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We’re racing some of the cheapest cars available on Forza Horizon 4, an i have issues with a lack of top speed.

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hello and welcome it's who they show we are here on Forza horizon of four with another team adventure today all about the budget cars has a relative budget cars at Horizon four terms at least the base vehicle that we are using for this het to cost less than thirty thousand credits while the upgrades were not being counted in this four for the price the base car you had to be one of the cheaper vehicles from the game I am using something a little bit different i'm using the o7 civic the simple reason being is during a lucky dip race on a stream at one point I was given one of these civics and it actually was pretty damn good so I thought I'd have a go at building one myself and seeing how it goes I'm kind of hoping for the best no the Land Rover I'm expecting to be very fast here expecting the Land Rover to like it out here my Civic is still front-wheel drive does have some granny tires on it so it will have some pretty good grip on the dirt we've seen from all drives can still be very competitive we've seen how unbelievably fast my Mugen ease my Mugen I think would be technically allowed in this the tendons have run them you can because it's just too okay I like where they gonna tell that Sunbeam as well and I could have used that these are getting a very good car but I fancied having a go with the Civic wise I try to make the Civic work for your see if the Civic would work it's a little bit of a busy person this is probably not gonna be the track that will most work before the civic price we are not having a good round for a red team there in the slightest is very very hectic at this little section though the Land Rover can get free of all the pesky squabbling little cars it can probably go and chase down a surprisingly fast Anglia line through that sector yeah that seriously rapid Anglia up at the front there can we find a way past the mini yet mean he's gonna run out a grip through all of that so we've got golf we've got an escort to try and beat that the Mustang is on I think I might be a little faster than the Mustang if I can just get clear of it but be careful of one of the dips down here that will roll your car if you are not careful and the other thing they have of course with my vehicle at the power of almighty noise because Honda's are the noisiest cars in existence when it comes to horizon for we are just not getting enough points further back I think one of our cars and they have missed a checkpoint possibly which does happen sadly on these sort of circuits oh no we are just bad guys the angular is being caught now I don't expect very very quick initial takeoff speed is now being being caught by the much more sensible and much generally better vehicles the escort ahead seems very fast down the straights but is not so good and when it gets to vite turns so we can reel that back in it might not well I say might not be on rally tires yes could be could be the case and just be very very fast when it does get to the tarmac are there's some bravery from the Volkswagen battling side by side with that Land Rover the Anglia's slipped to third now this might be a chance for me to score some points really we're probably gonna need a 1/2 for us over on on red team here we've had a disconnection on our team as well it's not gonna help us in this first round that's for sure yeah we are not gonna be able to I was back in unfortunately the points gap especially not when we've got when they've got two three five and six and well well no it was five it's now Paul cuz the escorts got more straight-line speed than me I mean to be but we are gradually getting further and further clear of it every lap so we will hopefully be able to overtake it earlier in these in this section now they know the other foursome again every type of speed cart doesn't work so I go back to a more normal system of building and then I get stuck in this sort of a battle where you all held up by the savage or something held up by the savage we've got stuck behind the savage speed car I'm just not good at but I can't ever build a power car that's decent on horizon I'm much better off building handling girls I can build compared to handling cars and sometimes some of those happen to have a bit of speed the Mugen for example is why things like them fast this is going really badly for us the only good news is the Fords have actually now screwed things over for each other that does help me out and we've got ass the other one of our oh seven civics is going to join in the fun and games here it might be a little a bit too little too late here can I find a sneaky way passed somewhere I don't know not there for not quite working for me out of that out of that section you might have to be happy brave around here although I'm drivers got in trouble somewhere and it's lipst a second the golf is now clear of us and well but we have kind of closed in a little bit in terms of points about a better end to this race but it is not gonna be enough hmm okay we kind of needed it well we would neither the Land Rover win and we really needed me at least in third if we were going to be able to do it and the answer is not quite I like the Civic decent car to drive good gotta drive said not sure this is it's perfect terrain I guess we will find out when we tackle some other places but red team we are going to be needing some some some wins so our next race we head to the Bambaataa Coast circuits I'm hoping my Civic will be huge I don't know if it will be we are starting all I've got there 207 civics up towards the front which is nice we're out in the the the Civic the Oh sippin Civic team and blue have got a couple of the mark-1 kolff's it's just the one – you know what cars people had when the teams were set up is just the way that