GTA 5 Roleplay – Offroad Trail Ride Out Meet & Cliff Jumping | RedlineRP #421

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This was great fun! We took some cars offroading and ended up having some cliff jumping moments. I hope you like the video and if you did make sure you leave some love and support.

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hey what's up guys welcome back to another video today we're doing a off-road trial trail trial whatever you want how you say it riding in our freaking X of rap nut with BMW x6 rapture I think that's what I call this thing so yeah we're gonna be using this we've Twitter the out I think we're meeting everybody at the grape seed a gas station so we're heading in there now we were pretty close so hopefully we'll get a little bit of a group going get a couple of people together should be pretty interesting and yeah we'll lead a little convoy hit some hit some trails I want to go up that mountain there we're gonna go all the way around should be pretty cool and yeah it should be nice should be a very very nice we're gonna see if some people show up and looking forward to it we haven't used this since you guys were pretty freaked out about this thing understandably this thing is very strange of a car and you know it's kind of strata a little bit confused if I like you're not it's just I don't know I guess we'll see but yeah it's gonna be fun hopefully we'll get a couple of people showing you know maybe don't need a massive group but hopefully some dudes will show it because that's what makes it a little bit more interesting I'm seeing in Jeep there already somebody's there color colors day yeah you said too big dog sound lips stay down stay down buddy hey what I heard that what yeah fuck you ain't gonna be talking again uh why what the well hey well why is her a lady what it what are you doing I'm just just grabbing some candy bars from inside the story oh okay you didn't do any criminal activities or anything did you by any chance nope no criminal activities here all right nice nice Jeep dude what is that it's a yeah it's a trail cat don't know much beyond that my a great conversation alright well hopefully some more people that show you and we'll hit some trails bitch yeah I mean I'm a cat for the trails so nice I like what you did there I sure do you have a small penis do you have a bad hairline okay that's what you get did you just run him on eyes dude no did you hit him Thanks damn you're gonna take the bike last time we had a guy on a bike come he ended up under one of those drunks hey trade there's a stump team they're looking for stupid people to do stupid stuff so I driven bikes out of planes before big dog what have you done I know I did it with you oh that's dangerous firewall that's dangerous guys yes and we all like it shit we're still stunt double or not stunt that's dangerous do you guys not care about health and safety glitter not cuz you haven't even got a helmet I did I did not want to bring my truck if I brought my truck I'll just be flexing all you because you guys can't get it so it's okay uh here we can whywould truck is it Hank it's Hanks work truck thanks Richard wait there's that elf road one you mean the yeah the little four before RAM with the stickers on the back that they blow me and stuff look you should have brought it yeah that's more fun on the bike I can do flips and stuff you know all right well if you eat well none of us know medic stuff apart from lips I think he did some stuff with his room he had a issue so that's about 20 times aren't you missing a couple parts I had my testicles I had my penis chopped it's fine now thank you very much they gave me the bigger one it's not much but it's bigger so I mean whose last names no I mean I don't want it that's fine I stop does you have to use that like pump they put his balls to make it get bigger pretty much it it's like a big motorized one until you pull it gasoline and yeah what is it one of those like fucking chainsaw ones you have to like bringing rain you know rose coal dude but what I'd you know for the ladies it's fucking cold right damn right dude ladies love it I never get tired dude it's just you know keeps keeps it going keeps the cold no I'm just kidding guys it's I'm all natural dude I'm on that trail okay me me me me that's me what is it dude tell me what is it okay if not BMW M W logo yeah its transport trench made of it I see a BMW buck yeah but it's it's a raptor look at the inside look at the seats man you just got a Frankenstein I don't know how well that's gonna it's the it is indeed I think this guy's gonna try to get a Lamborghini over oh I think I know this guy actually Oh watch our everybody look your local keys or somethin toward this guy's a threat to everyone here threat I don't know he tried taking me to the moon one time that was an interesting trip see if I crash all this right in the euros we'll be all right damn look at this flexing GMA flexing huh yeah big car for a big man so I mean I get yeah you probably doughnuts hey leave him alone dude oh whoa wait till oh yeah don't wait too long dude going just go in here get some dirt over there would you why'd