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In 2012 I started a YouTube channel with two of my friends. We mostly uploaded Minecraft videos since it was a popular game back then. A couple month after we made the channel they decided to kick me out of the group!! So I made my own channel called McFrolick and started uploading my own videos hoping that it would take off. Sadly it was hacked and I could no longer access the account. I decided to create a new channel called TheCanadianGamer (Only the OG’s remember) where I would upload all kinds of gaming videos. After a month or so I changed the channel name to ItzFrolickz. 1 year passed and I hit 1000 subscribers it was a huge accomplishment to me so I continued uploading as much as I could. I look back at those days and see how much this channel’s community grew in just a couple years!!
all right hopefully a thought but we are doing another spending spree because GTA decided to leg and not load so we're restarting it up again this is the part to back and live again you you goodness okay for some reason it's not loading for me if there's no longer in this session yeah how you guys doing welcome back I apologize for GTA being GTA you already know it just likes to even know GTA is just different for some reason the streamers not gonna load on my computer so we're just gonna have to look at it on something else the chat somewhere else it looks like it's live yeah just GTA be and GTA right that sucks the whole stream had to be shut down because one little glitch GTA is just loves to be GTA just not want to load there we go it says the slide down here there we go alright we got it up back and running again okay how you guys doing welcome back sorry I'm sneezing like crazy oh my god oh my god I love having allergies but we're just loading it back into the game right now alright and responding it might blow here for some reason how you doing I'm not falling for that not falling for that I see your name there I see your name I'm not falling for that scene tons of those pranks on YouTube not gonna do that I see alright we're not even in the right lobby god I'm running back into the original lobby right now can't believe that happen GTA is just different why did it have to sell man we had such a great stream going we were just having a blast even now it's just noise to leave says you're not me session is so weird okay we're gonna have to start up a new lobby hey guys some new friends on your body GTA is really just it's whatever though I apologize for this taking so long yeah I am playing on ps4 decent logs yeah man I'm not trying to be cocky about a monitor I'm just looking out what I really I really appreciate it that I have not been banned even if I do get bad and I'm not gonna be super butthurt of course I'm gonna be a bit sad put my mic letter okay hopefully through that slider I did accidentally buy two tugboats yes I did okay let's see so we are in a public lobby Oh perfect okay everyone join up in my lobby okay so go to the party and rejoin uh through there you see go in the party party chat during the session gamertag is I don't watch HD got it puts out in the stream again how you guys doing welcome to welcome to all the new people that are just during the stream that we're not in the most recent one that just ended the kids GTA that's a leg so go to the party click the PSN button yes but yeah yeah okay PSN is in the description refresh the page you guys should be able to see it go on the wrong way or and I yeah Mike sits right here okay so we actually kind of already did start the stream like a little while ago we already bought a lot of stuff but we're gonna be finishing it off in the stream I'm gonna be doing some other stuff okay we're outside let's see we already got like six people in the lobby that's awesome all right let's use my friends these aren't even my friends they're just random people thank ya there okay let's call up a car anywhere come over to where I am you through to your garage you need me to bring you a ride that's cold that's right something I commented in the chat just for you guys if you can't see it in the description to send us sometimes it glitches there we go I don't MOT HD I had that gamertag up some some friend requests maybe it's us right you guys like this neon cur color join up in the career every week we're gonna be changing the crude color so if you guys do want to join it get access to some cool crew colors that you can't usually get every single week we operate like last year we had a neon blue week before we had a neon red thinking for the next week we might do like a try thing maybe like a neon purple neon green or maybe just a chrome color I'm thinking about doing that as well a chrome chrome finish like a golden chrome I've done that before though trying to figure out it something different not sure how many people are actually at my friends will students lobby how many of you guys are actually in this let's go upgrade to the cars I know I said I wasn't gonna do that but I really do want to upgrade some cars just because it's what I like doing in spending sprees a little upgrading cars sorry can you delete some friends and say that I can no longer all right I got