it pans out sometimes now we are not the best starting of cars naturally being front-wheel drive the anglia is quick learn I guess he very quick off the line the legacy I presume must be on street tires or something along those lines you would expect all wheel drive monster to be fast on the toms scramble and if it wasn't it would suggest it's not on rally ties which will work for three out of the five races that we do but the rest of it perhaps not quite so much though will probably very quick down the straights the O War civic is not on any sort of off-roading stuff again so we've got fast straight-line speed cars coming now we can past on the outside here oh I've got car no I didn't get carted past the inside on the Check Point thankfully oh we're gonna do that horrible horrible day aren't we we're gonna have that god-awful day of sat behind cars that out drag me everywhere and then get held up in the cornice oh I don't think my civic is working as well as I'd like it to go on legacy go do your thing go to your business longbows Land Rover I would exert maybe all that Anglia doesn't have fun to drive Anglia looks like a bit of a death trap the Gulf has managed to fit through a gap somewhere there I don't wanna be on the curves that curve doesn't mean things gulps got a lot of grip and still a decent amount of straight-line speed going on which is quite impressive we can get away with a little like a bubble across the grass this is very very close in terms of points here this is very very close in terms of points now if I can beat get past Dave here that would be nice for some points at longbow could move up as well get any points that would also be helpful Leo I think that thing is too fast down the straights for us to catch we'll catch it in these turds but it will annihilate us in the straight I think maybe we'll see I'll see how things go against the against the Gulf I think I go off at the front it may mr. checkpoint to have ended up back behind all of us I might missed it missing a checkpoint at some point along they along the way now yeah you can carry plenty of speed in the Civic through there when you get it right when you've not got cuz battling two and three wide through all of that I think annoyingly around the lap we will catch up here will maybe even be on the tail of the Ford so we are very close as we leave this section but we won't be ahead of it oh it's gonna be another frustrating right SEC fear boy our civic how are we doing further back okay well the good news is we've got longbows Land Rover first row – I just don't know what to write they're driving a car still scoring some solid points our legacy isn't really working although I say that it's still getting us 300 points that it can stay there so that would be something I've butchered up that final corner Leo's playing in the weeds again the golf is gonna get to the inside but I don't think it can do I don't think it can do anything although I could be wrong we'll see in whichever way this goes we still have enough points currently I don't want to really push our luck if I can help it so yeah we do have a slight bit better top speed and I have to be that was not easy it's not easy until there was a few millimeters in coming across the front of that Cup I kind of had to turn in and a hope that the golf wasn't gonna be breaking that much later Leo's really having trouble with that s score that does not look really that fun to drive around here but it's very quick down the Straits again so this will bugger off now well the little gap back to the Volkswagen I mean we're kind of keeping a bit of status quo going on around here from the top five really is my fourth place that's the most under threat unless Leo makes any sort of big mistakes in these final stages because even if I get a good run here it won't matter sir don't try I don't have a hit the forward and give it any help out the corners but it's just too quick it's going and going and running away that's gonna might be very slowly catching the leader can't afford to lose that if our team is gonna win this particular adventure might actually say that it's too much through there I was really nervous about missing a checkpoint by mister checkpoint now we will be done for we cannot afford to have our cars anyone really on red team miss a checkpoint you see we're gonna be very very close to that Ford here and the Ford gets a big slide through there throws it across the grass we are past but foolish got so much the horse actually on the dirt of his out accelerating the Civic but be really careful that I don't now lose out to Volkswagen points wise we are actually better off than we were before becomes that Volkswagen having a thing I've gonna give it a little bit of space through here the Ford is trying its best almost to help out this Volkswagen teammate however you know if all of that I've come out ahead it's gonna mount drag me down towards the finish line but the important thing is we will beat the Gulf we will get the fourth position at least which is 400 points for a red team I would expect and legacy to maybe blast up through the order couldn't really see what was going on elsewhere because we were kind of in the fights the whole way yeah our legacies got a lot of straight less weight if a legacy might shoot his way up to seventh towards the finish line and depending on the drag race situation pretty much okay in fact it did yeah we got fourth sixth seventh and eighth and that was enough points because we've got that nice solid 300 points across except with a knife oh I'll take it I will I will very much very much take it red team has tied things up so our next round heads to the mud kick is Park Way let's face it if the land rover doesn't win it would be a massive massive surprise the land rover should win here I will say I've had a weird knack of building cars to be unbelievably fast here for no reason I don't think the Civic is going to be won but I've