GTA 5 Roleplay – Border Patrol Chased Me | RedlineRP #474

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This was one epic birthday gift. It was a shame we was not able to deliver it to me in person but I really wanted me to have it. It one of my favorite cars. I ended up getting harased by some Border Police here is what happened….

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hey what's up guys welcome back to another video sword this video is a little bit late I was busy doing some errands is that what the board for is running some stuff I had to get a bunch of stuff done today so I was a little bit late but today we're making a video on a very very special gift let me give a little bit of a backstory to this you're looking at the mc12 the Maserati one the one that I made a video on a couple of weeks ago I talked about how he's one of my favorite cars as a kid I absolutely loved it this thing and I just had a fantastic time with it well this car did go for sale in the city and somebody bought it a guy that maybe you guys would know he bought it he gifted me already some other stuff before he's gifted me the I believe it it was the Ferrari and I think a BMW m2 if you remember those videos he gifted me a car before so I believe those were for reaching 1 million subscribers well it was my birthday on December of June I'm sure some of you guys know thank you all for the birthday wishes and well he gave me this the guy's crazy I was like oh dude it's too expensive you don't have to he was very very persistent and wanted me to have it sadly he's not here to give it to me in person because well he had a little bit of issues with his computer and so hopefully he'll be back soon and not be away for too long but at the time he wasn't able to give this in person so we're gonna do it like this so thank you to you I appreciate the car it's very very kind of you and we're gonna take it for a spin we're gonna have a good time with it we're gonna see what we can get up to and the holy shit he gifted me a insane supercar what the actual hell this is my new gift my birthday gift Wow this wow what a what a crazy crazy gift we're gonna take it for a spin maybe get into some Nanna shenanigans you know start some road trouble or something it's gonna be great so yeah let's let's get up to some trouble why okay we're inside we had the hazard zone let's turn those off here we go the Missouri so in the video that I made about the MC 12 a lot of people saying apparently this is a car that was similar to the Enzo I don't know if they were co-designed or something or were they designed together or something kind of like what the super and the IMP was a damn for not damn for goddamn idiot the brand-new BMW they kind of like hos co-created those two cars but they're different was that what happened with this and the Enzo III need to do some research with this side so I don't want to spike too much I just saw some comments about it so I'll leave some comments if you want to clarify that for me I'm gonna check this out afterwards I probably should have done before but you know I don't I don't work with common sense we do we do it we do it differently here in the poopy land we do it stupid style that's what I like to say this thing is friggin awesome so we're gonna rip it we're gonna get some fun stuff done with this this thing's pretty bad ice first of things first we're gonna go get some fuel we're on a 32 percent which isn't gonna get a stupid biker you crazy I said accident there so let's go get some fuel maybe we can find some trouble or something this thing isn't crazy fast because she's not tuned so hopefully we can maybe make her a little bit quicker get her into some better racing gear racing you know feel all that stuff we're gonna try to fix her up one thing that's good about the wall the recent Rumble is well if I crash I'm not gonna go off the side which has been kind of helpful for me so locals please I still can't believe you gifted me this car this car is like over 1 million easy I can remember what the price tag of this was we'll have to look it up for what this went for her fingers like multi it was a it was a 1 million at least plus something maybe it was like 1.5 maybe 1.2 I need to look it up this thing was way too much I mean I can't afford this that's why he gifted me this which is very kind of him for my birthday I do appreciate it by the way guys if you're not following me on instagram make sure you do I've been posting some behind the scenes I've been posting some pictures from the videos I'll be posting some stupid stuff for myself as well from real life it's it's I'm having a pretty good time with it I didn't think I would but I'm having a good time so make sure you check it out at over it dodge it no no it's allowed adjust and land it with two peas it's an an it wasn't able to be taken so we went with the Alana p2p I'm gonna link in the description and probably on screen as well so go make sure you follow that we're almost at three thousand that's what I like to see but enough for that cheetah chatter let's get to some business we're in fuel full fuel let's see if we can find some people to maybe test this thing out what I want to try to do is maybe do like a race and Sunday which kind of be cool just well I just need to find some some some cars really I need to find some cars there's some people over here but they're not really enough for what huh who are you you're not a police service why are you pulling over wait a Border Patrol Border Patrol and Border Patrol you got married you got married that's no Border Patrol well we're partnered with them partnered with them nice lie deed you think I'm gonna what and when you're gonna check I'm not gonna give you my papers dude you guys look like a couple of a couple of losers ID I'm not giving you my ID here's the weight ID let's see here's my ID oh okay here's my ID – dude no I'm getting back inside screw you sir no hey turn it the car off right now turn the car on I turned anything off what are you you're in the police you ain't got no authority Authority by the president of the united by the president you guys are I'm not getting that you guys are threatening