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what is going up you everybody it's your boy too drippy you already know is back here with another stream on ps3 GTA 5 and I'm gonna accept all these friend requests that I do have here guys and like I said guys make sure you guys follow me on all social media is because all social medias are very important and guys we are gonna probably get up here get into an online Lobby and probably a lot of people already see that I am online and are probably really ready to get into a lobby right now with me and probably play some GTA 5 so if you guys are new to the channel make sure you hit that subscribe button turn off post notifications because every day we're lit here on PlayStation Network alright guys so right now guys we are at six thousand six hundred and fourteen subscribers let's try to hit six point seven K subscribers and my goal guys is probably by um a few months to really hit a 7 k I really do want to hit 7 K that is my ultimate goal for this year is to hit 7 K subscribers so if you guys are new to the channel make sure you guys share it with your friends share it with you people what is up mods how are you doing today man we're gonna get a little a guys I got a restart GTA though because told me that uh Avenue update on the menu it does that but it is okay guys because gives everybody a chance to start coming on in here and joining the loving sensation of to Droopys streams and everything else like that let's load up the game now alright so yeah guys I hope everybody's having a great day um hope everybody has a you know wonderful day at school or if you guys were just leaving school um I mean I don't know it's different timezones for everybody but what is going on we're gonna sit here guys and when their play some gta5 damn bro you got to mod on ps4 oh my gosh I do mod on ps4 actually um Joey I do mod on ps4 I do model ps4 man so for you to tell me I need a mod on there don't need to tell me man I already do it but yeah man I'm not on PC two guys also an update on my PC this Friday on my PC should be back and I'm gonna install my hard drives back on in there screw them on in and yeah we're gonna get a get my hard drives back in there and start really uh shooting that um you know the game's up and everything really getting it back in and you know just waiting for that to come back and then once that comes back I mean we're really golden ah I'll start you know doing some Garry's Mod strolls if you guys want to see those Garry's Mod server takeovers and trolls and everything else like that I was really thinking about doing that coming very soon I'll be having a third monitor um so when that third monitor comes we'll split it up and everything else like that yeah but I'm going to bond on ps3 yeah I'm on ps3 and ps4 my ps4 is already jailbroken um kind of talk to Bassel see how Bassel did it um before I actually did it and you know you never really got back to me I remember like a few months ago Bassel had told me he'd you broke his system and everything and I asked him how and I asked him what uh what one he had and he had told me I think it was a slim that he had so uh that's kind of what I'm hoping to do is really um you know get into the full modding on ps4 online on GTA I know a lot of people say they already mod on GTA 5 on GTA online but really guys it is um nearly impossible the mod on GTA 5 on ps4 without getting banned uh the only reason I say that is because hey what's up what's up lil Ariza nice a ps4 modding on GTA online is a possible in a way is because for the simple fact of this all right on ps4 ah they only have USB mods I so only USB mods work on online all right that's what I found out and I've actually contacted a few people about this and you know I've actually contacted a few people that do have jailbreak so I actually contacted a guy that has a jailbreak before I even got mine you know and I talked to him and he was like yeah there's USB mods and you can go online with them but within 10 seconds or 10 minutes of it it literally bans you off Rockstar and now that you found it out there's no protection in those USB mods there's no software to protect it there's no you know rebug nothing you know so that's why it's really hard and it's an issue to do it but yeah it's really hard you know can you add me yeah man I'll add you in a little bit man um but yeah that's that's the reason why it's so hard is because rebook honestly isn't paying attention to ps4 online they created the jailbreak system but well I'm thinking and honestly I'm thinking about this is that rebug is not gonna launch the jailbreak online off or online modding and everything until ps5 comes out once ps5 comes out in GTA 6 comes out I know the whole fucking thing will fucking explode and Sony can't do nothing about it that's honestly what I'm gonna think ah see I got the session timed out to my dude it's just internet connection honestly check your connection reconnect your internet on your Playstation if that doesn't really work just keep trying to load in sometimes I have to go to a solo lobby so um for your answer dude try a solo lobby and see if a solo lobby works because sometimes solo lobbies work better than you trying to just load up online and play online with people you know see like I can go here play online and go straight to a solo session and I'll load in perfectly and I won't have any problems but sometimes I mean sometimes I don't honestly just load into a solo session real fast because watch it's probably gonna let me load in right into a solo session faster than it's gonna probably let me load into a GTA online cuz there's so many servers out there and you got to think all these servers on GTA it's gonna be impossible you know just to load you into you know a whole Lobby when there's probably thousands of people playing on the servers at the time it's like because you probably got mod by a modern sometimes sometimes it's a modder sometimes it's not really a modder see look see I I can load in online right now see