never thought any of my girls would be particularly one around here so let's hope the Civic will work yeah I mean the Land Rover is probably going to run away with this however we saw the Land Rover struggling they came to like bamboo coast and whatnot Miska Civic anything not on rally tires will probably not enjoy this one particularly because it's it's kind of the worst just the worst mud that that you go to in the game in its own Aurelia the actual the actual mud kickers Park circuit is very kind I feel like as I say I feel like I have a with driven I've built and we've had community built circuits that make a much better use of this area for a racetrack Oh many cars down many cars down the Anglia's gone look on the M go got stuck behind the the Anglia and I got involved in that as well annoyingly for me because I mean I've kind of an East we want to be close to the escort that's the primary almost primarily concern is if I can get ahead of the escort the anglia maybe the Gulf you might stand a chance the Gulf's got so much acceleration this is the issue we're going for a modern car in this challenge a heavy they chest heavier and four you know or four the power of the escort hit the wall on the outside have to make life easier for me but yeah for the for the amount of power that you'll get in a class IV plus sorry that that light weight is so so powerful that's just what you're going to need I mean I think in a lucky dip it kind of work the Civic works pretty well owing to the that we're gonna have a terrible time if we're gonna do that every lap that's the second lap where we've got into trouble there this isn't working this is not working my Civic is not good enough around here yeah I think for a lucky dip car the Civic was not bad however and I think I think that running in another just a randomly plus breaks at one point and it was doing fairly good but just can't compete with the lightweight cars and as well immediately this is a funny circuit you know it was completely okay otherwise this is a very funny circuit around here I just don't have the acceleration to to match them I guess if this wasn't you know involving a mud it would be a very very simple track map and they're gonna try and squeeze around the outside of that escort and we'll we'll get the pass done for now actually never want to go around that particular section someone else is pulling over there's a black car go through some description yeah well let's get through the save I'm gonna have to go on the brakes before I hit that bit that's fallen over as well yeah there are a few cars we've we've run this circuit before and b-class and the odds issue we've never had this sort of problem before I run at that's I think that's always be first I ran all the fairly B's Ed's need to put their innocent in this game but families in Iran must be class of olt swagging Gulf of run here marked who go up around here and be plastered very fast but this but turns out eClass civic is not the way to go so I'm gonna actually have to start I mean we can't win this even the Land Rover is gonna win it by a mile which we kind of expected even you know if I can potentially catch the s score which is basically what I could do at best here yeah we can't do any more than that you've gotta go deliberately on the brakes halfway across that just to stop my car from falling over again but we've got so little momentum yeah you know I said about sometimes I build cars that just work at my Pickers this this is a car that doesn't in the slightest even without the rolling over it's no good here guess probably most my cars are most most of the time a build the classic ultralights and I guess they for whatever reason work it barring of course a Land Rover and Land Rover does work in the in the thick mud funnily enough I think one backed cars might have had yeah I think that legacy had trouble might have been a might have actually kept the same wall that leo got stuck on possibly or missed a checkpoint somewhere fell back a long long way well I'm hoping for a blue car to fall over just so a blue car can fall over there we go that time around we actually got the speed needed I mean it wasn't great they're three wide up ahead is a big old fight over a fifth position here I mean I won't be able to do this because I've got no straight-line speed but we'll be involved in it we almost caught it going like I said I know you've got in mint straight-line speed if you've got the grip to try and make it work around the outside the golf might lose out to the s go all the battles towards the finish line and it was a little bit impolite to say the least it wasn't matter though at the end of the day we were done for three of our cars fell over consistently in both the O 7 civics the Mustang I saw fall over I'm pretty sure danger man's golf went for a couple of flops as well wasn't the best choice of track it would see so up next we head to a much more normal circuit the princes street gardens circuit I'm hoping Civic might be okay our force has forgotten how to count again with a disconnected person all fours are means in some ways in some ways this gives us an advantage you know weird sort of a way so the points available to us are now great to sell a car if a car windows from our team they get 750 points where is polluting than only get 650 for winning and it might mean that like a third or fourth place car for us in score a lot of points we'll have to see how it how it all pans out but let's say it's the first time it's not there isn't all that common but it is not the first time and that's hopefully like they try to shoot a tiny gap but the answer to that was no hope in this Civic will generally be be better around here I think some cars behind got street furniture which wasn't was it grab the moment points yet so this is why the points are slightly broken now in our favor our car in second and a car in third a gaining more points than the car that's actually