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Fortnite cube headed to loot lake and is GONE! What’s happening?
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peace in gentlemen pizza of all ages for the main event goo squad came in well glad you could join the show presentation today it's gonna be a fun one we have many victories epic kills epic builds epic fails by insurance why buy me the kill number we've been practicing thrills by me we're starting off with soaring 30s high 50s because it's fans soaring 50s a fan plus it's a limited time only but come our simulants Eve isn't gonna update one day maybe I hope Oh who's him the checked you piece Scoobies oh we got Michael jennie-o Yusef insane Oh derpy Aaron and Andrew we got two mods whether or not mods members members that's right guys grandpa finally got off work today he's been dealing with so many toilets whoa dude lay low link what happens is getting you one what if you land in it gonna kill you let's try we're flying to the lake I'm going in go we didn't take the bus drivers he dad hey Cody Chloe you're a smiley face with sunglasses thanks oh maybe if you land on the lake you're bounced around like when you're by the came oh my goodness like a barbecue whoa man do I really need to see the keep going I heard that's what happened I would have been fun what are this dude why don't they ever do like this stuff when we're streaming I'm pretty sure they're not doing this whoa that's a huge bounce pad no way I want this stuff I'm trying to get the how do you stop jumping let's check all the prices that's so cool what does this mean what is blue lake gonna be guys that's sweet yeah it is my goodness whoa these are over here I'm going in the city with my friends with them Yammer city city other enemies oh where is he he landed on the roof of one of the buildings which ones no no I'm in the city guys oh you're oh okay why beat Oh Vincent thank you for the first super shot of the day $4 you play ah guys here guys okay nobody got like John but oh I got you though I got you you buy me I'm coming Avenger hey coming where are you do not see me on your map I see you stay alive stay alive commander come build over here the law that was that bill I don't believe your knees I drop the chug chug there's so many villages in the world started that always happens to me shoot the wheel a cube ground all about follows behringer I got some bandits yeah I need them all mini villains I've got a campfire oh my these building boys got very about the back ball porta fortress where oh thank you back down what you okay all of our teammates are in here yelling them I'm healing them okay hey Johnson ovejita I need assistance very wet nobody campfire back there what's happening forget those guys oh oh this guy's charging tons and tons of this chat terrible reviving ah Johnson third time he's trying orange pickled eggs for the dollar dude him shoot him shoot him Johnson get me Johnson behind you you didn't know how in the world Johnson Harilal who give us a super chat words pickle Thank You thanks hey Google turn the colors to red well they didn't change but that's fine ready up send another soup chat ray he's back guys welcome back red nice for the $2 thanks ray you rock but chase thanks for joining Jake Reed yes bros all right let's go back to the lake and shoot it yes when are you all set to shoot the lake so we'll do that but we didn't get to see the cube actually going in and melting that would have been cool um not sure don't know I don't think it's gonna be prehistoric mode it doesn't really seem like it with this late Lake sink I only want prehistoric mode bad once previously what up death trip oh we got another member in here thanks for the donuts yes you realize what this is run enemy territory we need to get a weapon to bounce around like bumbling book oh I'm out to one that when you jump on it and it lets you do this guy diving move huh and then you land on it again it shoots you even further if you need to get away fast guy hey nothing happens when you shoot the lake well we're trying anyways I'm landing at the the over here to the left be making any presents yeah I'm trying to get presents as well man there's no presence in this boat swerve oh no he's up on the roof excuse me you sure do you mean I'm down how did he give it good Oh Spence Spence yes rats it spits spence spence no Spence bad Spence bad bad oh no no no no ha ha come give me no spits spits can't get me cuz I'm so sneaky very fine teammates who are the teammates there's someone in the middle of the lake really yeah where he's up in the house whoa he's gotta be dead they're following me these guys are following me yeah I know it's so fun ok it's like we just were on a trampoline world now we can go hide right one Jain boys hope you feel better soon yeah because you lock into me you were sick a couple streams ago oh he's losing like no health yeah I did lose we just what happened