh like I was like is he spectating you and then I don't know it all happened like I don't think you had unless he's like rage hit the spacebar to quit he should have been but I mean you know it was one of those like yep I cannot be mad I deserved that but it was a big enough fight that like it actually got me like yeah take that Punk you see there's people in modern oh I thought I was hallucinating I was like oh I think there's some movement there it's actually oh oh that in hits yeah 36 damage damn you jumped out the back I saw one guy and there's more fighting over there so there's two must be shooting there's three wait what the hell who's going where'd are they splitting up or that different teams it's two teams okay one was chasing another around or the one that's gonna East no he's still gonna be in that area but we'll see minis on turn up okay there's yeah but that shit oh god there's more people okay yeah I saw the you're not down right not yet no but I'm pretty damn low oh okay hi oh he's down which I switched my attack which I don't have oh he's to the east direction basically yeah can't hit him I just want to make sure this dude doesn't what that made no sense oh I got a head shot on him he's mad okay well I'm boogie oh god he just got me with that okay damn he was raised for that boogie he just really wanted to use it okay let me I got that okay yeah sorry I was like I can carry here comes the here's your minute here's my mini yeah I'll take that moving really quick and storm I'm Way ahead of you he was really ready the minis back there did he put himself yeah oh okay well that makes things a little bit easier for you um so what were you saying about the minis that I had to drop it back there cuz I was like here you go and I picked up the sniper rifle and then this you ran away yeah just because I wanted to be any other storm instead I get it it was just like okay people drink yourself right out of the lake behind the tree they're just standing behind that tree right there all right we have a decent circle this time Oh God right behind us okay shit oh and below us yeah not I don't whereas a friend is I'm not sure exactly I think he's in those trees over there he was just nearby a second ago he's in the north oh okay well I thought it was in the north trees that's where it looked like make sure he's not really the same yeah his friend reporting in he hiding somewhere all right I'm gonna hand you jump in the meantime yeah now that was weird I was on him and then he just kind of disappeared yeah look to me I mean I don't know I don't know where he went okay well I'll grab the hunting rifle he has a text so I'm happy finally dammit alright oh actually you know what let me just grab now I'm bloopers better than gray are those people dip out who were we were yeah yeah he was he wasn't interested in the fight at all he's like yeah I'm out I was like okay call me damn I don't know where that dude went that is I'm so baffled by that he just noped out he might have been circling a tree while we came over but I don't know yeah but he definitely would have this circle okay we're fine that's fine oh man like huge amount of wood I'm just waiting to get shot in the back is my only yeah no I trust me I understand I know those fields I hate having people behind me like that feeling of knowing someone's back there huh there's still a lot of people there and we're gonna kind of hit the majority of them because we're going see I claimed dusty earlier today that was kind of fun actually hmm like how far you landed there what's that you landed there or how far did I land it there and then I killed everyone who came over to it I was like eight kills in before someone got me damn you just feelin mighty aggressive I you know you got to get the fights if you want to get to get to practice mmm so yeah Wow okay you want some resources I was going for that would thank you sir I'll give you some resources I need it I'm good I'm good now 400 brick I'm deaf over to our West actually that's probably out of thee no it's not that's in the circle lots of death south I just can't wait for the popping in to stop still people south holy shit why six I got him alright let's get in there alright his friends down so now's the time Oh Carrie apparently Oh people on top of the the far far far oh I see yeah beyond it there's an i they're not even that far but I'm talking about the big hill as well yeah they picked a lot of dueling going on there's a lot going on right now terribly high amount of health you're fine don't complain wake I complain this someone just pull scrren aided in and took all my hello holy shit holy shit just happened someone we've got am rude I don't I actually don't know how that happened cuz I did he had a he had a heavy shotgun he impulse grenaded in and then he just wrecked both of us what I just died in one well do you you certainly had impulse and I didn't even okay wow wow there's like I'm right here do you want to do some squads oh okay we'd have to hop already scored so let's uh do I have discord open I do I do nots obviously I'm in dick sword so you need to get dressed or or what one moment yep nice nice how's this pretty rough dude that guy it was just the heavy shotgun I just kind of I kind of just disappeared reset your mic oh boy good wonderful it's kind of half and half like it's not as bad as normal but it's a little and yeah you're fine cool I didn't notice there was anything I'm a monument hey be faster to you an in bit in beat get quick boy get quick yeah that that didn't go well on that wood things were going great up until that point though yeah so you guys win that's pretty good yeah we it's always good when it's s'prise wait oh yeah did you see the crossbow shot the be a bad shot yes oh yeah okay that's right when I tuned in nice I was pretty baller shot I didn't see it happen but I saw the kill feed yeah it didn't it didn't like me – oh well okay then there we go there we go oh all right ready to go let's do it no Phil come on let me ready smash making canceled and then it's just sitting here it does this for a couple seconds there we go he's so slow you suck at this game any pointers and he's specifically asking you Andrew what are your pointers what do you have to tell a young one you hold on he's telling you you suck and asking for pointers no he said I suck as in himself oh okay okay God and they asked Andrew are there any pointers they don't want to hear your input Jordan they don't want to hear my input but they're curious sorry sighs I'm sorry I opened up my myself in it was at first my dear alright so well I see that I said I put on X bar because that's I think the major thing that I see right there they can fix honestly thank you for pointing Xbox the only thing you really need to practice tutorial assists on the control yeah so the thing you can do with the with with the controller when you're building is you guys though the pyramids right there right next to the to the walls we're gonna need your mints upstairs okay what do you mean you can use pyramids as stairs so edit edit your your pyramid like it's a 2×2 right just get one side of it off so it's like it's like just straight up and I'll use that your stairs and it's a lot faster to switch between that and walls that it is to get stairs and walls I have no idea how any of that is working but sure well it's cuz it's he's got a control game nice keyboard mind it's just gonna do yeah yeah GUI and surprising here's a bit oh yeah we got a friend Oh landed right down here that's a that's a bummer for him it's like I came in the wrong neighborhood yeah so is it look at your boot prints right now you see how it's wall floor stairs pyramid yeah all right well inset like so you can just use your use wall and pyramid right with pyramid you can make the pyramid and then you can edit it and make sure you down here I'll sure I'm talking about so you can edit it like this and then place it and boom oh boy they're on their way kill her Oh I I was trying to flank and then you died okay we were doing a lesson so that didn't get I was trying to flank and you died how you gonna go and blame me for that you're right because I'm distracted him by me again killer George I'm sorry for blaming you how can you die right blame the guy who got a knock and then goddamn you not knock all three of us dropped in and we're shooting that guy like what a random oh you mean after okay I got the knock after you died okay okay Oh Suzanne you got that one last bullet Hamer says you got the knock and I did like nine hours of the damage no you did not I pumped shot into the face boy I mean yeah okay your pump shot II it's still you know do as much damage is once but yeah he's that one hit point I mean he's still at one hit point him for 700 if you want but he's that one hit point that he's not one hit yeah I don't know about that yeah [Applause] um okay so anyway how do you you can you can like pre edit a piece yeah yeah so for example like the pyramid like you can like you can open up like you put the same bike pay your whatever your button is like f4 whatever you know huh set your pyramid and then you can hit your edit button before you actually place it down and you can edit it free places so the next time you place a it's automatically like that edit do you have to do that at the beginning of every game yeah yeah um every game let's go let's go and ruins okay we're gonna yeah so just like one half of it just like on the pyramid just get rid I just edited out trap and it's going straight up and just use that as your stairs for control it's a lot easier to switch between those two then it is to switch three over to go to stairs