any more friends or it sucks okay do be a couple more before you guys would say that's crazy there you go 50 friend requests in a 30 minute stream let it is trying to blow me up miss [Applause] can't catch me with a Sacred Heart I'm not that good at driving okay see Rasika what should i buy next should I go buy some clothes should I buy so yeah cuz I'm looking pretty gross are you in the lobby yet that is not a Dodge Challenger yeah I believe I shouldn't even know if they have a Dodge Challenger in this game the thing that looks closest to that would be like the gauntlet but I'm pretty sure that's a Camaro not a hundred percent Roboto Chevrolet yeah pretty sure they got my Camaro let's go buy some clothes we'll buy everything we can each of these outfits costs the 200k 200k and outfit it's a lot of money for an outfit yes we're gonna upgrade some guns okay just Bert we're gonna pitch it comes as well that's it my voice no weird okay well it's gonna get really good yeah they have them on the streets take one put it and go to the customer shop and then you can upgrade it any way you want even though I don't have much money on that account still upgrade it I don't really care cuz we're gonna do some missions after so you can make a bit of money I just got a new mission since trades you already know oh all right oh my goodness look how many people are here I accidentally ran over someone other cops are mad at me where are you your is so funny how everyone is around me and you should just like on the top of a mountain click click options and then click X and then look around on the map for a big group of people that's a house you know go down more you'll know when you see it it's a button there right there you see that that whole bunch of people driving around right there yeah real quick that's close look like a Illya now you drive over there because we're gonna be chillin there for a minute okay quick circle to go back to your car continue where we left off before the shot gets shot up again as you do it yes we're gonna buy 20 dogs I forgot about that we wouldn't do that next actually protection try to think I will upgrade the guns and then we'll go buy the dogs dogs are gonna take a while to do because you gotta upgrade all of them or maybe we'll buy them and then just put the dog upgrade on it and then that's it not even fully upgrade them cuz they're gonna take a while because it's a really bad all right astronaut suits which of these each 230 K each these ones are two hundred and eighteen thousand dollars for space travelers suits and character suits pogo and we're gonna whatever none of these if that's actually that's best more okay daddy got the corpus suits around like 30k you bought a Lamborghini murdered by an MOC yes for sure and that way by an MOC I think it's because I'm in a public lobby and I think powerful people that are public in this Lobby oh there's a lot of people that are public we have a bunch of you guys in it my car oh are you doing I appreciate that thank you so much for bringing my car back yeah sure up right there let's go it's like my lights are all destroyed it's hard as a wreck no okay I feel like I bought a little operation said all right we're gonna cancel I don't know why I didn't buy it I put cancel on it by accident it's all right then I it's no worries find a special device where you can be shot up by cops pretty sure he passed it up how they lose them at the second I just thought I'd go buy an mi seat upgrade some guns to lose the cops okay we got rid of them let's goodbye n mo see real quick I head over the Internet let's go buy this really quickly request it and then we'll upgrade the toy guns oh my goodness we're gonna have somewhere else a lot of stuff going down here oh my god lots of people get the cottage try to follow around the big group of people actually we're just gonna head back into my garage I feel like that's the safest spot to go to will go into office garage – well we'll buy the dogs first I guess we'll let the the city of Las Conchas cool down a little bit I'll send you an invite a garage garage – can you buy a bunker I apologize I actually already did it's just like we just say in real life okay I'm inviting everyone to the garage okay you should have got an invite click up on the d-pad and then just accept it we're just gonna buy a global operations center I don't know what the little arrows on the controller up and then go to click the middle button and then it should say idle mods nope not that one that's the wrong one that was last year that's right just when you load into it just quit it you gotta mercy okay boys let's go buy some dogs okay oh no you didn't accept it okay that's good what is it the faction right hell yeah is there any other cars that you can make it the dogs before we do that I'll go delete some friend requests I know what you guys want to join unless I have the max amount of friends that you're gonna have no wonder that no I only have 12 1280 okay I'm deleting some right now to just delete it one two three four I'm not even gonna count out that anymore why are my my in the same car well my friends because I can and a lot of people wanted me to buy 20 dogs so I'm gonna buy 20 dogs for