a bunker I don't know ah thanks ray again you just keep sending super chats appreciate the support and thank you well the lake technically isn't gone it's still there it's just now it's like ooh it's go Lake who keeps saying lava lake it's cooling maybe this season 60 missed trampoline park oh yes now our side whoa I think you're onto something we're on the side of the lake now all right back off you'll actually in a fort I'd be interesting savage mode you have to click Gary Poppins mom okay all right I think Andrews going to die first this round llama what am I thinking guys he wants to ud here and then we'll drink some these yummies ever just not sup get Matz's all the mats is what's needed for a good gun it's there almost there almost there thank you I got it so did this affect the whole river – no thing – the river there's many drops coming where I thought I thought this was snow a fuse I'm up for a Christmas update they make the whole map snow village ah you did that yeah I'm going to slap you hard ah yes yes you what do you miss I miss when who remembers styrofoam days as a sneaky savage like steel brats get into position boys put all these presents over year for me what do you need a big shield yes oh my goodness what a fortress this is intense dude they're all over there look at it go we need to go up the mountain I think why another paw report by our team ah are you doing I didn't do this somebody just did this dream where that might be a teammate one oh my gosh there's many enemies many enemies many enemies many enemies there everywhere use Oh nuts get up here on the mountain John's got you I think help John Hill finally humans so many we're getting five yeah it's nuts pocket one yeah man coming in it's like there's so many courts and everywhere it's nuts you keep getting like any load oh yeah she's up there boys got it boys there's a guy take him out darn it this is like the crazy village of traces it's sponsored by we're destroying them to seven in Porter fortress this mode is just insane are you guys I'm coming in as well ah man is that for Oh yep I see him OOP almost dropped bad keep calm and fortnight on thanks for the donuts there you go get around he is around boys oh is this is pile of stuff did he die your dad back to the circle now but grandpa's OoT you have to go home now oh I want to be the last one standing in this and they're not fun that with you look at this look at this castle let's just take a look at this that's huge where are you boys my spider-man Kukui fighter man down yeah spider-man spider-man spider-man those guys are good hiders that's what I'm gonna do do we demolish them I've got six kills you guys saw my rampage I'm the reason we want this I'm building a secret castle myself I had very many skills so yeah building a tower what's that big tower over there no that's in a different city see I have the biggest tower missing can I hit the launch pad where are those two boys hat oh well get them guys don't you worry I'm watching from England well if they come back and beat us if they beat us this will be the best scream you guys have ever seen based on like that's incredible how oh the last one standing is on our team which means our team at guard look bad that we have to build a huge scary for okay you guys got it I'm watching from Australia Alexander it's Andrew for tonight these sites and Justin beastmode hey Google what time is it in Australia okay go to the bunker people are saying go to the bunker we'll think of can you clarify what the bunker means is that like the superhero house or the bunker under salty springs we need answers we need answers what I miss you just missed the bunker is open bunker dude and looking worse than before is the bunker so even forest which bunker guys in the Whaley woods remember there's a bunker what is this what is that it I don't know what that is Oh guys tell us tell us hurry with the comment my Google is yelling at me I told you okay are we going there yes we are we're sprinting to whaling wouldn't it fly there fly fly man fly yeah we insulted the bunker in the forest wheeling woods okay yeah we'll go to the woods the bullets got home from school and had to watch you guys welcome homework squad if you guys are here put on the stream pull out your math problems and prepare to fail because I don't know math but they can do that while they watch both the homework ask questions get it done have fun we just went to loot Lake do you want a weapon or you're just going to kamikaze mode Oh Spence it's down there I see him by the chest in the middle I missed I missed the gun nuts that's nuts hmm I saw him I gotta get out of here where's the stairs Marv there's a chest right here how do we get there oh yeah yep he's so bad I got a SCADA uh-huh we both got scoffs we're the scattered assistants me being attacked no okay why we have weapon to the forest wait why skin are you afraid and we come back here build okay or actually