and a 3 back to go to wall right yeah so I mean that's just a little hack if you if you want to be like a second faster than your opponent them Demi's controller or hax did okay we have I don't know if they're going to jump for really fast you're not gonna make the ruins no I said I don't know there oh they're going ruins they're really high though I I just laid it right next part look you make it I'll have a scar here in a second okay you do that you do that yeah I meet that I need all right I'm shotgun not gonna give you my scar I don't have a gun though well you should find one I recommend looking around I have a gray hour for you about I've gray I got a great burst alright and quit your whinin okay hold it it's a great well mines purple so alright where are the people who landed here oh this is your story no there was definitely someone but maybe they bailed once they saw all of us I got mini for someone right I got big for myself it's great cool that's pretty cool pretty cool I just got a bit for myself as well actually you've got a what yeah big for myself did then cool I got a mini for you Jordan before you take it okay and then that'll get you set to 75 and it'll be at 50 and I'll be at 100 I like it kill all dad all the way that's up I could have brought it down I probably should have but I didn't what Ben would have been cool what about nice that's fine in hindsight I kind of like drop down into the own you know would have been nice shopkins shopkins would be cool I might have to yeah all I have is that graver there's a great burst of top there but yeah is that you guys put it nice to me yep that was me yeah it is a town down for a second freaking out here freezing it alright we got a little bit of a run from here well forget reverence to people from drunk town junk town that's why what the junk is that where they went to one of them was definitely going here and I think they just bailed out once I saw that we were there like yeah no I don't want any that that seemed too late dude that guy has a raven outfit we're not laying 80 other people in the lobby him and 99% of the other people all have it but we're really intimidated it's a cool looking skin but it's kind of lost a little bit of its luster that's very true they should have made it cost like a thousand bucks just so you could show that you spend way too much money on video games because some kid has their parents credit card I don't see anyone coming over from junk though it's always it's always a trip to the circle I never I never get like you're the circle here Oh Landon haunted and ended up in the circle it was kind of weird all right following ya shotgun and it's weirding me out do you want one cuz I'm carrying two if you don't want me to carry two well yeah pump tack give it to me he has a scar on a gray art of my name that's fair that's fair there we go it's reasonable drop my revolver southsideirish it's kind of like when when I watch back over the the you know a Jordan post the his vaad and I go and look at it and realize that you know we're all running around looking for stuff and he's carrying shields and that kids what we're just like why are you talking about that's absolute BS no no your acting is if I don't offer up anything when I have it sometimes you don't think about it and so it's like we'll be in we'll be in it's usually like 25 I've seen it happen a time or two and I found it eases right wait didn't nobody Lane here they definitely did house I was just in was looted basements broken yeah they didn't loot the chest in the middle both these chefs are you know I guess they didn't want to die as far as as far as game goals goes wow that was a lot of G's yeah you fell you struggled a little bit no I actually feel mine any good take it to stadium where do they go Oh God wrong way sweet what's that bastard thanks for that desert retweet that Bush looks the spear not ninja why the hell would they retweet you yeah seriously it's like for a good solid 18 months twitch wouldn't read tweet or anyone except for you kind of have other people here you know I'm not saying me I'm just saying others damn dude retweet me Jesus Christ I feel like I need some love i retweeted your GT Drive video what you want me I was talking about twitch they need to retweet when I stream on YouTube yeah step 1 re-enable your account step 2 I mean you're still like the 19th most followed dude even though I had well yeah you simple you probably say here's a great tag here you've probably dropped a few with the fortnight crazy cuz that's pips brought some oh yeah for sure people up zine do you wanna you want a blue tack I do oh shit is people behind you guys it's been you and I distributable oh no way I got a crossbow you guys are kind of on your own my badge I know I know we're knocked one here support 40 I don't need a shotgun I have nice to look at you doing it oh yes was that just uh yeah that's just me being goofy yeah I'm here guys do it let's do it it was like wow I'm actually I'm actually kind of impressed you guys yes didn't take damage um we have some high expectations for us it seems what we've any uh you've launched bad lines right here we don't but I haven't made kit for you all right yeah that's gonna be helpful here for Sam well it looks like it's gonna touch me so ever met kit for me ow Wow very nice are you alright I was gonna Wallace off but uh do you jump it okay yeah you're a guy oh well I'm gonna but I thought you were just you just walk through my edit so that's right character you said on a so god we're about to end up and tilted at the exhibit to say I understand it it's fine everyone's bailed out at tilted by now you say that but I I don't know if it's actually true all right this is people building to our 195 they sort of make up for it and put a campfire down but I'd actually have a campfire okay here's your's Jordan I'm gonna okay thank you they're fighting someone yeah and then okay I'm good alright let's do it how did you a slurp yeah all right large no I didn't have a slur find a large kill ooh Oh gotcha alright where are we having do these guys yeah all right don't mind me just lagging behind after a medkit other than that in that Shack it stays me 460 oh Jesus Christ there's so many people right there are there a lot of people yeah an entire squads worth two squads you mean whoa okay I I'm not two of them not one right by me hold on okay hold on oh god damn it where is he he's over where both of us are yeah he's finishing me shit oh we finished all of us I ran out done with Jos I got a hit points three points I got I got hit in the foot and died was bummer I tried to use a scar as a pump shotgun a net was ineffective I gotta do it yeah I was missing a lot of bird shots I mean I got that first bullet into his head but not quite as effective all right we'll get him next time happy one uh two squads in a row yeah okay I wasn't definitely most certainly ha what are we thinking that's a problem you thinking well the other hat you get a hat solely on instinct when you play oh crap alright go on a turkey I lied you got it you gotta operate it ultra instinct second nature zine doesn't get the reference I don't know amber you watch Dragon Ball super no reference god damn it you guys cartoons you know exceed me okay where is he oh no my dad's seen alright kill me your name I'm gonna swipe promise you I don't know after you jump down like out of the room is that us no it's outfits up he's in the small the small one on the right that's north-south I know oh okay sorry sorry sorry I smart I have no shot okay I swear to God if we all die right now oh yeah I almost I mean I have I have a medkit on me Oh God guys a shotgun he just hit me for pity to damage yeah he's gonna say there's my god because there's other Oh God more people to the the northeast around barn on me all right hit zero shot dope we have more people around I'm going to res I'm so screwed I have no shotgun anybody else in here Oh someone's honest okay I'm my way out I have like no ammo okay I have no building materials literally what the holy fence Batman got him we're good we're good was that a heavy they're both together somebody lost padded from lucky oh I think I into a soon okay there's so many people who are just down all right I'm just gonna take these guys out in case they have a shotgun yeah these guys might love some ammo Oh heavy shotgun over here oh hey that's nice I'm out of put him into always no no I lied I got it for nine damage Oh – in the house-to-house guys is one of the proof and one in the bathroom but one jumped every yep god damn it I'm gonna get finished up shit I'm dead that was a clusterfuck Jesus Christ guys dude I would I would suck things for us a pumpkin we're in his shotgun any shotgun I'll do I would do in 20 States oh my god I know that it's super obnoxious Rippey dippy that was just like 49 so I mean the shock right there Oh me you guys enough shocking either I'm just saying like I had nothing I mean I did have a shotgun I picked one up and and missed a couple shots and then I just got screwed by the curve of the house where it won't let you build and I'm just trying to like I needed stairs like I got oh oh yeah I had a attack I could have given you but it was kind of in the middle of everybody shooting yeah yeah oh I had a I had a gray or they had 13 shots and I had 15 bandages that's a lot of bandages yeah I mean I didn't have time to be offensive then less defensive like I mean defense is good but you don't want to over stack you know what I'm saying so just next time you loot yeah make sure that is just where you know you just make sure that you you tell the game to just give you good stuff