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This is what will end Fortnite. Black Ops 4 is going to be a great game and will dominate Fortnite.

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hello click commanders and welcome to the video my name is my last video was it's official Call of Duty is dead black ops 4 won't save it and I made the video when put out there and how I think that perhaps maybe it's too late people aren't playing call duty anymore this fortnight battle Royales pub G and how it's an amazing game amazing genre everyone's loving it there are three suits do I know scope and everybody out there running the Twin Towers and laying waste to everybody else they're like their name was ninja and then a dawn on me that hey I'm a thoughts and sometimes I'm a retard Call of Duty World War two sold more copies than almost every other game in the history call duty its top three modern warfare 3 and some other game I don't know because I don't really give a fuck sold more copies than it did because such ever games is retarded the game itself watch she wasn't that great the height for boots on the ground and returning the Call of Duty World War Two all-inclusive black female Nazis ooh sorry people with political differences zombies we can't say we can't say that word and YouTube anymore otherwise we're gonna get the big d monetize so no people with litical differences zombies but the actual game itself sucked well for a lot of people some of you are like in the comments section for the craze called Rudy's ever I love it all the guns are balanced it's an amazing game but then I was thinking myself more I thought hey black ops 3 did amazingly well it was jet packs and people were not excited about jet packs whatsoever and a lot of communities what do you want to play the game because of jet packs but that game sold a ton I mean it's sold so much only big problem they have was which I do have faith in and they showed that Infinity Ward and also sledgehammer games can do it better with supply drops or Salvage or whatnot I'm pretty sure that Church because the backlash they had they messed up the DLC guns and pay2win and all the goddamn guns in there that actually were better than any games in the core game so I do have faith that they're not going to do that twice but besides that main complaint the game itself wasn't a maze game people loved it and had a great longevity it lasts almost over two or three years now when infinite warfare was out people are still doing blackops arena was still getting a lot of views but black ops 4 or whatever's gonna be called in pretty sure it's black ops 4 that's the word on the street that I'm here and I think because of boots on the ground and Treyarch will do amazingly well and this battle royale and Fort 9 and player unknown battlegrounds and all this stuff will slowly start to die away because at the end of day it's sort of the same game over and over again sure you can add more skins you can make it a bit different pup jeez a little more military a little more tactical you got vehicles the maps are bigger fortnight is a little more cartoon a little more arcadey a little faster paced but I do believe these games will start to die out slowly and start to become less and less popular because they actually do become a bit boring after a while it's the same thing over and over again there is no real grind Call of Duty has more of a grind you have the levels you have the attachments you have the guns you got perks you got prestige and therefore it has more replayability but fortnight and other games like this they're just super hot right now also do the fact that Call of Duty is such a crap game or rather Call of Duty World War 2 it's such a bad game for the most part that now if this was a perfect time for these kind of games that come in and take players from who aren't playing Call of Duty World War 2 another thing you want also keep in mind is that fortnight is a free-to-play game yes it has to be a good game to keep people playing it but imagine if Call of Duty was free-to-play sure Call of Duty World War 2 isn't the best game in the world now if that game was free everybody in their grandma would be out there playing call of duty and because it's free-to-play no one really have that many expectations that high expectation for it because it's free to play and another knock in the category for fortnight is that a huge majority of Call of Duty youtubers have moved over and started doing fortnight and with that they've brought their cancer style YouTube commentary upload clickbait horseshit dddd dddd dddd and doing what they did with the call of duty community on YouTube in the game itself to fortnight and what is happening on YouTube you check YouTube now the clickbait is out of control because honestly the player base for fortnight may be my age maybe younger but a huge order people to aim for tonight are dumb kids and these predatorial who call of duty youtubers have now moved over to even a younger John rrah on fortnight because there's definitely more young people playing for tonight than the young people playing call of duty and it's funny how fortnight is becoming more and more like Call of Duty score based matchmaking is a hundred and ten percent implemented into fortnight if you go play little kids account who's got one thumb and sixteen index fingers and play on his account on PC or console man it is easy mode if you want to see this it for yourself create a new account and go play and you'll see the lobby just filled with no name no battle past purchasing no emotes no skins just a bunch of noobs to the game play and you will do amazingly well and winning a game on those accounts is like winning a participation ribbon at one of those track events and you're a kid you know that big fat kid comes dead last was like the pro kid $5.00 shoes his mum got a paler shoes and his craps all dirty little sweat pants shorts are like really small he has like that shirt that sort of rides up in his stomach like this and his gut hanging out and his give him like the blue participation ribbon to make him feel good so his self-esteem doesn't plummet any worse than it already has like don't get me wrong fortnight and pub G and battle Royales in general are awesome gains but I mean I guess I could be wrong I could be right I was right about Cod World War two and how it was gonna come up the gates flying and selling millions and zillions of copies by the end of day you sledgehammer games is not very good and the game itself is not gonna last because they don't know what they're doing and look what happened I'm right but I think I was wrong when I said in my last feel that caught is dead black oz4 won't save it black op sports don't get me wrong won't save it but it will do amazingly well that's my opinion I mean Treyarch is a great developer it's the best one we got going out here of the trifecta of the teams and boots on the ground black ops 4 is apparently being set in modern days so it will be amazing game I'm pretty much sure it'll be a great Call of Duty I think they're gonna get the loot crate's or whatever supply drops or DLC guns under control and not make it so bad like there wasn't black ops 3 at least I'm hoping and also there's a speculation as well that Call of Duty will have its own battle royale so I hope you guys enjoyed the video I do think I was kind of wrong premature I haven't and you get old you know I mean you're young as well you get premature exciting things happen you know what people get disappointed so don't be premature boys that's a lesson of this video make sure that you please the women you're with or man and not trying to assume the sexuality that you open can't say that as well not trying to assume but most importantly guys and the biggest message that always comes from on my videos is last but not least you all stay black and do it the honky cracker reptilian shapeshifters building the moonbase heart they're spraying chemtrails not a little as an inside job just Google tower 7 throw up a Bohemian Grove worshiping owls the earth is flat the moon landing was faked Alex Jones Felix the floors are the frogs game at the Jordans build James sucks white man make sure to subscribe if you enjoyed the video as well bring it down number

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  1. Coming from a Battle Royale style gamer, You are absolutely right. After playing fortnite or PuBG for 10+ hours a day, it really does start to get boring. But it's the rush that gets people hooked. The adrenaline get's pumping when you go down to that clutch 1v1.

  2. Fornite also has battle pass to grind so what are you talking about also there save the world which will also be free later in the summer or winter so don't see it dying it out

  3. The zaptron was real I used it, it only dropped from supply drops and was in the game for like 3 days during the time you had to pay to play FNBR in it's first 2 week release.

  4. lmao. If you think I would buy another COD and stop playing FortNite that is just insane. 20million people will buy a copy of the game and in two months it will look like this WWII. Tumble weeds will be blowing across the tiny cramped maps. COD is trash and can not be fixed. It's so bad that the crybabies that ruined it in the first place don't even like it anymore.

  5. Fortnite maybe free to play it's a terrible game because you campers and there's no response yeah so I'm telling people don't play fortnite play Call of Duty World War 2 or play OverWatch or battleborn but don't play fortnite it maybe 3 free to play but it's a terrible game

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