look I'm loaded online into a solo session and it took me what all of a few seconds a minute now look now that I'm in a solo I can easily just go right here find a new session and since I'm already online there's gonna find the easiest lobby for me to get on so it could be it could be anything lol a 60 caliber I was on ps4 and then I just jumped onto ps3 I was like you know why I want to stream some GTA 5 you know I kind of want to stream it up have fun and everything watchers it really all depends you know guys like a lot of people don't understand you know modding does take time and a lot of people that think that they're gonna just become modders honestly don't don't think that you know you just buy a jailbreak system and then you can be a modder right off the bat you don't work like that I'm just saying you know oh that's what's up man we'll talk about it later bro we'll definitely talk about it later you know but no it's like a lot of people think you know modding is easy in everything like you know with me I'm one of my ps4 controller so I can actually hear talk to people in the game but for me in order to do that I'll actually have to hold on I have to go to my settings either way just so I can hear people accessories audio like you guys got to understand modding is not as easy as many people think that you know modding really is you know I have somebody right here I don't know who this person is but um you know it's like what do you need my deed are you like what do you need I just go just go just go just go I got you bro hold on there we go you wanted levels gone buddy what do you mean my dad what do you need hello it's it's harder than most people think thank you for your time though yeah bro I mean I tell people all the time like yeah I can help you but I don't I just don't I don't like taking the responsibility of doing it and then your account just gets banned like the next second I just don't like doing that it's just like guys I used to mod accounts all the time if you guys are oh gee subscribers of mine you know you guys will know like I used to fucking mod people's accounts left and right I used to fucking do money drops like I used to do that I still do money drops to this day but you know I used to be on people's accounts every single second fucking money I actually used to do black ops uh black ops and I used to give people fucking my menus I gave everybody everything dude and then I got to the point I was like wait you know I'm giving these people this stuff but you know I'm not really getting the respect I would need from it you know yeah and it's like with paradise everybody kept asking bootleg your paradise the mom in you dude can you share it with me it was it was just crazy you know and that's kind of why I um I stopped doing that you know I mean if I'm in a lobby with you I mean I'll be more than happy you know to you know help everybody but dude my name's on the screen my dude if you can't sleep I slam your ass and it's talking then I don't I don't know what's I don't know if you're blind or not you know I'm saying I mean my my name is on screen I mean I've showed my name several times all I have to tell you is go back in my videos and look at it what's up ms Oh what is up what is up that's all I can say is to really just look back at my stream my data if you're trying to drop money on me I would stop hold on I got to find other mater in here she wants to beat but I would advise you to stop dropping money on me please she wants to be stop dropping money thank you and I'll stop dropping it on you there you go oh yeah yeah it's to feed repeat yeah I know buddy I know trust me I always know my deed ooh bad are you dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb who is that who is that's the George guy the George the Donson is it that little fucker hold on that little fucker try to kill uh try to kill you all right bro all right George you know we don't really like people coming over here fucking messing with people in the lobby trying when we're doing money drops for them so we don't really like the people hi Georgie you trying to do that you little fucker I got you little fucker hi Georgie I don't like people that just come up in here and think that uh they can just start killing people oh boy all right little mater all right wait till Georgie leaves here and then I got you she wants to be don't worry buddy I got your ass the D you want to fucking do that shit you really want to do that shit bar you really want to do that though all right Lily want to do that bro all right do you really want to do that bro you sure you want to do that bro you sure you want to fucking do that I'm gonna give you a chance bro I gave you a chance you ain't coming back online now a little fucker a little cunt little fucking kind I don't understand you know I try to help fucking people out you know try to be nice you want to come up in here and start blaming fucking kill and all that other shit no don't fucking do that shit and guys you guys see why I fucking play GTA 5 now ah it can start to lag but I have 15 servers guys so it really doesn't matter my thing is like all the way over 15 servers all the time like I have like multiple servers that my IP can jump to good mutters that give me money forbid me to log into GTA online Oh meaning as what like can they kick you out to where you can't log into GTA online anymore yeah by disabling your account but they can't like just ban you off of it like you need a reason to be banned off it well you would have to like have a reason for rockstar to bandy like if anybody wants money come on over to the airport that's all I gotta say gosh about what's up Carlos uh what's up what's up Carlos Carlos what's up I'm ready Carlos if you want to join me barrages joining me man if you had me at it as a friend already you can join me yeah me as that as a friend already man just go ahead and join no somebody else has to enable it like a modder would have to get on your account and enable it if your mother can you always long name