like you forgot yeah that was my fault what happened there was we followed our instincts didn't didn't go with that person we got – we got like two or three squads down though represented let's do it when do you go down without a fight yesterday I like the quick calls man I like it I like the gumption I know it's just rocket we're going here all right let's do it I'm down get in there the hanok pool I was like I'm coming into law I like the gumption of analyzing the word gumption yeah I said I like the gumption of you using the word gumption it's uh it's under appreciated it's under appreciated no it's it's someone's landing flap really really late if he'd just land on top of me I have a trap and that's it I mean I can get to you oh I see yeah I have a tack shop gun all right you got that guy that one above it there's one above I'm pretty sure yeah there is he's a buddy's buff huh got him for a bunch I can't jump up here where's he at see up on the roof there's a pump in the bathroom freeze pump we're all right okay there's a pump at the cafeteria as well this is the this is my jump that I can't do where the hell is the other one you down a dummy the guy you did a bunch of damage to come down to us hey you guys out here doesn't look like it now there's someone still here we're still here a near meet Oh yep up on the roof that you're hunting with for his mind he did keep hop nice small shield for their mini for someone I'd take that go to 70 and I have that for a dollar and then I have a slurp for someone give that to Cambria I use a slipper already oh nice for she'll it's got it yeah yeah and then you take and then we don't have all right well I'm not getting my gun loadout but I'm killing people so that's one thing is this have a mid getting attacked shop okay you want to get a med kit over here to consolidate sure we've gotten everything in here I don't I have no idea where we haven't had a kid there we're very difficult to see where I just was I know it's it's it's pretty rough this is why we don't like each other mm-hmm I feel like they hate each other did yep Oh biscuits three med kits carrying the team three med kits carrying the team what do you mean all right medium that's not about you Ambro as usual kind of just you know I'll get in the ruins I mean this is take three balute that though right it takes all of us takes three of us in an engagement yeah but we killed the team and I saw there was nobody else there uh-huh because never have we ever been surprised by a team before it's now not once not once I don't think it's I don't think it's happened no surprise act I used to be people out there we killed his wife and the other guy had the heat-seeking missiles he oh okay I was like there one that just automatically goes for anything that emits body heat but no he had the guided missile and but apparently didn't realize that you know whoa you're yeah hey you're not invincible while you're going is nothing trying to get it over to me and yeah it was kind of cool cuz you know so was he just out in the open no I don't know but he just was like well I win what a bit of bummer if you missed the shot though oh well yeah well then I would have thrown up a wall we have options one or done what's that another slurp oh I'll take that slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp very very attic the very attic no the very very honest to annex oh I don't know how you guys missed the big shield over here Ambro here's how I see my father I forgot to text them Oh Oh bad son that's amber there is a big shield on top of the gas station roof you could find it useful potentially I'm seeing something that someone might enjoy pretty Bubblegum's Oh Bobo ma storm slightly and we're good I think we'll be you guys about a minute wait you sound something gasps is there was a big shield on top the gas station a lot of gum see what you call out tonight apparently you're just like that it's right here guys I swear God right through the gas station oh wow big shield as well I'm gonna drop my bandages because I feel like someone else is carrying bandages probably don't need bandages up dropping the slurp getting the pump pump the jams Jamie's up that's a bummer dude ooh that was sucks about he'll take it like once an hour at least an hour that's just a normal occurrence in your life yeah randomly every late hours so yeah huh no no oh no you get all the gnomes no I got all my yeah oh that's why you said oh people according to our Twitter the tops of this I see him steady you missed god damn it give me my gun don't do that glitch anymore I got my guy how about you what I hit my guy three times is that the guy you talking about you got oh it's got a sliver for me here's your guy now mm oh is that it I helped so much I want this that gets all I wanted you guys didn't have whatever is right I would like to drop these med kits oh no I can't okay hey amber ooh I have a oh yeah we can give you the slurp and a big shield is so much for ya oh man there's a Becky here so let's take the big show it'll be great I'm all grab I said get your med kit okay yeah I'll come get it I've got three men kids do we need to carry I mean I have an open spot Oh then I'll do is I'll do small shields and said yeah yeah yeah okay well pick something get all right be a man protect me don't be a sight I have a good we good we good all right I can carry those smalls drop the smalls some holes okay it's a small but four is fine okay well obsess and then there is another med kit or you can take the slurp whatever I want to sleep you know why Jordan Wow make up your mind is building there's building West West a house that was dilapidated house over in the West oh god there's more small shields over here what happened we're we're laid on top of the house to attend my shot Israeli that we do I don't miss twice I don't actually know where they are the top of the house southwest to the west one is in the house of the southwest okay which are they still at the the Southwest I'm sorry about what I said to one of the roof Southwest I headshot him he just getting read by the other guy I hit the guy oh he's back here there's bush I got my hit nice that's it I guess no there's no that wait hold on more space boy wait how do they okay well sure another guy got him Sam look at you guys just doing everything except me well I mean you're not my type I'm getting oh wait oh god damn it here's a bluebird so you can have a blue assault rifles you want okay I would definitely like med kit and some smaller med kit oh I got a small shield today okay you guys are just man I have so many options I don't even know it's a shoes well me okay so you just said you're not his type so I mean like I mean I would come over here boom that's that's why I did that's why I did i solid zero he knows he knows just wanted you to say it there's many uses up here still I got it we're good okay and I could use some sniper ammo someone can drop some Oh someone's building right next to me ammo so you're on your own handle your shit on my way to you um I'll be sure to not get a kill she picked me out I'll take you set up where's he yet is uh-oh there's more well your turn good wait oh god this the whole squad whole squad nice one nice one oh there's the dark player up there yep this tube closer to the Northeast okay I see those in polls for Nate didn't I am using okay oh they're up there I see yeah I see yeah the Northeast wasn't clear enough shit I see we have brother hi is one less nice hey I got a kill boys nice very exciting Betty can I have some assault or some sniper ammo more actually I bought a lot of stuff there's nobody someone just smoked my ass it's a titty she's awkward okay all right I'm trying to think like what you were referring to that oh wait did you kill them no I don't I have no idea who hit me oh is a snipe yeah yeah I got sniper minis and minis would be great okay here here's minis weight a job hey I took five okay you want to split amazeen yeah I can get them then I will split them there we go that was a sniper they stopped I know okay had to drop something to pick it up Patrick got remember you can take that sniper if you've got something you can I have I have okay you saved me sigh primo I got I got some yeah okay I got to drop this mini here anybody of a shotgun ammo by any chance yeah I got some of that too hey let's come back up here over yes I'm when you sent yeah yeah you know why but you know what all right so here's sniper ammo and here's shotgun in okay and you can have the shotgun ammo oh I see someone 300 all right mine came closer and yours just hit record mine's bigger than yours [Laughter] that supply job uh dusty huh I mean I assume there are people there probably there's always people a dusty famous car they do oh I see someone some of the on top of the 95 200 to the south over at factory on top of yeah I'll top of the roof he's a sniper rifle you're sitting still and then I see that shy you moved a little bit okay so we're we've got two directions to worry about oh and people toward North 15 on top of rice okay so who okay the squad east yep I saw that damn you are too good with that hunting rifle yes yes these guys oh man dude oh hey don't spit at me please don't what'd I just tell you who's shooting at you where's yep you see him either us you I was getting the shot I needed a head I wanted that head shot you need are you complaining there's a guy moving to the the north all right get a pinch Darby no no they're about to have problems though all right that's all right so skille guys coming from the circle and then we'll kill the guys behind it yeah yeah oh there are people straight north a tomato on the top where'd