*NEW* Legendary Tactical AR in Fortnite!

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Drum gun is probably still a better pickup 80% of the time
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okay that kind of melted him not going to lie alright ladies and gentlemen welcome back today we got a new gun in for tonight it is the tactical assault rifle it's fully automatic has 30 rounds of the magazine and does 22 23 and 24 damage and it's meant to be an assault rifle to has effective range in close quarters combat going to be very interesting to try out on top of that we've got some other changes bowlers have been nerfed dub drum gun has been nerfed which actually light the drum gun and it was my big strap for this weekend's World Cup but hey that's been nerfed too and then the compact SMG the p90 has been taken out as well so it's interesting so that's so good let's jump into some solos see how we can go with this brand new tactical assault rifle if you guys go in to enjoy today's video make sure to check the light gray down below and of course subscribe if you are new today everyone were playing as my new girlfriend skin yeah if you guys didn't know verge which is like you know on official one of my unofficial skin and then now they got a girl budget now and her logo was smaller but what are you playing is her today she's epic so that brother do let's get this tactical assault rifle alrighty game number one I love her everyone's rocking the new glider you all you hear when you land is just that didn't didn't didn't noise when everyone lands alright one of these gamers do it well there's something caught my leg I hope that's not a spider too busy they were playing fortnight of their to realize welcome to Australia no real gun though okay it's still crawling up my leg so I really should check that out full shield three dynamite and a grey pistol laid oh I think we chuck it all in there and hurt the guy on the bottom has a good time there we go Wow imagine that the new assault rifle losing to a gray pistol at close quarters combat all right well we got it so there's that but the fact that we won that fight is not a good indicator wrong gun okay it's a little more accurate I guess I forgot it used small bullets I thought it was using medium all right that's our first elimination with the new rifle it's not not the worst I so you can now build into the slipstream which is really epic these guys are having a little bit of a fight it would seem great rain okay that was not too bad hmm never seen a burger sweat so hot yikes we're in trouble I stutter how but like one of us like shuts I swear was straight on yikes yeah we're dead here medkit make advantageous medkit make advantages make advantages deaf all right epic game so that's pretty cool weird death to die on the top of the rift yeah alright initial thoughts gun so it's you bad has the range really is not that much greater than the drum gun so that's a little yikes but can see some uses in it I don't know I'm trying to think well they're not gonna use it this weekend for World Cup I'll have to test more but initial thoughts not too bad alrighty then that's a lot of people okay see the problem is I know how this video is gonna end I'm going to trying to get the last kill of the gun or try to get more a limbs with the gun and it's just going to get me killed and it's going to be very depressing you got a grenade launcher right yep hate to see it got him series trying to chat right now and it's just not the time boy clipping the feet there I just got my new gun he's got my new gun I wanted to deal with what's gonna be here first she blow out on him yeah there's 100 okay that's not happening I didn't kill him damn yaii all right where's my gun at real who got my gun oh my god that lamppost saved your life girl that was just unlucky I died but we're gonna get that gun seriously brah there we go see that's what I'm saying this new gun is not that great I just out beat him iris outplayed him with this gun that there's no new shotgun which is not that great quickly before the enemies get here and delete me again there it is looking for a gold version for some reason alright seven kills out of Pleasant Park not bad I figure to kill stolen yeah I got a kill stolen at one point so it's not too bad could have an eight but whatever alright we got the new gun Oh llama how nobody see that one honestly browning nine stinks let's get someone easy get them lawyer than make him get into the one by one and then they're dead okay that was good to have a buck there to see how it works at range hmm Oh yikes she's only died to a bought chicken again I have the gold one at least yeah it's we're not gonna use the drum gun anyway like we probably should but we're not it's like I know you're in there yeah okay wasted stinks probably thinks I'm out there all right got him yeah go one go one's not too bad at all gonna go up and get the rest of those stinks stinks are so good lobby is straight-up dying I thought I was gonna get close to a twenty ball no how could he get I mean I'm working get fifteen fifteen be hard I know probably my loadout is I have literally no range every fights gonna be close quarters and I don't know if this gun is the best for it I'll have to switch to the tack off your time damn alright let's go any goods there's a lot of goods here take the RPG alright rift I probably should save the rift for an emergency but I'm one of my slots back comedy and beamed out of the air sounds like already getting I stole my ball that's great I know it's Luther I think that inner wait what I didn't get me oh yes any guy oh my god this thing is sore a grating I knew it was lawyer uh saw a grating that thing is men didn't have to waste any stinks I love how he um boost it up and went straight into the slipstream that was jokes hopefully he's the only decent player left and I would I should trade the scar the scar is still the superior gum but this is the new video where we show off the gun sir unfortunately we're still gonna be using it okay that kind of melted him not going to lie I was like probably the range you really want to engage at that's the ideal range I suppose yeah weapon doesn't really fit that right now so that that's the introduction of it I guess try close out this 15 bomb if we can this is not the range to be using it I swear Oh had to shoot the pad so he doesn't use it me and this other guy like teaming on this guy let's shoot about this guy he'd be missed it he forgot the the packs nerds hey the disabled hop to the fifth sign that sir jerks he's behind those trees right hmm quick relay irritation all right it's good tax let's push a little bit try make sure he's weak though and all I thought he got me that's so cute get out of there it's trying to met up right now flush the rat flush they're out one more time gotcha and there we go that is the brand new tactical assault rifle I still I give it a six like it's gone it's like range where it's really optimal but I feel like those engagements turn straight into shotgun slash guns drum gun range like no one holds that distance so if you catch someone out like we did with that person it was the 12th a limb that's good I don't know what do you guys think let me know your comments down below I still think the drum gun an SMG I've two better options for those I don't know Leonard you guys think I hope you guys wanted to enjoy today's video we should have tried to tag up all made fell off the edge so it's pretty funny yeah I hope you guys will see you guys throughout the week we got fresh Dan with us right now it's really grinding for worlds this weekend and should be fun see you guys next time

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  2. I’m not trying to hate on fortnite I just have a question. Does this guy have some deal with for fortnite where he can’t put out apex videos? Just curious if anybody knows

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