this game I'm not sure how much it's gonna cost but money is just a number very very special number will be a couple more so we don't need it like I think like twelve twelve friend requests from a long time ago so you guys can send up some now I believe the lobby is actually full so a lot of you guys probably won't be able to join it's gonna take a while we literally oh wait oh you combined a regular one two or you can lend it to custom dog version they you just sell you the dog already made and then you can customize it yourself because this car looks ugly can you be my dad it would be an honor but I'm gonna have to pass on that can you read your weapons I'm doing that right after we buy $20 but only 36 K but I believe it's like 400 something when you want upgraded into the dog I really really really hope GTA does not lag again because if it does I'm probably gonna snap the disc in half I'm not even joking cuz it's getting really annoying every time you see a legs so I'm low-key scared top great cars now cuz I feel like it's just gonna Lego I really hope it doesn't go high don't mind my name it's just literally a bunch of letters okay it's garage – can you put the color midnight blue on xa21 yeah for sure great by all the cars honestly I will do that in a stream I don't think I get to do them in the stream though I'm definitely gonna do that at one point out buying every single car in GTA 5 online legitimately every car that you can buy I'll buy every single one and so there's not enough garage spaces for them I'll just have to replace cars that I bought okay got my high taxes options off so I can make the most amount of leg go away okay alright God please bless me and don't let the game glitch while I'm doing this if it does we're all gonna be very mad so I'm rockstar please fix your ship and literally just gonna okay so it's $600,000 per dog boom there we go okay do not leg do not leg this leg in here but I think that's fine because they still lose this okay come on just drive out of the garage beautiful just like that perfect okay let's keep it going just like that there you go I was really gonna get into the car for a sec all right let's buy or not buy let's go upgrade some more into the dogs we're literally just gonna fill it up with dunks a whole garage all of these cars are gonna have massive wheels on them all right throw some dogs on it that's what you can do boom lexan do I do giveaways I do giveaways every once in a while next giveaway probably gonna be not the stream it's probably gonna be like maybe next stream or the stream after that I don't do huge giveaways though I just do small giveaways every once in a while every time I stream I watch your spending sprees into the video ads for that can I just gonna shed it allenburys thank you so much I really appreciate it we got that's three dogs now join me to modern account for you honestly if you could want an account you're not a scammer I will gladly we get accounts off of you or if you are a scammer I'll show you it on the channel and get you some business cuz I'm just looking for a good supplier from the modern accounts for people that need some I'm always on the prowl for those always what is for tonight I don't even know you either grew up playing Minecraft fortnight's or yeah that's it minecraft or fortnight those are the two things and I feel like there's one more but I can't remember I grew up playing Minecraft to say that's what you know you're a true legend you grew up playing like that how much money did I spend so far we'll check that in a second actually whatever it when I get a really Viraj roblox that's it roblox minecraft sat for night those are the three things right there let's see I think I spent about three hundred million so far I believe around that number if you donate if i donate can you friend me you know what what do you want to donate you can donate but I will friend you without it so don't even worry just send me a friend request I don't want H T and if I'm ever playing I'm an EdTech tell this to all of you guys if I'm ever playing GTA you see me playing by all means join I'm usually gonna be making a video whenever I'm on this game and maybe you'll be in one of the videos who knows the video I made last time there was a couple of you guys in the lobby that was actually just a friends only and you guys just wanted to join and you just for the video yeah anytime you guys want to join Lobby feel free I'm not gonna kick you out or anything like that alright we've got a hole for our most of tongs that's awesome almost an entire floor just full of dogs all these massive wheels your duty we go yeah can you buy a yacht Benjamin I apologize I already bought one I haven't account with 63 billion dollars telling it but I want to sell it legit and also can you accept my friend request yes and good job so legit anyone wants to buy therefore anyone has modern accounts and they want to sell them to make some money by all means just let me know and I'll make a video and maybe I'll get some some responses let's go up grand a couple more of these match one plumbing thank you you're probably pretty cool too you're just children and age see how great this one fashion custom dog here we go