he go oh yeah he's behind the hill I think I got him they're all dead nice all right is people at 75 people mount at North know about us oh they're fighting people up north are fighting Jordans pushing in Andrew let's go I don't want to launch bad so I can't so I can't so I'm just stuck here yeah similar dish money now launch that okay she's up there she's just about the peak I don't know whether you have a site on her oh no no I was watching I'll wait on you I'm I don't think she's winning metal base 120 yeah they don't see me yet so I'll just chill here while you guys come make up your mind woman yeah she cannot like this side we're fighting each other right so twice 74 all right we're going in okay I'm down a building Josh you know on the floor on the floor oh that's gonna hurt oh no one's up top oh that's my trap flexes were nice I serious respect Jesus is there anyone else or was that an insta pop she popped okay they have med kits so we only have two other people yep got it thank you so much for you guys here there are there southeast in the big metal beast you can't miss it alright if you do I probably I did miss it it was sad does anyone have a lot of spare sniper ammo by any chance I have a lot of spares my friend I do not get mine as eenz I got 34 yeah that'd be cool there you go yeah I do I've helped you guys so much with my one kill just incredibly high there right all right don't worry guys I got this oh that's all over I want to impulse oh hi honey I'll lay the last get in close wait wait he's hurt you sorry sir I'm went the wrong way he's white he's white dude shit him I don't know where he is we're good up against you so I was like I had that I had the shot on him don't worry about it it's good I just I just stole that from you and I apologize I'll bet you hey I'm a good friend I I can't think of a game where I've done more to help honestly I really can't sometimes you're in the wrong spot just continually yeah hey man at least studying it down I just I just didn't some he's talking to his dad sorry I was yeah sorry how many kills you get like nine or something I was at nine yeah well I got that one so it's pretty Godfrey oh maybe I was at ten he was either 9 or 10 Oh nein nein yep okay nein nein nein it's all right I'll be there for you this time guys you were there that entire time like there were times when I was almost dead you would like hey everybody I got small shields for you and I don't think you did much other than that but that was very helpful at that point uh-huh there was a time you were like hey do you have a med kit I was like yeah so remember those times yeah good times era what do we think haunted all right I've been liking haunted it's been useful lately you got that one drug the prop the problem that I had with haunted before that I've realized is that I was dropping to the chapel and the chapel sucks like don't go to the chapel right Chapel bed what did I call earlier you're like is that a thing is that is that real is that what people call things I ever heard of a bell tower it was quite a while ago yeah okay soon as I came out dude I told you I'm sheltered me I like I never leave my house ever I don't go to church I don't go to funerals I don't know anything about you home you don't go to funerals you just turn those down if someone dies funerals next week all right let me know how it goes give my best regards best regards nice I saw that large shield don't think you got away with that okay there's a crossbow I know you will you always will Oh double large shield oh please can't drop one in chair mmm well wait and see if anyone gets smalls fair enough fair enough where's that crossbow hi gonna make people land here haunted shots that don't oh wow another large shield so you can definitely have one i won I have one small ship for someone oh yeah well I got nothing nothing yet oh you're gone you wondered about smashing first oh that might be a good idea yeah oh it's coming down it's right here cool Thanks each tree pity oh did someone lose this already all mad I think I'm adorable no I haven't been there yes not reloaded now I definitely I haven't been in here okay so someone else is here that's weird maybe back over to this north to the snore you little one chest gotta sing which is what the guy who's near us is sniping it did you guys put the yeah this Chuck uh yeah I did okay oh yeah we do let's just get booking it shout that's we don't need that fight up north was how this one is I would I would like to he could die and he'd have my sniper but timing-wise much I was pretty sad when I was watching and Jordan said yet in the last night tonight no yeah like dude that's got on the game you can use it sorry you know what you need he's working on it you need to you needed go on Cisco download some aim hats and you'll be set and that's all you need to start with that shit incident because I have no idea how to even try to like hide whatever it is I'm a computer guide it's just like I've never even bothered with that just you mean you don't want to invest a great deal of your time cheating at a video game yeah like I mean I dare I say of the three of us I care the least hug fractures 195 so were the others third Dickens wow that's um they came she dropped down so they might be up oh did you need to die I mean really he just stammers out he's been scolded Street she actively man hey what do you want what do you want no nothing it was just a green a alright well I'll give you the green a oh no it's fine it's fine I got a yeah I guess it's a result it's bad I'll give you the green AR let me give it to you here you go thank you I need to uh I thought it wasn't loaded if I got cancer there's something wrong with it like he probably like so I had no way of I Spit on that dude I Spit on it before he gave it to you fantastic there's something wrong with it Wow the trust is real 3:45 I'm a bit behind on my way he stops for any second he's dead yeah he's uh I'm like 3:45 like he's behind oh yeah okay that goes the gray house yeah gray house in the middle it's in between the the blue house and the brick house yeah so the gray house yeah right so three three to the house next to where I just came out of all right well we got a circle three minutes oh I got a launchpad actually sees you just wanna there's a chest in this is modern South East and then launch pad over to the lake over the lake oh okay anybody wants to be sniper one oh what a CMU sniper sure it's down here in the basement Oh awake hunting tacked over the semi snipers here like you guys are right though so scared crash I got a big shield for you zine thank you yep of course the delivery service is fantastic around here I'm like post mates please give five stars yeah dude can you rate me can you rate me good all right all right you want felt dude people um they I have a low rating on a bruh now I'm in like the 4.8 people near me above me they're in the building above me they are low K in contemporary yeah Scott and I'm stuck matsing oh hi there hey bud oh that works there's a window there yes you don't want that we're gonna need to use this launch pad yep yeah we're gonna need to using this launch pad I said it first you didn't see who hit him ah wait I thought I thought you killed him no I told him that's what it Gambon Houston I come back I was banging in through the window or through the wall no wait amber jinwu Skype I shot him with my ear headshot I'm sick you two okay okay what just crest of this hill yeah okay nobody shoot us down please yes seriously throw it down let's go but right it'll be great you were with me when I got shut out while trying to do that so I wasn't feeling a little extra nervous last I didn't go so well how'd you like that such a Kirby I was great right you are east-west dark later you should assume leaving the barrel it's gonna be in some dudes armor or hey he isn't peeking he just built that wall probably yeah no he'll never I said him for 111 oh oh there he is there he is he's on the left okay hit me for like 80 or something so that was good yeah apparently I'm going in anyway there we go I was actually man I got the kill oh that's fine I actually did some good damage so why don't we get you these bandages I'm carrying I'm carrying 15 we're fine all right we'll be safe no shields I'm assuming no and of course we have another big run right here sweet if I could have a little ways you know we have two minutes though I've launched back oh yeah yeah we we can get the lunch we give this budget oh I have a campfire – yeah nice wait do I I do not – guys all right everyone up here I got one here does anybody have actually this will be fine well shit it was going so well until then that was me my bad eh people really for 75 Oh guided missile yeah that's way out there I have 29 rocky dam oh Jesus Christ alright um let's see should I put down the campfire and just heal myself um not right now okay well I do have the launch pad if you need it there I built you a little place to jump down on to very handy I wasn't even up there so good appreciate it there's 75 there at the little gray pipe thing yeah can I go for it huh hey you just dropped back he was like I have a spidey sense the 14 people are aiming at me right now there's uh there's two there's two no skins over there I can see oh right here's should be we're here front of me yeah we got this we got this you hit them no oh there's another one twice oh I don't miss twice first he didn't miss now he doesn't miss twice oh oh just watch where's the second spoiler to the south around this hill I just won't go like right next whoop all right I need to bandage once of course be a circle I guess for DC I mean when