you go to get his dolls I don't know why ain't gonna be bastard oh there's only shadow food all right well if everybody's ready filled up we could head it hey get out of here yeah get that fuck I've learned my lesson dude don't let him in your car dude he does stuff to you try he shanks your tires they don't let him he's dangerous is this health and safety hazard all right I got a pretty good trail I think just follow your boy we should we should do fine everybody should do pretty good there it's not too difficult lay follow me Trey don't don't get to the following I don't like this bike it for me I'm probably run him over thank you you shouldn't I'm gonna get in front of him you should another problem you should just gonna at the bank tell me for somebody you know crashes or something oh it's a little late for that yeah you're right bad me so great so now you're gonna rear-end the shit out of me no I'm careful this bike really wants me to kill him just shatter them dude your anchor to roof oh yeah true oh he's doing wheelies and shit brake chicken no he's like are you better watch yourself man this should be a pretty interesting trip I go to all planned out we're gonna end up doing some dives off the rocks later on in in some water I've checked it out it's pretty safe pretty gnarly so hopefully everything works out here pretty good I believe this way we go here be a little bit careful here oh you think I killed more than four yeah sure to cross some but whoa nice trick there jeepers Unni here we go this is the place are we going follow me dude don't wait for it everybody here is this legal uh well did you see anybody shinin on us no nobody else dude just wait for me Oh name just crush them post be careful you're in are you should be fine well I'm going on the side you good you good yeah plus you got a roll cage if you flip because you will haha thanks deed I think I put it in there you know I'm sorry motivating although there's couple of people camping over here Dave Mitchell II uh oh shit his car huh just some peeps camping alright here's here's what a trail starts pretty much go up this way yeah I'm on behind this guy in the Lambo oh yeah and a uterus yeah time to do the bike just crazy jumping up for this is a little tight this is it's getting a little sketchy yeah that guy in the bike is just fucking sentient and I kind of like his attitude babies I really like his attitude actually all right oh yeah there we go yeah it's just fun following the trail so okay I'll see you let you past me but your anus kinda whipping me and I'm going pretty quick here alright keep keep er going D this is easy everybody's trained on their cheating you guys have cheating me where she's enjoying I'm not a cheat okay I followed the way hold on whoa easy easy there you go strike okay everybody I'm gonna show you how to do okay the way you meant to do you just go up here and then you reverse her Hey there you go profesionnal a nice and easy nice and easy nice and easy oh holy shit hey that's a little sketchy I'm Jim's doing oh he's doing it I guess he did it the better way yeah I think he did it a little bit better way think we'd lost the rest of the pack got the big BRABUS behind me so I guess if I get for the wild oh there is everybody where is everybody Oh somebody's fooling oh shit that's me that's me no not me I'm fallin also though I am falling that is fact we're I'm trying to stop it right now currently you're in wolf I believe you cool no it's not that cool I think you went the wrong way dude women turn off here oh no some guys show me like this you feel like men follow ya down that trail there I guess let me just go tell those guys up here hey guys the track the trail goes down too son you crazy bastards where you guys gun you wild bastards we gotta go down that way the trail goes down that way oh there's a link down here yeah no this way you go down yeah that's we're going there's a trail of swimming yeah yeah yeah Oh easy hey well Oh Oh Jim what you do Jim it's gonna end what did you cause that ID no oh whoa no no hey he's upside down yeah lost him I think yikes yeah he's pretty 12 every man for himself I guess at not lived I mean I don't think we can do anything I mean I can try to push it and push you you're gonna go all the way down there I think you want me to push you just give me just give me a okay dude I'll push you down okay I give you a okay this is only a bel-air oh come on see you later dude okay okay bye have a great time oh I think he sold it I'm alive all right let's go Dan here we go I'm coasting her nice and easy oh hey whoa that's the Telex carriage go down there your rest in pepperonis there's everybody over here there's everybody hey whoa oh truck hey well there we go everybody's going down here nice and easy dude Oh trees in the water I want to go swimming no dude I got no I got a perfect place we're gonna rug dive afterwards you know this is this is what my bike into the water though did you oh don't worry you can get in somebody's trip I'm gonna cannonball you guys look at this shit think that did not work no I don't have two hops oh damn look at this the flicks oh there he goes Conan hey I need you to