me I'm getting scared okay I'm leaving I'm leaving a you're scaring me step out the car no I'm not giving you my D what you have no authority where you gonna do deport me I don't all right by the government the government's corrupt all right I know you like to see my ID no I don't I don't care it's probably fake dude Photoshop I'm gonna break your window if you know you're gonna break my window that you're gonna have to pay for the damages okay well take up with the government but we can avoid that if you just go ahead and give me your ID I'm not giving you my ID all right yet here's my ID it's it's a bum and then we yep I see no I don't see I left my wallet at home I wasn't ready I wasn't sure you know to just look a bum we dude well I don't have my ID you know I left my wallet at home can we search your car search my car hell no why would you want to search my car procedure no I'm locking my doors you're not getting me no force what I'm getting an L out of here you guys are creepy what do you mean leave it for scary me you're threatening me with lethal force oh my god what is going on there dude the Border Patrol is mad I don't even know they're there he had a gun and he was gonna break my oh my god oh oh oh she's behind we did get away from me of I gotta get in change my book Patrol I'm actually getting chased by Border Patrol oh wow I'm getting chased by Border Patrol getting chased like this get the hell home dude I'm getting away boy but y'all screw you know I'd hear and all the users are gonna go past me okay we're gonna do a little switcheroonie over here and yeah they all went over there I think get rekt noobs Oh does that another Oh God was that the other guy oh shit I mean does that that was the other guy oh fuck what the hell well the Patrol is very active today very very active we need to get the hell out of here Buda Patrol is freaking me the hell out I don't really know where to go I'm gonna scared they're like on the lookout for me or something I don't I don't even know what the hell is happening I think we need I need to call some police or something cuz those guys are freaking creepy they're scaring me I mean they could be Border Patrol I'm I'm a little bit worried I think I see him over there's I didn't know that don't think that's similar I do not know where they went I'm a little bit scared here I should probably get out of here right we're gonna dip I think cuz that was a little bit scary there in yellow light I need to make my way into the city I'm not gonna go that way because the Border Patrol did go that way so the only way we can go is this way and I'll have to take we're gonna we're gonna take the road to the city I believe that's gonna be our only chance of getting away from this water Frank Kumble what the hell is that guy did you just wreck or something is he drunk oh no way there's a checkpoint over here I'm a little bit worried because they could all know they could be over here outta here don't look like it what the hell no we're good wow we're good okay we're good we're good we're good yeah we're gonna go to the city because screw that what a Patrol they're asking for my ID and stuff like I ain't gonna give you my ID like I get the hell out of you dude they were gonna check my stuff freaking me out they were gonna use lethal force I don't think they were real I don't know know who knows dude they could be real they chased me which was even more scary but I think I gave I gave him a good loose sliparooni we escaped it was very sketchy for a second there I'm just gonna go back to back tomorrow home that's where I'm gonna did go we're gonna go home I just wanted to take this car out for a little spin but after that Border Patrol incident I am shook we're gonna go home I'm gonna walk this on line up but because like I'm freaking out a little bit here if there's like the Border Patrol police there I'm a legal limit well I'm not really legal I I'm you know I'm legal in the city I'm okay I've registered in the system I'm in the CAD everything's fine but like I don't sound American and I know what they're like all right they if you don't sound American they'll mmm I don't think so so that really freaked me out I don't want to get deported for importer police but they wouldn't even wear a border police stuff they were like Meriwether or something military so did the president get the melee treated with oh that's so sketchy I don't know what's going on there but I am rolling back home cuz I'm freaking out right now okay hey be okay we're back home I'm feeling good yeah let's get this in there I'm going straight to the office because well I need to go check if the stuff is real because if it's real I might need a plan B or something that was so sketchy dude I'm so freaked out right now let's go upstairs have a look I got my assistants here as you can see I have four assistants ladies that's why I probably am broke because I probably only need one I don't know what they're doing they kind it's stupid what the hell are you guys doing anyway Oh what the hell what is this well is this good holiday I don't even what a fuck ah it's not my I think these work for me can I help you guys I really would appreciate if you get out my office I got a stuff to do okay good you do you'll get definitely taken don't go to Sandy Jesus all right I guess let me see what the hell I was meant to do

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  1. In real life this car is worth $4.7 million and the first one made out of concept was sold for almost $20 million so this car is crazy expensive and extremely rare in real life

  2. The mc12 is based heavily on the Enzo Ferrari, using a slightly modified version of the Ferrari Dino V12, the same gearbox (but given the unique name of "Maserati Cambiocorsa") and the same chassis and track (length of axle between the wheels).[9] The windshield is the only externally visible component shared with the Enzo; the MC12 has a unique body which is wider, longer and slightly taller.[1] The increased size creates greater downforce across the MC12's body in addition to the downforce created by the two-metre spoiler.

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