if your accounts disabled yeah if I'm a mater I can always on to say I can always log into it I mean it's not gonna log in right away I would have to like literally you know like you know I spawn egg and phase demon phase demon and spawning a spawn egg watch this watch us on the lake but yeah guys ah hold on let me go to chat here what's going on what's going on chat hold on what's going on try and fly guys you guys can just join off me I don't need to invite it's a public lobby on you too let's go let's go let's go let's get that money drop it for these guys over here hold on let me see these guys yeah guys go ahead enjoy the money enjoy the money hey guys spread over here come on over here come over to me come over to me oh yeah oh yeah over here get away from all the cars and everything there you go there you go there you go yup go come on over here or over here you'll get better money over here man hey you guys go see see how that works get away from all those entities over there go to where it's like nothing's over there and there you guys go all y'all getting money don't even worry about it all you guys I'm over at the airport I bro you sent a friend request I what's up ash but you guys go hey guys get away from the cars get away from all the entities just come on over here yep right on the runway see hey there you go hope you read that you miss the fight yesterday drippy what fight hungry Gekko what fight bro well I don't even know what fight you're talking about Gekko bro geckos so check this out bro I saw at ten o'clock I told him I was getting off right that's all I'm getting off ps4 okay so I got off ps4 online so I got off ps4 right guys and you know I'm a booter you know I'll boot somebody right if I need to boot them like out boot them well I didn't yeah I wasn't even booting but I was too tired but I'm I was getting off right so PS and PC Gamer right like stars saying he was getting hit right so II 6 3 calls me up right on Instagram it says bro did you boo PCPs gamer I was like well I'm in bed bro I don't have time for this shit right so like I get off you ready and I start I get back on PlayStation 4 just to talk to him right I sit in there for a little bit just to see if he gets it off again he didn't so check this out right when I leave to go lay back in bed right he gets hit again and I'm in bed all day I wasn't I wasn't on that but I was sleeping dude I was so tired but like literally this is probably the chance for me to stream a little bit before like you know I do other stuff later cuz I got a lot of um you know receipts and everything that I got to do drippy can i play with you I have extortion I mean dude if you want to play with me dude like I already put my PSN there guys you guys can sent me friend requests and all that I'm not gonna add right this second like this very second I'm not gonna just add everybody cuz then I got a plug in my controller after I plugged in my controller then I can hopefully and I just fucking split my shit fucking great hold on guys I gotta get a towel fucking hell fuck man shit just because you guys want me to add you I mean honestly I don't fucking add just right off the bat fucking spilled my fucking monster fucking a fuck man fucking damn it I'm not adding anybody right now so if you guys want to be added you're gonna have to wait till the end of the night or whenever I do get back on PlayStation fuck he's fun god damn it fucking out man that was a good monster – that's a brand-new one goddamn it Oh God fuck brainy fucking monster god damn it yeah do it like I just spilled my fucking monster bro it's like and like I understand like everybody wants me to add them but honestly it's my choice if I add you guys or not so if I don't add you guys don't get fucking bum hurt alright cause like honestly it's my opinion if I want to add somebody like if I feel like you know you're cool is fuckin all I'll add you like there's certain people like they're on my top priority like X T G or a 6-3 bro like I'll add him you know miss you like I'll add you Gekko like if you're in the ps3 I'll add him you know but it's like not really obligated to add anybody and you guys all understand like the struggle that I have to do because like I have to plug in you know my uh PlayStation 3 controller just the fucking you know add you guys and it's fucking I don't like it because then like I have to sit here and I have to keep plugging that in because you guys want me to add me you know it's like I don't really you know need to add you and I'm not adding everybody in this Lobby so if you guys are in this Lobby I'm not really gonna add you if I don't know who you are and honestly people that don't have mics Pro I'm not sitting there and adding and don't come up with an excuse saying oh I don't have I'm like my my broke I don't want to hear it everybody says all their mic breaks all the fucking time don't even know these people and I'm not having sorry oh yeah you know I got murdered around my mind a k47 me all right guys mr. the bear what is up server full yeah it is for I'm not kicking anybody I'm not gonna be a dick to anybody you know like you know I'm not just gonna kick somebody because they want to be kicked or you want me to kick them just so you can join so you can get money like that's not how it works I'm not adding you guys I mean you guys can definitely sit there and fucking keep sending them but I'm not adding anybody else I added enough people today I don't need to add anybody else guys and like I said you all can kill each other but you're just missing out on the money you know when you set somebody up on fire I mean they're just telling you just losing the money killers to do for um I don't hit people up on my personal Facebook account sorry buddy I would but it um I just don't do it I'll be nice and you know I'll just give you guys money and all that you know and let you guys you know do what you guys need to do you know collect some money buy some stuff upgrade stuff whatever it is see when you kill somebody and he comes back