no we want to last yeah we want to last we need her oh where our seams already losing like pretty bad obviously okay I'm coming okay and ready I'm ready – I found a bounce pad and I have a fire pit so let's guys nice moving out we get this chest come on Captain just maybe you wait a second I can't wait patience at your levels down to the Billy hey where is where are you bunker part of the bunk over here Spence what he's going up he's destroying this tree oh I see him I see him wait don't shoot yet he's about to get bad he is so bad alright science oops I can hold those smalls okay drop the smalls yep tops now yes we have to find this bunkie all right wait India where is it Oh straight north put them to map that white thing yeah we going moving in guys moving in we're looking for the bunker there's also mushrooms around here I've no one laid it in the bunker this is the best Pat you see it's bent this isn't the bunker where is it over here I think it's in the back part of the woods god this is like it's in the batter I see a villain you see a villain yeah they're all in the back over there oh no they're all going to the bunkie just destroying trees fence and you just destroyed a tree I repeat do it get ski it if he stops moving on sugar I missed my shot I'm sorry guys that was a bad shot I'm charging in because low on health whoa looks different over here okay be prepared bunker found it around we're just that hand go is around I don't see him pistachio pistachio mocking there's many mushrooms they get mushrooms just watching I just caught a height of mine a tree so see the bunker down there it's not open though there's pistachio he's running away oh okay oh I found a huge portal for just get that this bunker is not open guys you said it was open unless there's another bunker consume apples or mushrooms it's a challenge hurry guys we'll wait here until you guys are flying hi guys hi I'm just reading the chat guys if this is the buffer you're talking about unless there's another bunker chat you tell us now no we don't need a head you stay in the house Kurtz remember right all right get the planet I also – okay I was gonna say something guys I'm getting many supplies for my squad okay that's the bunker they trolls they're just messing with me ah excuse me really we would have not allow that grandpa figure out who is the source of the trolling you grandma grandpa is the punish of the comments why can't I go in the bunker please nothing fly sure we don't know Vinick shield right here for you we're going to fly boys fly my fly not necessarily it looks slow but still you don't want to rush to the we're losing you're losing Abra Miguel is behind us whose guys above us shooting is pointless he's gonna be right in front of us he can do D prepared over here well I see him he landed west and then in pretty far away no he didn't you might be like right up here it looked like oh I see him we're straight West he's running it's Miguel it's him I saw someone gave a super Chapman I didn't see who those range said what shows do you guys watch sometimes watching Amazing Race survivor that's it like watching behind a nest on YouTube he was healing I'd miss my shots all the time shield man is that him hey drew we have to stay by his he's coming right towards you he's a little run again I can hold that big okay you know that you can hold three now yeah but you could always do that no come on remember we got if we want to win Angier we got to take it slow the ring we just don't get stuck in the storm we're not going to close a drop up here we're gonna be the last ones alive on our team because we only have eight other teammates allow their volume should we go down in the or where should we hide I have the huge Porter fortress remember right I can chuck it wherever I want okay there's a big fortress over there so you see people build okay all right we can we get the drop you can't repeat we rebuild a huge fort because we're gonna be here for like three minutes back in here Steve's in here Steve back Steve Steve shoot best balls out of come on Steve Steve get back over here Steve Steve Steve Steve oh I was hit well I'm gonna hit him watch see the thumbs ball closer Steve over here Steve Steve is so bad dude it's just us and Steve oh no dude we have to take this so slick he's right up there shoot oh no no no just standing there you're not gonna kill him and then little over we are everywhere they're everywhere one over that okay we forget Steve we can't Steve sorry Geoffrey just built that oh he's building a little tower over there whatever you see it's not ours both of us in the bush okay you just watched Pat it oh he's gonna get Steve Oh Steve went to get Steve Steve no Steve Steve down to the right wait wait no the guy in the house up there why if you aim we both shoot at the same time no he's shooting Steve who cares look where I'm looking see Steve Steve Steve he killed Steve no Hasankeyf who told you guys