leading the race although our car and third is probably not going to stay there all that long I'm gonna think the legacy will struggle just with handling well this is not the most handling orietta orientated circuit in the world oh god I've got all of the slow cuts oh oh today is milk today he's been infuriating because my Civic is fun and I think my Civic is very part of his left alone but in traffic it is just not how I'm not getting the lot I've had either terrible grid spots it's not worked circuits we're gonna have to stroke around the outside of cars that don't have any grip Clark run away run away we can get a win is actually good at so many points to us oh well I mean I wasn't intentionally going that way I got assisted come on Oh seven civics let us let us run away from the mess that is going on behind I want to get out of all event I want to vacate to the area as swiftly as possible police don't have that okay was gonna run out of space and thought better of trying something mad down that back section well okay civic 1/2 it's nice and calm up it is what I said well we're in clean air I say clean hat relatively clean air it's pretty good also curiously this would probably be a front-wheel-drive one two three I would presume that the Gulf would be front-wheel drive behind us I think and be classy unlikely I have done drivetrain swaps in B class it doesn't tend to work all that well so he could well have a front-wheel drive at one two three the legacy and forth is all wheel drive of course although that's now just change to Leo's Ford which may or mean I would presume again I would presume still front-wheel drive sumaya front-wheel drive one two three four Mustangs in fifth would be rear-wheel drive yeah the points are very much in our favor the game is a little bit broken in in this one that's a little wide there I can't afford to do that too often annoyingly I suspect me in Clarks car are very similar they're probably very similarly built so probably got very similar amount of speed we could have a fun battle for the lead however we are too far spread out and I mean we need the points we need to win but we need to win this round we don't win this round blue team win any wave anything I think I'm catching a little bit yeah now I'm in clean air on a circuit that kind of works for the car like you might see if I could get her back wasn't forwards on the Civic I think it was just it's just a odd track of a setup built cars that shouldn't work that have and apparently this was one it just just really didn't so there we go on the tarmac though Civic pretty pretty good blue team are starting to Clausen points back which is say a little concerning something we've got to watch out for they've got three four and five now locked down our Land Rover is making its way up four fields Mia this is not likely to be Land Rover territory yes it could be work we could be at the m beside tiny circuit so it could be worse however this is hardly hardly Land Rover territory me at the moment the me and both both of our Honda's and me and Clark with the civics are scoring more points than blue team together just the two of us is scoring more points than blue team we've broken the game again no this has been while the most successful race in terms of finishing position and successful race in terms of I'm happy with my car but would it be the most boring yeah we've we've got the second and we've stayed there I think danger might made a little mistake at the end of last lap and has fallen back slowly I've made a mistake down here so I'm glad I've got a little gap back to the Volkswagen I mean Clark's car very very similar in terms of pace if I have a good life I catch a little bit of a bad lap and fall back the clock is a good lap pulls away so yeah I would imagine our cars very very similarly built to be fair building this to be class you don't get all that much room for upgrades it's a civic ones who and for rent team barring any massive catastrophes in this final final phase if you will it will be a red team victory unlucky a Mustang was running around quite nicely but I guess there was a lot of mayhem and chaos for the back in that one yes if it's worked at the street circuit it was a front-wheel drive one two three possibly four possibly but probably will be a front-wheel-drive top six in fact because I would imagine that again the escort the Civic the golf probably not drivetrain swaps certainly not with their immense straight line speeds I think you get the power with the drivetrain swap so there we go we've tied it up I'll go to a decider so our final round of this team adventure the deciding round has come to the Greendale club circuit I started well it's a very nicely up the fields we've got the two civics in the top three for our team the legacy will love the backstraight will hate the rest of the track I don't know whether it can cling on really to a high up position I think there's there's one of those tracks that on paper you might look at it and think yeah you can get away with some speed get away it's all powered cars and whatnot but it's the the corners the corners around over there are nasty basically corners it over that section I'll ferry but it's just I'm not even gonna ask let's not question pause it would learn better than to question Forza so you have a cool much power here or less a path to a car you have to way too little grip around this circuit it will be painful the difficulty that both me and Clarke are gonna find here is prop will drive slow launches we've got a lot of work to be trying to do because we just got a repast despite so I mean I guess I didn't start all that well Clarke they'd have a much better starting position we're gonna be sported I say it's wonder what its gonna get really hectic down here a Land Rover in the middle is really not helping matters oh my poor civic all right it's full wide I don't want to be involved in this but we don't I don't to be involved in