NEW Tactical Assault Rifle Gameplay in Fortnite! (Fortnite Battle Royale New Weapon Update)

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Fortnite Tactical Assault Rifle Gameplay
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Let me know what you guys think of the new Tactical Rifle in Fortnite. Hope you guys enjoy the video!

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NEW Tactical Assault Rifle Gameplay in Fortnite! (Fortnite Battle Royale New Weapon Update)

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all right I'm I can almost see neo tilted and when I can finally see it I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get sniped in the skull yeah hop in that slipstream dude and just wait for someone to 360noscope you to heaven I bet I'll be actually getting shot at I just okay yep Kenny it's been really really fun are they and he was right over here to the north he does have whitey in his name this guy has to be cheating right he's actually cheating us he absolutely just annoying I want to keep watching this guy I'm not gonna lie I think this guy's cheating I want to pick up the new weapon yeah yeah okay okay yeah let's watch this watch this dude watch this oh yeah yeah that's no way bro we get on to record is because he peaked it yeah and look at this bill oh my yep yeah this guy's garbage dude that's actually so sad that he just died right there because I kinda wanted to see him win the game we actually ran into a hacker on the game that we said would be our last attempt I'm actually done all righty tighty we've got to find the new tactical assault rifle Oh more take this tactical assault rifle you know more do with it what you gonna do with it on the twitch TV stole it that really threw me for a loop I thought you're gonna say something much worse than that but okay that's I'm actually pleasantly surprised with how PG that was push TV okay yeah now I think I think everybody pretty much picked up on exactly you always had to land up on this hover ship looking fo absolutely I'm not laying on top of this little looks like there's a blue Tom again up here so wait I got so confused right there because my mouse I said only one off-screen did you just die wasted all from fall down the freakin way did you join the weapon what no I didn't yeah it's right down the ground you'll see it I had synergy open and so I went to pick it up and my mouse went to my other computer and you you eat it and died you gonna lick you miss me to get back on and I'm about to hop off almost to school okay I took lag damage I need yeah honestly that's crazy no I don't people laying it here he was gonna say I think I hear me shadow bomb guys no choice a house he's inside oh he's inside here nineteen nineteen thirty-nine he's weak oh you actually doesn't that was weird I'm gonna go memory okay wait he's up here distracted on me he's got a combat shotgun he hit me hit him Kenny nice good stuff right okay I think you're good you're good you're good get it you gotta get it you get it yeah nice it's all you one guy no there's two there's one of those goodbye Henry yeah have you gonna subs keep backing up you're all good brother and there they're currently looting your stuff right now hey Henry oh please you've got a really really good strat right here you go ahead and keep doing that I'm gonna go ahead and post this video on his Jeremy real quick okay I'm not going anywhere until they leave I have 70 seconds to get your tag what are the chances of this you'll get time I don't think you're gonna leave Henry now they will I really don't think they're going to they're 100% gonna leave Kenny and I leave him [Applause] go go go oh my god the Great Escape if this freaking works man I'm doing I need a respawn man do you know where location is ah she says that so I'm going to go might like there's probably six guys already waiting on the van oh yeah baby imagine you turned around there's like three of them hat pot ready for you two for your troubles don't mind if I do and before I get sniped everybody's in a five-mile radius can hear you reviving right now it's not me please no shoot oh my god it's a slurp right here oh my god I can't believe we actually have a chance at winning this game now yeah we just have to find the tide people let's start rightful in order to make this all worth it and then we can go to bed and I can get off this damn game Hey look Mini's right after I take the hot pot cool I'll peel behind yeast maybe okay that's all on a person over here that guy even know that I'm here if you start special toys I can push him from behind see may so we've got his teammate over here dude how am I stuck over here I'm coming to you know he's so close to dying holy crap able to grab your leisure card so bad I mean I purposely didn't finish his teammate because of