you'd be the last ones left oh he's right right up on the hill to the right it's right here what do we do right here he I think he sees us nuts oh nice teeth minutes inbound run to the right shooting over at you he knows you're running me just cuz he hurt me he knows he's gonna wait for us for the storm to push us out she have a bounce back yes we like the launchpad yes we need to watch out here bad can you switch free you built I need it nuts deal–but build it oh yeah we hit the ramp this way get in the circle throw the throw the fortress Zachary what what's that use that was fun I wish it was a water base though yeah water base for having clutch so they're kind of trying to shoot that guy there's too many there's too many villains they're everywhere I threw it down and I got stuck in the side you do yes you can yes you can dials hair green who thinks grandpoo should eyes are green maybe coming soon he said maybe he said maybe coming soon spy bids are the best you can't wait to see what's next Ethan nice to go by eath in case you're wondering my main man eath or are those by ether we haven't done a like spike yet if you haven't blasted the like button with your face do it now not only that white and we're doing a sub spy cuz it though can you do can you touch the like button with your nose it's a pretty easy challenge but something maybe you haven't done before ooh ooh drew let's fly over the bad guy till t tots Tildy tots LT tots we're doing bad guy note back i fly mode I'm ready whenever you are ok guys we've done this before we're flying into enemy territory and seeing how long we can lash like spike I like thanks Nazim come on grandpa you should have won that oops sorry I don't know back back and L the hell's yep yep old Elle's else am I just swoop in like this actually it's time to go beast mode use your port afford to open the bunkers yeah right oh no it's okay he's okay he's on the roof okay I'm going down the pawnshop double-barrel shotgun is all I have I'm gonna use it to my full advantage I do have an AR wants to get rekt okay I see this good luck that's all let's go this way to this house this way okay okay I also have the rift if you want to blast out immediately he's on the roof up there Oh nuts where is this guy he's gonna pay oh my god there's so many villains up it'll be here Oh who threw the piggy bomb me that was good are somebody gonna fly him and kill both of you I built a little ramp got one hit on her nerve very nerve oh here what take that boy out yeah boys yeah snipe if you need I have that slide Cynthia was down that I hit it with this light back another another butters another Nutter Butter I found yeah there's I see a chest down by the trees down there if you want to move like left ha ha yeah Oh who's that ok yes got her good job in the middle Shuler hey oh there's a bad guy he's going to Reviver we're in there where I shot her yeah hey yeah grenades coming in I got the kill so where is she yeah Oh we'll get shot Stan the man Stan the man I don't know from oh there he is where me dan I need help Oh mm oh no Stan ow how do you shoot me hurry come help dance Stan get up Stan just go get them we're coming goodbye come come on my building did you see them coming after me go in the back yeah dad downstairs shut the door guys get in here it's at the door huh who's that Timmy all right card you guard okay oh dude that's good I need ammo do you have a emmos yes give me some ammo when you're on what mo assault rifle medium bolts take it no you took it no I just gave it somebody else took it ah who needs health now I have a riff too if you don't help it is you either 200 bullets she get those give me like 50 75 bullets I get over here to give you bullets the person was nice and giving me a shield what are you doing she doing else out here no coming by the way don't worry I have a rift if you guys okay yeah where you going you jerk I'm getting some mass real quick real quick perfect perfect yeah I'm ready wait let me grab that nope whatever yeah boys well here why follow the arrow cuz look how far we have to go we survived enemy territories we're following Ben no way Ben see him alright find this ramp okay Japan get over here we're barely losing well there's a rift right here Oh perfect this right here hey jump in huh what are you doing you gotta get the rift hurry close thought that was close lot I don't know what happened I'll ramp ahead to the ramp are there villains I only have three mats okay let's find that base yeah water Basinger water base no way yes water base water base assemble I move to all of it to the right okay make sure you get mat season okay water base water base guys water base is actually happening leave the line for water base don't go anywhere as we will finish it yeah we can't fire by chance no keep going keep going steve is right in front of us oh you want to watch how about that not to phrase to you he's not that scary oh oh this guy's north