and kills you I don't hit people up on my personal Instagram either but when when he comes back and kills you just remember this don't get mad when ah he comes over and starts killing you and then you say teleport me back because remember you killed him first that's what I say I'm like not white why you guys always got to kill somebody when you know there's no need so he's gonna come back watch he's gonna come back and he's gonna try to find the person that killed them and then he's gonna kill them I know exactly how it's gonna happen it happens all the time what's up mister the bear I hear you might do listen guys like comment subscribe on this shit because I'm only gonna be streaming for a little bit the people that I have added you guys know I'll be on probably later doing another GTA 5 money cheat GTA up to drippy it's a t20 it says kick your ass and guys what's your honest opinion should I make should I make merch like that's something that I've been on like contemplating should I make merch and if I do make March should I brought a hungry gecko barrel I make it to where people want to go back to ps3 dude I've made so many people you know that have PlayStation 4 really want to go back look look now stupid bro since you just killed him now you're all the way over there bro and now you have to get all the way back over here just so you can get some money does that make any sense my dude you kill him and then you die right now you gotta go from all the way over there right where you could have stayed right over here where all this money is it don't make no sense man when there's a money drop bar usually you know what usually I can have a whole lobby bro in the whole lobby calm as hell and another mater you know I talked to that comes into the chat he's like I can never get a lobby like that cuz I pronounce myself out there I'm like say hello to the YouTube and also whoever wants money comes to the airport I mean I just make it plain and simple that everybody in the lobby I mean they stop their beef and then when I leave you probably all just go at it again and fucking kill each other but hey that's whatever no but when I'm in the lobby burrow everybody's just calm as hell dayvon gaming barrel yeah everybody wants to go back to ps3 once i get on but it's like it's like me bro like gecko bar you got to understand man if y'all were fighting last night bro gecko you got to get my number later bro pong if you have I probably just text my Instagram bow but no like if something happen bro hungry like that a gambrel where y'all fighting or something bro and it's important for and I need to get on and you know the funny thing is might be I texted gamer girl and I said gamer girl if you need anything call me if it's important it's desperate or something bout and it's Annie barrel just call me let me know you know I told her that too I mean hey she didn't want to call me during that night when y'all was starting to fight against them but I don't want to join a new session like I am enjoying myself in this session right now McNary he said he's in the game with me hey that's what's up that's what's up what's a good place to rent in Florida hmm hi is there another modern hamburger because if there is another modern barrel I mean other than me come on my knees automatically gonna tell me no other marker all right see they dog killing each other right but when the money start popping down here for you guys are you gonna be like aha you ain't get no money let me clear all the cars that are around here delete all that shit so that way you guys get more more or less Orlando um well a good place in Florida honestly honest opinion Sarasota um Sarasota down to Fort Myers um is probably like the best affordable place that you could possibly get um just saying a serious question in Orlando I would say um Orlando's good but it's gonna be really expensive ah Eli like Orlando is extremely fucking expensive ah just because you know it's a big fucking city they're gonna it all depends on Orlando where you do go what if you're gonna like rent a house you know buy a house or something more Sarasota area because in Orlando it's just the rent everything over there is higher over in Sarasota it's more reasonable and if you were to go for an apartment I would rather just say go for a house just because the mortgage is going to be the same amount of money that you're gonna be paying each month for an apartment so I mean I would definitely say save your money and just go towards Sarasota area it's a lot better I mean if you really want to you know see the chicas and all that you know the hot sexy babes Miami well Miami's gonna be uh Miami is more of you know you walk across the line one place in your bad area you go to another area you know it's really good and then you go to another area and it's like just violence everywhere you know so it really honestly depends how you want to look at it Sarasota is more calm like Sarasota is more calm it's not as you know how do I say how do I say this uh it's not as much gang violence in everything as you would think like Sarasota down to Fort Myers area is more of calming uh you know there's a lot more to do in this area then uh I mean hey if you want to keep living in the hood bird I mean you can go down towards you know Miami Beach but I mean if if you trying to change you know the way you living in everything so it's a little more the best bet for you man Orlando brother's gonna be gang violence everywhere you know there's a lot of shit in Orlando that you know you may really want to be in if you really try to change your life around and you know live in prosperity bear you know it really all depends all I'm gonna say from Tampa down to Fort Myers I'll just give that Bradenton and Bradenton in Ellington more of like low low-class not as a fancy not as rich you know it's more a little bit of run-down here there so once you get into Sarasota but you got the bigger houses the you know nicer places pools stuff like that you know the beaches I mean you you move the