we got two squads yeah yeah one one to do things to us one guys went south went directly south oh you guys are ahead of me now okay they built like a petal on their run they're gonna see I see that good thing I scaled that mountain was valuable recognizing what went through his backpack that went through his backpack man that was dirty ya know got one bunny just ran at the bridge dark Voyager far away oh my god trees in this game shit oh god I'm getting shot at guilding up fairly fast white white astronaut we're super far away from each other dude I'm down oh shit I'm getting killed way out there but you guys went we this game's timing never went right oh no I mean we were running the whole time yeah some games you get the flow sometimes you're just like well I mean constant run and hey you can tell by the way and you not missed there's three of them dude yeah well that means three times as many targets to hit what the hell you hit him I don't know hmm nice she had it coming yes I'd have any heels on you by chance did you know I I had some bandages bandages but I'm not sure where'd your diet right at I died in in here yeah dad ah there's that guy no missile huh no definite use one of these I see you pass them up before don't you lie yeah I mean I yeah I did I prefer the Moab like I prefer a regular rocket launcher or a grenade launcher right yeah all right when they can be pretty interesting we've had we've had them win games but they it's very situational where there dozen whether or not all right okay I can't fire sometimes me it works oh that's a clever idea huh I mean I'm sitting here anyways yeah I never thought of that hey but how are you are you gonna shower okey R do you back in what yeah that look that Miss looks like it shit oh there's two people back there where's that person hiding in the oh yes come out you have to come out Oh attacking on back team oh there you go that guy's done standing still even I might have hit that one there's a chance someone shot me from this direction yes they did are there still 18 people feel like that number has not changed in a while there oh there you go that took everyone out fortunately with how much they were they were exposing themselves it you know I'm not sure that it's great I can shot it yeah there's someone's shooting at them and that was coming oh that's right there could him kill that tree that tree had it coming I don't know team Oh nice hit got somebody building – yeah yeah I know I mean I was screwed what what five lobby our squads and you can't pull it out come on man yeah with all the shield yeah yeah yeah I don't know man you saw that building and you went for the snipe on the other dude that was a free snipe right because like this is right this is one thing right over there right and then obviously there's people visible running towards me if I stood that guy is gonna think to people without running XP shot then so then he's gonna shoot them so I could just build and protect myself and then they're gonna shot in the back he was trying to mind game him into fighting each other I gotcha you you went like several layers deep there yeah just happened there so I didn't expect to like dive I'll just type that guys just start building and hopefully that guy and his squad retaliates on the people shooting me that was like what was going through my head back so late you need to keep in mind like with that though is that the other guy shot you yeah not diet that's night and nails gonna build yeah just a minor flaw you know details don't worry about its the implementation what we thinking I've called like a dozen hi I'm gonna call this one we're gonna go there being decisive in art and our clinic oh he's deciding he's the decider actually it's gonna be a close definitely have another squad or two I've got a Greek statue in front of me yep I seize it hi O's Greek could be Roman yeah dude he could be born in the States oh god Oh sign in here with me nope damn it there's definitely someone in here I got you bud and I have no gun yes one is one he's won it I have no gun right here right here I have no weapon I'm getting shot up Oh people shooting here oh I have a man gun by 20 points okay he's gone hey oh oh God hey and shot him oh that's more that was to this South able I got em I got em okay all right there's a raven that we good surprisingly there's a raven someone's still here oh yeah oh I hear across okay I am I'm out of ammo on my one gun so Oh oh god I have no resources Jesus Christ ow god damn it I'm sitting here taking okay do you have any small ammo that you don't even follow no no I didn't thank you shooting from you shooting all the way from Manchin yeah uh hold on there's a big shield over here that I would love to get I found I found some yeah god damn it I'm about to get killed yep I'm gonna die all right 15 health 15 l13 they're right here oh there's no three of them hold on I might be able to help once these okay they're coming with us come back shit ah behind you amber behind you I it has this like two second animation after you get res where it's like all right in check my surroundings are we good oh well I'm alive again this is fantastic and I'm like there's someone coming goddammit it's all good basically what happened there that I'm from what I could tell is that we like everyone who landed fields all converged on each other we came out of that ahead but the team that landed house had time to gear up and get ready and then sweep in women while we're like sucking fumes trying to survive I got a magnum to begin with so that was a good good start yeah I had the great pistol that was was feeling powerful I would take that over a magnum any time a blue pump in a purple heavy and a green tack oh I mean I didn't have a chance they'd jump in for me I shoot man guys I had a chance they yeah can't see kids he didn't have a chance while he was dropping his small shield sport I know I did I dropped the jumper Green Tech right oh and now in the middle of the aisle way all right well we think Howell only lets go only it's a new song come out with yeah yeah yeah jumping on my mixtape you know coming out soon didn't new you do say it's your mixtape is coming out in a Fiat feeder yeah it's a visual mixtape it's like it's like a music video you're like next level it's a music movie it's also known as a musical never been done before musicals are not for badass awesome what are you talking about it hip-hop music don't LOI we do music videos like less than less than a week and a half is that you know it's not getting away with my Takas mg nothing gaze up in the top floor gotta knock there's another one I see him behind ya straight there's also one eye right oh yeah I have no ammo so if he comes up here I got the plank there he is there he is oh you got him nice job oh shit so I managed to hit every single person there but now I get a single kill that's it so I tough man it's tough I'm telling you it's a hard life mm-hmm it's a hard-knock life hard but life dude oh wait I'm not somebody I don't head shot than 50 forest all right I'm so just I'm gonna double though you okay amber oh I have a big for you oh man Oh from us to the south to the South I have like no ammo for anything but that's cool you drop a well what the hell jumpin big I going to use it now I was going to but now I'm going to use it go ahead re Oh the situation on the ground has changed sir was that just that one guy no he knocked he's not down I know where he wanted off to go right yeah you ready oh Jesus Christ mama over here someone's coming I don't know where fro oh I see I saw one did he just pop no he's over to the west he was not dead all right that's wonderful man he's got a shot yeah I don't like I have two units of oh my god there's a check right here you pop we can sir there's a llama over there and I have a large shield that I can give to every goddamn ammo anywhere there's a llama anyone need else needs me to save them just call out oh yeah alright okay alright here's minis I have six minis so two for you Andrew what's up I have minis over here for you um oh and a big nice and what I what do you need aa shotgun would be great shotgun here you go thank you and maybe you can give each of us one of the resource tax there's boom boom okay so I'm going to pick this or you oh no I meant like you give one of us the met whatever okay let's see the house shit all right amber there's some brick over here for you if you want it or I got plenty of wood you can hold off you can take it I know I was interrupted you guys were fighting and I didn't get the full house yeah xcited Lee did anything you know I have nothing to my name I have a gray or if someone needs it I mean that okay I have a gray Ottoman I mean I may have lied to you he's being melodramatic guys I have nothing except for the guns I feel so poor I hear a good vending machine in you yeah there's usually one over there it's on the East or the yeah the east side oh I have a board action t1 nice and I got a slur oh yeah that's nice that's nice oh here's a tissue it's fine oh I think I've actually only had that experience once and it felt great shot when I was at 97 no that may be the biggest cock block of everything balls like holy shit dude hey anybody's chat or viewers who are watching the vod's or anyone if you have you know that that minor OCD then try not to note that I have a hundred shield and yet a slight sliver of my blue bar isn't full that will irritate you don't notice that oh god I needed that I have 12 in my SMG not that I really need my SMG but you know jeez dude oh you so nice so nice yeah I don't know why it does that I wouldn't put that high on the priority list as far as