the street cannot die water-base is inbound yet there's only one other teammate left Oh Nikes three hurry back down you have enough mats funny oh nice all right I'm gonna Acrobat man well over the last two guys last year the Boy Scouts and we love to have bottling because we eat french fries in the Sun we Blue Lake is a lot better now yeah I concur well we're gonna stay here for a while yeah I do Oh have a launchpad I have 4 launch pads I have bounced up here you can make it Shh she said he sees no can you make it Spence move Spence they might see us where do I go oh so here right here jump down I hit him Rosie Spence where is he he's up here get down get down here ah I'm gonna stuffing it down did you have a rocket launcher yeah I got it hey good let's get down whoops why are we getting down whoa it's the water base right so you just drop right there mr. Rabelais okay I'll grab it I'll grab it here where is it right here I'll do they're everywhere oh dude you got a run just run just forget me and go I'll keep an eye on spencey oh no I'm going down other guys to get me I see that guy again one clothes that was good that wasn't good at the water just attempt return to lobby guys this is getting intense I got scared that was good at tents why did I should use my grenade launcher just spread the roundel over there I keep getting like nervous during the battle yeah like when it comes to the end I'm like crap how do I switch one of those cult we're there in the weapons oh what's that section called you're special yeah how do you switch special items I'm like crap thinking too fast can't do it trying to farm the ground oh I signed up for the colonist Club at school what are the details of that Club you know that saying makes zero sense to this new generation yes we're – this is technically an enemy territory I'm all about enemy territory we did it last round an e-1 that we won whatever you guys say doesn't matter we won we won our team out of 50 people we won it's a bunch of donuts from somebody majestic Oreo thank you I want to go dance for them dance you know why 50 / 50 because we can do water bases oh so close we can still kind of do I don't see any villains living here so that boy with $1.99 thank you so far there's a chest has good things yep haha heavy shop that's cool oh yeah full health as well does this start not great Oh somebody will definitely was here yeah Randall no yep be prepared which house the superhero house to ramp up to it my eyes are out alpha gaming these are the $1 whoa Thanks where he is make sure that here you want it where is you I don't need big she okay okay yeah look at your Porter basin water basin okay time for the wall on her face yeah yeah yeah yeah you got whoa I almost got shot by the toilet paper blaster what does that mean you guys you just got headshotted by the toilet paper blaster ah this is a new way to fortnight guys you have to play well for mating oh there he is he's probably shoot down our base no he's not you might be coming running up to turn around he's gonna run up the ramp Hey whoa why we're gonna build another big face big mistake he did the bbbbb big mistake bill you know yeah we're a field they know up big big bass big big bass just in case that big big bass yeah see you guys see ya I'll see you at the water basin okay hopefully I can get there unscathed see villains do this tooling way up there why aren't you shooting him oh so mean you gotta get out here we got to get out of here I have an itch what do I do coming Hey okay and you promised perfect hmm run what am i running from captain I need assistance there's enemy user to me there's enemies gonna be a lot okay guard me coming guard me where are they I don't see any but by the big ramp that you were running up he was shooting at me there it is he's flying in he's by the house you were just that prepare for battle took down the shield let's move forward I know I'm healing she's worried about buzz buzz see buzz just standing there my buzz come on Buzz thanks for my quick thinking and quick building skills I survived was it with my feet big Aussie villain in the force north one between North deliver I'm going to fire it will mr. e thanks for watching fine I'm sorry yeah team is winning but the other thing can make you come back who is this Spence well it's a good guy there's a little base to the right Oh straight ahead bad guy you just parachute it in you're so funny you're not I want to match circle moving out moving forward and moving out correct hey guys welcome ah why I'm getting shot red light I am running I just got shot by somebody who's being a meanie I see I see mr. Feeny five people oh well there you go got another victory you can't stop us with the victories I think we're ready for a victory rebel victory suppose like alpha gave me an ace again for the dollar if I I'm sucked thanks kill uncle Spence is here brother Spence it's going very well you just got a picture there