let's get another one close me in okay I'll buzz you and right after we uh all right everyone should have been related you upgrade though all the little riders all the way it's frolics gotta sell at a PC account with 20 billion on there for $5 if any of you guys play on PC you want to moderate account message X kicked he can hook you up with the PC account with 20 billion dollars on it like Syria we've got so many it's gonna take a long time just really take a long time I think well maybe may take two more Benjamin thank you I appreciate it javante so you pronounce that rate thank you so much I appreciate that as well okay we're gonna up create just one more dunk and they're gonna go further guns because he's taking a while upgrade them all boom and there we go giving me Jacob to answer that question do you think this account will end up getting banned honestly at some point I do believe it's gonna get banned just because rockstar bands counts all the time like a couple weeks ago they did another bail money white because there was apparently a duplication glitch Oh or something like that so roxor did a big money wipe on a lot of people's accounts and then yeah a lot of people lost their money for some reason I just have not had my money wiped which is awesome and if it does get wait then I'll just be uploading some different content but you know it's already won't even be mad because I've already asleep unon this account and if it goes away then guess it just goes away I'm just gonna upgrade this because I'm gonna take it over for a drive to go operate my own OC and I don't really go signing cards that aren't upgraded everything we can on it just I'm not even looking I'm literally just pointing everything delivery's I'm gonna put my coupe thermal on it I never put my crew on the one cars anymore let's throw that on there oh it's not even the rake through of them I should make it my channel logo all right boys we're almost done here ooh I like the sound of the engine in this thing all right boys we had an outside I am new welcome to the channel man ninja do I sell accounts I hopefully I will be soon I really hope so if I can get a trusted supplier than 100% I'll be someone a bunch of there soon so right now we are gonna go and upgrade some weapons it's iike you want to do some races after will also do the modded mission I have I'm pretty sure I actually have some on to make more mud missions on my main account so I know my man account yeah look at this beautiful dog oh yeah man I would love to have a small car and then throw some cayenne rims on it just like this well let's go except MOC yeah we up there okay where is it at somewhere right there is capture the area from porno it's like pornhub is doing a mission kind of not go in there with this car it's whatever it isn't a suitable area what are you saying why does he go away I want to go inside can they let me in like if I get in my car it'll let me in for some reason here's someone happened the driver's seat oh no I can go in okay that's just I don't even know GTA is just GTA honestly I don't even know what's wrong with it but let's upgrade some guns all right sorry I my voice got a little bit quieter kind of sitting a little bit further away from the mic speedy fast as launch luncheons and everyone on there patriotic tents 95,000 that's a lot of money just written down and done like you could buy a whole car with that literally you come by like a whole car you can buy a couple of cars actually of course they're not expensive not much but goodbye son anything hello priest in the garage you rented elevator our guns like three-sided a kind of print them all the way yeah we got two more three after this 42:13 a tank a 32k for us so the pricing in this game is just crazy like no way you have to pay this much in real life to actually uh prison guns like a hundred and thirteen thousand dollars to do what to it what does it actually do to the gun itself and I have you sneaking my favorite sadly I can't get the full thermal sight and explosive rounds which is what I love about this I have it on my other character are we driving yeah we are I'm gonna jump out of it all right boo what should we do next so let's see we bought all the expensive plans all the expensive boats all the worst our expensive vehicles begun by the ruin or the rocket will take that kind of stuff spend another like twenty five million dollars there at least let's go do that right now Oh No okay thank God the other bit just in time you're see get me I'm gonna helicopter my come pick you up and then a helicopter stay Railly over there two minutes that is a truck that breathes fire okay I'm landed right next year Oh nice one how will the event I wonder do you guys ought to get still do the fiv glitch where you can a lot of helicopters around you take it for a spin if you are united by it better get the Hydra so you push harder to go up helps you to go down l1 and r1 to turn and the left analog stick to move around grab an APC l1 and r1 he's just realize you have applied to many more stop vehicles yet so by this is the sake of it drive it here's some explosions if you like we'll be doing that was really close to me oh I can't even buy them oh yeah