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All highlights are from my stream 😀

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later mister for dieter don't say fortnight or neither how mad Battle Royale 100 player PvP Wow hog holy fuck Qi whoa that's cool I want that where did the axes go are they gone oh no I missed the axes Oh Pepe heads what the oh shit that stove who joined nobody want this no I quit I love what they call them raps they don't call them gunskins they just call them raps gun racks it's very very interesting alright chat for tonight everybody yeah whoa where am i this looks different what this is not what I remember I love this game it's my favorite that place looks cool I want to go there they need to add left and right click while you glide to do stuff like left flick should do something and right click should do something you know do these guys are pros how am I supposed to beat them landing how are these guys know fast oh wait no I might be the personal note Oh what the fuck was that Jesus okay this is ridiculous mr. oh that is I needed to break through the wall to get in there dude I couldn't crouch in okay let's try that again shall we can you shoot these oh that was a stream sniper actually that makes sense I got to land it above me I heard him land above me I just thought he was like good like I'm all fucking around or something no he's not he's legit or maybe I don't know actually now I can't tell what is this they made this gray I thought this was blue or green and blue Dan that flavours legit he looked hella sketch his actions were hella sketch thing as cool as fuck oh it's my skin that makes it look so cool it looks like a fucking gold dude skins doe I love skins I don't know if you guys can tell they're my favorite what's up Oh what the fuck oh oh that's cute they're more the fuck is that how do I get up there do I have to build to it holy holy shit the fuck was that what are these things hello nice and slow okay Oh God he's faster than me he's best at me he's faster than me I'm just better though Jesus that guy's probably so bummed I should not be alive I should not be alive 100 percent I didn't deserve to win that but hey here we are I'm just having a good time flying right now let me go I don't like this I'm gonna die if I engage in this fight I promise I will just for real oh shut up way Oh fuckin heart man piss me off just want a gun I just want a game right just run around own you know like apex that's why I love apex so much it's an easy fuck in the game I'd love to see it I'd love to see a fortnight game mode with no building and no destructible like you can't break any of this shit okay so you have to use the environment that you're given to fight be fun season Ted no building you imagine they did that oh my god thanks cool opener oh well all these bananas in blogs no noise no Thanos is coming to beat my ass I don't know if Danis is still in this game do they get rid of that eight years ago or okay so do these cannons do can I shoot myself there well I die do I take fall damage refresh you're about to find out nope that's cool what what okay that's what you come here what is that woo where's that big that's cool I don't know what it is but it's cool yeah thanks cool let's do we're like very much damage oh that one right there that literally went through my sword looks stupid you okay why isn't my bow not shooting okay what what relax my guy does the fucking CPL finals over here Jesus oh god oh god oh god he's so fast he's so he's so Swift pretty girl pretty girl okay dude that guy's just flying he's so fast

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  1. Mannn… I’ve been watching your gold Apex content since that whole thing started but this one was fucking great! I dropped season 8 to play Apex and came back to season 9 with the same exact reaction… LUL

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