Inglewood bar you move the Inglewood area you won't have three beaches back in the back you won't have Englewood Beach you're gonna have Minnesota Beach man you're gonna have Sharkies beach and then if you go up a little bit more you're gonna have siesta key so literally you in a location where it's like four beaches on top of one you go to Sarasota bro you're gonna have the pier right there you can be fishing over there I mean you got a downtown right there which has a lot of bars and everything else like that I mean you got the tongue downtown skyscrapers all that other shit so I mean really all the Pens but you know I mean you go to Tampa bro it's just gonna be a bunch of City saw I mean it all depends do you want to live in a city all right so Sarah saw the more best in the back for you man Sarasota is more of where you would want to go ah I'll look more um now you trying to go for a house are you trying to go for an apartment cuz I know this apartment in Sarasota I could probably go I mean it goes for like 1,100 1,200 a month for a two-bedroom that's only for a two-bedroom that's not only a two-bedroom you know st. yeah brah I'm cool as fuck man like for a two-bedroom not like 1,100 1,200 all right that's one for you and your girl and your kid you know I'm saying right than the net but I mean that's open your timber walking uh Sarasota area you know what I'm saying so that's like off of exit 213 you like if you get off the exit 213 off of 95 or 75 my bad I mean I mean that's off of a 75 on 213 going down south towards our if you like coming up north and then you coming down south it would be 213 and you just take that right go all the way down to um I think it's like a winter song when it's on then it's typical walk right there you just take that and then you take your first right right when you go off that light and then first right go all the way down to the end and the apartments are right back there I mean yeah it's reasonable you know eleven twelve hundred bucks you know for the apartment by me you you could probably go for our house getting a mortgage that's probably like 14 and have a three-bedroom two-and-a-half-bath or three-bedroom you know two baths and you know pool in the backyard you know I'm saying so it really all depends what you really want and I mean I saw a lot of people move towards ingu and move toward Sarasota because like that is the best location to live your life but it's also like really cool and nobody's really bothering you no I'm saying like nobody bothers you loving this and it's more laid-back over here man and then like if you wanted to go up to Tampa you know Tampa has a top golf that you can go to Tampa also has a lot of car meets that happen I've actually seen a couple of the car meets Friday night um there's a car meet over in Tampa so modified Mustangs were there I saw a couple of GTRs um there was two Lambos um you know there was some uh you know drift cars I mean at night this was at night like eleven twelve o'clock and they were just peeling out fucking doing burnouts and everything and I wasn't really trying to record it and everything because you know they're more download people you know they don't really get caught as much but yeah I mean I've been all over uh I mean if you wanted to go to Glades County Barrett which is towards you know the middle of Florida man I wouldn't go over there because I mean is you're in a battle there bro the cops Road I have every reason to try to pull you over try to pull you over for anything man let's go though guys we have 6620 subs let's try to go for like 6630 my goal today guys is 6630 let's try to get this 6630 all you want me to get rid of the paper i could try to get rid of the policeman ain't no problem i'll try to do that for y'all man you know i mean i have clear wanted level i'll turn that back off y'all i've clear wanted level i mean if y'all want to you know do that i mean i are you try to get rid of the police I'm gonna delete all the cars here yeah but let's try to get the 6.6 6630 subscribers I was gonna say 6.6 today but I'm already there so yeah let's get the 6630 subs guys let's get there man make sure you got shared with your friends share with everything why you keep charging your PSN why do you keep it off well no I was using my boy cloud visions and then I was like you know what I just want to keep a you know a PSN account you know that you know it's easy for everybody because the cloud vision to have barcodes everybody so fun you you can find I – slam – your – axe I mean you can find that pretty easy but yeah like I'm already out a hundred and five watts of hitting this fake now just because this tank is like you know my other tank that I had I could hit big clouds with it but this one holds more juice and you know me hitting it in it's kind of um easier but it's like harder to actually like fucking hit it to where you know I can keep it so I mean it's like it's a better hit for me in the coil I had for about almost two and a half weeks now so that's pretty good my other coil I had it for about a week and then it fucking burned out I was like wow but no Friday guys I'm getting another vape and this one is off the fucking chains if you guys don't know vape wild make sure you guys go to vape wild calm I believe it is hold on let me tell you the exact um if I could find the card I know I had the card and everything it was something vape wild it all right just look up vape wild on a fucking Google and everything and guys that's where I got my vape um they're actually cool people I know the store owner and I know the previous store owner and they shit was really cool and everything and I met her um you know and literally she she's og she hooked me up with juices she got me a sale on these um I got blue harvest I got fruity fries and guys if you guys think you can handle fruity fries bro it's like an ice breaker when you suck like when you uh like suck on it or eat it and you know that off free sensation that goes down your throat that's what fruity fries does and it's