I had to go to my office to buy that let's get some stuff other stuff that we can buy right now jet pack Stromberg's by that thready in office garage three a laser and if render pressure in the morning because it's 1044 all right other hopefully you'll be able to hopefully image nice for you to send me a friend request let's head doctor let's go buy some more stuff we're stock okay to 5.17 three million dollars a lot of money ballistic implements so dumb you can't buy if market seven eight I'm just looking at the prices I see that it's expensive on the buyer it's expensive for one two three yeah Cantonese Hedda pads I just did a savage I remember when that thing used to be pretty he said but it's never been really amazing because it blows up really quick and it's not too much house it's gonna rcv three or five one two five million honestly I think the biggest waste of money there's a little uh money it's going on down here so a lot of exclusions my mobile suite for one meal I hope you just blew up I think I just turned that explosion above me by what Sergent I shoulda bomb being pleased we grab an anti-aircraft trailer for the to the bunker goodbye brigade yeah we can't let's grab that as well it must be nice to have that much money it really is I really like that I love it especially in this game like I said I use it for YouTube purposes on me I don't really play this game as much as they used to let's grab a ride on tank we're gonna buy a couple more vehicle is now we're going to do some races just keep them could you do me a solid and click options and then click r1 one time and then go down to X and then go down to some guy again go down to jobs I heard you there and okay and then play job play drop and then circle play Joe and then just scroll down a little humor oh we have a lot of races oh wow okay good time okay yeah keep keep scrolling through until you find a race I can fit 30 people show that alright guys we're gonna do a race Rasika is gonna be the host of it oh my god this car just landed I'm like almost right on top of me cover me all right okay so I'm gonna send invites out to everybody and we're gonna start it up okay I'm just gonna help her with the settings for a second okay so motorcycles just change the radio to action they go up switch it from non contact go back to the top and then just super great there we go and then just click confirm settings can't use the radio yeah you can choose the radio okay guys everyone join the lobby if you don't want to miss some races so what I want you to do now is click confirm settings see ya clicking through settings yeah and then I want you to click left then right and then click triangle there you go okay that's all you gonna do and now just wait a couple of seconds and then they'll get some more people to join Oh looks like my computer's about to die friend requests accepted and now if you guys don't get into this race it's fine you can join the next one accepting all of the ones I've just received there's a lot of them within 30 minutes okay so ever sent them they've all been accepted you guys can join and that'll be good all right so we're gonna do one race right now okay so I hit play at the bottom some noted patients are on ICU lil G's I appreciate it Thank You savage as well alright let's start this Russo alright guys let's do this okay so select your bike okay I don't know betting money that's all right let's do a race let's try to win it all right here we go take my horse to the whole town Oh what is this it is a money glitch race I'm not really sure what's going on I don't think this is an actual race let's do the checkpoints I'm really not sure with the purpose of this races so we're just gonna be doing it for fun just to see what it is and don't know why but I feel like it's just one of those worries lots of traffic holy cow if it was definitely a fake figurines I think it was a money glitch Rhys that's why I bookmarked it it's kind of just like a regular race about to end his race thing and that's it I'm not really sure what the purpose of this race was but it's already let's go see what receipt is trying to do all spectator for a minute let's watch the spectators person there she is have you buns you missed a checkpoint at the very start of the race and now it's over I'm not really sure what the purpose of this race was I didn't even get any money there was literally no purpose of this race I don't think anyone got any money there's literally no money made at all you don't even made a dollar oh my god Oh No there it is not the money popped up yeah so it wasn't really great seconds worth it but the first place guy did make 5 point 6 K it's not bad for a minute race but I think I'm gonna end the livestream we're gonna do another one tomorrow I think really want to buy every car in the game it's gonna be fun so if you guys want to see that stay tuned for tomorrow but I apologize for having to do two different streams because of the game lagging but thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed be sure to leave a like on this smash stream and check it out one becomes a video and yeah I'll catch you guys in the next period peace

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