that is really low he's really low oh my god how do you heal here a madman dude you're actually a madman for going up fairly well the storm is closing so if you could reboot me before the storm Cubs that would be great and I did I hear people I heard the tactical rifle and I needed you I got the tactical rifle I don't think anyone yeah so hurt boy when your political that guy without it actually made me said well I mean I want to make sure I got the kill you know yes oh they're literally right down here Kenny we're gonna have a bird's-eye view on them all these guys are so screwed dude oh I miss my sniper shot both miss eka okay seventeen damage okay this thing doesn't do a whole lot long range but that's not really what it's meant for all right push it up do I hear a guy like below you around you too I don't know where this going yeah I don't know where he went either he's a wizard is it possible you ran back in here yeah he's in here I hear we found your brother Wu he's got the suppressed sniper rifle if you're down for that oh there's still a teammate over here I've got man Kenny hold on to me grab my god okay those guys you got it you you survived it's hey looking for the nudes attagirl rifle good stuff brother all right he's go jump some two minutes for you right there and go ahead and pops loose and I'm gonna pop these and I'm also gonna pop these medic it might as well I Kenny there's 16 people left and we have how many kills combined I've got three I got four seven okay we got seven kills yeah I did that math you give that math really really fast oh crap we gotta go slipstream okay I made it I didn't take any damage but that was actually really close let's go dude all right now what we got to hope for is that all the ttv why teeth are out of the game all right they're shooting up to the north Kenny someone's got a sniper there's Tony behind me – behind you yeah I did a little bit of damage to him I'm running inside I'm inside the soccer stadium I'm gonna go ahead and get his own there's gonna be a guy behind you – to the west just so you know – what's the situation Kenny what are we looking at looking good I'm gonna fly everywhere come up here always shoot yeah I hit a little bit actually not not like about that got the range that guy's another guy behind me there's two guys behind over there – Oh she'd I'm not gonna save some ah Oh God survive I'm alive got a campfire I did let's go let's go heavy some heavy rush this guy no no no we hold on I got a I'm gonna heal up real quick no no oh my god you actually shut up my thing okay Kenny I've actually got no Matt's he's lame and the Matt's I mean have you met any mess any meds okay I got the mess I needed augers mommy later hit him a little bit installed above oh how did I hit a bullet oh come on P get ready get got him all the way up baby let's go let's go baby don't mess with this we're taking home w's from pretty sure my eyes were popping out of my skull and viewers are gonna be commenting about that but I don't even care do you want try to grab height here on this mountain let's grab let's grab it I'm just going up Oh Kenny yeah this guy's fighting up here okay we got a perfect angle on people up here they're fighting all right I'm gonna try to build up here without using any mess conserve Matt's a little bit I might just try to chill right down here and wait Kenny I'm in a really good position right now Laser laser Laser laser Laser laser laser beams laser beam I haven't gotten to kill with this thing yet where is it oh my god did you get the other guy oh dang dude I think I haven't got a kill with this thing yet dude oh god me go quick me to go quick me to go pop and flying away yeah there's another glad to redeploy up there oh these guys were saying oh shoot those are the last two Henry caught yeah this will last you guys I'm glad areeda flowing in get you into the safe zone dude they're like really letting the edge of the zone boys well I don't have like any Matt see they're dumb I got a bunch of crap you oh you're just pushing yes we have to get to the zone Kenny psyched out of my mind uh okay he just edited I think it's gonna be everything up here in a second you know maybe now I do have a heavy sniper too edit out waiting for his friend to edit up none at all I need to get him with us at school I need to get a cadet Kenny let me get him Kenny I got him oh no you're not you're not gonna go down – eat them out for you oh my god this guy's Matt's here okay come on oh he's living white he's writing so weak let's go baby dude we freaking killed that man creative youtubers bro I I don't think actually I'm gonna be I'm gonna be honest I think I got one killer the new tactical assault rifle yeah I only got two but we don't need to mention that dawg yeah

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