fucking a hard hit yeah I have the digital version hello hell yeah um yeah but uh the digital version is what I have a lot of people can mod on digital or hard version it doesn't really matter um but it does matter about Bluffs or bless personally guys I would go with bless if you're gonna mod for GTA 5 um just because a lot of menus are based off bless not Plus and usually the freemen use on Bluffs not the paid versions so so yeah it really all depends it's just the UK version and us US version well I am Lance 27-7 hot I need money and right what's up I hit that ass bro eh I hit that ass bro was good beer i slam your ass haha but yeah man uh if you guys are wanting to come over and chill out man you guys can definitely come fill out if you have me added or if you guys need to add somebody else you guys can definitely don't add somebody in the lobby or you know somebody that is in my lobby that um is in the livestream I would personally say go add them because you have a better chance of being friends with them then trying for me to sit here and add you and put my thing in which is better bless blesses a lot better um it's a whole lot better it's way way better personally and it's like a lot better like the the reason be between blossomed blessed never mind I'll just chillin still trying to fix my jaw broke ps3 oh yeah what's wrong with it what is wrong with your ps3 I hit that ass I can probably definitely tell you what is wrong with your Playstation hey y'all Killer City said to Adam bro if you all want to join up in here bro add killer city but yeah I mean at Killa sitio for if you guys want to join up in here bro LAN g77 number if you want to join up in here at killer city killer city said heal up accept the friend request and all that shit y'all joining so I'm just saying what's our retro what's up what's your retro retro make sure you guys go subscribe to retro barrel oh we actually have a plan in the makings right now for Call of Duty and everything and me retro and uh a63 are really coming up at the plan right now we're trying to get a squad together five man squad we have three another guy wants to try out but honestly tryouts are pretty simple uh on PlayStation 4 is where we're really gonna do the tryouts and everything so pretty much it turns on it like it won't start up like it won't boot up it's like it will turn on then just a black screen and it won't turn off from the power button okay um ah let's see let's see let's see um okay so you're saying it will turn on but won't turn off okay hit that ass um the first thing that I would tell you to do is change your thermal paste on your CPU and GPU okay No um no it's your CPU and GPU honestly um if your theme turns on and won't turn off it could be two things it could be your power supply to it or it could be your CPU and GPU so what I would do is buy a thermal paste which is why all of four bucks all of like four bucks pretty much I think last time I buy it was like four bucks um and definitely get uh some CPU and carefully take it apart and you're gonna need to buy tools probably for it because it it like takes a um a start torque screwdriver for like where the power part is so I would definitely get some tools for that and then uh be careful when you do take it apart just watch some tutorials on how to do it you might need some tape to put on a flat part for the GPU just because it's going to secure it a little bit more and the CPU is easier to take off but the GPU is not clean that up and then put that back on I that's what's up retro do that um and see how that goes and it does not work then it is your power supply and then you'll just need a copper power supply so first start with your CPU and GPU if those don't work turn around and and put on a new power supply and then your your should be fine but that's what I gotta say I'm pretty good I mean usually cellphones actually take a little bit off shorter time period to actually charge like my iPhone takes about I think 25 minutes to charge full battery when it's on like 20% and usually I I don't really charge it to the full max all the time but at night I just put it on the charger and then wake up in the morning and it's good and I use it throughout the day until it's 20% like right now my battery is 75 or a little bit more so all the pens really to be honest but yeah guys uh let's try to get us the 6630 subs guys if you guys are not subscribed make sure you guys subscribe to me on youtube at to drippy I'll post it up here but yeah but yeah but it's like 10,000 mega what so I'm pretty good it should be here Friday all right that's good okay okay yeah because I think it could be that HDD because hold on I think it's a HDD because it seems like it rough ruptor some time ah no honestly um let's be honest with jailbreaks Playstations okay for the only thing for a jailbreak PlayStation 2 really go down and not want to turn on is mostly because your system I when the jailbreak is taken apart you have to put new thermal on your GPU and CPU always that's that's what everybody knows anything that you take apart you always have to put new thermal on alright anything that does with thermal paste always putting you on so what you're gonna want to do is when you take off your thermal paste right you're gonna want to make sure you clean it just right all right make sure that's cleaned perfectly all right take a little paper towel okay don't get it wet all right and just wipe it off very good drippy I have bless is that good yeah bless is really good bless is better than Bluffs yes but make sure you clear off both parts the CPU and GPU don't get them mixed up when you put back the GPU a peak GPU and CPU okay and then once you clean it off and you put it in um put it back on and you put it on let it sit there for a little bit before you turn it on because if you turn it on right when you put that GPU want it's not going to give it um the actual uh I guess let's say coverage on it you know it's not gonna last as long as when you do replace it also whenever you do put the CPU