The ULTIMATE Fortnite Season 9 Quiz! (Fortnite Creative Mode Trivia)

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The ULTIMATE Fortnite Season 9 Quiz! (Fortnite Creative Mode Trivia)

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hey what's going on everybody to meet their nose I just wanted to give it you chat out to Kenworth for hitting for in the case of all of you guys who have subscribed to my freakin awesome and I'm officially part of the fish game so like this video for my boy Kenworth and a mouth ladies and gentlemen welcome back to a brand new video today we have fortnight season 9 quiz by mr. Harry himself let's show the details how long do you know fortnight take part in this fortnight season 9 quiz alright so we're gonna see if we can pass a fortnight season quiz it just came out I think we should be able to do pretty good but then again I am kind of a bot so we'll just have to see how it goes well welcome to fortnight season I in trivia okay so is it a quiz or is a tribute or is it a trivia quiz if you're an OG you should know them all okay well you don't really have to be an OG for season 9 because season mine it just came out alright rules leave a like that's right you guys read them's the rules you gotta leave a like on the video dang dude I can't even believe that and have fun you guys gonna have fun we're watching the video man alright let's do this which item hasn't been bolted before I'm guessing this is level one I don't know how many stages are but we know grenades have been vaulted and this season I'm pretty sure the scoped revolver has been vaulted this season which item hasn't been vaulted before I'm pretty sure that one that has been involved in a zp9 tak the compact SMG so we're just gonna try to go it oh okay we're good tip lavas high oh my god there's parkour okay I wasn't expecting this wish me luck this is not a good sign guys I think we got the question right I'm guessing since we didn't die right away the questions right I'm guessing or maybe this parkour is here because I got it wrong yes okay hint wait a sec okay okay that was a really long second I think the hit was so my speed went away but okay I mean this probably would have been easier with the speed right maybe not it might have been harder okay please don't kill me please tell me I got this right hey that's right compact SMG is one of seven one of seven that haven't been vaulted weapons that have never been faulted Wow okay which name location' still exists from season one Pleasant Parker's in season one right tell the tower's doesn't exist retail doesn't exist it has to be pleasant part let's go y'all this quiz is too easy my brains too big I got a lot of stuff going on up here you know what I mean sacrifice the trolley okay wait dad they don't work stop trolley abuse can I just bait these I don't think I need to sacrifice it do I I got sacrificed okay okay oh it's pretty simple hashtag stop troll you told me to what do you mean okay yep that's right they removed all my favorite places home I'm sorry to hear that man and kept Pleasant Park yo Pleasant Park is a great place what do you mean sad face let the parts really great how long has fortnight Battle Royale been out for Matt made on May 9th oh is this just like a random fact I don't really know okay how long has fortnight Battle Royale been out oh this is all guessing guys I have no idea I don't I'm gonna say it's not 470 I want to go with 520 I'm just gonna pick in-between because I literally have no idea test oh my god are we gonna make this congratulations wait on failure no we got it wrong I can make it back though no I can't I really can't make it back can i no I got it no all right well then you know what I'm gonna go with five hundred and ninety days cuz this is probably not the right answer but it feels like it could be okay okay I don't think we're gonna make that top one up there but we can jump yes yeah yeah yeah yep easy-peasy congratulations yep September 26 release date yeah I mean I literally had no idea just under two years okay perfect what passed point of interest was closest to sunny steps sunny steps I'm gonna go with wailing it's because I don't take tomato town as it and our key acres I don't think is it either although anarchie acres could could have been it it's either I think it's either wailing once or anarchy acres I'm gonna go with wailing woods hopefully this is right take the Flint okay the fact that this looks so easy makes me think that I got it wrong oh no it says congratulations no that means I got it wrong wait well I got it right let's go that's right sunny steps is near enough to the same spot as wailing woods okay I knew it was closer when the woods but I wasn't for sure what item got vaulted in season nine this is the saddest one man this is the saddest one guys in the audio pod man all right I know that's a hundred percent right tip lavas hot wait I wasn't even ready it just yo I wasn't even ready man what happened oh my gosh I feel like that just had a mind of its own how did that just happen okay there we go boom and bought a big bada boom congratulations I know that one's right so we didn't have to worry about it yeah that's right the pump shotgun got vaulted and replaced with the combat shotgun how do you guys feel about that by the way comment down below if you guys prefer the pump shotgun or the combat shotgun I've only played a little bit of battle royale probably like three or four hours and I don't really like the combat shotgun that much I feel like it's really inconsistent but I know they did patch it because it was really broken what is the last skin in the season nine battle past called oh that is a vendetta I am too smart for this quiz take one and get climbing all right you got it boss easy baby let's go the other skins were level 71 and 87 oh wait battle pass law was like wait what oh so confuse my brain I didn't know what's going on there what new locations got added to season 9 pressure park timeless tilted or mega mall it's mega oh wait monk ass oh no fall damage hey mega mall aka retail row that's right baby this alright guys you guys have to hit me up with a harder quiz this is too easy it's too easy how many we only got one question wrong and that was the hard one that was a daze one like who I could've probably no I couldn't have I was probably gonna get that one wrong but we're just gonna yeah we're just oh okay what patch name location from season one is closest to happy Hamlet what past name location from season one oh happy Hamlet is all the way out there we're flush factory would have been so I'm going with flush Factory I think that's right hop and you got it boss okay bouncy bouncy hey is it just like billiards puzzle run if you guys miss that video go check it out congratulations yep thank you very much I appreciate that I hope you're having fun oh I am only two questions left leave a like if you want more trivia maps Oh deep yeah we need more trivia but listen buddy they gotta be a little bit harder you're hitting me with these easy after easy after easy you know what I'm saying come on now come on now Brett I'm just kidding I feel bad does that mean that's not mean right this is well this is pretty easy quiz I mean if you're if you are current fortnight player I feel like only want it like the only question that any of us should have got wrong is the one about the dates because that one was a little a little hard like you had to do math and stuff and you know okay which item has survived from season 1 to season 9 ladies and gentlemen let me tell you about the easiest answer of all time and that is this one right here the assault riffle assault riffle all right come on did I make it holy crap I made it Wow congratulations thank you very much I appreciate that the other two works in the game from season one that's right sand on the X and rift okay all right well what's this level we're way up here now it's cool right yeah it was pretty freakin cool anyway last question sad face show hey Matt cater don't be don't be sad man this is a cool quiz I like it bro what is the latest consumable item added in the game what is the latest consumable item added in the game ladies and gentlemen we have passed the quiz with only one wrong answer because guess what it was the shadow bomb baby and we got two easy impulse grenades and bought a big bottle bull that's a trick question that is a trick question and I cannot be held liable for getting that wrong because the grenade technically was the last consumable added but it has been in the game way before the shadow bomb so it did I guess you know it dig it the grenade being reacted does that's not fair that was a trick question the shadow bomb was the newest consumable added item and that is a troll grenade just kind of Alton that is a troll the Matt crater knows it I know it and you guys know it that's it does that count that that probably counts that is so sad man oh my gosh but ladies and gentlemen that is gonna wrap up the fort night season 9 trivia quiz let me know if you guys want to see me do more quizzes comment down below let me know if you guys did enjoy this video drop a like and yeah congratulations hope you had fun and enjoyed I did Harry thank you so much for the map guys let me know what you guys thought about this map down below was it too easy I think it might have been a little bit too easy but guys hope we enjoyed I'll see you thanks for watching peace out man

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