that's made me Andrew do not put that blanket on me here I don't want to get that thing away from me my guess is that the oh my Nicole would you call him my uncle Nicole I Nicole bye Nicole did you tell Justin about the hundred dollar donation did you $100 donation yeah seriously buzz you see does it buzz off buzzards Kevin put that blanket he's taking that money get back where it came from okay you ready they're on fire what's mine Golf Cart what do you say just watch the trip that I agree to hear you agree you just watched it just watch it for gaming sorry I only donate $2 not much hope it helps dude of course even thinking about that donating this awesome why doesn't for tonight tell us what the next season is going to be about I'm not into all these cliffhangers can they just say it's prehistoric there are the dirty areas and he had already play with the guy in a small Shack the clubhouse he's in the house sir you have knees or something no but I have a thing yeah we're getting so scared I put so much alert on my legendary p90 I'm going in they come turning after me I'm gonna get rat cuz you're acting like so Rufus are they there in that Clubhouse house still yeah let's say ran out you can eye on them buzz they might be coming after me I don't see him buzz where'd they go I say well just ran away we're scared Oh Marley why me where I have to go kill these guys by myself yes I shot him though took some damage down I see this been seized on the roof back here okay Oh Kevin fire fire fire just fire scared what do you damage the world Boppity Boppity bop yeah that was our first dual round so it's alright it's alright to be a little bitty whoa okay dude you got this guy's man Oh Matthew posted it it's the story everyone Matthew Doyle on Instagram yes [Applause] he just shot Nick ha hilarious Matthew Doyle on prayer how does that feel Nick Graham got rekt cramp ooh who's gotten rekt this whole day we shot them so many times yeah I see oh yes you're playing with the artifacts you get the information veena did what are you maniacs doing put a shaman he needs whoa blows OH what is a bank account where you don't worry Oh bye guys bye guys hey Google turn the lights on full % the thing is Google doesn't use like they don't care about those words hey Google volume up 25% hey Google play a song by Kevin MacLeod's there's two guys three guys alright here's Kevin MacLeod on Spotify four guys two teams can we get them all in here hey Google play the next song are we landing so they're never here to the left yes boys well I got a scar how okay let's take them out let's take them out are you saying those are chests in the garage you can –have yes oh he's right behind you a lot Wow full health kalgard yeah sure this applies back to base back to base we've golf car – yeah it's perfect give it shoot into golf cart now or just try to get these bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs up here where are the bugs don't know I just thought what are you five you saw hey Google stop I don't see anybody someone's been up there though somebody open a chest to you who's there ah oh where is it you're on here they're all appear to a webbing he's coming you shot me 60% health if you get him in there right I have 4% why is he dancing he almost got rekt he is uh just ah why did you do that I always sacrifice for the team that's the new rule no yes all right guys are we doing the us stay to the end of this round challenge starts now yep can you guys stay to the end of this round everybody that joins everybody that is joining now has to stay to the end to complete the challenge you don't get anything you just get a mental challenge accomplished today done no you get a special reply from grandpa it actually feels better in your mind if you accomplish more challenges throughout the a so this is another challenge for you guys big I did it was this goofy beam and here's the thing if at the end of the day your mom's like Jimmy what'd you do today if the only thing you say is I stayed a whole round of goo squad game that's still count you meet your boy – like wow and then chill I guess you an apple pie I guess spaghetti for the dance my grandpa would mad links see you tonight linkie linkie linkie slips easily slinkys we need to accomplish the mission at hand oh right I keep forgetting what the mission is because you always die and have to help mr. Potato Head hello people welcome make it nice and Modi's sponsor emojis it really they're basically bedbugs okay no way it's you guys are you serious he got the gun jump down he's coming down go go go he's got a shotgun okay we just want to complete the American see that one was your fault because you didn't get the gun before I'm sorry every time people land above you it's like impossible to win though okay in our mind there's no excuses guess the video excuse me mrs. cookie mean they just wanted to apologize for my behavior in class last week I just want to say you're