bugs go but hey I just think it's funny because they're something like father's building over to 262 on the other side of crates we got a team we got a team guys uh-huh and for one Sam brew is actually kind of behind it yeah just don't think of it as him behind just think of it as and Amber's not with us and then everything feels normal again Oh God I went I moved to what the shit oh okay that's great I'm dead uh I got out one yet killed that was nice from with 200 health I saw when he killed all right dope that sucks when that happens here's one hit point there we go oh my gosh I got him okay you both up in here and just gave me a little bit it's okay somehow I managed to miss like every AR shot cuz bloom was doing the good things this mini so that I drop for you before you take the large okay yeah we know do we know we does we sure it is honey thank you for that bud that is the most obnoxious bug mm-hmm yeah especially when you're miss Val yeah you really got a ed this one thing to get out and say yeah no I think that's really annoying about it is it's like no no here's a we have a padlock like it's obviously an intended mechanic of some sort it's just misfiring but it's not like it's just you can't it's like no no no the engine knows and it's showing you it can't well isn't it anything if it's someone else's building so well no I know that but the mechanic is if it's someone else's building it doesn't let you so it's just triggering that at the wrong time or engine just losing ownership or something anyway it's obnoxious I'm sorry you don't feel bad I think you get that bug when you live when you add it to it and then like you try to edit another building out right I think it's oh there's people Southwest just behind the trees a fair distance probably 52 I got him another one working on a tree in the forest just again Southwest yeah same spot oh I miss him there's now two different groups fighting I got I hit I hit the chick on top yeah she's like Oh someone's back there I should watch I don't I believe in you you can get that you should have just argued it over the have you seen that movie that we wanted where you can sing boys he's gonna launch bad no no I'm gonna rocket you already who I want to see this I want to see this work all right jump jump three sub move it so I'm gonna jump three two one a little early they're shooting at me oh well I'll make it stop oh he's got a rocket yes I do it that would this night Oh nobody hit me with this night how many points this thing yeah bullshit they have quite a bit I think yeah I think they're a little overpass I mean it depends it's one of those where whenever you're the one shooting it you don't feel like you feel like it dies really easy but when you're not then it does if they're coordinated they're that jumping up there building forces yes they're coordinated we're dead [Laughter] him and I are having a moment could you give us a second come on we were always saying the middle of something a moment okay yes I did try and snipe that and it would have been cool I hit it five times with the blue yard and it didn't I headed it six times yeah it is six times a killer I mean I think it has like 200 health yeah it's something crazy I had it six times the the thing that they do is they give it a really big hit box though so you don't really have to actually hit the rocket it seemed like a pretty rack you're a hit back from what I've seen but I guess I haven't shot it them that often usually it's just panicked oh god spray all right what are we thinking what do we think we were diggin have a greasy okay yeah we started our stadium for you to say diem say to him say do let's do stadium third place de colo colo I said old commercial reference amber going way high on this one yeah I don't Lee he wanted to uh he wanted to survey all the land all right I'm gonna go pool house alright pool house now I got it I got it I got it I might pool house already here yeah we're here to talk about wasn't invited it was a magnum you can have the chest okay god damn truck it's the worst chest in the game swear to god there's a couple that are bad but yeah that's a pretty bad one I've gotten to where I can do it fairly well I hear of any machine out by the gas station yeah Oh what's for sale good buy a scarf or 400 oh my god 400 for a bolt-action sniper I am gonna farm I'll be right back but you would prefer that to a scarf it's for her brick for a scarf or what for a board action alright and 400 medal for scope they are so that's it that's a steal and that's a steal rowdy I can't think of a better deal ah there are just three pump shotguns here in the stadium I would love three pump shotguns in fact I would love this one yeah if we took those three and split them up we would each have one do not I'm gonna go farm for of what I'll be right back after this wood is farmed he'll be right back right back uh where would I get 400 rocks real quick I mean you could tear down the stadium I think that would be slower than actually just going for rocks there's quite a few rocks right on the request around here yeah I'll get myself a scar with them why not and then have no resources at all left over likely there's a ton of trees around here so in the corner of woods not give you a round a circle so oh yeah um yeah where would be the best place to grab these rocks I'm looking for rocks anybody seen any rocks around here uh this place is not rocking my socks off dude cleaner your socks you reading those like those like have socks like no-show like not even socks or just like piece of cloth that's barely covered Bobby currently not wearing socks oh well then then they did knock your socks off what are you lying to us nice all right I got 500 win coming to buy my hobby my life you're off at that board action my my-my-my up otherwise it is yes and so on come before you baby yeah I don't think I'm gonna have 500 brick for a while I mean use it for you yeah this is like a surprisingly mod like by breaking them oh you do for sure but there's just not many rocks around here that are close by so you have an eight get it from this I got ten from the wall I get about ten from the wall that's not you bet yeah that's pretty bad versus so you compared compared to an actual rock yeah where's the rock clusters that's nothing can't find rock clusters than which is the better source the nothing Wow did you like 3 hits admit you're wrong stand there you're wrong let's be wrong I'm never wrong how could I be wrong speaking of zine how's your rebuttal coming out I'm at 92 why are there any goddamn rocks dude it's a process wait a forest give me some goddamn rocks why I'm lagged I can't move okay yeah I was just like I just instantly broke a tree I'm like literally can't move now I can't swing I need some help I got people to are that's where Easton the the ruin area two people have these on my way from far away don't worry I'll be there in an hour you can pop right into the stadium right here oh my god I'm stuck again why game you bad module oh maybe I don't know I think it's lag there we go now I'm alive again all the building materials in the world man well we would – oh Jesus oh dude all right are you guys like yes Mary oh I wasn't but yeah I can't I can't do anything yeah no that's what I was saying you were in the middle of fights you weren't listening but yeah I was man i portable i would buy that ID me get it you well we we formed a lot of resources for those guys very generous of us was uh we we we had their backs so just like you think I was a server that was one time that I've ever not had a single issue with the lag it it's possible that it might have been a network issue that affected the two of us like a major just packet drop but it was it was just straight dead can't move can't do anything well because it's my client like I could turn but I couldn't yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah exactly like like this guy was like boning up pushing me and I was like I can easily pull it over and by couldn't like physically move forward to biller there I was I'll put this wall right here in front of me what are you gonna do now that's never DC what are you gonna do right now what do you doing at a wall I'm gonna hear you got over the wall oh your bummy are you shocking OS sucks I'm dead written I was able to move out there in a very last second so I try to like make a run for it just alright what we think in quiet houses that's I know we haven't been there yet and gather our thoughts settle down we've ground ourselves find our chakra poke our cheese whatever they are poke our cheese is that a is that a meditation lingo I mean technically that's what acupuncture is supposed to be so holy fuckin cheese yeah okay G oh oh gee I said poke our cheese yes but not like an Americans slice of American over there who's very confused will be great I'll balls there's a guy who's dropping oh god there's another team and they both got the drop damn it I have to run to you all right two people just decided to go exactly where I went nice amber took some damage from oh you're already engaged oh yeah I had a really bad landing I was trying to these houses here and I guess what tomato your tomato Jesus Christ how do you do that so try to really Humpty don't be out of a fall that sorta died geez dude okay shit about it alright I'm double I'm double-fisting dude he feels regret if you can get over here I got a mini for ya cool I have two pistols it's going pretty well there it is oh yeah no I was being sarcastic with thee okay I am getting shot from somewhere I think the people who were gun uh yeah it's the people who landed it below me they have decided to set chase