PC Fortnite Players Using Controllers..

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we could all use a controller the worst controller clear oh I'm so bad a controller I am about to miss every single god I take so no different than normal game yes I'm worried about building dude I don't have game audio boys is this we gotta restart we gotta restart you ready no not at all really not dude we're gonna eat I don't know how you expect to win yeah how do you oh he's all that oh my god I'm failing this game if I'm gonna get a squad Wyatt by literally amount of stalling oh you guys went Pleasant Pleasant okay okay what Pleasant did you go to this fucker has the worst drop Rome all I'm saying is my edits are quick as let's set up an edit course on the soccer field I feel like I'm playing the game for the first time alright I've made an edit course for us boys this is literally what it feels like to be a boy oh my god I must ripped it my heart is that canceled okay I see the course i watch this what's this great for this alright here's what you do step one with shadows okay edit that oh just someone do people come on oh my god I'm not you see that I've got a reason I'm the best player you'll ever see dude you have to hold it dude you got this man okay okay okay yo check it how do you rotate your okay you ready okay daddy yeah let's see it dude that is a Ken's 90 if I've ever seen yeah that's not bad yeah I'll try some nineties real quick okay that's actually okay all right fine fine fine watch these you 100% point to keyboard nagging hide your sift what my keyboard back come on man all right let's fight someone let's go fight through it I'm getting a new respect for console players honestly this shit is hard listen ball how do you how do you change that rotate impress no there's another team oh oh no I fucking he's in here tightening there's two traps in there be careful Cotto I broke you out on me Brooke steal my shit his teammates me let me pop these okay I don't know you just started drinking minis mid fibrous no way dude I'm nuts go let's go oh well there's a met kid there for somebody who's a fun knock – Tiffany oh how do you rotate to the other items I don't know okay let me just drop them then drop it yeah I got this how do you oh okay okay put a thing down oh all right you ready shadow you got this man we're kind of popping off for a second there this is harder than in fucking lux dude I thought there's gonna be easy like okay back to controller something's telling me this is the game this has to be the game we Branka tested the first game are we gonna pretty close the Bruce game yeah we did dude does it like does it say that a it's an Xbox controller like when it's plugged in but like I'm using a ps4 controller but it's showing in Xbox overly I don't want people to be like using an Xbox faking it I'm very the comment section would be flooded with that okay I can't believe I really get is use an Xbox controller oh it's a guy on me boys mouth oh no way one way you just thinking that was the nicest shot dude that guy probably woulda won the game if I didn't kill him right there it was crazy it was nutty good evening man oh my god relieved okay you're just gonna act like you didn't just [Laughter] oh you won't it's there for me fuckin no battle pass let's go blue you're lucky the trees there oh shit blue they put you in the game oh that's it are you serious your problem man it's you Oh take this take this chance I can't believe you just said that are your shots oh yeah these people in the block I'm coming down their mouth if we have just sat in our spawn drop for this fucking long to go into the first team we find to die I will cry oh my god I'm 100 just like Noddy such a nerd man oh my god don't fight it for so much I can't hit the ball oh there we go 37 37 37 all that guy's crying I know I'm gonna freak the fuck out boys knocked one my Amos is going nuts oh there's someone right here on us Wow a shield broke this guy this kid has he's fool killing this kid up wanted me of jelly he's one hit oh that kid he's right behind you you guys have to kill him that guy who is either be weak you should be reading he's weak holy fuck dude bro easy class all got Flannan oh oh yo so say what say what stop about a midair say say hello say hello you won't I think I need to turn down my sensitivity no he's right here no he's right here knocked one let's go let's go oh my god go on the others redeploy on me do to platt me oh I sanctum I snacked on my hittas fucking toe oh I'm shitting on kids right now you guys ready for this night boys oh let's go Sam won't go up oh I don't get her you guys are fucking doing this hey let's not I literally can barely a man you guys are sniping beagle mom dad yeah he jumped in my box he's on the other side let's go come on relief boys on the ground me down the gun got one oh you got him relief nice boys oh boo this is not letting me build pick him up pick him up pick him up hang in the building for sure no you fucking pussy oh he's over there hiding my head I'm gon set up and everything three times showing that guy right there he's lagging out we need a tank Oh impulses posted yeah we didn't attack who hit this right now Oh [Laughter] tightens it is super heat shield moon shadows go for you get so bad tidings let's go Titan do you have to go for the CEO oh my god run impulse think he's building up to jump off I know it's recling zone know this so I didn't hit him out of the air hit him out of here please oh there's an impulse impulse or u-dub next to me go win this let's go shadows hit it shadows hit him you got it you got it oh my god go crazy just know it's coming right there trap him yo

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