sorry for the painting Billy in the middle of this presentation Wow did you like just watch that or adiabat memorized mrs. CUFI beam that's our wrong teacher prank well put that explosive down guys just saying something's gonna happen if we complete our challenge but you're not gonna want to miss get out of here that was way too easy but challenge me you guys man yeah most of you have completed that challenge now try this new challenge pppp pppp pppp pppp pppp yes for the Lynx I lovely lazy linked lazy links is the links for me because sausage links sausage links without dying right away lazy leagues lay easy leaks everybody knows I'm lazy leet it is my go-to Winx see there's two guys behind you yeah yep yeah he's a dweeb thanks I'm a Tribbiani you're not must be going out of my mind nervous he was here please yes hello get in here always sacrifice for this always sacrifice from the team that's what I was doing remember me okay always sacrifice for the team and remember that's what you do to scare him if you start shooting okay look at these guys teammates go like they just don't care about their teammates what hey you I was trying to get in here do they get that Chester over there probably that's where he's coming from Fenn I think we did it we're getting so many skill points seven what you doing alright finally the people challenge well the challenge isn't completed we need to get the visa right step one complete me or you to hold minis I call minis oh he wants no wait ah but me one deal any of that but me wants from you wants yep all right we're 50 is in the garage since I have scab you drive okay Roger that's command dad all right here we go boys we're going to loot Lake we're gonna see you in a site with a golf cart whoa Nelly points porta fortress build a ramp where now watch really but there is yes we're getting somebody up there coming down did you have any went to the house here we go Marv Oh No okay right here right here okay now that is how you invade an enemy base right Oh boys who's home who's there that'd be so hard to get his stuff though Jeff or that thing there what thing I'll be build yeah all right Matt's honey Matthew got none Mike's back to the car your storms coming guys Oh where's the car I think it fell off it's like bounce around Oh No just bounce that was smart but not too smart the golf cart go okay we have we're going so fast Harry look in the tree in the treaty house for it look at me alright alright see you buddy whoa Harry I need to find more ammo yeah I also have a rift I'll see somebody in favor they're both dropping down to 40 so what are you saying no they're coming towards us I think these Tommy allegedly they're battling legendary box come on if you move in we can get sloppy seconds okay you're way too far away you're doing Dan up here if you have 370 something I'm going all the way up there is that storm is right next to you know see mo is just like right here you guys know if you want to storm they're gonna attract keep building tractor crap guys come riff me okay come meet me over here I'm coming captain captain don't worry watch don't date – what yeah saved by the epicness oh my dude go on this base yeah if you buddy I'm kind of low on health though keep that in mind don't see anybody that's not when the circle is it that is okay I see some loot down there perfect no I'm gonna pop here be careful be careful what's that sound Little Chute Minnie shields down here I need some assault rifle why me are they over here yes good i have max wood – oh I have some assault rifle ammo okay please sir let's give you much appreciated Mac now let's stay it's down there he's doing this right all right there under South up here the city he is a building master he must be a PC player look at him he's like building insane his base is falling down though yeah like oh you do have a grenade launcher take that boy out removing field Andrew coming okay prepare for battle yeah 30 seconds told me I think he's in down there healing ready yeah okay moving in show you fire wait you need a la grenade launcher first okay ready careful careful lot heat set you traps in here no cheater that guy is such a cheater dude doing that my friend dude these guys are pros they're building up like me you can't play with these sort of players Jeffrey's in there that's the guy who killed me Wow get him get him boys aah oh goodness guys it's just up to Andrew I told you those pros are no good for me man they've never heard of high ground how are you so talented no let's go the shotgun use that move there's five people so that means there's at least two teams you have two full teams or some individuals I don't know I have seven bullets gonna start yes give it buff if you would have seen when I was dealing with I found him in the roof and he was kept building but I destroyed it got in there kept shooting and then he immediately puts two traps down and closes me in yeah what do you what you