to me they're they're chasing you oh I see them I have a scope they are how do you how do you like that oh you didn't it yeah sucks doesn't it come here okay I'm coming they've rockets that's my eggs there's three people in between you okay there we go boys oh that's you guys there's another oh my god oh shit okay I have like nothing to go off of here guess I get a little flake going on it yeah I don't know what's going on here this is weird I have like no more resources so that's bad what is going on this is happening dude why yeah what then this never happens here Jesus Christ there's just two squads here man where's Mike yelling one squad so they're if you've dealt with one and then you're fighting this one Oh oh yeah I feel the jail still yeah that's still still out of it kill him and you'll get million materials you missed the wood I got break though it's fine okay it breaks my heart when that happens drink this real quick he's gonna give you the opportunity to yeah let me okay there you go ahead and um you know finish him oh you're just gonna blow yourself up I did I wasn't worthy man it's no problem she's gonna be epic I wasn't even I wasn't even able to kill myself properly man disgrace alright so that was my fall in and way far away from you guys so I had a bad drop I finally at the houses that were like bye tomato town and I just end up in I mean we we had a fairly hefty involvement anyway yeah I landed I found a squad so I like you know decided to take him out actually ran I didn't finish him I ran so amber tell me this is the behavior of the eggs any different from the grenade launcher we just reskin it's basically just reskin other than being way louder yeah the old way way ready yeah this really hate eggs at this point like I think it's just a sound honestly I don't know why they made goddamn Lauer's so random everywhere that you can't build to block them and it's just BAM in like yeah that's really good skill but half the kills that come from them aren't skill it's just la blah blah blah blah and I yeah I hate that it's late and you can be building walls effectively throwing around but you have no way to know which way the next egg is gonna bounce i I did the mechanic of everything about it I mean I will agree launcher I think it's part of the best gun in the game oh the foot action but it's it's just it's it's so loud now I think it's too loud and absolutely is where we going you won't try this out I made sure he's like happen again right no there's no way that's gonna happen again all right I'll go tomato everybody she's just I was child in here I think that was a dig at you yeah I was trying to man right here no way I'm gonna land on one of the red things just so I can help make that go away actually oh the bullseye yep that I've still not gotten rid of and it's really annoying me at this point we we're landing at the houses right yeah yeah it's right it's in the field right right to the south uh yeah my channel the reason I hate the eggs is because they're from chickens and after troll craft and everything I can't use my feet yeah yes I'll make sense that would be a good explanation for sure for sure alright so don't see anybody the skies need you guys to chippy okay it's blue skies blue skies for days kind of paint free listen bud god damn it I just I just want that challenge to be over with I learned pretty quick to ignore them yeah but then you did it eventually right well yeah there's literally not a challenge I haven't done mother God what was the hardest one he's so good it's just you just look at how to do them though yeah literally like you get to a point just like okay where is it alright the last one the the one out of retail I never actually found the map for cos again you know but at least I saw the picture I saw of the map it was a lot better detailed than the other ones which were like very obscure and you know it was like the one was you know between two mountains there were two trees and it's like you have to really know the game to be able to figure that out uh-huh but other than that difficult ones getting a pickaxe kill is kind of just luck no actually in squads you can do pretty easily and of course you knocked me down and then pickaxe than me oh yeah I guess which I didn't know so that's the fact but yeah oh that's like way easy oh yeah back then the crossbow kills was a lot more difficult for me but I didn't know that was a challenge I'd actually did it like like that day like the first game that I played on my stream I got a crossing when I got four kills with it and then I saw this idiot I kill like three or four people with we got people over to the houses that I am near and I actually no way are you are way fiery are for you and I'm not that far I have two big shields on me I have bandages a gray are for you and we need we have a lot of run I heard that I heard that no you didn't you're nothing I don't have any room so I have to drink these alright well do you need this crear yeah that'd be great okay and wait here they are right over to the west oh that's uh that's a circle guys no let me check out this squad if we can't even probably go because we identify that is indeed a circle circle we clear up the air southwest you oh my god hey kiss on that guy oh I'm now the 18 hell thanks good I got a head shot it there's a guy I got bandages for you if we survive yeah I have been it is for me to UM you have a guy on your right you know that right am i right know that what there's a guy who just in front of me there was an astronaut that was sniping down here okay he seems to be gone oh I see I see them oh yeah oh oh I just earned a that's a huge name damn you just get holy shit I had grenades when we got by there on the ground what the hell what the hell what the hell boy it is ranma's like here's your pickaxe like oh thank you there's a green burst I could use some AR ammo do we our fine actually I can splits them for you I only have a spare 30 but there you go good yeah it just started raining a lot of grenades on them really fast yeah do I threw two of them in the first one blue you got two people down and then it is all explode you guys you all fairly both like amazing sounds like yeah it was like after mining prematurely apparently cuz I got nothing Chad's happy you know your shapes and brah they're just you know reporting in saying that they're pretty happy about that wait what in what regard I cuz he he was like hey guys that's a circle yeah circle yeah that's that's still good by the post of the guy who was like you know it's over by the skinny circle and someone else responded with you mean oval good way to describe that actually like someone came up with a word for that at some point in English I need a band pretty far yeah I don't want to shoot because I got twin hit points I okay I've got bandages good too oh I have one I have nine well the together that makes 10 okay so and we don't what do I bring to the table I've gotta know I've got nothing to offer dude you don't even know a skinny sorry this tree is is gray you almost had a minute next time wrong got it wrong I've been training will cut it all the rocks Rock colored hello you got me there you can't argue with me I mean I guess you're not wrong about that know where those people go that wherever to go yet not sure took a detour of some kind all right would you like a Ben dollish I would very much so there you go there are definitely people shooting up at the hill that's to our self but mr. Dean's here you go Oh wrong you cool I don't know how you I don't know how you teleport over there I popped there's people there's a lot south east we know that right yeah yeah Georgia said so thanks good reporting in I'm here oh man you guys thought that movie out here in the open bandaging yes find a tree or something to stand behind I like to snipe it really opportune moments for everyone I'm sorry you opened bandage myself don't buy me they're still in the store they're just coming out so there we see circles are kind of bad he's been we've really been looking out honestly when it comes to the ammo for that okay you gonna go up you did cool hey zine we're going up here cool let me come along with you no problem what where you shooting at down the southies Mayo I see twice the first ones like no damn I hit him for 63 white that all looks very nice down there Michael take a look and see what we got people Tory did you tell you again I got him where are they one guy is looting the item another guy is in the ruins southeast one of them sniping back at us for the ring oh my gosh I have like ìyeah I'm not enough ammo at all does anyone have a good aar and/or sniper all right there's one more left there's a guy in that house he just shot me I didn't hate it all right we got much time we got we're gonna go deal with them and then get out drama no shit of course he's building up over I think yep god damn it how did what happen oh shit sorry ambriel I he's back around on the ground near me down there below you to the east there you go and those first couple games we were on and now it's just like struggle yeah it is everything feels wrong okay oh Jesus Christ you a launch pad I do not I better look for a key go game yep oh this is gonna be a problem real big oh yeah we're dead we're dead that's a bit I mean I've got three bandages we can make this no we can't we're dead every day what up we might we might have hope you'll watch cut I know I'm looking this loo over here to the I gotta help well oh yeah no I'm gonna die before I even get to that okay making it and I'm gonna die before I'm able to use it but bandage go you can do it you can do it three hills oh my god it'll make it