*NEW* Fortnite Update! | Easy 1000 Free Vbucks, New Map Teaser, John Wick!

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Fortnite New Update – Easy 1000 Free Vbucks, New Map Teaser, and the John Wick event is what we discuss today!

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hey what's guys camford brushy here welcome back everybody turn there fortnight video lots of stuff to go over today some exciting random stuff the fortnight actually leaked themselves by accident which rarely happens but when it does it's usually a cool one if you're new to the channel or not already make sure to subscribe I'd love to have you touch that like button as well it does help a lot just that quick old pause the video like whether you're on mobile or however it is however you got to get there make your way to that like button and code the camp and rusher it does reset every two weeks so if you're buying anything from the shop by the way here is the shop today make sure to type that code in let me know if you did with an Instagram a tweet YouTube comment you can be featured in next video but here's the shop you can see it there that the new item is the bracer the female version of the verge skin not sure if you're a fan or not but if you are it's in the shop for a it's usually a day or two right I owe you sometimes two days sometimes one day there's actually some other good stuff in there as well the dart glyph that's one of my favourite gliders simple and you know I love the color purple alright let's move on to some some exciting stuff first off here the new update v 9.0 one get up close and personal when the update releases tomorrow May 15th downtime begins at 4 a.m. Eastern so this is a patch this is not a Content update however this is not going to be a massive patch so for us for my channel I won't be staying up tonight I I'll have one or two videos up tomorrow but here's what we cuz here's what we know about the patch I would stay up if I thought it was gonna be a massive one I think there's gonna be some exciting exciting stuff including the John wick event I think we'll get some leaks and we'll know what those free rewards are so all the video going up talking about those free items tomorrow and we might get a couple cosmetics for the week to hold us off until the big update next week and other than that I don't expect too much there's gonna be some bug fixes and then of course there's gonna be the new weapon which we assumed was the tactical assault rifle we were correct this robust and precise assault rifle is the ideal option for tight quarters so if you missed yesterday's video we went over all the stats of this weapon and now this makes a little bit more sense because apparently you're gonna be able to shoot the fire rate it's gonna be seven shots per second and I like I don't know it's just weird though that it has a scope right because this is actually meant to be for tight quarters and I saw a reply or something from one of the the guys who leaked on Twitter it's like no one fortnight they're gonna make this half Auto way up close right lock onto a target up close but I think there's gonna be some way you can switch because the scope plus close quarters is a little weird to me right it just kind of counterintuitive so we'll see but that's seven shots per second now makes a bit more sense if they if there is a way where this thing is is dominant in tight quarters close quarters and that's what this description tells us on top of that with that free event the the John wick event that we've discussed it's not confirmed to come out with the update but given that the movies releasing on Friday I'm sure this updates gonna come with the John wick event and if it doesn't release right away again like I said we will have access to the the items the free rewards that will come with the John wick event and something else I haven't talked about that one of you guys tweeted at me today from Miguel or my Morales sorry if I said that wrong hey man I just found something crazy the hotel and neo tilted towers this is same hotel of the first John wick film and he's right so there's a couple photos as I was talking there the Continental so again it seems like a lot of this season the start of this season especially with the weapons the combat shotgun tactical assault rifle now this hotel hotel the event it's a lot of stuff directed at promoting this this John wick movie so more promotion in my opinion that we've seen go into go into one of these collaborations obviously the Avengers the Marvel ones have been big actually especially with the the two skin sets that were released but that would be the only one that would compare to the amount of detail that's went into this collaboration so I thought I'd point that out I just find it cool and I'm excited to see what those free rewards are tomorrow once we see them moving on change to the impulse grenade just keeping up to date on all things for tonight they've deployed a hotfix to fix an issue where impulse needs were not properly affecting vehicles impulse away so if you're realizing there was some some issues there that is now fixed more info on the creative trials the three million dollar creative tournament that's going down ninja is up next right ninjas hosting this next part and we know it is a and to qualify you're gonna be have to be one of the best trickshot us and there's gonna be a brand new map all the details for the contest ninjas portion of it are gonna be released tomorrow but he did give a sneak peek of the map that is going to be used for the competition for the trick shot competition so there's the sneak peek and and I'm sure lets a lot of you guys watching this video are excited I'm sure there's some trick shots out there and again I just think it's cool that there is now this totally different Avenue within fortnight to to make a fair amount of money right a three million dollar prize pool is nothing to shy away from if this is your thing and it's not just this I think Lachlan did the illicit Lachlan Lachlan or scissors one of them did the first one might have been both of them to be honest there's been a death run so there's a there's a lot going on just different types of minigames different ways to to prove you're the creative master I'm excited to see where