lead the way I've got no clue yeah will do I will do we're just we're just you guys ready it's basically that way all the way down there's a little trail there follow that trail and stop stop at the grandma's house to the lighthouse there we're gonna die a cliff diver from there I don't know be careful Duty's probably gonna do something he's looks like a shady character all right everybody let's let's go down we're gonna go do some cliff jumping here we go hey where'd you go dude I lost you ready hey whoa I'm um down the trail somewhere she just leave us like that you just sent it see how it's didn't oh I see you there's trail destruction like a dead mountain lion there hey they come yeah dude oh shit be careful let's get you here yeah I'm just gonna make our way downtown here is that is that okay with you okay whoa hey whoa whoa oh nice save dude a little wobbly up here little drinky-poo throw it in there like a little rallycross type thing you got a wrong way dude Oh Oh No save it save it Oh nope they're not gonna sit Oh yikes hey hey whoa can you hear hey whoa we are currently in boat mode right now yeah you don't say dude I did that that wasn't very good dude what the hell so little do you think it's still a drivable or champ that's that's lost goes there dude oh yeah cannot wash oh can we get a ride in your truck yeah sure okay were you it up alright we'll just wait for those two noobs get in their cars I got it well rapper Oney dude okay don't worry everybody getting tight is the aircon good you want to how how do you like it what kind of a phone charger by a chance uh I believe so you guys what kind of what kind of conditioning you want you wouldn't high low medium you know Eastern Eastern South ambient ambient okay low it is no hey whoa hold on you're about to see the best driving you've ever seen okay holding on cube there you go hold on I'm pretty good here I've been driving here since 1928 know this you're gonna break the car same here no Mike my grandma my grandpa my grandpa here he's been he's been Danny hates me Sammy Sammy no Sammy to listen to my direction Sammy go around go take a right here you go there you go you learn easy learning i I thought you everything you knew okay my papa thought you okay everything you know no no nope nope nope nope hey you gotta go right man I can save this I can save this I can save this cuz I'm a chair that was that's very sketchy we're almost there do we're gonna do some cliff down and go he's gonna be right here not yet oh yeah we're almost there okay here is the spot alright here's the spot son so I'm ready nice and easy you know the spot the correct spot is where Z is over here right so over here so you're just oh right here oh shit what what you going the wrong way to get out all right did it go this way oh oh oh yeah oh oh oh my god oh my god set a better spot somebody just hit me holy shit hey be careful there's a big rope in there there's a big big bowl of the Rope you've got a helmet going everybody jump from there I want to see you good leap there you go now you know I'm gonna go find a bike I'm gonna bread they're going send it yeah I want to see ya y'all dig somebody spearing somebody push him oh my god she told me somebody pushed the shit out on Dean yes this is beautiful spirit you won't that's somebody's bike that's dangerous yes crazies and take his bike that oh this guy yo let me hop on with you let me hop on with you oh oh my god oh my god you just nearly fell that way oh I don't want to drive I don't want my bad oh I'm so sorry sir I guess I'm riding with this guy now what the hell you guys gonna die what are you doing it I don't know what they're doing but they're gonna die I'm kind of trying I'm trying to capture the moment oh my god well there they go that probably hurt let me do one more gnarly little cannonball down here maybe we can spear Jim oh don't you do you goddamn hooligan don't you don't don't you do it don't you don't you don't you fuck stand here don't you don't you fucking do it there's no way he'd run us over there yeah he's don't you do it dude you're not gonna hit us don't you do it yep he's bluffin we're like tree huggers but we're saving those bluffin anyone hit us he won't he won't do it he went through it he's scared ever he ain't gonna hit us I hit my head and oh no Jim just got pushed there it goes Jim are they gonna get pushed Jim got pushed listen Oh him I headed along they go pushed oh I hit my head steal my juice buddy Stu's not you what the as I know how to keep what wait why is he why is he still he's not juice my cars down they're splitting thanks to ok stand on the ledge okay Stan I wonder if my car works she went off the cliff but maybe she works oh there we go she fired back up Oh German engineering Oh Jim oh you are so you pushed you Oh Oh your car let me in we're getting out of here right now the gate indeed I in my head coming in the back go before that crazy dude kills narrow Dave go oh just go to the hospital or something did you see the wheel you see the front oh yeah it's pretty messed up being yeah okay I'll head to the hospital I think I got a nosebleed okay

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