The FREE John Wick Rewards in Fortnite! | 2 Skins, Umbrella, Wrap!

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Fortnite Free John Wick Rewards – 2 Skins, Umbrella, a Wrap, and a Backbling are included in this event!

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hey what's up guys camford brusha here welcome back everybody to another fortnight video this will be the second of the day so if you missed my previous video I went over all the changes in the brand new 9.0 one update and my god there are some good ones so make sure to check that one out this one's gonna be talking about mainly all the new free items that everybody has access to with the new John wick LTM plus a couple leaks that are just related to fortnight in general if you're new to the channel or just have not already make sure to subscribe right now helps me out tremendously there's around 40% of you watching these videos that that watch them all the time but do not subscribe totally understand I'd do the same thing with a lot of people I watch but it does go a long way so does hitting that like button touching that like button I should say don't don't want to go off my brand there the touch the like button thing I've been saying that people like some people like it so people hate it I saw one comment yes I only hate this rush guy because he says touch the like button and I was like damn that's that's it hey that was the thing that turned you against me but either way I'm still sticking with it alright let's start with let's start with this this is the news post right now coming soon tik-tok mr. wick and it's a photo of that Continental Hotel logo this is the hotel at-at neo tilted I believe it's a hotel in the in the movies as well again I've only seen John wick – it was a great movie but I'm not crazy familiar with the series apparently John wick three's got some crazy reviews though already like really good reviews so I'm gonna have to check it out for tonight also tweeted this yeah a guy a dog a pencil and some cash obviously relating to John wick but I don't fully know what it means because I don't know the movies too well so if you know these movies right now in the comments section what does this mean fortnight tweeted this earlier today again I don't the John wick event should be starting either tonight or tomorrow we don't have an announcement from the time of me recording this video but expected anytime I mean it could be out in an hour for all I know but by the time you're watching this but it doesn't really matter I'm still gonna show you everything you need to know about this the DLT the free items how to get them and so on so first off is the LTM here's the description stay alive and collect gold tokens by eliminating the other bounty hunters the first team to reach the required token count wins but be careful how far ahead you get token leaders are marked on the map for all to see the high table is open a new contract you're tough but not unstoppable if you are eliminated three times you're out for good so this sounds like a fun game mode I gotta be honest you guys know I mean I think this video is team Rumble I'm not too sure one of my videos today as a team Rumble game in it and that's where I go when I'm just getting too ticked off at the normal mode and which is happening a little bit more recently cuz this metis just killing me I'm adopted I'm getting better I'm slowly but surely getting better but yeah so this view was I'm definitely gonna play this and you'll see some some gameplay in tomorrow's video I'm sure of this but yeah it looks like you want to kill people gets your token count up and you have three lives so there's never been a game mode that I know of where you have more than one life but not unlimited lives right so that's something new I'm actually I love when the LTM is actually a fun LTM for for casual players for people who play a lot I I think it's it's impressive when they can pull that off floor is lava I think is one of those game modes and there's been a few others as well the avengers one was a good one now let's talk about all the stuff that was leaked last night first off there is a new john wet wick set that's coming to fortnight this one will not be free you'll have to buy this one but we a lot of people said there there's no John wick skin coming even a lot of the leakers were saying but I mean I they had to do it why wouldn't there giving us some free items right and we'll talk about those in a second but why not capitalize on the opportunity to sell a skin that a lot of people are gonna buy and again if you could if you could use code the camp and rusher if you're purchasing this skin when you purchase the skin and send me a tweet Instagram YouTube will probably do a giveaway just for people purchasing this skin with my code i i'd love a giveaway here on Twitter on Instagram and then on YouTube in the comments of this video as well but will include that next video Kay will do a combination and you'll be given a skin of your choice so let me know but yeah and then the the back bling comes with it there the gold token back bling and apparently it's a reference to the currency used by members of the Continental Hotel in the films and of course keep in mind John wick three releases on May 15th in the UK and various dates this week around the world we should be seeing the event happening really soon like it could be out by the time you're watching this video obviously you probably know that so just double check if not today probably tomorrow not only is that skiing up for sale that skin comes with the back bling but also with a editable or unlockable style second style which includes him with blood on his face and bruises so not only we get one skin we get a free skin along with that if you count that as free if you purchase that first one so I like this I mean this is official of course there is the the John whack or John whack John wick from the battle paths in season 3 season 4 I kind of forget a while ago but this one's official different suit on different style and I got I'll definitely be picking it up there's no way I won't be on top of that there is the challenges which we have already talked about but I'll remind you here win a match of wicks bounty play matches collect coins collect coins in a single match deal damage with the combat shotgun deal damage of tactical AR again we've already talked about these two weapons being related to weapons used in the film that's why they look the way they do and through those challenges that's how you're going to unlock a special wrap and a glider so those are your two official three items and that will come with just win a match of wicks bounty that's the umbrella and again this is apparently is the first umbrella that that you can unlock outside of just winning a match right there's always that that winning umbrella it's the umbrella I'm using in this video that's season 9 but this one's apparently going to be just a strict umbrella we think and and then you just play matches of Wix bounty to unlock the the special rap so that's how you get your to free items now other than that there's still one more there is a new female John wick skin coming as well so they're not even stopping with just the one male and it's it's Sophia that's the it's the new Sophia outfit and here is what it looks like minus the head so the body there is the is the actual skin but the head was just placed here as a placeholder just so it's not a headless skin so take look from down here and down and that's that's the new female skin that you're looking at so this will probably be a completely different set with different possibly a different back bling but yeah it's hard to say if it's a good-looking skin or not right now because we just don't have the real the real head for the top of it but let me know you think you're gonna end up buying both these skins just one of them yeah it'll be hard to tell until we we see the official reveal but finally here from fire monkey that's basically all the John wick LTM events everything like that but finally we got a new character leaked completely separate added in 9.01 it's a file for dog yes this is the first time the name dog is has ever been referenced to but what can I get out of it gender male code dogus it has a head so that's all that's all we know that's all we know and people people are saying maybe it's a a pet back playing a pet that relates to John wick because John wick has a dog but this could just be a separate skin that's encrypted for this week but until we know more I will let you I will let you know once I once we do know more that's all I got for you today ladies and gentleman if you enjoyed if you're excited make sure to touch that like button subscribe to the channel if you haven't already and leave a comment what do you what do you do what's your goal you can unlock all the free stuff and are you gonna purchase one of these John wick scans male or female or both let me know down below other than that take care enjoy the rest of the gameplay talk soon goodbye 39

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0 thoughts on “The FREE John Wick Rewards in Fortnite! | 2 Skins, Umbrella, Wrap!”

  1. I want this comment to get noticed. Why re they releaseing the jhon wick skin I know it not the OG one but still I think the people that own jhon wick should get this as a style. Because I think everyone is going to mistake the new wick with the old one. As epic said “seasonal skin will stay seasonal” wick is seasonal. Why not realease the black knight

  2. The guy is jhon wick, the dog is because it was his pet and the bad guys killed the dog, the pencil is because he once killed 3 guys with a pencil, and the cash because he is a mercenary

  3. Hey rush remember when the ‘reaper’ challenges came in season 3 (the skin that looked like John wick) there was a pickaxe, trusty no. 1 or something and it had a pencil sticking out of it, John wick once killed a guy using a pencil and that pencil would hit whatever you would farm. As a challenge we were supposed to do 100 damage with a pickaxe. The pencil would be what killed who ever u hit, and it was somewhat an Easter egg, but I don’t think any one has still figured this out
    Like so rusher can see this pls

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