this goes and kind of the finale how they plan to do it because it's just it's cool it seems like it's never done before this type of thing moving on to a theory here lot up votes on reddit and it is a a picture of the map and it's it's this the snow region is going to melt throat season 9 due to high pollution from neo tilted and Megamall and an active volcano on the same island polar peak will then collapse into greasy glacier and I you I choose this one because it has a ton up votes 2.5 k on just a theory like this out of the blue is as high as good and you guys know this is partially my theory I mean I think it's a lot of people so I don't think it's the hardest thing to think of the icebergs gonna eventually fall off I think we all know that and we assume it's gonna break in two Griese Grove or Gracie glacier and part of that town is gonna be revealed it will probably get greasy Grove back just in a different way and and then I think the snow melting back would also make sense as well maybe not all the way but but but back I don't know do you agree with this what's your theory on season 9 and then the pollution thing I think that's the big who knows if that's true or not and I think it'd be really interesting if this pollution thing somehow played into like the real world you guys know the the the earth climate change man that's like a huge thing to be talked about I think it should be talked about but there's that massive music video song that came out with 30 artists earth right it was called earth and just a lot of movement towards the environment so fortnight's somehow brilliantly played that trend that an important trend into the fortnight game I would be nothing but impressed bit but again I think that pollution parts just out there who knows if that's true or not but the other parts I think we can expect that to happen another big reddit concept here there is one more big piece of news of course but with these bigger retic on the concepts especially this one it's a skin it have over a thousand up votes on reddit haven't seen one of those in a while for a skin and it's this the Safari specialist you got a good-looking skin there a snake stick pickaxe a stuffed koala back bling and and then again again just a cool looking skin so I think this is one of those ones where it's unique enough and cool enough that obviously Epic Games the scenic to the popularity and there's potential for it to be added check back in a month if we see it then I think we've we've done a good job okay finally we're moving on to this last piece of information and it was a it was a leak it was a leak actually done by fortnight and in the news feed here is the picture they posted I guess the news they posted by accident you won't see it now cuz again it was an accident on the left there Epic Games store mega sail the epic game store mega sail is happening right now sign up for 2-step verification in order to get $10 to spend in the store so the upper game store refers not only to fortnight but to any other game that exists on the store and there's lots of them I don't actually know all of them to be honest with you I only play fortnight and a little bit of legal edge it's gotta be I'm not really a huge gamer I play like one game on one game a lot that's always how I've played video games so I don't even know if that's some people don't even consider that a game or I guess it's a different type because I know there's some people out there who just play different games and love exploring and figuring out what's going on but that's not me but if you are that and at the same time if you're not I believe you can use this money in the epic game store to buy VBox so thousand free v bucks is what you can look at it's perfectly free two-step verifications not hard to sign up for anybody can do it you might as well to get a free $10 and again it's not officially on yet so this was a leak but I'm sure it could be coming out tomorrow with the update as well I'll let you know when it's officially good to go and and that money is up for grabs I'll give you the details once we fully know ladies and gentlemen that's all I got for you today if you enjoy the video make sure to touch that like button I know there's a little bit less news today but I think there was some important news as well tomorrow should be a good one again I'll have one or two videos going up depending on the size but definitely showing off some of those free rewards things for the the new John wick event and who's excited for the movie I've seen I think I've only seen John wick 2 and I enjoyed it it was action-packed the whole time kind of like silly how how Opie this guy is but I I loved it it was entertaining so I'm excited for John wick 3 especially if pairing up with fortnight my game man I can't I can't not see that movie so so we'll see let me know what you think are you excited for that movie excited for the event what are you more excited for take care of a buddy I'll see them all for another video talk to you

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  1. Please look at my Twitter @itzvixly I have images from polar peak where their looks like the cube and they put another layer for the mountain that looks like it's definitely gonna melt

  2. one of the stores in retail is called scoops ahoy which is a reference to stranger thing bc in the season 3 trailer dustin and i cant remember his name works there and the place is the same stranger things and fortnite colab for season 3?

  3. I don’t know why epic is promoting the John Wick movie so much considering the majority of fortnite players are kids and John Wick is a rated R movie

  4. You know i dont have think this has any connection but keanu Reeves ( actor for john wick) played in a matrix and his name was neo see were im going with this i. ( by the way i was just thinking about i dont believe there is a connection)

  5. Volcanoes wouldn’t heat the island and make it melt the snow because they are one of the main factors of Earth going into an ice age so if that does happen it wouldn’t be scientifically correct

  6. Why the hell is fortnite promoting John wick, it’s an amazing movie franchise yeah, but fortnite is a child-friendly game while John wick is rated R.

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