on and GPU on and after a little bit after you're done with that make sure you go to your web mint settings and make sure you turn on your uh your fan speed to at least 45 to 50 that is mandatory for play stations because your PlayStation 4 it just keep cool when you put new GPU and CPU on and for it to last as long it is as it can I mean I've had mine for about ten years I've I've changed it once since the time and my Pete my ps3 works fine so just make sure you turn your fan speed up a little bit and it will pull down your system faster than what you would think right now I'm running at 51 Celsius with my CPU and RSX is 51 so that is perfect for my PlayStation right now 50 degrees is perfect guys please stop telling me to add you please stop like I'm not gonna add right off the back like you guys have to understand like I am on a PlayStation 4 controller I'm not on a ps3 controller and I have to plug in my playstation 3 controller every single time with so my oh I had me add me add me on me I'm not doing it right now no sorry yeah oh my god II yeah I know I saw that I actually tried to invite them into a party and I guess he was cleaning his room and didn't see it so I got back on PlayStation 3 or got onto PlayStation 3 after I was in a party with my boy car theft and everything how can how can I know my version is it on the case um okay so if your system can be jailbroken okay it has to on the latest jailbreak that I know is a two five zero zero one okay on the back of your PlayStation right where your um I believe the HDMI or power support or anywhere back there there's a little white code right there okay and the last five of the numbers will let you know whether your system can be jailbroken or it can be um you know regular whatever you know or you can't really drill breaking um so I would definitely check those numbers if it ends with the two or under or two like a one or something it will definitely show that ah you can jailbreak your system now if it's like a kg 6-4 – OH either one ah your case definitely look at your case um look at your case honestly look at your case my ps3 is jailbroken okay um usually in that case you should be able to go to a web man look over at your game press triangle on E and it should tell you if it's blesser plus honestly it should if it doesn't well I don't know usually when you get a game and it says BL you s100 eight something whatever you'll know by the numbers the numbers on the back the back of your game where it is if you have extortion in your jailbreak right then you know you're on bless okay if you put extortion in and you're on Bluff and it does not load up I'm not in that session anymore actually uh MC nari if you look if you put in a game right and you can't load it up with extortion you're on Bluff if you have extortion in your on bless put it that way now Call of Duty is a totally different story call our duty you can have bless or bless I'm probably gonna uh probably gonna go play black ops three later but I I don't know yet either man I really don't personally yeah blesses arm for modders yes if you're a modder yeah it's worse to have a bluff if you're a model for gta5 if you have black ops plus it's totally fine the menus work either way on bless or bless so it really doesn't matter in that case yeah I just say restart your console cuz there's probably another modern there freezing you guys or something honestly that's what usually happens I know a guy was trying to clear my tasks I Wolf's or something like that my yard off all right um I have discord I'm about to hit your DM all right yeah man if you want to hit my DMS up man you definitely have my DMS up on this chord man I'm down on this chord all the time if you guys need any questions you guys can just join my server and then you know if there's a hit that you need a guy's gamertag hit me up there what's up gene Newmar what'd you say doo-doo-doo-doo well yeah guys I mean it really all depends let's see what we have going on black out zero eight zero zero zero as a modern I can definitely tell that um let's see me so blackouts only on the mater in here that I can see that I can see I mean I don't know if there's some other modders in here you know I swear some letters or ass at black ops 2 on ps3 I used to fuck up fuck the Mater is up yeah honestly I'm actually pretty good at black ops on ps3 for some reason like I'm a fucking beast at it so black out on let's uh go here all right but yeah blackouts from France anyways so it would be a European guy who has a jail broke system like 99.9% of other jailbreak Europeans but yeah but yeah you say you want KD not really doing that right now at this time it's giving a second Oh black out are you really trying to try to kick me with paradise oh that that's so sweet buddy anybody I bet I can make you leave the lobby before you make me leave the lobby come on buddy is that the best you got here let me try my method now all right let me try my method okay black out all right I mean my methods probably a little bit faster than yours you know I mean my methods actually a little bit faster than yours you know there you go bro I got you don't worry Oh see my methods faster than his see how that works guys you see how that works when you try stuff you know try to kick me up a little lobby you see that my my method is faster you know this is why I like GTA you know I run into dickhead Motta's and dickhead modders really think they can blake you can't mod on GTA on ps4 without getting banned in second so if you did money with or inste banned yeah ps4 brah I need some cash yeah but I'm not risking my ps4 account dude I'm sorry no I didn't kick him bar I booted that dude off I literally booted him because I was like I'm not even going to sit there and fucking you know think that somebody can really take over the lobby like I can I mean if you guys are wanting to join me you might as well join now cuz I'm about to go to another lobby thought to go find another dickhead mater guys this is what I like to do better when modest really