GTA 5 Online | Weekly Discounts and Money Opportunities

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Showcase Gameplay Tutorial video about the New tunables DLC Update in GTA 5 Online with new Discounts, double Money opportunities on adversary modes and more

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what's up guys and welcome to a new weekly update video played this week to unlock the fakes sent an oath teach it the one I'm wearing right now there's some double money in RP on that first remotes and to us and trading places and that's some twenty five percent extra if you do the import export sales and there is a new event it's called bunker series you can get in it through the loading screen as well and it is just all at first remotes in the bunker put together but it don't test double money so so let's go to the discounts right now however no discounts in legendary and no discounts on arena war but a lot of discounts in war stock so let's go there first so discount of the laser discount on the technical discounts on the brigade cargobob cargo boat jet gem turreted limo hydrofoil cream you'll Boxwell Savitz prison bus liberate rhino tank barracks airport bus crusader birth-death sound journey also on the mule and the rental Cheryl Burton on the dump so if you want to take a dump you should get the dump you know so there's also some double money on the dot T's so also almost every boat some still I think every boats on sale because this one is free for me and there's also some discount on the yacht so it's also pretty cool check it out boy wait also on I think also on where's my biscuits I have yeah I think also on this stuff yeah that's also discount on renovating the yacht so also a good thing to know you know if you want to have another color still expensive though but yeah it's okay no let's go to the next one discounts on the latest travel also almost and everything on the blimp on the fool artist Nimbus yeah you I can go everything but you see it yourself think also on the daughter will have it for free cuz I'm a returning player but you are pretty cool let's go mm andreas website now add some discounts here on the festival birth discount here on the wear this on the MTL do one more discount on the classic I think no one will buy but it's nicely put on discount shown the stretch it's now 21,000 so if you want to go and sell sometimes despite you know yeah so there was discounts of this week guys I hope you enjoy a week ready to them since also nice this week thanks for watching guys and I see you in the next video you rotten guys you rot you rot bang you

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0 thoughts on “GTA 5 Online | Weekly Discounts and Money Opportunities”

  1. everything is on sale i think the next week or next next week will come the dlc out bc rockstar when they put everything on sale they want u to waste all ur money

  2. We might be getting new helicopters which is so right i heard for this guys leak about the upcoming dlc we might be getting a naval dlc and new jets I hope they add the New Boeing stealth jet and upcoming jet. That’s what those discounts usually mean

  3. YES!!! The Cargobob Jetsam is on FREAKING SALE for, I've been waiting this beautiful Helicopter about 2 years of playing this game. I don't like the Cargobob since the military livery is not my thing, but they do have unnotice difference and the Jetsam Version is better because.
    1.) It has longer rope so you can pickup any vehicle with ease
    2.) It has less noise than the other
    3.)It also got a inque looks since you can change color with secondary making it more beautiful.

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