oh my god okay hold on I'm gonna need to do a little bit more before I do that there's a lot of crap there's a lot of bad okay I mean I got more bandages okay hold on all right and I'm gonna med kit actually unless we have okay what the hell okay okay hi this is not about what is happening right okay I'm Ed kidding boys well this is about to just really sorry three lives like ten seconds alone in the middle of yeah it's not like it matters we're not making that without a launch pad guys check for lunch bags you might have one you might not know it like twitch Brian I definitely have zero in my in that slot I only have a strap strap cool do that could help us yeah but the the damage is gonna go up by one here in four seconds yeah yeah oh dude is the launch pad up here yeah see this are you are you actually being serious it's already built though it's shit we wear don't see the way up in the sky things no oh wow holy shit if I had I would go make it but I don't umber you're gonna oh I might be able to can I do it I'm gonna have to bandage in a moment I don't I don't think I actually have enough resource I only five metal wait you can't finish you off I would say I have 600 would a dream I have a lot of materials I'm coming guys like any resources I was eliminated by Amber games all right amber how'd you why'd you kill me yeah the impulse create or what yeah yes so stack in his second in his stats over there yeah dude what if like we somehow survived it cuz that launched back there that would've been amazing also what if that wasn't actually a launch pad this is like a regular trap you rats think played well played can't be mad about that all right last game for me yeah like why it's like yeah it's it's getting a little late this is Jordan it goes is full grandpa when it comes bedtime so yeah I'm surprised he made at this fame yeah talking about you know it bells are like 12 buy time so that's like Lily II or seven year guys real reviews like okay then let's get a win yeah let's get a win where do you want to go I don't know let's do it it's along the route but that's not gonna have too many people and it'll be like where everyone goes as they get off the bus at the very end everyone jumps at first we know that and then everyone else at open he'll be great not a soul what you said you wanted to go to ruins you just win a little early it's fine really didn't go early though I don't know oh no he's like no I did just fine you did great I'm impressed I'm way lower than you guys you're all you the late as hell I don't know yet junked as no one is planning so seriously fine amber how about a no on that one Wow guys shut down I get you're done given a favorable circle we could route up there don't worry you might not be hope might not be lost just a lot of loot just spoil it man just spoil and just sitting there yeah it's like that for someone to come get it or to the void live in the now well we'll see what the circle looks like yeah man dude they are noise – I'm sure glad we came here there's a green pump here I gots to green pump too circles not bad yeah All Things Considered alright so I run over there so don't forget your buddies there's a green pump over here you can have that how antsy are you though here's a gray are all right let's let's go hey hey zine hazy yeah what's up what's up let me let me show you in just second there you go now how can i oh very nice very pretty you make the prettiest of drops I know I do your droppings are very pretty I'm assuming that was accidental yeah what mouse back up oh do I know what happens he's mad Bru oh I'm mad livid livid uh do you have a green purse abalone free I have a blue er tissue paper whoo come on take my folks back everybody wants it yeah I wouldn't mind it but we'll see when I what we collect up here another green burst huh hey Ozzie yeah they go how many oh very nice goddamn gnome oh we got a 500 would for a chug by or 500 brick for a chug whatever picked your fancy whatever folks are Flo hey ambriel oh you're actually never mind you're good I have a purple minigun all right yeah we're fine so this is a three-minute store and we're fine we can go haunted should I get that chug how much where do you have way about it 400 oh yeah we can sweep haunted okay I have one small shoot uh it's uh or I could just get a chug out of uh you know this chest that I just opened that's fine too yeah hey can someone carry either a med kit or too small shield and I'm gonna give you a med kit yep righteous do you have bandages negative all right and I have a green pump if someone needs it on me note actor though it's already tactful yeah Green er we got them quite a bit of a chest all right more smalls over here Andrew if you want to go yeah okay I'm just a come on I guess six on me all right gnomes oh yeah I just found one and no I'm about to get another one just getting all that way dude Andrew needs I have six or nades if you don't have you go for it they're in the graveyard I make this is all gravy I repent it's been the greatest hope I just pizza work alright so how you like everyone the train yards I'll go grab it oh the greatest guys oh my god more small shields oh yeah oh good tact okay I'm gonna drop ten bandages so I have three med kits okay all right Tech would be great but great then we have a house right here this was hella yeah sleep not bad three spots over here oh well you got it I got it I got you I believe in you huh more smalls if we want him oh my god I could carry one more small get it green TAC inside of the house do you I hear is two of them oh my god more small shields Jesus Christ we I think we're out of smaller shit yeah I mean I could actually carry some instead of my silenced pistol so you know if you could get some big shields that'd be nice good eye area get like every single small shield in the game mm-hmm we could use the big ships holy shit all right ten-to-one small shield no hand cannon ah bummer boyo boyo um I guess nobody wanted the green tech in the house so you don't want it aye I do want it then why'd you say not now Shh no I want no I had it are you doing a pleasant it seemed I was eating rocks okay he's just kidding her I just wanted Ross went on the rock west house it's harvesting materials man it's just you don't want to go to it we go this way though I totally go this okay yeah no problem guys I'll be right there you know it'll be cool majority rules that's the great thing about having three you never have ties in Denver had sighs well is this a unanimous is definitely not a tie it's a tie between everybody's opinion though I mean yeah it's interesting it's an interesting way to look at it is it's a tie right it's an interesting debate that I don't want to have okay I mean I guess it's kind of pushing it on a tie but is viewed it that way as well that neck circle is realized with you guys is fun just just Brennan I'm glad you had fun are you running fast just running getting your exercise for the day dude there you go eat some ice cream one of your eleven thousand galleries no problem I mean I assume you're gonna have help so oh hey I found a big shield for one of you to fight over it yeah I guess the Indian it I deserve this you need the Drake mr. Steve Rother dust oh well I mean if you if you have why was it offensive that I said you'll have help with it implying that like Angel wouldn't I have any of it she might have a little okay it's fine you you weren't offensive you were not I mean I know I wasn't there's a medkit up there I don't know if anyone's looted modern I'm done I'm carrying you check the garage another Newman drives I don't think have we seen anybody this game nope no we've not I told you know what's gonna go there I called it oh whoops owes me sorry take that nasty hobbitses I do where you wish on your nose oh no I I just I swapped I had two hundred and one ammo on my scar and I just want even be 200 just couldn't you could no that's reasonable I can I can respect that I'm glad we're uh we're near top 20 boys good job did hard ski my life right here well handled yeah have we managed to stay alive so far tissue paper like we haven't even jumped off a cliff to our death I'm impressed I mean maybe you haven't oh you have so far that is a tissue paper shooter whoo you seem to get those a lot I do I'm very good luck very very good luck he finds tissue paper shooters and a check engine lights like no one's else's business that idea that I do and oil pressure sensor warning lights as well oh that's that's not a good one you don't want that I know they good it's not a big deal oil pressure turn off the car yet so the good thing about that is that it wasn't actually any issue with the oil pressure it's the sensor gave out guys yeah you don't boil is not when you play with no I'll break your engine how to put together again Oh am i right front of me oh hey whoa I just had a lag there for a moment that was weird stupid tree other mini Gunung okay oh okay I just got I don't know what happened there but I'm dead so that's cool um dope I got 150 damage to the face but I just died yeah that was the same thing yeah you would 200 no and I just I just died from I thought I saw nobody that's exactly what happened does that guy have like can I can I had a shock and a heavy shotgun do 200 damage with a headshot yeah I saw I saw nobody there so there's like there's nobody in sight I just dropped it it was this guy who I'm spectating now but he just had a heavy shotgun yeah yeah okay that was uh huh Rippy dippie indeed huh Wow there was no me on my screen I just dropped huh Oh interesting okay hi yeah be sure you guys invite me yeah see uh

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