this however you fall back you won't have time to recover you just will run out of laps who would it cover I'm gonna try use the Land Rover as a big old slipstream car now my city okay okay for the top speed it's better than the Volkswagens in terms of top end down here it is better than the Gulf's can I get past come on come on Civic get past the Land Rover then we can go chasing off after the other pesky blue team cars the Volkswagen for example that's in the wool mini and I fear Gliss Pacific might be too good on the tarmac to BLT I don't I don't know we've not really had a chance to race against it in sensible conditions especially not it's important to be sensible conditions because we're getting hounded by just about everything when legacy is having issues with its tremendous lack of grip Gulf is gonna fire back up the inside kind of expecting that one we cannot be letting blue team get a one two three if we're gonna stand a chance of winning but we did have a disconnect okay so we've got four cars now on our team was a disconnection they just do it while – a while to come in yeah I mean we're gonna have a tough time just by sheer numbers I really needs to be Dave I really need to be Fleck we're past the mini it past the mini that's some more points for us come on legacy I know that's thing is gonna be absolute hell to drive you're gonna hold on to it around here and I've beans little a little bit Ken but maybe Clark's Civic is fast enough here what's it might just be fast enough that it can get second place away with the Volkswagens coming as well this is gonna be I think Leo's won this barring a big mistake just with them by virtue of such a large lead although he's really pulled away however that's just too much for us to catch so we're gonna fight each other before we ever can get there danger man is clear of that group behide we are 500 points down it's gonna be tough it's gonna be very very tough before us here so I think I had the slightly faster of the Oh seven siblings in a straight line ever so slightly but then that problem is slightly worse handling we go around the outside it turn one that's a long way to go in a car that not quite good now come on Civic you can do this you can do this no not around the outside you can't that's gonna be me in the wall it's a little brush both of the Civic there in the wall when we and we are so close in terms of points we just needs in the meal Clark to move up a position we cannot afford to lose anything and let's face it our cars behind can't gain any more points a cars behind physically cannot gain any more points the too far back from this group to be able to overtake the because they've got to overtake the blue team cars doesn't matter if they'll take us no we've lost positions we lost positions the legacies lost a couple marks lost one to the Gulf this race oh come on come on civics you can do it where again we're gonna find the civics around the outside of a Volkswagen towards the first corner I'm trying to help I'm trying to help but oh this is gonna be an iffy final lap if there's any contact that I can make the most of that would be great the escort is actually gradually being caught by this but it's only a few tenths a lap I don't think there is gonna be any contact that we can make the most of here we're gonna be able to get anywhere or like me and Clark leave exactly the same things and it's throw-in us both why ah no we just ran out a slightly rear end grip at a critical point let's go slow let's go slow off the corner it's the manic drag race towards the finish line however Gliss has got one of the faster cars in a straight line and I can't do any more than this oh we all got boxed in and no one could do much great race very very good race unfortunately even if our legacy it doesn't get seventh in the end that would have been needed I think that kind of regardless we would have to have got probably two red team cars on the podium for that to have to have worked sadly a combination of connection troubles in a bit of bad luck well I say coordination in connection trouble was slight like a straight-line speed with the civics in the amount of time we lose early on in the race you've got to try and crawl that back and we got stuck in traffic a little bit the escort got a nice early lead was being caught but we couldn't do anything about it and certainly fought each other oh how was a manic final race that was a manic manic final race good fun though good fun indeed some conditions are quite like the Civic the other conditions is a little bit more iffy but there we go that is going to be it for this video if you would like to take part in the next one you can sign up via our forums they'll be linked in the description I find the ferrous versus the community section and you can sign up you know there that though is going to be it from me thank you all very much for watching and until next time a goodbye [Applause]

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  1. We play a game where we all start off in D100 cars and every race we don't win, get to add more points, so, second place gets 50, third 100 etc. Anglia's dominate D class and a bit of C class, they are seriously good at those lower end races. We had to get rid of the rule that stopped you changing cars only when you couldn't come up with a sensible build, because it got to the point where we were all choosing Anglias and being stuck with them!

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  4. That Escort is rear biased awd on street tyres, so it does likes to wiggle its backside at times. Idk why, but it's got more straightline speed than the stats would suggest

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  6. Issues with lack of top speed and Forza doing Forza things with a 7-4 team balance on the last race. Also my mustang was no good unless it had a long straight to build up speed on

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