think I should do just stay here because I'm in the circle right now you could build your own home they need to see it and get scared immediately saying like whoa should we attack them what do I do you stay in it until they get close and fire at will yeah are they up on the house over there all right he's possible on the roof but they're gonna happen yeah they're gonna have to leave ah you silly goose Oh guys what's gonna happen what's gonna happen he just landed at the house right in there okay so you have notice of two of them at least I think there's anyone like to my sides which is nice much bigger of a home can you build I just don't use all my mats I'm just to impress people you know but I'm pressing this scares the daylights out of my seal I seen him three more Pro builders he's up there Scott oh if you just stood there for a second I could light him up even though it has a hitmarker yeah you're gonna see some cowboy hat sticking out Parker ready to go in my house stop you know pee supplies don't get distracted I just mean perfect we just left the almonds using riff tees he's gonna land on you and shopping you in the head oh he's there no one's died since you died big base guys these guys old earnest these guys are serious I'm not kidding in their battle this is good this is good let the battle commit Isis wait for the storm to go yeah I'm let them all destroy each other no do not engage you're not just telling me that just I can't kill people with this I do it all the time okay see three people your dreams don't count though that's not a dream three four that means there's two other people unaccounted for I just Mike luckily the storm moves at a very odd pace he's gonna hide in that home till they all tell each other don't move blast if you don't move I blast did he see me no report did he see coming missiles in five four missiles stay there cuz I won the next storm Coast you go that way go to near the back okay okay one two three oh man they're distracted you sure art like I down there so you can go oh they built so I shoot them he's just healing guys rats Spencer's going in well those guys are teammates and there's one other person I think he's down in there what the 90-second moves no I'm getting nervous there's three other guys besides you he knock you gave him second that's great came in second but I had a good opportunity for first Oh break it all down I didn't I didn't have any grenades or anything if only that guy did do a ton of damage on me wait watch this replay somehow he knew I was there so if he didn't do all that damage with one shot I could've got the other guy know where he was oh I've never been noticing her livestream well welcome Milani good job GG sneaky if you broke it out down you would have won there are so much that mace was so big I didn't have grenades no plungers hey I woulda had to eat a shoot or sneak in and use my axe they probably would have built something anyway if there was like one point where it's like holding on by a thread then that would make sense let's go with a classic this has been the place where we love this is where dreams have been made where careers have been born many victories have been established please guys what Colton how do you thank the bus driver pushed it down there oh pretty me just tuned into the stream you guys are the best Thanks I'll miss ya we call this the Trap House that's where we're going right now no way can we get a trap it's a trap house because it's a trap we sister traffic traps everywhere and you yell that the whole round you remember when you just write bad just one the classic format these please chest this house you that has like created or like your chest in the dark somebody the building here so much Billy Oh nut don't lie I'm dropping okay where are you I mean get inside come on where are you yeah where is he keeps Billy Oh see some building you in here mark I'm in here but I didn't Omar inside Rogers blood geez we're scared wish to test us in our house throw out all the windows finish orange roof right here drop in but all somebody's got shot I need the band-aids though me too there's only one band-aid what the he's got a shotgun he's right on me in the name but there's no way glitch factory dance really Sansa Oh glitch the glitch brigade it was in full effect I hate when we burst glitch brigade son I switched so fast are you kidding me Marv I know Marv uh dude where was he he was like ah drop in fair that's not fair built a cool home that he'd invaded it that was the trap house we got trapped we didn't have any traps otherwise we would have killed him yeah but guys this was fun as always thanks for tuning in today and we did upload amor de souza go check that out and we filmed the funny video today we're going to upload tomorrow so make sure to subscribe just remember that can't watch this okay goo squad out whoa that was cool yep that was if I

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