think that they're bigger and better than me he kicked me yeah everybody left on the lobby but now when he really said when modders think they can like fucking destroy me and they're better than me I'm like I pearl you really think you're better than me let's go yeah search-and-destroy modders I mean some motors can play some mutters can't like I can play call of duty I can fucking play and the funny thing is about it retro is you know when I'm on PlayStation 4 and I go into World War 2 I kick your motherfucking ass and that's the thing about it is I'm a fucking beast when it comes to it I'm a fucking beast on it I saw there's no other modders in here that I know right now that I know there's no other modders but I'll know when there's a lot of that comes in I'll check it periodically just to show you guys that uh modders can be taken down dude honestly I was thinking about getting on uh after this stream getting on some Call of Duty World War two on ps4 and start grinding probably play some Search and Destroy or some just to get my rank up on it I mean I really haven't here's the thing an Xbox I have everything unlocked you know for war two because you know I started with Xbox World War two before I started with ps4 World War two and there's no way that I can link accounts because you know they don't do cross-platform with that shit so it really fucking sucks so I can't do anything about it and whenever I do want to do something about it it won't thunderbird go 420 bro did you just tell me to shut the did you just tell me shut up bro oh oh Thunderbird you made a big mistake my dude you have just made the biggest mistake you fucking UK fuck fucking UK fucker that's why you don't have a fucking mic come on buddy turn your mic on and fucking tell me you fucking crap bitch oh wait you can't because you're too fucking poor to afford one fucking pun come on buddy what are you gonna do though come on say another thing to me a little fucking bitch Thunderbird try to clear my time oh you tried to clear my task oh my god I'm so scared I'm so scared cuz somebody thought he can clear my tasks hey buddy how about how about I hit you offline you fuckin faggot and then you tell me about oh shut the fuck up then you can really shut the fuck up because you won't be on PlayStation for a while a little bitch go on buddy is that the best you can do come on Thunder is that the best here let me show you my method let me show you my method okay that's why you left you fucking prick yeah buddy see oh wow you guys see how that works you see how that works he leaves in seconds cuz little fuckers like Ken think he's really fucking big and bad that's the funny thing you know don't fucking come in here and think that you're gonna tell me to shut the fuck up because then you're gonna go offline you fucking faggot and this is why a lot of people do love me and used to like my videos is because little fucking people thought they were big and bad and now it's just clearing like your caste and all it's like something that a lot of us and then he leaves automatically it means they tried to do anything no not all the time not all the time clear task doesn't mean you always Dhiren they could try to be kicking me from the lobby they could be trying to do it if you mind you please rank 875 I would do a 75 but I just really don't want to but you guys see how that works you know he thinks that he's really cool right and he can try to get on the back of me and everything and then you know BAM he's gone hmm high bar if you want to join my session you jammin that's why uh modders tried to do modders trying to like fuck with people it's it's up how did I say it's a way of them trying to freeze me put it that way they're trying to freeze me and trying to kick me and everything but they really can't guys whereas 6624 subs let's get six more subscribers guys before I end the stream here and a little so let's see if we can do that guys it's almost 2 o'clock so I know a lot of people you know are doing other stuff and really busy and then I have some stuff I have to handle at 3:00 3:30 ish that's about that's nice but I mean honestly I'm not really wanting to add people not really adding people right now sorry no all online I'm online on discord discord is always running this courts always running in the background I just don't really uh you know pay attention I mean you can always message me I'm always gonna get it no matter what it'll give me a notification on it I don't really play call of duty for MPS for I play it on xbox I haven't got it for ps4 yet I was thinking about getting it but I need to talk to a retro before I do you know I do subscribe and like that's a summon I know well uh I want to but I don't want to you know there you go bro that's mine yeah by the time an I mean you just gotta learn how to deal with it though cuz I mean the mothers do it all the time Manos will do it all the time bro so I mean it's you just gotta you know just go with it see everybody's gonna come over to the airport because they know when they come over to the airport that money starts going you just shot me bare cheek weeow 128 bro you just shot him bro oh gee quia no no no no no you don't kick you don't kill people in here sorry I don't let you kill people who's shooting at me who's shooting at me sever Saturn 7 1 1 all right bro I know you're gonna be a liability to this Lobby so alright hold on who is this I don't think that you can fucking just leave like that bro I'll find you all right who's that mater other than me there's another mater in here I just saw them all you probably left barcode you probably left that's alright well that's okay he left I just told you all caps I told you all caps alright guys I'm gonna end this stream here uh if you're wanting it it is this this is my discord that is my discord add it if you need it at it but I'm out of here guys peace out y'all love you like comment subscribe turn on post notifications it's your boy too drippy and I'm out

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